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Holland promises ‘a clean election process’ in 2014

By Jonathan Austin Yancey County News

The chairman of the Yancey County Board of Elections promised county commissioners that the county will see “a clean election process” this year. Marvin Holland, a former commissioner himself, spoke to the county commission last week about increased expenses and changes in voting law. He also noted that the board of elections has worked hard to eliminate questionable voter registrations from the rolls.

That effort began in 2012 after this newspaper reported that more than 10 percent of the people registered to vote in Yancey County at that time were apparently either deceased or no longer lived here. This newspaper pointed out that there were more people registered to vote in the county 2012 than people age 18 and over in the 2010 Census, despite data that showed the county population had dropped since the federal census. The state board of elections ordered the county to take steps to confirm each and every voter registration on file. Last Monday Holland told commissioners that

the election board had “made real headway on reducing the number of voters.” He said the county had 15,100 registered voters in 2010 but now the true number was down to about 14,142. Holland said the election board and staff “want good elections in this county. We’re going to govern elections as tight as we can.” Holland reminded commissioners that the county will need to buy many more portable voting machines in the near future. “In the next (budget) cycle we’ll be requesting funding,” he said.

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Jury finds Pritchard guilty of murder

Yancey County Commissioners honored the Mountain Heritage varsity girls basketball team last week for their third straight regular season and tournament championships.

Mother dismayed child was offered birth control By Jonathan Austin Yancey County News

A Yancey County mother and longtime public school teacher says she is as “mad as a momma bear” after she said school health staff offered her 12-year-old daughter access to birth control. Lisa Robinson says she initially thought the creation of a middle school health clinic in the two Yancey middle schools was positive, allowing children to get routine medical care and treatment without parents having to leave work to take the child to the doctor. But “I did not understand the ramification,” she told the members of the Yancey County Board of Commissioners at their monthly commission meeting


last week. Robinson says her child completed a 50 question survey for the school health clinic, and one of the questions asked if the child felt pressured to have sex, she said. The child checked ‘yes’, Robinson said. “These are middle schoolers,” she said; they hear about sex a lot from television, from peers and on the Internet. Soon afterward the health staff called the child in to discuss the survey, and Robinson says her daughter told her that the staff told her that “you can get birth control and your parents don’t need to know.” Robinson, who taught in public schools for more than 18 years, said she was flabbergasted by the suggestion.

“To put that thought in her mind; that she can go behind her parents” if she wants. She says she researched the law behind the creation of the school health clinics and discovered that parents have accepted such wide-ranging actions when they initially sign their child up for clinic care. “I feel our families have been deceived in signing kids up,” she said. “I don’t think any of you who have 12-year-old children or grandchildren would be OK with this.” Robinson said she feels the school system and the health department are pressured to get children signed up for in-school health care in order to qualify for grant programs. See page 8

A Yancey County jury convicted John Herbert Pritchard of second-degree murder last Thursday, accepting the prosecutor’s argument that the 2011 death of Jonathan Russell Whitson Jr. was caused by a morphine-based drug that Pritchard had provided. Pritchard was also found guilty of sale and delivery of the drugs, maintaining a dwelling Pritchard for the drugs, and possession with intent to sale the drugs. He had been on probation for drug charges at the time of his murder arrest, and that probation was revoked and he was ordered to serve that time in addition to the current charges. In all, Pritchard was sentenced to 250 months (20.83 years), though he is given See page 8


Climate change is already harming North Carolina By Dr. Robert Bruck and David Rogers The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted the hard but undeniable reality that the planet has already started to feel tangible and serious impacts of global warming. Unfortunately, here in the United States, popular discussions about the real and potential effects of climate change all too often revert to “well, I feel sorry for the droughts in Africa and the flooding in Bangladesh, but it really doesn’t affect me.” Sadly, those harboring such thoughts are kidding themselves. Indeed, when it comes to the State of North Carolina, such notions could not be further from the truth. A comprehensive report published by experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that numerous and significant impacts to North Carolina are already quantifiable. These include: • Increased incidences of severe local and regional drought over the past 20 years. • Regional droughts have severely depleted aquifers throughout North Carolina leading to water rationing, and economic impacts to local industries. • Severe winter storms and localized flooding are more frequent. • Sea levels on North Carolina’s southern coast have risen more than 12 inches since 1950 and the most conservative estimates indicate a two-to-three foot rise in mean sea level by the end of the 21st century. The economic and ecological impacts to the North Carolina coast

are practically unfathomable. • Rising ocean temperatures have caused commercial fisheries to move toward the poles to seek cooler, more nutrient rich water, thus becoming less available to North Carolina’s fishing fleets. • Several species of toxic and invasive marine tropical fish (e.g. lion fish) never before seen in North Carolina waters are now common. These predators are depleting stores of small commercial fish reducing the commercial industry. • Measurable increases in ocean acidity (lower pH) due to the absorption of carbon dioxide from increased atmospheric loading has significantly depleted soluble base cations such as calcium and magnesium (aragonite) thus reducing these vital chemicals used by mollusks and crustaceans (clams, oysters, shrimp) to form their shells and exoskeletons. • Mean winter temperatures in the North Carolina mountains have decreased by more than four degrees Celsius since 1950, thus leading to lower snow packs (and thus, among other things, fewer skiing days) and a measurable impact on mountain flora and fauna. Extremely rare and vulnerable subalpine species are also moving rapidly toward extinction. The Spruce-Fir ecosystem has already retracted to less than 50% of its range since 1950. • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are making stark predictions regarding the ingress of tropical infectious diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Hemorrhagic

Fever, Yellow fever, Chagas Disease, West Nile Virus, Equine Encephalitis, and La Crosse Encephalitis due to significantly warming temperatures, longer growing seasons and extreme precipitation events, throughout the Southeastern U.S. These examples are not a part of some computer simulation of a possible future global warming scenario; they are happening now. The citizens of North Carolina have a responsibility to themselves and to future generations to initiate an integrated program to reduce and mitigate carbon pollution, including the support of renewable and sustainable energy technologies. Additionally, we need to seriously begin planning an adaptation strategy for a warmer world. We should not and must not wait until catastrophic events become commonplace. We should prepare and take action now. It is a sensible, logical and responsible course of action for all of us. To learn more about the impacts of climate change in North Carolina and the public policies that can attack the problem, visit: http:// nce/stopping-global-warming. Dr. Robert Bruck is an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science – Retired at North Carolina State University and David Rogers is the Field Director at Environment North Carolina.

Thank you, Burnsville, for supporting Barkin Basement The “Barkin’ Basement”, resale store for the Yancey Humane Society, opened with a preChristmas sale on December 14, 2013. At that time, we decided to stay open a couple days a week to take donations. One Monday, Golda Peterson and I were at the store and decided to open the door for a potential shopper looking in the window. We sold a couple items and were thrilled. Since then, we have rapidly progressed to being open six days a week! Monday – Saturday to be exact, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The store has become like a community project for everyone who loves our animals. We are now so busy with donations and sales,

we often don’t always have enough volunteers. Shoppers in the store have helped us when they saw we needed help. Before we price larger donations for resale, we research on the internet. If a shopper feels we have over priced or under priced a piece of furniture or something else, they tell us. We appreciate the suggestions. We have repeat customers who have become friends. One customer even gave us a book on antique glassware to help us with pricing and identification. It’s hard work but it’s really fun! Thanks to all our Burnsville family for making our first

4 months an amazing success. We are always looking for happy, cheerful, volunteers who can give us one day a week. If you would like to become a member of our family of “Barkin’ Basement” volunteers, come on. We’d love to have you. All you have to do is drop by the store, become a Yancey Humane Society member, complete the volunteer form, and tell us when you want to work Again, thank you Burnsville, for helping us get off to such a fantastic start. Susan Wells, Golda Peterson, Tim Tipton and all the behind-the-scene volunteers at the “Barkin’ Basement”

The Yancey County News (USPS publication No. 3528) is published weekly for $25 per year in Yancey County, $35 per year out of county. Published by Yancey County News LLC, Periodicals postage paid at Burnsville, NC.

Congratulations to Mrs. Proffit on her recognition by the State for her volunteer service to help our community. What an outstanding effort she has demonstrated, and we are all grateful to her! But is economic development really something for volunteers?  This certainly explains a lot about why our growth in the last years is non-existent, while other similar communities continue to grow.  We can complain as much as we want, recession, etc., and every day that we complain, the highway makes it way into other communities with a focus on growing. What our community and leadership need, what we deserve, is an earnest Economic

Development Commission, with a Plan. Volunteer efforts should augment the community driven leadership, not be the sole pillar.  A portion of our tax dollars should be Invested in Economic Development.  Sure, trying to bring “industry” to the area is a good idea, and must be pursued.  Reality is, visitors to the area drive growth, attracting not just tourist revenue, but also business-people, like me, drawn here for the beauty, staying here because they recognize where we are going.  The problem is, as it looks now, we aren’t going anywhere, and future business is going right down the highway somewhere else. Scott Smith 703-624-1206

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Reader urges a way to remember Chip Zullinger


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Is Economic Development voluntary?

I was surprised to hear of Chip Zullinger’s death. I met him when he was Yancey County school superintendent, and I was teaching a session at the high school on Colonial and Early American home arts. He told me of the cabin behind Mountain Heritage High School. It was his dream to see the place as a living history museum, where students could get a feel of what it was like in

the early days of Yancey County. I went to look and felt like I had been dropped back into the early art of the century. Wouldn’t it be a tribute to Chip if the cabin and surrounding area be restored? Students could learn hands on, before the old skills completely die out, how things were done before electricity and computers. A reader


