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Chinese Contemporary Fine Prints Exhibition


Shen Jingdong


1965 Born in Nanjing, China 1984 Graduated from Nanjing Xiaozhuang Teaching Education School, Fine Arts Department 1991 Graduated from Nanjing Art College, Printmaking Department Conscripted into the Chinese Military. Joined the Military Drama Troupe. 1991-Now Actively involved in stage/theatre works Selected Exhibitions 2005 “Works from Five Artists”, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing “3N Works”, Imagine Gallery, Beijing 2004 “UN Art for World Peace” exhibition, Korea 2003 “China Today”, Millenium Modern Art Museum, Beijing 2001 “N Layers of Identity”, Nanjing Navy Command College 1996 “Line of Sight”, inaugural exhibition, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing

Donald & Sailor 57 x 77 cm Lithography

Big Red Flower 56 x 76 cm Lithography

Liu Ye 刘野 Liu Ye (1964 Beijing) is best-known for his colorful cartoon like characters in playful, naughty adolescent scenes. Influenced by Mondrian and abstract art, Liu Ye uses the color schemes and patterns of a Mondrian -- and even images from Mondrian’s works -- and sets them in China, with young girls, bearing a breast, smoking, acting childlike or closing their eyes to enter a dream like state. Unlike many contemporary artists he has steered away from politics and chosen to focus on human emotions -- and childlike images. Liu Ye studied at Mural Painting Dept. at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, then he went to Berlin to study at Hochschule der Bildence Kunst. He lives and works in Beijing now.

Leave Me In The Dark 72 x 112 cm Lithography

Pan Dehai


Our everyday life is comprised mainly of petty things and trifling details, however, to ‘fuss over’ them is not without sense. To observe them carefully can bring some kind of change to ourselves, to experience this change will bring our thoughts and feelings confront vis-à-vis in the stream of our past and present as well as stimulate our potential talents, to allow us to go back to the provenance of art and the departure of life. I think it is highly interesting to express one’s thoughts and feelings into a kind of unsophisticated form, more valuable than fuss over lifeless symbols or concepts.

Founding Ceremony 74 x 103 cm Lithography

Liu Fei 刘飞 They are happy, full of the desires, innocence and vitality of youth. Yet their images provoke in you a kind of unease that is close to despair. That is the visual experience of Liu Fei’ s recent series of paintings, “Bold+Trendy”.The theme of this series is groups of young girls in student uniforms of the 1920s.They have shaved their heads bald and are laughing with their mouths wide open, exposing rows of teeth. The images these girls make an unforgettable impression. Not because of their beauty, or their special disposition or aura. In fact, they are memorable because they are ugly. Usually we remember people for one of two reasons-either because they are good-looking or because they are odd in some way. Liu fei’s girls belong in the latter category. His means of expression is an exaggerated anti-aestheticism. The elements he uses are not taken from life. Rather, they are derived from female students in the 1920s-a white blouse with a black skirt. They have appeared in many novels, movies and photographs of the period. However, in these historical images they are accompanied by faces of innocence and beauty. Indeed, they represent an era of innocence. In Liu Fei’ s paintings, in contrast, the girl’s hair is completely shaved off, exposing their bald heads, reminding us of gangsters or rock’ n roll stars. Those cherry lips of the 1920s are no longer innocent and sensual; they are replaced by wide-open lips in fearless laughs that expose rows of large teeth. The girl also strikes various poses, taken from trendy magazines, commercial movies and TV programmes.

Woman & Gun 57 x 57cm Lithography

Woman With Guns 51 x 77 cm Lithography

Walasse Ting


Born in Wuxi, China in 1929, but raised in Shanghai, Walesse Ting is a self-taught painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet who began his life as an artist at a very young age, painting on sidewalks. He left China in 1949 and settled for a six year period in Paris beginning in 1952, where he lived as a poor struggling artist but became acquainted with artists Karel Appel, Asger Jorn, and Pierre Alechinsky, members of the avant-garde group called COBRA. Ting arrived in New York in 1958 at the height of the Abstract Expressionist period. He befriended the American artist, Sam Francis, and the movement had a profound influence on his work. Unlike in Paris, Ting could paint and sell his work. Bold dripping strokes featured in his paintings, which at that time were mainly poetic abstractions in the manner of the Paris-based Chinese artist, Zao Wouki. Only in the 1970s did Ting develop his now distinctive style using Chinese calligraphic brushstrokes to define outlines and filling flat areas of colour with vivid acrylic paint. His fortunes changed when he moved to New York in 1960, where he became involved with pop artists and was influenced buy Abstract Expressionism. Concentrating briefly with abstract techniques, he soon adopted a representational manner which he is continually expanding. Now, the colorful and flamboyant works of the painter Walasse Ting are among the most admired examples of popular figuratism.

Lady With Fan 61 x 91 cm Lithography

Zhou Chunya


1955 Born in Chongqing, Sichuan Province 1982 Graduated from the Department Painting, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing 1988 Graduated from Experiment Art Department, Kassel Academy of Fine Arts, Germany Zhou is perhaps most famous for his Green Dogs series. It wasn’t just German Neo-Expressionism that inspired him, but his German Shepherd, Heigen. The dog became his chief subject for more than ten years. Zhou describes the green dog as a sort of symbolic self portrait. He interprets the background as a field of uncertainty, loneliness, and distance between people, while the dogs express a wide variety of emotions. He says, “[The Green Dog’s] image and situation project my cultural characters and my circumstance of reality in life.”

