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Enter Online Sweepstakes Games Like a Pro: How to Get Started 01 Getting Started: Your Primary Steps to Entering Online Sweepstakes Games Are you new to the online sweepstakes games hobby and looking for some tips on how to get started? If you can try the fun and lucrative sweepstakes games hobby, this guide will make it easy! And if you are already a sweepstakes games fan, keep reading; these tips force help you win even more awards. What Elements Do You Need to Start Entering Online Sweepstakes Games? The popular opinion about entering sweepstakes games online is that it’s so easy and cheap to begin, and the payoff can be so significant! You only need three pieces to get started entering sweepstakes games online:

A computer.

An internet connection (the faster, the better).

Sweepstakes games to begin.

Optionally, you may want to get a form-filling application similar Roboform to speed up your sweepstakes games entries. It’s not necessary, but it makes entering quicker, more accurate, and more enjoyable. Roboform has a free choice that you can try to understand if you like the program.

Step 1: Think About the Information You will Use to Enter: Before you dive into entering online sweepstakes games, take a moment to consider the data you will be joining those sweepstakes games forms.

For instance, you can avoid obstacles having your winning affidavits approved if you use the same name on your record form as on your official ID (like your driver’s license or state identification card).

Most people use their home locations to enter. P.O. boxes should be avoided when feasible because some sweepstakes games disallow them, and many prizes cannot be transferred to them.

It would be better if you also began a dedicated email address for sweepstakes games entry. This can help you recognize sweepstakes games win more efficiently, defend your privacy, and avoid scams.

For more information and more things to think, check out how to fill out sweepstakes games entry forms.

Step 2: Find Prizes You would Like to Win Following, you will need to find sweepstakes games to enter. You can find lots of online sweepstakes games right here. You might enjoy starting with these sweepstakes games lists:

Top 10 Sweepstakes to Enter Right Now

New Sweepstakes games

Car Sweepstakes games

Cash Sweepstakes games, or

All Sweepstakes games to Enter

You can also visit the Sweepstakes Games Directory to see all of the giveaways sorted by award type, or my article, 15 Reliable Places to Find and Enter Online Sweepstakes Games for more ideas on getting new opportunities to win.

Step 3: Find Out What to Do If You Find Difficulties. Seldom, you’ll get across sweepstakes games that are difficult to enter. The problem may be with your computer setup, or the patron may be having the production problem. If you are having trouble, report your question to the sponsor.

Step 4: Enter, Enter, Enter.

Enter daily, and don’t lose patience. The secret to winning sweepstakes games is patience, perseverance, and a positive approach. Mainly when you have never won a prize, it can seem like a loss of time to keep entering if you don’t win as soon as you would hope. But that’s when you need to dig in and focus on the many concrete information about entering sweepstakes games if you want to be a winner.

Sometimes, people win within days of beginning to enter, and sometimes it takes months. But if you keep at it, you will succeed. If you are starting to feel depressed, you can read about how to beat sweepstakes games burnout.

Step 5: Claim Your Prizes: Make sure you don’t miss any prize wins. It doesn’t do you any good to win if you are not able to maintain your rewards! See the next articles for more information:

What to Expect After You Win

How Sweepstakes Games Notify Winners

What Do Winning Emails Look Like?

Why You May Have to Fill Out an Affidavit When You Win

More things about how to get prizes

This should give you everything you need to get started with online sweepstakes games. If you would prefer to find out how to win more frequently, check out Getting Started with Sweepstakes games Part 2: Sweep More Effectively and Win More Awards.

02 Getting Started Part 2: How to Win More Online Sweepstakes Games So if you have read Part 1 of Getting Started with Sweepstakes Games, Your First Steps to Entering sweepstakes games online, you know how to find online sweepstakes games to enter, how to fill out the entry forms safely, and how to know when you’ve won.

Now it’s time to go beyond the basics of entering and start entering sweepstakes like a pro. Here’s what you need to know to be a more effective sweeper and to win more prizes.

Is Winning Sweepstakes Games Just a Matter of Luck? When I talk about the prizes I’ve won, people tend to say, “Oh, you’re so lucky!” It’s true that luck plays a significant role in who wins sweepstakes, and there are real, scientifically-proven ways to improve your success.

But as Thomas Jefferson said: “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

So let’s not rely just on luck. Here are some tips on boosting your odds when entering sweepstakes, and winning more prizes.

How to Win More Prizes when you Enter Online Sweepstakes Games: Step 1: Organize your sweepstakes entries. You can save a lot of time with your entries if you create a strategy for which sweepstakes games you will enter daily. Here is an example of a winning sweepstakes strategy. Step 2: Decide which sweepstakes are worth your time. I like to have a good mix of sweepstakes, some with large prizes, some with more significant possibilities of winning. To make sure you have a good mix, learn about the best sweepstakes to start and which factors control sweepstakes games odds. Remember that it pays to be picky about the sweepstakes you enter.