Deed transactions

lot 126, Wolf Laurel Heights. Jan. 15, 2014, $33, Wofford and Ann Johnson to Thomas A. Coates, two tracts on Wofford Johnson Road, Pensacola township. Jan. 17, 2014, $274, 130 of Chatham LLC to These are the deed transactons with tax Mahogany Springs LLC, 49.7 acres on NC 197, stamps filed from Jan. 1 - Jan. 31, 2014. The Pensacola. values reflect $2 tax for each $1,000 of the sales Jan. 21, 2014, $1, Sebring Holiday Enterprises transaction. Inc to Allen Branch and Yvette Fauteux, one acre on Prices Creek Road. Jan. 2, 2014, $900, Mt. Mitchell Bavarian Jan, 21, 2014, $100, Mary Catherine Baker to Village Alberts, Inc., to Jim and Julie Plemons, Saul Sanchez and Soccoro Geronemo, .395 acre in 1.237 acres in South Toe township. South Toe township. Jan. 2, 2014, $356, Patricia Palmer and Steve Jan. 22, 1014, $14, Nancy and William Raines Wynn to Neal Sally Flannigan, 1.05 acre on to Charles and Helen McCurry, 2 acres in Crabtree Rhododendron Park, South Toe township. township. Jan. 7, 2014, $850, Lunate 66 LLC to WTS Real Jan. 24, 2014, $20, Janet Banks, Timothy Wayne Estate Holdings LLC, Lot 10, Unit 7, Timber Sky, Parker and Wendy Parker to Timothy Wayne Mountain Air Country Club. Parker, .52 acre in Cane River township. Jan. 8, 2014, $80, Deborah Hall Herrera and Jan. 24, 2014, $36, Green Tree Servicing LLC Robert Herrera to Archie Huskins and Dornetta to Connie M. Buchanan, property at 125 Coco Elkins, a parcel in Twin Ridge, South Toe township. Lane, Burnsville. Jan. 10, 2014, $403, Ramon E. Mas, Lisa Mas, Jan. 24, 2014, $30, Patricia G. Brandon to Gary Ramon E. Mas Canosa to Gilbratar Private Bank Galardi, 2.02 acres, Green Mountain township. and Trust, Stony Fall 3, Mountain Air Country Jan. 27, 2014, $4, Lucille B. Willis to the NC Club. Department of Transportation, Newdale. Jan. 10, 2014, $540, Michael Joseph Perham and Jan. 27, 2014, $190, the estate of Gladys M. Janice Martha Perham to Stephen W. Elderbrock, Knight to Doyce, Marsha, Kyle and Carrie Mitchell, 2.604 acres in Jacks Creek township. 1.09 acre on NC 197, Burnsville township. Jan 10, 2014, $190, United Community Bank to Jan. 29, 2014, $269, Pamela Sue Dobrowolsky, J. Scott and Barbara Moncrief, 1.690 acre off Carl Stephanie Overholser, Nathan Overholser and John Fox Road in Jacks Creek township. Dobrowolsky to Mountain Lifestyle Development Jan. 13, 2014, $398, Scott Sturrup, Deborah Group Inc., 1.484 acres, The Cove at Celo Sharp and Charles Sharp to Richard and Elizabeth Mountain. Harkins, 1.947 acre, South Toe township. Jan. 30, 2014, $360, US Bank National Jan. 13, 2014, $126, Sue and Freddie Buckner Association Trustee to Gary and Carol Little, 2.73 to Paul Wilson Coggins, all of one-half interest in acres at Cane River Hamlet. 15 acre on the north bank of Jim Creek in Egypt Jan. 30, 2014, $136, Tricia Foldessy, JP Morgan township. Chase Bank to Marion and Marie Brothers, 3 acres Jan. 13, 2014, $340, the Sue Mays Newhall off Simms Fork Road, Cane River township. declaration of trust to Roberto and Donna Arias, Jan. 31, 2014, $76, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee Reelect Mike Orr, Chairman, and Jack Tipton, to Charles McCurry, Vice Chairman, Yancey County Board of Education, May 6 We have been fortunate to be a part of the following:    HEALTH- New medical centers were built at both of our middle schools, funded primarily with grant monies.     SAFETY- Hired an additional School Resource Officer for Cane River Middle School, thereby providing SRO’s to both middle schools and the high MIKE ORR JACK TIPTON school.     • Installed electronic door locks and cameras with call buttons at all schools except MHHS where the security camera system was replaced and updated.     • Installed “Panic Buttons” (connected to local law enforcement and emergency personnel) in all schools by this fall. Updated security cameras at most schools.     • Replaced visitor bleachers at MHHS, which had been identified as a safety hazard by our local building inspector.     • Purchased property at Bee Log that solves bus traffic safety and parking issues. MANAGEMENT- Replaced windows at Bee Log and South Toe.     • Installed new roof at Micaville and Central Office.     • Resolved long-term drainage issue at Bald Creek. • Converted three of our schools to natural gas.  • Built the long-awaited field house and concession facility for the girls softball program. • Funded bleacher upgrades in both middle school gyms.        • TECHNOLOGY- In addition, all Yancey county schools have been upgraded to wireless Internet access.     • There has been a successful roll out of the 1:1 technology initiative (Chromebooks for all students) at MHHS, provided through Golden Leaf grant monies. Progress continues, expanding 1:1 to grades 3-8. • Installed two new computer labs at East Yancey and Cane River      • TEACHER SUPPORT AND TEST RESULTS- The BOE signed two resolutions and sent them to the NC legislature in support of our teachers; One expressed our concerns about the divisiveness of the 25% pay raise plan; the other voiced concerns about the constitutionality of the Voucher plan which takes money from our already-strapped public schools.      • Increased the position of Curriculum Coordinator from half time to full time, to include K-12.      • Approved interview committee recommendations for new teachers that along with our present faculty and staff have yielded some of the best test scores across the state and our region.      • Documented some of the best CTE scores in the state.      • Witnessed the lowest drop out percentage in the history of MHHS. Paid for by Mike Orr and Jack Tipton

1.12 acres, 250 Mountain Manor, Burnsville. Jan. 31, 2014, $450, Newbury Place REO IV, LLC to Ronald and Judy Wyant, 4.983 acres on NC state road 1141, Burnsville township. Jan. 31, 2014, $80, John S. and Christen Robertson to John Howard and Betty Robertson, 5.178 acres off Sam Robertson Road.

The 22nd season of the Yancey County Farmers’ Market is under way in downtown Burnsville. What can you find this Saturday at the market? You’ll find arugula, spinach, Kale, organic whole wheat bread, lettuce, sustainable harvest ramps, organic fed chicken eggs, organic fed quail eggs, flox, forsythias, Quince, Honey apple cake, fudge, cupcakes, bonbons, plant starts, writing cards, seeds, etched glass, pots and planters ,breads candles, jams jellies, beef, pork, eggs, goat cheese. beeswax products in lotions, creams, candles, dog toys, baby bibs, decorative gourds, flower arrangements and herb plant starts. You can find a lot of new items at the Yancey County Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The market is located behind the Burnsville Town Center on East-West Boulevard. This listing provided as a public service of the Yancey County News!

“Experience Matters”


Britt Springer District Attorney

• Chief Prosecutor for Watauga, Avery, Mitchell, Yancey, and Madison counties • 10+ Years as Assistant District Attorney • Responsible for sending child sex offenders to prison for a combined 1000+ years • Endorsed by Jerry Wilson, DA (retired) and Chief District Court Judge Alexander Lyerly (retired) Paid for by The Committee to Elect Britt Bingham Springer DA


Herbicides add controversy to FBEMC management program By Nicole DelCogliano Special to the Yancey County News In 2010 the French Broad Electric Membership Corporation (Cooperative) decided to add herbicides to its right-of-way vegetation management program. The EMC maintains power cuts for 3,300 miles of overhead lines in Buncombe, Madison, Yancey, Mitchell and Unicoi counties, serving 38,000 customers. A right of way is defined by the North Carolina General Statue as a specific form of easement, given across land, for a singular purpose such as the placement of a utility line (or pipeline, railroad, telephone pole, etc). The right of “eminent domain” is given to electric utilities in General Statute Chapter 40a. When a power pole is going to be erected on a property, the EMC must enter into a right-ofway agreement with the landowner. When the land is transferred, that right of way remains valid and does not need to be transferred over to the new property owner. If new poles were to be erected or moved, a new agreement would need to be entered into. Landowners in many parts of Madison County, the first area to receive herbicide treatment, say they were not adequately informed of the change to herbicide ROW management. According to the EMC, the change was announced in its monthly newsletter, but many landowners say they did not know about it until subcontractors arrived on their property with spray equipment. An older resident of Madison County saw the contractors from her window and rushed out to find out what was going on. She says they had already sprayed around the area where her spring is located. The protection of springs and creeks is one concern of residents, as is the health and survival of honeybee colonies. The EMC entered in an arrangement with organic farmers in Madison County so their power cuts would not be sprayed. They have spoken with some concerned landowners in Yancey County too. If you prefer not to have herbicides on your power cut, you may notify the EMC and get your property listed on their GIS map. However, you must maintain the ROW yourself at your own cost. None of these guidelines or agreements can be viewed or discovered via the EMC website, nor is any formal agreement signed. Signs are not provided by the EMC. In contrast, the Mountain Electric Cooperative in northeast Tennessee and

northwest North Carolina has a “special/ non-chemical treatment” contract option for landowners who do not want to participate with the spray program. The cost for non-standard right-of-way management is put on a members bill prior to right-of-way maintenance. The utility website lists all the specifications of the contracts, and what must be agreed to by the member and the cooperative. It also lists specific right-of-way clearing and reclearing standards, including member notification for physical and chemical management. All of this is detailed on the website and the agreement is formal between the member and EMC. They also provide no spray signs to the members for a nominal fee. The right of counties and municipalities to regulate pesticides (including herbicides) in their area is limited by the state authority that rests with the N.C. Pesticide Board. Last spring, residents in Mitchell County became alarmed when roadsides and power cuts were suddenly brown due to herbicide spraying. When Progress Energy was bought out by Duke Energy, they began an herbicide program, also with little to no notice. David Wheeler of Spruce Pine brought it to the attention of town officials and helped facilitate a public meeting with Duke officials, town officials and citizens in October 2013. He has a petition on Change. org offering specific suggestions for how towns and utilities can work together to provide more transparency on planned spraying, optout options, and a remediation process for violations. Balancing the need to keep rights of way clear while maintaining the rural beauty and health of the landscape is a main focus in the petition. The difficulty for local entities, like towns and counties, to regulate or mitigate potential harmful effects by certain industries and practices is an ongoing debate in North Carolina. The Environmental Review Board is considering recommendations to the state legislature that lifts the restrictions on how local authorities can adopt local environmental ordinances (revision of HB 74). This would allow communities more local authority over how their specific area is impacted. Given the diversity of North Carolina, many feel the “one-size-fits all” approach often does not address local values and needs. The two herbicides in use by French Broad EMC are Polaris and Rodeo. Rodeo contains active ingredient glyphosate, one of the most commonly used chemicals for vegetation control. The Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with “protecting human health and the environment- air, land, water, upon which life depends.” The Federal Insecticide,

Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act gave the authority to the EPA to create regulations for the use of these chemicals. The two used by the EMC are broad-spectrum herbicides, that do not target just one plant. Herbicides are pesticides that target plant’s specific actions, such as inhibiting cell division, photosynthesis, or the production of amino acids. Glyphosate, the most commonly used ingredient, is an amino acid inhibitor. According to the EPA website on herbicides, “impairments are more likely to occur when herbicides are applied together with other pesticides.” The effects of impairment measured, such as toxicity to non-target plants, animals and water, are only measured in the lab for each herbicide used, not when herbicides are used together, which often happens out in the real world. The active ingredient in each pesticide is tested, not its inactive ingredients, which compose 95 percent of the total. These are called “surfactants,” the ingredients that help the intended ingredients stick, penetrate, or aerosolize. These are not tested and “can also be toxic to biota and are not considered when testing active ingredients.” There is emerging evidence that surfactants are adding toxicity. “Surfactants in the herbicide formulations can be more toxic to animals than the active ingredient (Folmar 1979) (who found that) elevated temperature and pH (of soil) increased the toxicity of Roundup (similar to Rodeo) to bluegill and rainbow trout. The higher toxicity was attributed to the surfactant, rather than the active ingredient, glyphosate.” Each active ingredient (a chemical compound) must go somewhere after it is applied. The plant dies and it decomposes in the soil. The herbicides components go into the soil and break down into other compounds, an organic process that happens to whatever is added to soil. What the active and inactives breakdown into is an area of research that is emerging. Often what the active ingredient breaks down into can be more toxic than the original ingredient according to Shea Tuberty, PhD of biology and Aquatic Ecotoxicology Lab at Appalachian State University. “A basic law of physics is that matter can’t be unmade, so what happens to the gylphosate when it goes into the soil? It must break down into something else. That “something” else is often more toxic than the parent material. What each ingredient breaks down into and how it interacts with other compounds (naturally occurring or anthropogenic) can add to increased toxicity. This “change effect” is not investigated by the EPA when considering intended or unintended toxic impacts. Right of way management is allowed by the easement granted to the French Broad EMC, but as one member , Raven Tata, stated, “You can use my land, but not abuse it.” The unknown toxic affects of these approved EPA chemicals are currently being investigated by the EPA themselves.

