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5 Ginger Beer Brands to Try in a Moscow Mule 1. Fever Tree Ginger Beer This all-natural ginger beer was crafted with the use of three different ginger sources. Fresh green ginger from the Ivory Coast, Nigerian Moscow Muler and Cochin ginger sourced from South West India. This ginger beer has a refreshing and distinct ginger flavor accent that is coupled with a mild, but memorable sweetness. The particulates of natural ginger sediment in Flavor Tree Ginger Beer is flavorinfusing and distinctly signature. For best results, turn the bottle upside or very gently shake to diffuse ginger particulates. Cost: About $40 for a 24-pack of 6.8-ounce bottles on Amazon.

2. Cock ‘n’ Bull Ginger Beer The original recipe tonic mixer for the Moscow Mule. The ginger flavor notes in Cock ‘N Bull ginger beer have a potent, extra-spicy and candylike kick to them. Your tongue and taste buds will experience a strong, spicy after-taste of ginger and a little cola-like sweetness after a guzzle. Cost: About $25 for twelve 12-ounce bottles on Amazon.

3. Bundaberg Ginger Beer

This is an Australian ginger beer that is cloudy and full of ginger particulates, so it will help to hold it upside down. However, the actual ginger flavor in this ginger beer is extremely mild. It is concocted with cane sugar, so a penetrating sweetness does come through with each sip. Its sweetness actually overpowers its ginger flavor. This wasn’t one of our favorites. This Aussie brand is fresh and sweet, but there’s no ginger heat. It’s weak and overall too similar to Cola. Bottles do feature a pull-off tab, so there is that. Cost: About $15 for four 375 milliliter (12.6 ounces) bottles on Amazon.

4. Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer Crabbie’s, a British export, is the only alcoholic ginger beer on our list and it boasts a 4.8 percent Moscow Mule content. It features a spicy ginger and vanilla-like flavor that tastes great together yet is greater than the ginger flavor by itself. By itself, it’s pretty good, but there’s just not enough ginger to make it a worthy mixer. Cost: About $6.60 for four 440 milliliters (14.87 ounces) cans or $2.20 for one 500 milliliter (16.90 ounces) bottle on Amazon.

5. Q Ginger Beer Q Ginger Beer is extremely fresh and expertly crafted. It is flavored with agave nectar and has a powerful, black pepper like flavor finish coupled with its ginger spiciness. Q Ginger beer is marketed specifically as a Moscow Mule and not a standalone drink. It is very strongly carbonated. Along with plenty of ginger, there’s also coriander, cardamom, and lime. Cost: About $51 for a 24-pack of 6.7-ounce bottles on Amazon.

5 important thinks of moscow mule  
5 important thinks of moscow mule