Step 3: Enter as often as you can. The more entries you have, the better your odds of winning. To cut down on time, it takes to enter sweepstakes, visit how to come sweepstakes games faster. If you have trouble fitting sweepstakes into your schedule, see how to find time to enter sweepstakes. Step 4: Make sure you are not doing anything that might hurt your chances of winning. Some sweepers shoot themselves in the foot by making these simple sweepstakes games mistakes. It would be better if you also read about how to fix some common reasons for not winning. Step 5: Keep a log of your wins. Winning a prize might seem unforgettable, but after several months, it is apparent to forget exactly what you earned, whether you are waiting on any awards you haven’t

received, and how much you’ll owe on taxes. Here are some articles that will make tracking your rewards leisurely: 

Good Reasons to Track Your Wins

How to Track Your Wins

How to Create a Prize Scrapbook

Free Prize Spreadsheet to Download

Tools and Programs to Help You Win More Prizes: Once you have gotten beyond first sweepstakes games entry, some devices can help you win even more. Here are a few of my favorites.

The paid version of Roboform. You only pay once, and you can store an unlimited number of sweepstakes forms and identities, making it much faster and easier to win. You can also check out these other great form-filling programs.

TweetDeck, a free program to help you organize Twitter sweepstakes entries.

Diigo, a free program that lets you track which online sweepstakes games you’ve already entered.

Your favorite method of receiving Sweepstakes Games News. Do you have any tips on how to take your sweepstakes hobby to the following level? Or any arguments? Visit our contact page, About Sweepstakes Games, to chat. And be sure to continue to Part 3 of Getting Started with Online Sweepstakes Games: Entering Social Media Sweepstakes.

03 Getting Started Part 3: Entering and Winning Social Sweepstakes If you’re new to the sweepstakes hobby, this series has covered the mechanics of entering with How to Begin Entering Online Sweepstakes Games and how to boost your chances of regularly winning with Beyond the Basics – How to Win More Sweepstakes Games.

Now, it’s time to learn how to succeed with an increasingly popular method of offering sweepstakes: social media.

More and more companies are turning to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more to run their competitions. If you have not tried these sweepstakes games, you could be missing out on some great prizes.

If you think that trying a new way to enter is intimidating, don’t worry; many people find entering social sweepstakes even easier than online sweepstakes. Here are tips on how to get started with social media sweepstakes.

Understanding Twitter Online Sweepstakes Games If you have ever been a discussion by text message, you have some idea of what it’s like to use Twitter.

Twitter is a way of communicating with friends, businesses, professional contacts, celebrities… just about anyone, much like a blog. What sets Twitter apart is that each post must be short – 140 characters or less, similar to a text message.

So start by creating a free account at You can then start following your favorite brands and sweepstakes sites like mine (like @ContestsGuide on Twitter) to find giveaways to enter. Get more details on how to start winning Twitter contests.

Twitter has some jargon that might seem strange when you first get started. If you want to make sure you know how to follow the instructions in the rules correctly, check out my Twitter glossary for beginners.

Twitter parties are another fun way to win prizes through this social media site. Companies organize chats around a specific topic. Examples of some issues from Twitter parties I’ve attended include sharing budget travel tips (hosted by a hotel booking website) and a chat about raising babies (organized by a diaper company).

Throughout a Twitter party, prizes are given away to the participants. The titles usually fit with the theme of the chat. Some parties also give away awards to people who Tweet about their giveaways in advance. You can find out more about Twitter parties here.

Of course, it’s always smart to know how to stay safe when you enter any sweepstakes. Before you start, learn how to recognize scams on Twitter.

Entering and Winning Facebook Contests Facebook is an incredibly popular way to connect with your favorite people and companies. Using Facebook, you can share pictures, find old friends, and yes, enter contests.

Once you have your account (and remember, you should only have one), check out the right way to enter Facebook sweepstakes.

If you’re not sure where to find Facebook sweepstakes, following About Sweepstakes and your favorite companies can help. You can also check out my list of current Facebook sweepstakes to enter.

It’s a good idea also to know how to defend your privacy on Facebook and how to avoid Facebook page scams.

And don’t forget to occasionally do some maintenance on your Facebook account by removing app permissions you don’t need and unliking pages that you don’t want to follow.

Everything You Need to Know about Blog Contests A blog is an online publication that is usually run by a single person, and often focuses on a specific topic like political opinions, parental advice, or computer game reviews. Many blogs offer sweepstakes to expand their readership. Blogs contests tend to receive fewer entries, and have better odds, than most online sweepstakes. Here are some tips on how to win blog contests:

Boost Your Odds of Winning Blog Contests


Where to Find Blog Competitions to Enter


Advantages of Entering Blog Contests

Conclusion: How do you feel about social sweepstakes games? Do you have any unanswered questions about them? Visit our page, About Sweepstakes, to share your opinions.



Enter Online Sweepstakes Games Like a Pro  

Are you new to the online sweepstakes games hobby and looking for some tips on how to get started? If you can try the fun and lucrative swee...

Enter Online Sweepstakes Games Like a Pro  

Are you new to the online sweepstakes games hobby and looking for some tips on how to get started? If you can try the fun and lucrative swee...