Mayland classes

Free Seminar: Personnel Decisions for a Small Business One big decision for a small business owner is adding personnel. This seminar will examine when you need to make that decision, how to evaluate potential hires, and how to decide how much to pay them. We will also look at other issues like unemployment insurance and worker ’s compensation insurance. The class will be held at Mayland Community College’s

Mitchell Campus on Tuesday, April 29 from 5:30-8:30 p.m..   Free Seminar: Artist’s Critiques Artists often do not get together to formally critique each other’s work, but it can be one of the best learning experiences. Hearing what someone else sees when they look at your work gives you new insight to what you make. Everyone who wishes to participate must bring one piece to critique. The class will be held at the TRAC Gallery in Spruce Pine on Wednesday, April 30 from 4-6 p.m. Call 828-7661295 to register.


Sometimes the sought after ‘just appears’ Vacations symbolize two things to me. First, it represents a year’s worth of hard work. Much like the weekend, a vacation gives you the chance at an extended break from the normal stresses in life for a slightly longer period of time. Second, it starts a new beginning. The refreshing period before the next stint of rock-pounding hard labor that is to come. Seldom do I take a full week’s vacation in one complete day-to-day time period. Usually I will use a few days here, another there, trying to capitalize on holidays and weekends to make it seem longer and more frequent. However, a promise from my wife and I forced the full week this time. My oldest son graduates this year. From experience and common knowledge, I realize this means one thing; this will likely be our last successful attempt at a vacation with the complete family. He will be on to other things just like any other child who flees the nest. We always told our kids we would take them to Disney, so if we were to hold our promise, this would have to be the time. We planned to take this trip last year. But issues surfaced, just like with any family. The finances were not quite right. Work required extra time and did not offer an ideal time to leave for an extended period. Of course, there were other excuses as well. This time, we had to make it happen. With my wife and daughter’s birthdays coming up during the school spring break, this was the time. My wife planned the trip including alternate plans in case of rain, snow, or hurricane. This was going to be a good vacation, and it was going to be memorable.

Bill Howard’s


We set up a dinner date on my daughter’s birthday with the cast of Winnie the Pooh, TIgger, Piglet, and Eeyore. She always loved those characters, so we thought it would be ideal. The next day, we planned a day away from Disney. My wife has admired manatees since she was little. Never having seen one in real life, that became our destiny and goal. Yes, a bucket list item would be checked for her. We looked over several websites and decided to try several different avenues of opportunity. Gradually, several of those avenues turned to dead ends. We packed up our days’ worth of stuff and I drove a couple of hours towards the Atlantic side of Florida. There is a national refuge there - not far from Kennedy Space Center - that supports a number of species of wildlife. We began by heading to the information center and took a walk around the boardwalk in the swampy lands. The kids were given a wildlife bingo game to make it more interesting. The information center had a log book of special sightings as recorded by guests. I browsed through a couple of pages making mental notes of alligators, armadillos, and various birds. I also spotted entries for feral hogs, panthers, and even Bigfoot. This could be interesting. Midway through the walk my youngest son heard a strange noise off the path. A few minutes later and the family witnessed their first close encounter with an armadillo. The small tank was not worried at all about our presence. He was just worried about the hole he was digging at the base of a palm tree. Towards the end, we spotted a small

alligator. I pointed out the tiger stripes that flanked his sides as he lay just a few feet from us gathering warmth in the Floridian sun. But no manatee. We traveled another 30 minutes to a manatee lookout point. Overlooking a river, manatees are known to travel there in order to stay in warmer water. We spotted two rolling in the water near the shore, but they were difficult to see and there were many tourists occupying the lone walkway making it hard to get in position to get a good look. Frustration set in, and my wife was ready to leave. I drove down another unmarked path further down the river, but nothing was there either. We did see a boat ramp on the other side of the river with a retaining wall harboring a small loch of water to allow for easier boat entry and return. We drove around to the other side and followed the obvious road towards the ramp. And she saw it. A huge rolling swell of water. A gray mass floating in the middle. Another towards the shore to the right. In all, there were easily 20 or more manatees in the couple acres of still water. My wife and kids took off to one shoreline where there were several within feet of land. Excitement filled the air. Beautiful lumps of gray flesh with large paddle like tails stretching up to eight feet in length. White scars from encounters with boat propellers donned their bodies. They were amazing. My wife had come up close to the creatures she desired to see. On our least expensive day, we all experienced something we would all remember. We witnessed one of our great creatures. We did it together. Bill Howard is a member of North Carolina Bowhunters Association and Pope & Young. He can be reached at billhowardoutdoors@

State accepting crop grant applications until May 2 T h e N . C . Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is accepting grant proposals from nonprofits and government agencies through the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. The program aims to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops in the marketplace. It is managed by the department and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the 2014 farm bill. “National funding for specialty crop grants has increased to $72.5 million with this farm bill,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “We expect to see an increase in money allocated to North Carolina as well because the state has such a diversity of specialty crops.”

The department will accept grant requests ranging from $20,000 to $200,000 from nonprofit organizations, c o m m o d i t y

associations, state and local government agencies, colleges and universities. Grants are not available for projects that directly benefit or

provide a profit to a single organization, institution or individual. The application deadline is 5 p.m. May 2. Projects involving

the following specialty crops are eligible: fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, culinary herbs and spices, medicinal plants, as well as nursery, floriculture and horticulture

crops. Funding is also available for projects aimed at developing local and regional food systems and improving food access.

• Organic practices - soon to be certified naturally grown • Recent transplants committed to our growing community of “locavores” • Building our county’s local food system • Join our Kickstarter campaign to SUPPORT a local farm!


State unemployment drops

The unemployment rate in Yancey County was 7.8 percent in February, the latest month for which data is available, according to the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Statewide, the

March unemployment rate was 6.3 percent, down slightly from February. The rate was 8.5 percent in March 2013. At 6.3 percent, N o r t h C a r o l i n a ’s March unemployment rate is 0.4 of a

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percentage point lower than the national 6.7 percent rate. F o r F e b r u a r y, Mitchell County had an unemployment rate of 8.9 percent. Av e r y C o u n t y registered a rate of 8.0 percent; Madison a rate of 5.5 percent; Buncombe a rate of 4.9 percent, and McDowell County an unemployment rate of 7.5 percent. Between January and February, not seasonally adjusted unemployment rates decreased in 95 N.C. counties.

The ever-continuing widening of U.S. 19E in Burnsville creeps closer and closer to the office of Dr. John Renfro. According to marks on the asphalt drive, the DOT right of way actually cuts closer to the building than the image suggests.

Health professional defends school clinic

From the front “I feel like we have sold our kids to get grant money.” And as for the opportunity to secretly get birth control, “I don’t think parents know our kids are being told this.” But Lynda Kinnane, health director with Toe River Health District, which oversees the school clinics, said the staff at student health centers and the health department “follow what’s considered

the standard of care in the community” when dealing with patients, whether they be children or adults. “If you don’t address sexual health then you are providing substandard care,” she said. “It’s very appropriate to ask adolescents if they are sexually active or being pressured to have sex. The most effective way to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases” is to speak

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a b o u t t h e m . “ We always strongly encourage a child to communicate with their parents,” and that appears to be what the mother says happened in this situation. Kinnane was quick to agree that “abstinence is absolutely the best way to deal with the risk of pregnancy or disease,” as well as the overall health of the child. “The fact that children are allowed

to consent; that’s just the law,” she said. “If a child goes to your family doctor and says ‘I want birth control pills,’ the family doctor cannot tell the parents” if the child wants privacy. Speaking generally, Kinnane said some children are pressured into having sex, and sometimes the only advocate willing to help protect the child is the nurse or medical professional who asks the right questions.

Pritchard is convicted by jury From the front credit for 868 days for time served since his arrest, and some time for the drug possession is to be served at the same time as the murder sentence. Pritchard was charged in November 2 0 11 , a c c u s e d o f killing Whitson when he provided him with a morphine based

drug that killed him. Whitson, 29, was found dead at a home off English Branch Road. He died of an overdose, according to the autopsy. Pritchard was taken into custody Dec. 1, 2011. The Superior Court jury took less than two hours to render its judgment.

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Baptists to head out for biennial ramp-building mission

On Saturday, April 26, North Carolina Baptist wheelchair ramp building teams will rise before the sun, load pickups with lumber, hammers and saws, and head out to spend the day building wheelchair ramps for those in need in their communities. Rampin’ Up! is a biennial event jointly sponsored by North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) and North Carolina Baptist Men. The outreach is held in conjunction with NC Operation Inasmuch – a one-day mission opportunity blitz across North Carolina. Ramp-building teams will be at work in every county. Call 1.877.506.2226 to learn where ramps are scheduled to be built in your area as well as information about the recipients. The joy and camaraderie of Baptists building ramps for a neighbor in need. Locally, West Burnsville Baptist Church is planning a ramp building event. In 2012, the Rampin’ Up! event brought new levels of freedom and improved quality of life to more than 300 aging adults in North Carolina. Dr. Sandy Gregory, director of NCBAM, explains the reason for the event, “Baptists build wheelchair ramps every weekend. This biennial event brings to light their ministry and increases awareness of the fact that many aging adults are trapped inside their homes every day with only a few steps preventing them from connecting with their communities and enjoying a higher quality of life.” In 2012, 85-year-old Lorene Clodfelter of Davidson County was recovering from kneereplacement surgery when she fell from her front steps. This injury set back her recovery and confined her to four walls. North Carolina Baptists joined together to build a wheelchair

ramp for Lorene—providing their labor of love at no cost. “This ramp is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was amazed; they came one Saturday morning and after about five hours it

was built! I hope others who need a ramp can get one.” North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry connects the aging with resources to meet needs and coordinates practical ministries.