Green Dog 76 x 58 cm Lithography

Large Peach Tree No. 1 130 x 160 cm Lithography

Wang Yidong


Wang Yidong is a professional painter graduated from Beijing Academy of Painting. He’s a member of Art Committee of Beijing Academy of Painting, trustee of China Artist Association and CAA Oil Painting Committee and vice-chairman of Beijing Artist Association. He is one of the most established Chinese Contemporary Realism Artist living today. Wang Yidong’s paintings, with a kind of natural romanticism, convey various scenes. These scenes are the most timeless element of daily living—an optimistic outlook towards life. The artist describes the landscapes, persons, things and passions with his excellent techniques and lively colors, leading us into a world filled with Orient Spirit. Striking red, mysterious black, the warmth of sunshine and beautiful country girls are frequent elements in his works. In such a world, we can re-discover those pure, peaceful and beautiful feelings within ourselves. These works weaken woes gradually, bringing passion and hope to the viewer. Wang Yidong belongs to the first group of Returned Chinese Artists from America. Upon returning to China, he began to convert himself to a style that vibrantly expresses the Yimeng Mountain Area’s traditional culture that are his roots. Today, renowned Contemporary Art Museums and Private Collectors from all over the world collect his works.

Fortune Telling 100 x 78 cm Lithography

The Birch Forest 93 x 75 cm Lithography

Wu Mingzhong


“I believe that, except the eternal time, nothing is unbreakable & unchangeable, such as life, love, friendship, power, politics, civilization, faith & spirit.” - Wu Mingzhong Born in Hebei, 1963, Wu Mingzhong is one of most important and influential artist in recent years. From his fragile emotional experience, He has stumbled upon the glass as a medium to reflect the psychological connection of man, with the conversion of concept he has transformed it into a new artistic language - the fragility and transparency. The language became the aesthetic core of Wu Mingzhong’s paintings, as it not only reflects the analysis of people’s fragile psychology but also presents the implication of transparent sociology. Wu Mingzhong’s paintings have transformed his particular language manner into a series of concepts. Vulnerability is the objective attribute of human beings, Wu Mingzhong takes the vulnerability and transparency as an artistic language of painting to explore and challenge the humanity, while the transparent glass portrait is a intuitive delivery of the fragility of life and the world. Wu Mingzhong has employed the individual experience in his works to challenge and analyze the life circumstances in reality. Contradiction and conflict, solid and crispness, toughness and fragility, freedom and dictatorship, justice and conspiracy, kindness and evil; his paintings have clearly delivered these contrasts all which are resulted from his ingenious and dynamic management of artistic language.

Be Careful Baby 115 x 70 cm Lithography

How Long Does Love Last? 75 x 115 cm Lithography

Jiang Guofang


Jiang Guofang was born in 1951 in Shangjiang Village, Jiangxi Province. In 1968 during the Cultural Revolution, he joined the army when his parents were sent to labor camps. His family was later reunited and between 1969-1972 Jiang Guofang began to train himself as an artist. In 1973, after the re-opening of the prestigous Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, he was selected as one of only eight students to enter the Oil Painintg Department. When he graduated with honors in 1978, he was appointed to the facaulty of the Central Acaemy. In 1979, he went on to teach at the Central Institute of Drama. Being the only Contemporary artist renowned for his lively and astonishing depictions of scenes from Ancient China, Jiang Guofang’s works have been recognized and exhibtied internationally in several Solo shows from Hong Kong to Venice Palace in Rome, as well as numorous group shows. He was also the first Contemporary artist to have a one-man show presented at the Forbidden City, Beijing in 2004. Speaking about his Forbidden City series, Jiang Guo Fang said, “The path that leads to the entrance of the Qianqinggong Palace always suggests the idea of destiny. As one walks through this doorway, one can imagine the struggles of power and love in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as history and its outcome. What lies ahead for these men, women & children, are the burden of history, infinite uncertainty, and the destiny of the ruling class that has been passed on. The Palace has the depth and mystery of the ocean.”

Palace Doors 110 x 70 cm Lithography

Eternal Dream 75 x 110 cm Lithography

Dream 80 x 110 cm Lithography

He Hongbei


He Hongbei was born in 1969 in Chongqing, Sichuan Province in southwest China. Since early childhood she had chosen the painting enthusiastic and already in middle school to pursue this path professionally to become a professional painter. 1984 she took classes on rennomierten Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and was there until 1988, a classic basic training as a painter. This intensive training consisted primarily of techniques of traditional oil painting on canvas, it employs more aware today. 1988 He Hongbei sat her training at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in the master’s program, where she 1992 her graduate degree made ​​and since then is a professional artist. 1996 she went with her ​​husband because of his profession in the United States and continued her work. It was followed in this period a number of exhibitions and awards in North America and Asia. 2006 she returned because of their great attachment to China, and back into the art scene of Beijing, where she has lived ever since and maintains her fantastic studio. He Hongbei is a strong values-based painter with an eye for the changes in the world and the spiritual influence on the personality and state of mind. Her personal experiences have played an important role on influencing her work, such as the birth of her daughter and awards she has achieved, who have given their confirmation as an artist. She has an eye for detail and color in her paintings.

Girl & Flowers 100 x 85 cm Lithography

Dumped Garbage - Relax 100 x 80 cm Lithography

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Chinese Contemporary Fine Prints Exhibition  
Chinese Contemporary Fine Prints Exhibition  

YANG GALLERY • Singapore proudly hosts Chinese Contemporary Fine Prints Exhibition, featuring 10 of the most established Chinese Contemporar...