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Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar Health promotion has been the main area of focus at Aarudraa Homoeopathic Health Care Centre.

Best Homeopathy Doctors Care at Aarudraa goes beyond disease alleviation and ensures that the person lives healthy. Started in 1998 as a Homoeopathic clinic, the centre has evolved over the years into a truly Holistic Health Care Centre by adding more health care facets like Psychological guidance and counseling, Nutritional care guidance and Wellness counseling. The logo of Aarudraa has been designed on the concept of “Deep roots and Tall trees�, which means that a tree can rise to a great height if its roots have grown deeper and stronger. Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar

Likewise a person can excel in all aspects of life if his/her health is properly nurtured. Dr.B.Anantharaman completed his Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery from the prestigious Fr.Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College and did his Masters in Psychology from Madras University and a Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy from Tamil Nadu Open University. Read More

Arudraa Homoeopathic Health Care Centre 2-A, 46th street, near Roja medicals, Nanganallur, Chennai- 600061. Phone: +91 9444401206, +91 9884801206 Email:

Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar  
Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar  

With years of practice and treatment we hone the Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar. Our consultants work every single day to serve you...