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Wall Street Journal completely missed the boat T h e Wa l l Street Journal says there’s no difference between a child whose primary interest is reading and a child who uses social media obsessively. In WSJ’s March 22-23 “Mind and Matter” column, Alison Gopnik recounts, in fable form, her childhood obsession with “The Device,” which turns out to be books. She then claims to know of research supporting the notion that reading books “hijacks” large portions of a child’s brain, portions “that had originally been designed for other purposes.” I keep up on research of this sort, and while I can’t claim to have seen it all, I’ve not heard of any that compels such a conclusion. The studies I’m familiar with all support the view that the human brain is ideally suited to learning to read. If symbol-based print media (i.e. books) are presented to a child at the proper time and in the proper fashion, the brain engages naturally a n d e f f e c t i v e l y. Learning to read does not “hijack” areas of the brain designed for “other purposes” (that Gopnick, most conveniently, never identifies). In effect, she describes the




brain as a zero-sum o p e ra tin g s y s tem in which learning one skill displaces the ability to learn something else. That mig h t d e s c rib e a mouse brain, but it does not come close to describing the amazing learning capacity of a human’s. To b o l s t e r h e r thesis, Gopnick cites danah boyd (boyd does not capitalize her name) of New York University and Microsoft Research. Obviously, boyd is not impartial. She works for a company that is heavily invested in new technologies, and it’s clear from her Wikipedia biography that she thinks social media are way cool. How did she come to her conclusions? By hanging out with teens and interviewing them. In other words, to find out how social media are affecting teens, she gets social with teens. To be clear, this is not science. Gopnick begins her column by asking “How does technology re-shape

our children’s minds and brains?” but never gets around t o a n s we r i n g t h e question. She delves no further into the subject than to r e f e r e n c e b o y d ’s social work and conclusion to the e ff e c t t h a t w h i l e it requires new considerations, the new social media simply enable teens to do what they have always done - form communities, flirt, gossip, and rebel. “The kids are all right,” she concludes, quoting the rock band The Who. No, they aren’t. The best research into the effect of digital technologies on the developing brain has been done by psychologist Jane Healy, author of Endangered Minds and Failure to Connect. Healy has found that screen-based devices compromise the integrity of the developing brain, disconnecting areas that support important functions such as sequential

problem-solving, attention span, and verbal reasoning all of which are strengthened by reading. Healy is everything Gopnik and boyd are not. First, she has scientific credentials. Second, she is impartial. Third, her conclusions support common sense. Speaking of the latter, all one has to do to assess the impact of what I prefer to call anti-social media on teens is watch them stand around in groups, texting rather than conversing. Or talk to a teen who keeps looking at her cell phone during the “conversation,” during which she demonstrates her

mastery of two- and three-word sentences. Speaking as a subscriber, the Wall Street Journal really dropped the ball on

this one…like … totally. Contact family psychologist John Rosemond at www.

Week of 4/28/14 - 5/4/14

Enjoy ‘Harvey’ at the playhouse Parkway Playhouse is presenting Burnsville Little Theater’s production of the Pulitzer prizew i n n i n g c o m e d y, Harvey, on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., with a matinee on Sunday, April 27 at 3:30 p.m. “Harvey is the funniest play I’ve ever seen and the cast is marvelous,” said director, Barry Kelly, “No one should miss the opportunity to see this play.” The play centers on mild mannered Elwood P. Dowd, his invisible friend, a 6 foot rabbit named Harvey, and Elwood’s society conscious sister, Veta. When Elwood insists

on introducing the invisible rabbit to everyone he meets, Veta tries to have Elwood committed to the local sanitarium, but the staff commits her instead. Once the doctors learn their mistake, the hunt is on for Elwood and Harvey, and the laughs grow louder and louder. Harvey had one of the longest runs of any

comedy on Broadway. S p r u c e P i n e ’s Willie Walkingstick plays Elwood and Patti Smith of Burnsville plays Veta. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children and can be purchased at the Parkway Playhouse website, at the box office, and at various businesses in Burnsville.

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Administer/Executor Notice Having qualified as Administrator, of the estate of Willie Gene Evans of Yancey County of North Carolina, this is to notify all persons, firms, and corporations having claims against the estate of the said deceased to present them to the undersigned on or before 1st day of July, 2014 or this notice will be pleaded on bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate please make an immediate payment. This is the 1st day of April, 2014. Patricia M. Evans PO Box 558 Micaville, NC 28755 Publish April 10, 17, and 24, 2014 and May 1, 2014

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Obituaries Carolyn Boggs Carolyn “Bo-Bo” Boggs, 55, of Burnsville, passed away Thursday, April 17, 2014, at Brookside Rehabilitation and Care. A native of Yancey County, she was the daughter of the late Norman and Carrie Jones Boggs. She was also preceded in death by a sister, America Boggs, who died in 2013. She is survived by a cousin, Mildred Deal and several other cousins. Funeral was Saturday in the Chapel of Holcombe Brothers Funeral Home, with the Rev. Scot Garland officiating. Burial was in the Verlin Jones Cemetery on Plum Branch.

Robert B. Miller Robert B. Miller, 83, of Audubon, Penn., passed away Friday, April 18, 2014, at Brookside Rehabilitation & Care. A native of Yancey County, he was a son of the late Carter and Flossie Bradford Miller. He was an Army veteran and a former employee of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company of Pottstown, Penn. Surviving are his companion:

Lill Kateusz; 2 sons, Steve Miller and wife, JoAnne, of Pottstown, Penn., and Wayne Miller of Burnsville; grandchildren Steven, Jennifer and Anthony Miller and Tammy; and sister Lillian Burgner of Greenville. Funeral was to be at 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 23, in Bee Log Baptist Church. Burial was to follow in the church cemetery. The family was to receive friends one hour prior to the service at the church. Holcombe Brothers Funeral Home is assisting the Miller Randy Parker of Burnsville. family. Funeral was Tuesday in Griffith Chapel Church with Linda Faye Parker The Rev. Richard Blanton officiating. Burial was to be in Linda Faye Parker, 66, of the Marietta Adkins Cemetery. Burnsville, died on Friday, April Memorials may be made to 18, 2014. She was the daughter the family to help with funeral of the late Juanita Steward. expenses. She was preceded in death by a sister, Pauline Parrish. Terry Tremaine Geouge Linda worked at OMC in Burnsville and retired as a CNA. Terry Tremaine Geouge, 33, Survivors include two sons, of Burnsville, passed away Doug Steward of Boone and unexpectedly on Monday, April Lonnie Parker and wife, Darla, 14, 2014. A native of Mitchell of Burnsville; three daughters: County, he was a son of Angela Shelby, Stephanie and Teresa Geouge of Burnsville and Dickie Parker, all of Burnsville; and Sandy Burleson of Spruce 11 grandchildren: 3 great- Pine. He was preceded in death grandchildren: and ex-husband by paternal grandparents Dick

and Helen Burleson. Terry loved to play the guitar, draw and write poetry, but most of all he loved spending time with his daughter. Surviving, in addition to his parents are his daughter, Nevaeh Geouge of Micaville; sister Sabrina Burleson of the home; brother Trenten Geouge and wife, Tammy, of Bakersville; maternal grandparents Douglas and Ellen Geouge of Green Mountain; aunts Audrey Cannon and husband, Stacey, of Micaville, and Tina Burleson and husband, Greg Boston, of Spruce Pine; uncles Jim Rumfelt of Spruce Pine, Chris Geouge of Micaville and Kevin Geouge of Green Mountain; nieces Ashley and Erica of Bakersville; and great-niece Ava. Funeral was April 18 in the chapel of Yancey Funeral Services. The Rev. Billy Mitchell and the Rev. Matt Wilson officiated. Graveside service was Saturday in the Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery.   Donations may be made to the funeral home to offset funeral expenses.

State considers limits to where dogs can be used in hunting

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission held a public hearing on April 22 at its headquarters in Raleigh to accept public comments on a proposed temporary rule change authorizing the Commission to establish still hunting zones on game lands. Under the proposed rule, the use of dogs for taking deer and bear will be prohibited on portions of game land posted as “Still Hunting Zone.” This new game land designation will provide an additional mechanism for addressing trespass and safety Board of Elections Chairman Marvin Holland and elections director Mary concerns of adjacent private Beth Tipton speak to county commissioners last week about the coming landowners.

If approved, the proposed temporary rule change will take effect July 1, 2014, enabling the Commission to schedule public meetings about establishing potential Still Hunting Zones in respective game lands. The temporary rule will remain effective for up to 270 days, during which time the Commission will pursue an identical permanent rule. Comments also may be submitted between April 16 and May 9 to regulations@ncwildlife. org or Kate Pipkin, 1722 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1722.

primary and general elections.

Commission hears about election changes From the front He said the cost of mailing absentee ballots has dramatically increased because the size of the letters is larger. He said the cost of mailing ballots has doubled. Holland and elections director Mary Beth Tipton told commissioners that registration is no longer allowed at one-stop voting, and that in the coming general election straight-party voting has been completely eliminated. They said that votes cast out of precinct will no longer be counted.

In other business commissioners received a report on the state of mental health services in the county and region. They heard from Shelly Forman, Senior Director of Planning and Public Affairs with the Smoky Mountain Center. “We’re trying to create some stability in the system,” she told commissioners. Commissioner Randy Ollis, a paramedic, told her that changes to the mobile crisis management team are “not working” and that improvements are needed for first responders and law enforcement.

Y&M gets another big DOT job

One of Burnsville’s largest employers has been tapped to create an unusual traffic interchange near the Asheville Regional Airport. Young & McQueen Grading Co. was awarded the $8.8 million project by the Department of Transportation, and work is expected to begin in May. The contract is to build new exit ramps and reroute Airport Road traffic to create what is called a “diverging diamond” interchange. The concept allows for modernization in otherwise crowded interchanges, and involves vehicles to actually

driving on the left side of the road – as opposed to the regular American style of driving on the right, as they approach the bridge across Interstate 26 at the airport exit. DOT says Airport Road, which is N.C. 280, averaged 32,000 cars a day northeast of the interchange and 26,000 to the southwest. The job is expected to take about two years, DOT officials said. Young & McQueen is the company working to widen U.S. 19E through Burnsville.

APRIL 24, 2014 • YANCEY COUNTY NEWS 15 RED WOLF RUN LLC 978800567022000 1.500A $69.62 RED WOLF RUN POA 978800567429000 0.700A $35.82 REDDEN, EDWARD E & TIFFANY J 979900701013000 1.250A $697.99 REHBEIN, CHARLES (MRS) 082019524055000 3.330A $216.25 REINERT, ANTHONY TRUSTEE 082100772855000 1.530A $71.93 REINERT, ANTHONY TRUSTEE 082100870734000 2.410A $109.79 RENFRO, NORMAN 081100594731000 1.000A $513.61 RENFRO, NORMAN R JR & MARY J 082300769466000 12.900A $644.61 RENFRO, ROBERT M & MARY R 070811669453102 0.000A $5,410.32 RHODES, SPENCER LYNN & CYNTHIA 085000710797000 2.500A $463.69 RHYNE, JOHNATHAN L JR & MARTHA 070800881012000 0.680A $1,125.72 RICH, MADELINE & JESSE 075600043474000 1.000A $304.03 RIDDLE, BENNIE 072700281165000 1.000A $79.52 RIDDLE, BRIAN & REGINA 084000116192000 1.770A $86.57 RIDDLE, CHAD EVERETT 084100594516000 1.000A $64.38 RIDDLE, DAVID B & REGINA K 084000107912000 0.950A $468.95 RIDDLE, GEORGE & PATRICIA 084100482102000 1.730A $729.86 RIDDLE, PRISCILLA L 084100496595000 1.020A $65.55 RIDDLE, RONNY STEPHEN 072800138739000 0.750A $427.50 RIDGELINE REAL ESTATE CORP 075900460055000 37.560A $2,418.25 RIDGEWAY, CYNTHIA H 987200833983000 12.000A $435.52 RINDFLEICH, THELMA 084019607699000 0.500A $35.19 RIVER RUN AT MOUNT MITCHELL LLC 075503117950000 3.120A $281.65 RIVER RUN AT MOUNT MITCHELL LLC 075503124791000 1.380A $127.94 ROBERTS GROUP 986304708801000 0.790A $225.60 ROBERTS, TONY & CYNTHIA 076900786192000 0.100A $25.27 ROBERTS, TONY & CYNTHIA 076900788088000 0.590A $70.52 ROBERTS, TONY & CYNTHIA 076900788186000 0.410A $181.14 ROBERTSON, DOUG W & KATE M 988100938967000 42.950A $70.17 ROBERTSON, DOUG W & KATE M 988100940376000 7.000A $183.34 ROBINSON, BOBBY & ALFRED MCMILLIAN 084020810568000 0.340A $182.31 ROBINSON, CYNTHIA JO 986202891690000 1.310A $301.87 ROBINSON, DANIEL SHANE & LACEY 082014235200000 0.490A $606.84 ROBINSON, DENNIS & KAREN 085200035299000 15.000A $1,512.83 ROBINSON, DONNIE & AVA 085000728043000 0.530A $588.06 ROBINSON, EDGAR & PHOEBE 977900896613000 14.030A $308.87 ROBINSON, EDGAR & PHOEBE 978900572867000 14.000A $668.55 ROBINSON, ELIZABETH 074800617617000 1.040A $102.01 ROBINSON, ETHEL M 071700220441000 18.750A $1,072.85 ROBINSON, FREDDIE ROWE 075600490027000 2.740A $350.41 ROBINSON, GUY KEITH & PATSY 075701053403000 1.000A $654.32 ROBINSON, LEE ROY 085100382137000 2.000A $122.76 ROBINSON, LOUIS H & MARGARET M 074504718806000 0.640A $2,207.10 ROBINSON, MERRITT 075900498808000 2.880A $497.40 ROBINSON, PATSY P & GUY KEITH 075701052695000 6.020A $385.33 ROBINSON, RONNIE CHAD 074904623616000 11.180A $463.12 ROBINSON, ROY LEE & FAYE L/E 084100687623000 14.000A $381.83 ROBINSON, SHELIA 074800626870000 2.490A $335.84 ROBINSON, STEVE & DAVID 989000619691000 1.000A $329.59 RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO JR & MELISS 082100581105000 44.420A $1,909.03 ROLLERI, JOHN III & CAROL COZZA 071800358615000 3.500A $405.91 RYAN, LINDA 978900903249000 1.070A $215.07 SALERNO, JOSEPH M & STEPHANIE 072800656186000 2.000A $648.18 SAMONSKY, JOHN & JENNIFER 986202650563000 1.000A $149.34 SANCHEZ, SALVADOR & MARIA 085100248161000 1.000A $162.58 SARVER, DONNA J & TIMOTHY A MILLS 070600796742000 2.110A $415.83 SAUNDERS, SHERRY J & DWAYNE 081400727684000 2.720A $97.85 SCHRAMER, GARY R 070900706194000 0.540A $1,373.96 SCHRAMER, GARY R 070900827050008 0.000A $1,807.44 SCHREIBER, CHRISTIE R 084200538694000 0.140A $14.18 SCHUBERT, SUSAN KISER TRUSTEE 075503001078000 0.570A $258.09 SCHWEITZER, DARRAH TRUSTEE 988100066627000 7.670A $499.65 SCOTT, EDWARD & ANGELICA 070800898516000 0.080A $4,034.85 SCOTT, EDWARD W TRUSTEE 070900930077000 0.440A $2,086.67 SCOTT, JIMMY & PAMELA 979900130370000 0.750A $37.53 SCOTT, RONALD NED & ALMA OGLE 080002653581000 1.000A $155.07 SECRETARY OF HOUSING & URBAN DEV 082011750150000 0.480A $648.84 SELF, ROBBIE STEVEN 076900277874000 0.620A $389.33 SELF, ROBBIE STEVEN & ELIZABETH L 084100874129000 18.840A $503.40 SETTLERS EDGE HOLDING COMPANY 071800078575000 11.340A $20,065.27 SETTLERS EDGE HOLDING COMPANY 071800081669000 3.620A $6,409.51 SETTLERS EDGE HOLDING COMPANY 071800091009000 6.690A $11,417.29 SHADE, BILLY JOE 082001480222000 0.290A $28.76 SHADE, BILLY JOE 082001481434000 0.530A $110.49 SHADE, BILLY JOE 082001482338000 0.530A $110.49 SHADE, BILLY JOE 082100688182000 1.050A $96.59 SHANER, SARAH G TRUSTEE 986202758590000 1.000A $149.34 SHARP TOP MOUNTAIN LLC 071700262885000 147.800A $5,772.78 SHARP, DANNY & ANNA 988200697023000 12.700A $617.23 SHARP, GORDON L 075802661687000 2.750A $1,263.38 SHEPERD, JUANITA 073900564873000 1.750A $687.12 SHEPERD, JUANITA 076701364215000 0.500A $240.00 SHEPHERD, LARRY 081003446470000 0.230A $422.24 SHEPHERD, LARRY EDWIN 081003447227000 0.550A $513.04 SHINDELL, JAMES W & DIXIE K 986202856315000 2.000A $178.02 SHIVERS, JOHN H & SANDRA K 988300030930000 5.570A $165.97 SHORE, AMY LYNN 075500171756000 0.800A $500.77 SHORE, AMY LYNN 075700235114000 3.510A $1,068.57 SHUFORD, BARRY 075803012215000 2.980A $216.38 SHUFORD, BRADLEY 075600371694000 6.900A $540.87 SHUFORD, GEORGIA 074700857104000 2.500A $263.10 SHUFORD, GEORGIA 075400792490000 8.000A $473.66 SHUFORD, GERALD D & SHIRLEY P 074700755499000 3.240A $192.13 SHUFORD, JIMMY (JAMES A) 074500857206000 1.000A $534.46 SHUFORD, JIMMY (JAMES A) 074600908206000 4.000A $105.24 SHUFORD, ZORA (DEC) 074500855019000 0.810A $422.18 SHUPE, KENNETH W 075701062817000 4.880A $92.00 SILVER, ELIZABETH RAMSEY 082011558239000 0.640A $287.05 SILVER, GERALDINE L/E 084000000736000 2.000A $87.74 SILVER, TRACY 071700716731000 1.000A $868.80 SILVERS, DAMON 081200044400000 2.310A $738.54 SILVERS, DEWEY & BARBARA 080200958156000 35.960A $1,370.05 SILVERS, EARL LEE & SHIRLEY L/E 082300151486000 55.000A $1,594.15 SILVERS, EARL LEE & SHIRLEY M 082300250741000 55.000A $1,381.35 SILVERS, EDWARD ANDREW & ANNIE 082300340052000 20.000A $1,288.98 SILVERS, SYLVIA & FARON 075600048359000 3.460A $858.08 SIMMONS, BARBARA L 987100468983000 9.750A $503.70 SIMMONS, DOUGLAS S 076701166076000 3.000A $90.02 SIMMONS, DOUGLAS S 084200670983000 2.080A $52.42 SIMMONS, DOUGLAS S 084200673798000 0.470A $33.45 SIMMONS, ROBERT D 074500678712000 2.000A $486.86 SIMPSON, ROY & JENELL C 986202671372000 1.510A $262.29 SLY, GARY MICHAEL 072900845000000 1.040A $304.90 SMITH, JOSEPH A 083200343850000 0.510A $357.66 SMITH, KAREN LEE SCHMITZ 073703023378000 0.500A $49.80 SMITH, MICHAEL & VICKI 988300264963000 1.000A $49.01 SMITH, MILDRED Y TRUST 070700586173000 5.000A $81.43 SMITH, ORIN C & KAREN N 070916737075302 0.000A $2,961.48 SMITH, ROBERT M & MAKEDA BENAIN 071802595546000 4.440A $233.69 SMITH, ZAC & COMPANY INC 082200771951000 1.000A $70.80 SMYTH, BEVERLY K & CHRISOPHER 075701151793000 1.000A $467.78 SPENCER, LILLIAN & WAYNE & JOSEPH C 988300444556000 5.630A $167.68 SPENCER, LILLIAN & WAYNE & JOSEPH C 988300651468000 0.910A $435.86 SPZ REALTY III LLC 076900548985000 1.000A $963.31 SRIVASTAVE, ASHVIN & PRAMILA 072900588181000 1.760A $438.36

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083300138796000 70.550A $1,345.98 WHEELER, JESSIE JAY 082200030930000 0.810A $232.21 WHISNANT, CLYDE M 082100826403000 4.500A $122.76 WHITE, WILLIAM TYRONE 085000535039000 2.440A $114.59 WHITSON, BEAVER & EVELYN 084200585598000 0.940A $277.46 WHITSON, ELOISE ESTATE 988200095059000 3.180A $449.40 WHITSON, LUCILLE HEIRS 987200986922000 16.400A $345.43 WHITSON, LUCILLE HEIRS 988200097237000 1.280A $113.22 WHITSON, RANDY & MICHELLE 081200951556000 1.600A $12.27 WHITSON, TOMMY 084000217734000 0.580A $430.24 WHITT, DELLA SUE & MICHAEL D 986100502316000 40.500A $1,030.91 WHITT, LIONEL F JR & CAROL HAMLIN 986100608577000 0.750A $157.71 WHITTINGTON, HIRAM A & GWENDOLYN 080001062621000 0.810A $108.47 WIEDENHAUPT, GLEN & MARY E 979900447223000 6.720A $1,368.39 WILDCAT ENTERPRISES 075804625487000 0.700A $27.81 WILDCAT ENTERPRISES 075804625619000 0.300A $377.66 WILDER, JOHN W 075801264254000 1.250A $140.31 WILLETT, JOHN WALTER III 084000218483000 1.000A $862.03 WILLIAMS, ISAAC & ELOUISE 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APRIL 24, 2014


Celebrating Kindergarten The eighth Annual Kindergarten Registration Kick-Off Event at the Town Center was a success! This event was sponsored by Yancey County Safe and Drug Free Schools and the Burnsville Police Department. This event brought out 52 upcoming kindergarteners and their families. The rising kindergarteners enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon touring a school bus, fire truck and police car. They also enjoyed face painting, learning centers, art activities, fingerprinting, getting their picture taken in a MHHS cap and gown as class of 2027, and fun activities with Yancey County Schools PE staff.

Buster the Bus and Letterland Characters were on hand to talk and work with the children as well. Yancey County Schools would like to give a special thank you to the Town of Burnsville, Burnsville Police Department, Burnsville Fire Department, Yancey County Sheriff ’s Office, Ingles, Something Special Gift Shop, Flowers by Vance, Chad Fox, MHHS Cheerleaders, MHHS Child Care Class, Yancey County Headstart, MHHS Student Volunteers and Yancey County Schools staff for all their help and continued support. A special thanks to all the parents for coming out and supporting their upcoming kindergartener.

Advertisements Of Tax Liens on Real Property

LEGAL NOTICE North Carolina Yancey County Advertisements of Tax Liens on Real Property Under and by the virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 105-369 of the North Carolina General Statute and pursuant to an order of the Board of Commissioners of Yancey County, I am hereby Advertising Tax Liens on the Real Estate described below. The Advertised amounts include the 2013 taxes due, interest, and advertising cost. The omission of interest and cost from the amount advertised will not constitute a waiver of the Taxing Unit’s claim for those items. The Real Estate that is subject to the lien, the name of the persons to whom the property is listed for taxes, and the principal amount of the taxes are set out below. If the taxes remain unpaid, the lien will be foreclosed by the Taxing Unit and the property sold to satisfy the Taxing Unit’s claim for taxes. This is the 17th day of April, 2014. Fonda Thomas, Tax Collector. Published April 24, 2014. Name PIN Total Due ACROVEST CORP 986202589163000 1.000A $149.34 ADKINS, GARY 081003040037000 0.190A $301.99 ADKINS, GARY 081003040400000 2.450A $199.24 ADKINS, GARY 081003230466000 0.800A $1,657.17 ADKINS, GARY 082012756706000 1.310A $2,793.02 ADKINS, GARY 082016849381000 0.970A $2,481.95 ADKINS, GARY 988000466682000 3.330A $753.88 ADKINS, GARY 988000478198000 6.140A $265.53 ADKINS, GARY 988000571623000 10.330A $416.96 ADKINS, GARY W 080004949012000 3.000A $2,519.54 ALEXANDER, CHARLES T 075701068482000 0.970A $156.77 ALLEN, BOB 987100716526000 1.030A $205.85 ALLEN, DONALD T & SHIRLEY A 072704530261000 1.000A $395.61 ALLEN, KURTIS MCKINLEY 081016845811000 0.560A $1,000.74 ALLEN, LONADA 081001085076000 1.000A $356.50 ALLEN, TAMMY H & RANDY HOOVER 086000002722000 7.750A $362.83 ALLEN, THOMAS & AMBER 084200926576000 6.490A $403.00 ALLEN, THOMAS & AMBER 085200024384000 1.710A $125.68 ALLEN, THOMAS & AMBER 085200124659000 24.640A $1,001.98 AMY’S MOUNTAIN LLC 072800569722000 33.230A $1,116.39 ANGLIN, BRENDA 070900255169000 2.010A $451.67 ANGLIN, JULIA (MRS) 072900710050000 0.500A $183.48 ANGLIN, WILLIE RONALD 070900270851000 6.420A $329.12 ATKINS, BILLY RAY & EDNA LEE 074900515835000 1.240A $401.82 AUSTIN, GARRETT 978800729903000 2.000A $584.38 AUSTIN, HARVEY E 075700954807000 28.570A $732.00 AUSTIN, SCOTT WADE 988000787436000 11.910A $765.99 AUSTIN, WILLIAM D 988000798118000 19.090A $341.50 AUTREY, CURTIS 076701363064000 1.000A $277.58 AUTREY, CURTIS & SUSAN 076701365136000 1.210A $136.32 AUTREY, JEWEL 075803224193000 0.500A $34.87 AUTREY, JEWEL 075803224385000 3.000A $182.13 AUTREY, JEWELL E & WILLIAM N EFFLER 075500610911000 1.700A $317.47 AUTREY, JIMMY & JUDY ETAL 075803126162000 1.000A $164.88 AUTREY, JIMMY C & JUDY ANN 075803125072000 0.580A $216.88 AUTREY, LILLIAN ETAL 076700469210000 9.890A $349.76 AUTREY, RICKEY D 075700223887000 0.330A $211.57 AUTREY, ROBERT RANDALL & CYNTHIA 987000745672000 2.500A $299.85 AUTREY, W B (MRS) HEIRS 075600465416000 24.000A $1,494.50 AYERS, LEONARD & MARY LOU 083300125277000 7.500A $537.99 AYERS, PENNY & RAYMOND 082100881545001 1.000A $228.30 AYERS, WILLIAM R 072700369451000 0.500A $602.24 BAILEY, DAVID & KIM 074700734210000 5.970A $1,327.40 BAILEY, DAVID & KIM 074700743171000 0.210A $24.86 BAILEY, JOE JR 989200730408000 58.360A $624.75 BAILEY, MICHAEL J & MARY B 989000964159000 2.450A $270.03 BAKER, DENISE W & RONALD EUGENE II 082000712631000 16.250A $935.74 BAKER, JEFFREY A & VALERiE 081004919349000 0.730A $471.18 BAKER, JEFFREY A & VALERIE 987100010105000 1.520A $232.31 BAKER, LAURA TRUSTEE 083002661552000 1.970A $2,016.59 BALLARD, LORRAINE 987300811579000 27.760A $1,015.76 BALLEW, DOUGLAS EUGENE 075700124244000 0.760A $114.19 BALLEW, DOUGLAS EUGENE CUSTODIAN 075700121188000 0.740A $459.64 BALLEW, JAMES JR & MELANIE M 074600709033000 0.500A $342.90 BALLEW, JAMES ROGER 075803414241000 0.550A $215.09 BALLEW, JOYCELENE B L/E 075700124083000 0.950A $33.12 BALLEW, MICHAEL E 075700329054000 8.290A $4,108.46 BANKS HOLDING CO LP 070811571098000 56.030A $10,988.59 BANKS HOLDING CO LP 987000083949000 30.990A $161.93 BANKS HOLDING CO LP 987000089441000 3.960A $299.85 BANKS HOLDING CO LP 989000720108000 3.400A $149.54 BANKS, ICIE ALDRIDGE L/E 070903135701000 2.500A $280.73 BANKS, JAMES E & MARSHA R 979900434228000 0.880A $179.40 BANKS, JOHN MELTON (MRS) 070900141880000 1.000A $263.59 BANKS, LEWIS WILLIAM MRS 082017010993000 3.310A $201.58 BANKS, STANLEY P 070900142178000 1.000A $152.45 BANKS, WILLIAM R 988200232887000 182.000A $269.17 BANKS, WILLIAM R & JEANI 083001387651000 0.250A $10.66 BANKS, WILLIAM R & SHEREE B WATSON 074504718213000 1.120A $480.76 BANKS, WILLIAM R, SHEREE & 081400622848000 0.400A $17.46

BANKS, WILLIAM RANDALL 081400322861000 202.250A $985.34 BANNER, SAMUEL KIRK & LYNDA GAYLE 074800528804000 2.000A $748.22 BANNER, SAMUEL KIRK & LYNDA GAYLE 074800533100000 2.480A $170.33 BANNER, SAMUEL KIRK & LYNDA GAYLE 074800536173000 5.080A $342.90 BANNER, SAMUEL KIRK & LYNDA GAYLE 074800621989000 1.660A $116.14 BARBEE, WILLIAM E JR 075701381117000 4.540A $591.91 BAREBRIDGE FIELDS HOMEOWNERS ASSOC 081004646003000 1.240A $265.19 BARGGREN, CHRISTINE C TRUSTEE 070915733220101 0.000A $3,242.97 BARHAM, MICHELLE & JONATHAN 076900031488000 1.390A $533.76 BARNES, BRYCE 989300028124000 49.900A $309.54 BARNETT, CHARLOTTE 082001482032000 1.000A $169.19 BARNETT, DERWIN 082001379601000 0.160A $18.84 BARNETT, DERWIN 082018228267000 1.220A $325.38 BARNETT, DERWIN C 082001470630000 0.750A $287.38 BAXTER, KENNETH G 080001159643000 6.210A $687.72 BEAM, HAROLD KEITH 082400613465000 4.000A $178.02 BEAM, HAROLD KEITH & DANIEL 082400620071000 15.000A $640.69 BEATTIE RAYMOND & HELEN 084100387028000 3.400A $135.03 BEAVER, PHILLIP D 083100591210000 50.000A $1,485.30 BEAVER, RANDY STEVEN 083001476267000 6.160A $370.29 BECK, CAROLYN WILLIARD 075500539276000 0.340A $63.16 BENNETT, JOHN LARRY 988000158773000 0.890A $90.45 BENNETT, JOHN LARRY 988000260218000 13.620A $1,057.60 BENNETT, SABRA 076900282835000 1.300A $446.65 BERRY, JASON & STEPHANIE T 074504749723000 1.610A $77.27 BIGGERSTAFF, PAUL ESTATE 082014439965000 1.390A $461.04 BIGGS, DALLAS CHARLES & LAURA 081200223873000 1.020A $243.72 BIGGS, FRED HENRY 070700861593000 118.000A $1,318.76 BIRD, KENNETH D & RONNETTE 082300707454000 1.000A $49.01 BISHOP, BOBBY D 085000741353000 1.000A $76.10 BISHOP, L J 085000717930000 0.790A $513.86 BLACK, TYRONE D & BARBARA 083003144284000 2.720A $540.06 BLACKBURN, ROBERT B & JENNIFER 076900064327000 1.090A $330.01 BLAZER, MICHAEL & WANDA 072800470115000 3.000A $265.19 BLEVINS, DONALD GENE 075600313811000 2.000A $868.68 BLEVINS, MARJORIE 076703146714000 1.210A $303.68 BLEVINS, MARTHA JANE 075700115365000 3.650A $1,061.19 BLEVINS, MARTHA JANE 075700213643000 1.250A $441.44 BLOUNT, MARY L 075500319609000 0.740A $45.46 BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN BASE CAMP 075700973767000 3.680A $258.09 BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN BASE CAMP 075700990287000 2.250A $105.08 BLUE SUN ENTERPRISES INC 074800605845000 3.000A $1,152.64 BLUE SUN ENTERPRISES INC 074800605848001 0.000L $979.57 BODFORD, SUE; SHARON KAULF & 082013143328000 0.390A $1,411.90 BODFORD, SUE; SHARON KAULF & 082013142345000 0.250L $223.69 BOLTON, JERRY T JR 986202851288000 2.000A $8.43 BONIELLO, SANDRA LYNN 989000239885000 1.250A $74.67 BOONE, ALLEN D & PATRICIA S 074904162796000 5.780A $96.49 BOONE, ALLEN D & PATRICIA S 084000022858000 15.020A $2,483.78 BOONE, CARSIE 083004623201000 0.500A $409.62 BOONE, FRANK SAMUEL 084000940718000 0.500A $41.02 BOONE, FRANK SAMUEL 084000946549000 1.000A $239.52 BOONE, FRANK SAMUEL & PAMELA 084000848815000 0.620A $373.74 BOONE, J R 083004936148000 0.950A $166.56 BOONE, OLLIS REECE L/E 083004933074000 0.760A $182.31 BOONE, PATRICIA ANN 081012756284000 3.720A $763.20 BOONE, RANDY K 084000267288000 1.000A $269.28 BOONE, RAY & PATRICIA 082010452247000 0.260A $219.33 BORRO, AMARILYS TRUSTEE 988400807933000 22.000A $636.72 BORRO, AMARILYS TRUSTEE 988400814516000 24.030A $1,273.17 BOULET, CHRISTINE & BRADLEY WITHERS 989200898329000 2.780A $430.29 BOULET, CHRISTINE & BRADLEY WITHERS 989200990433000 0.550A $37.55 BOYER, TYRIE W & LORI N 986202984048000 13.920A $20.08 BOYER, TYRIE W & LORI N 986204629103000 1.420A $16.27 BRADFORD, ASHELY & KEITH R 082300605029000 0.730A $195.80 BRADFORD, DARICK L & ALSIA L 987300735531000 8.740A $955.73 BRADFORD, JERRY D & JENNIFER L 080400253389000 0.600A $23.19 BRADFORD, SHANNON J & FRANCES 988300889412000 0.500A $13.63 BRADSHAW, RUBY & HERMAN 076701366614000 2.500A $216.27 BRADSHAW, RUBY & HERMAN ESTATE 076701371008000 4.500A $139.99 BRANTON, DANIEL MACK & RITA GAIL 083004614988000 4.540A $1,663.71

12 APRIL 24, 2014 • YANCEY COUNTY NEWS BRANTON, MARTIN P & DANIEL M 083100968765000 5.930A $300.82 BRASWELL, PAUL DOUGLAS & KATHY 076900774973000 1.520A $56.03 BREWER, ELAINE TROXELL 074700812739000 0.380A $13.99 BRIGGS, DONNIE L/E 081200695117000 8.790A $876.10 BRIGGS, DONNIE L/E 081300501785000 9.000A $323.66 BRIGGS, ISIAH & HAZEL L/E 082300963648000 1.000A $166.56 BRIGGS, ROBERT MARTIN & ANITA 084015626658000 0.570A $180.63 BRIGGS, TAMMY L 080100838022000 2.140A $198.73 BRIGGS, WILLIAM CLAUDE & KATHY 086000514291000 0.730A $511.75 BRIGMAN, JOHN O III 986202552699000 0.640A $112.66 BRINKLEY, JAMES & DELOVA 073900483042000 11.000A $467.10 BRINKLEY, WAYNE A WANDA F 073900388775000 11.500A $595.06 BRINKMAN, DAVID W & CAMILLE L 070900714369000 0.510A $1,513.59 BROOKS, RHONDA GRAY & JEFFERY 081002988530000 6.770A $406.48 BROWN, ARTHUR M III 989300286781000 1.640A $97.18 BRYANT, GREG D ETAL 072900280038000 108.000A $81.06 BRYANT, KEVIN & LISA 080400510905000 40.000A $849.61 BRYANT, KEVIN & LISA 082400554476000 25.500A $673.13 BRYANT, OAKLAND DEE 080300315828000 2.000A $63.33 BRYANT, OAKLAND DEE 080300329237000 10.000A $471.08 BUCHANAN, BARBARA ANN L/E 084019600113000 1.000A $173.83 BUCHANAN, BRENT 081500200078000 8.000A $235.35 BUCHANAN, HEATHER & DONALD 081200859578000 1.000A $49.01 BUCHANAN, JEWELL 076700664598000 1.000A $646.81 BUCHANAN, PHILLIP 086000015597000 1.000A $279.92 BUCHANAN, VERNON 085000081943000 9.330A $166.19 BUCKNER, RALPH M & MARJORIE 988100416449000 1.600A $446.56 BUCKNER, ROY GARRETT L/E 987000044168000 18.000A $778.38 BUKER FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIIP 082000494594000 55.790A $118.67 BULLOCK, JOHN A III & SUSAN C 073703035799000 1.000A $729.92 BURFORD, MARC & MERITA 979900005446000 4.550A $502.35 BURFORD, TERENCE M 979900103412000 29.170A $886.22 BURLESON, JAMES LARRY ESTATE 979800733645000 0.500A $127.14 BURLESON, T A MRS 071600573371000 56.600A $237.64 BURNETT, ELIZABETH 084000294795000 1.900A $429.90 BURNETTE, LAVENIA P 083400120356000 19.560A $1,043.12 BURNETTE, ROY EDWARD 085003407313000 0.500A $43.58 BURNS, FRANCES KAY & ROBERT A 986202596574000 1.970A $1,335.86 BURNSVILLE HOSPITALITY GROUP LLC 082014341750000 0.630A $2,144.42 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800548791000 1.740A $107.58 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800549522000 1.260A $79.56 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800579815000 1.210A $76.65 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800587131000 1.310A $82.48 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800588543000 2.050A $125.68 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800589122000 1.580A $98.23 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800589667000 1.190A $75.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800599606000 1.210A $76.65 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800599891000 2.160A $132.11 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800640431000 1.220A $59.72 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800642518000 1.760A $108.75 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800643383000 0.830A $54.46 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800643539000 1.060A $67.90 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800643959000 1.070A $68.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800644002000 30.800A $1,804.12 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800644798000 0.650A $43.94 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800644979000 1.050A $67.30 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800645389000 1.430A $89.48 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800645674000 1.330A $83.65 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800646879000 1.050A $67.30 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800649973000 2.260A $137.94 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800654385000 1.220A $77.22 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800655703000 1.340A $84.22 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800657700000 1.200A $76.04 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800657939000 1.070A $68.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800658032000 1.620A $100.57 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800658347000 1.260A $79.56 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800658549000 1.000A $64.38 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800658832000 1.010A $64.95 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800659594000 1.730A $81.91 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800666267000 1.520A $94.74 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800666619000 1.420A $88.91 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800666855000 1.340A $84.22 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800668340000 1.270A $80.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800668643000 1.250A $78.99 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800668863000 0.690A $46.28 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800669057000 1.770A $109.32 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800672722000 1.370A $85.99 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800673836000 0.220A $18.84 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800674598000 1.970A $121.02 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800674827000 1.150A $73.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800677127000 1.100A $70.21 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800677485000 1.160A $73.73 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800678084000 1.210A $76.65 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800678302000 2.930A $177.05 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800679530000 1.030A $66.12 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800679704000 1.190A $75.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800679965000 1.220A $77.22 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800680672000 1.290A $81.30 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800681091000 2.040A $125.10 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800681245000 1.150A $73.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800681660000 1.070A $68.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800682420000 1.060A $67.90 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800682987000 1.010A $64.95 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800683583000 1.150A $73.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800683782000 1.180A $74.90 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800684220000 1.160A $73.73 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800684408000 1.470A $91.83 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800684927000 1.120A $71.38 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800685670000 1.280A $80.73 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800686225000 1.570A $97.66 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800688476000 1.110A $70.81 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800688519000 1.060A $67.90 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800688709000 1.140A $72.56 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800689155000 1.500A $93.57 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800689312000 1.260A $79.56 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800690381000 1.090A $69.64 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800692182000 1.160A $73.73 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800692800000 1.720A $106.41 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800693229000 1.410A $88.31 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800693548000 1.360A $85.39 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800694395000 1.620A $100.57 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800696026000 1.720A $106.41 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800751227000 1.480A $92.40 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800752057000 1.650A $102.32 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800752451000 1.220A $77.22 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800752682000 1.230A $77.82 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800752862000 1.270A $80.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800760600000 1.760A $108.75 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800761134000 2.530A $153.69 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800762081000 1.270A $80.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800762188000 1.190A $75.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800762365000 1.120A $71.38 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800762543000 1.190A $75.47 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800762736000 1.150A $73.13 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800770214000 1.200A $76.04

BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800771054000 1.200A $76.04 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800771482000 1.430A $89.48 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800771653000 1.330A $83.65 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800771932000 1.340A $84.22 BURNSVILLE LAND CO LLC 072800772211000 1.200A $76.04 BURR, CATHERINE 082200699099000 1.000A $49.01 BYRD, MERRI D 081200806862000 36.610A $331.67 BYRD, ROGER 080300226740000 44.960A $156.45 BYRD, ROGER D & SHELIA D 076900287553000 1.060A $167.42 BYRD, RONNIE J; MERRI D,& PATRICIA 081200729286000 29.670A $685.79 BYRD, RONNIE LEE 080300233470000 59.000A $1,071.91 BYRD, STEPHANIE BAILEY & KENNETH 076701259811000 2.650A $1,107.76 BYRD, WANDA GAIL 081200164736000 16.550A $416.53 BYRD, WANDA GAIL 081200270246000 1.010A $406.78 CARLYON, CHERYL P 986201459425000 0.530A $1,087.27 CARROLL, APRIL 074900768378000 0.750A $454.60 CARROLL, BRADLEY & DAVID 074800825158000 0.860A $229.25 CARROLL, DIANE 085000054312000 4.000A $92.40 CARROLL, DIANE ETAL 084015631035000 4.260A $288.49 CARROLL, GARY & LESA 085000398295000 3.020A $1,483.71 CARROLL, PAULINE W (MRS) 084000286818000 0.400A $294.38 CARROLL, SHARON A 083003346270000 1.000A $373.49 CARROLL, WADE & BRENDA C 074800814925000 0.450A $31.93 CARROLL, WADE & BRENDA C 074800822174000 1.260A $640.30 CARROLL, WAYNE & MARSHA 084000284687000 3.300A $412.92 CATERSON, DAVID P 072800348757000 68.660A $468.73 CATHEY, HELEN M 988100073056000 4.960A $207.54 CAUDILL, PHILLIP A & ELIZABETH 081200001129000 0.290A $18.61 CAUSEY, GORDON E & DIANE E 082400750302000 1.000A $467.36 CHANDLER, TAMMY & TONYA CRAIN 082100971882000 0.620A $88.39 CHANEY, GARY & DONNA 989200495963000 2.000A $60.27 CHANEY, STEPHEN & KRISTEN L 070800896529000 0.040A $2,165.07 CHAVEZ, GLORIA CEJA 081012956561000 0.170A $376.39 CHRISAWN, DAVID J 085000877022000 15.260A $1,042.37 CHRISAWN, DENNIS W & DEBORAH M 076900558453000 0.550A $514.01 CHRISAWN, DONNA L/E 074504726784000 4.000A $263.62 CHRISAWN, E DEAN 075803139461000 1.950A $779.97 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075600058836000 6.950A $105.56 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075600153349000 4.580A $15.43 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075600153575000 2.580A $14.25 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075600154791000 6.910A $29.56 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075801057209000 22.000A $137.37 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075801255478000 1.620A $158.57 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075803025063000 2.030A $122.63 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075803031324000 77.260A $167.39 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075803118350000 0.300A $23.08 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075803122455000 21.520A $131.46 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075803139001000 13.150A $1,491.85 CHRISAWN, E DEAN & SHANNON 075803241985000 17.000A $557.79 CHRISAWN, JUDY M 074504728696000 2.000A $429.90 CHRISAWN, JUDY M 074504728884000 2.000A $438.92 CHURCH, LARRY A 986202755269000 0.710A $18.99 CLARK, CHARLES E & KATHLEEN 080300197723000 1.050A $512.83 CLARK, MARJORIE 986202587597000 1.110A $151.05 CLARK, PATRICK J & LINDA 075701260408000 1.370A $320.18 CLEAR CREEK GUEST RANCH LLC 075500281111000 56.970A $9,696.35 CLEMENTS, CLAIRE H 074402899502000 3.970A $874.22 CLEVELAND, KEVIN M 085100445705000 0.250A $20.61 CLEVELAND, KEVIN M 085100454150000 12.930A $420.98 CM31 TRUST 074900365263000 3.640A $1,173.71 COATES, JOHN R & LORISSA C 080001070269000 0.710A $647.88 COFFEY, LEWIS HAYWOOD 081003404367000 2.800A $152.34 COHEN, RICHARD M & WANDA HOILMAN 082009154390000 0.100A $133.37 COHEN, ROBERT G 071802994473000 17.910A $2,445.87 COLE, JOHNNY LEE & CHARLENE GAIL 988300736348000 1.000A $252.86 COOK, ALMA 075804628593000 0.140L $18.38 COOK, LARRY & THERESA 075802679829000 1.700A $551.41 COOK, ROSCOE & IRIS 075802678736000 0.800A $277.58 COOPER, CHRISTOPHER & WILLIAM 071802876367000 3.680A $328.26 COOPER, CHRISTOPHER W & 979900263985000 60.730A $1,929.02 COOPER, HAROLD DEAN & WILMA 081004705159000 4.560A $357.45 CORING, CAROL S 080001369294000 1.010A $14.17 COX, TRACY & AMANDA 076900376730000 1.150A $896.06 CRAIN, KAREN VICTORIA & CHARLES 989000202948000 2.000A $201.05 CRAIN, KAREN VICTORIA & CHARLES 989003204988000 0.470A $25.70 CRISP, SANDRA GAIL 082010454839000 1.130A $382.86 CROCKETT, EARL F 988300362296000 1.000A $49.01 CROCKETT, EARL F & MERRI JO 988300363407000 1.530A $1,168.45 CRYSLER, ROGER 986202753448000 1.000A $149.34 CURTIS HEIRS 073900192236000 4.780A $345.19 DANIELS, KRISTY M & DAVID NORMAN 085000907193000 1.380A $329.43 DAVIS, CLYDE ISSAC 989100185464000 2.700A $120.27 DAVIS, LARRY & LINDA 075701390249000 0.750A $72.57 DAVIS, WILLIAM A & CINDY J 083200832761000 3.000A $851.74 DELLINGER, BONNIE HONEYCUTT 979800836218000 8.100A $38.64 DELLINGER, CHAD J & CIJI B 076900683654000 13.490A $93.57 DELLINGER, CHARLES R & KEVIN 082015630840000 2.510A $2,420.69 DELLINGER, CHARLES R (ESTATE) 074900792396000 12.000A $1,013.18 DELLINGER, CHARLES R (ESTATE) 074900862994000 11.920A $901.92 DELLINGER, CHARLES R (ESTATE) 074900962467000 17.000A $941.82 DELLINGER, CHARLES RANDALL 082013135115000 0.110A $1,046.53 DELLINGER, CHARLES RANDALL 084000344460000 135.000A $4,420.98 DELLINGER, CHARLES RANDALL 084019722213000 5.500A $95.91 DELLINGER, CHARLES RANDALL 084100625831000 122.690A $2,566.08 DELLINGER, CHARLES RANDALL 085100036330000 42.500A $847.85 DELLINGER, KEVIN 074900478513000 2.090A $1,095.15 DELLINGER, KEVIN 075801083145000 2.500A $88.91 DELLINGER, KEVIN 084000964702000 26.500A $978.62 DELLINGER, KEVIN 084100613315000 122.640A $2,417.11 DELLINGER, KEVIN LEE 084019513146000 1.000A $358.02 DELX INC 082015632796000 1.490A $2,383.80 DEYTON, AARON 082011756952000 0.130A $355.23 DEYTON, BASIL P 082200121696000 1.850A $60.62 DEYTON, DONALD & ANNABEL 082100774731000 1.000A $516.19 DEYTON, U B HEIRS 082100887890000 7.150A $313.33 DIXON, CHARLIE M III & ANISSA 989200381759000 3.340A $350.04 DOUGLASS, ROBERT A 988300267775000 1.000A $49.01 DOVER, ANNIE B L/E 082012865251000 0.500A $1,315.46 DOVER, ANNIE B L/E 081016939833000 1.110A $1,999.72 DOVER, ARTHUR N & ANNIE 082011652287000 0.500A $309.16 DOVER, NORRIS LEE 075700410095000 24.250A $2,925.98 DOVER, NORRIS LEE 082013142719000 0.350A $704.31 DYKHUIZEN, THOMAS W & ENDA T 072700784850000 18.580A $641.75 EAGLE’S NEST INVESTMENTS INC 075500079275000 0.000A $359.40 EAGLES NEST INVESTMENTS INC 075500064955000 0.000A $182.70 EAGLES NEST INVESTMENTS INC 075500066947000 0.000A $182.70 EAGLES NEST INVESTMENTS INC 075500078033000 0.000A $359.40 EAGLES NEST INVESTMENTS INC 075500079063000 0.000A $359.40 EARLEY, KEITH M 085300571451000 3.000A $181.14 EARLEY, W H ETUX 074600723515000 0.350A $26.01 EBERLE, NORMAN A & LISA L 071802857604000 2.500A $9.88 EDGE BILLY RAY JR 073900986458000 1.500A $2,690.13 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR 073900985334000 2.840A $1,353.34 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR 074904948326000 1.810A $315.43

APRIL 24, 2014 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR 082009059181000 0.530A $896.97 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR 082010258046000 0.030A $336.63 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR 082014327600000 5.820A $415.71 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR ETAL 074800816124000 1.680A $127.33 EDGE, BILLY RAY JR ETUX ETAL 074800818396000 2.770A $213.94 EDWARDS, CHARLES LEE 081004828053000 0.500A $142.60 EDWARDS, DAVID & LINDA FAYE 080002855664000 4.870A $679.35 EDWARDS, DENA JOE & KRISTY LYNN & 081003034110000 20.000A $1,478.34 EDWARDS, DENNIS & GLENDA 977900993762000 1.020A $10.03 EDWARDS, DENNIS & GLENDA 987000808167000 0.870A $184.70 EDWARDS, DENNIS & GLENDA 987000901331000 10.920A $1,505.37 EDWARDS, JAMES LEE & OTHERS 071900143259000 1.500A $256.51 EDWARDS, MICHAEL E & TAMMY 081003203653000 28.480A $837.20 EDWARDS, ODELL 988200567435000 29.000A $177.54 EDWARDS, ODELL 988200579265000 15.730A $495.65 EDWARDS, ODELL 988300623269000 89.860A $219.28 EDWARDS, VIRGUS & DINA 071900142222000 0.500A $27.38 EDWARDS, WILLIAM LARRY 081012869996000 0.500A $693.23 EFFLER, WILLIAM NEAL 075500505007000 0.910A $288.10 EFFLER, WILLIAM NEAL 075500515317000 27.000A $1,912.53 EICHOLTZ, KENNETH FAMILY TRUST 080100205923000 33.000A $1,206.39 ELAM, MATTHEW SHANE & EVELYN C 988000261913000 1.000A $291.41 ELKINS, MICHAEL E & JUDITH 070700217051000 2.270A $388.39 ELKINS, NORMA 986100902112000 5.200A $579.07 ELKINS, THELMA MASSEY 987200608347000 10.000A $503.65 ELLIOTT, KIMBERLY D 082300944308000 1.080A $436.16 ELLIOTT, WILLIAM D 076900195372000 4.990A $527.33 ELLIS, WILLIAM S & CAROL F 070900838357000 0.370A $1,380.72 EMORY, DAVID F & VIVIAN W 072900408668000 1.000A $221.60 ENGLAND, MARIA 979700044758000 20.360A $556.01 EQUITY TRUST COMPANY CUSTODIAN 074504704638000 0.950A $392.39 ERICKSON, DALE E 074700659310000 4.000A $292.26 ERICKSON, DALE E 074700753946000 5.490A $370.01 ERICKSON, KARL HEIRS 074700559417000 0.590A $37.21 ERVIN, ELIZABETH (HEIRS) 082001486375000 1.660A $163.04 EVANS, JANE T 989100711903000 7.610A $13.58 EVANS, MACK D & MIRANDA LYNN 083003219603000 1.320A $267.54 EVANS, MACK D & MIRANDA LYNN 083003311485000 4.970A $586.88 EVOY, RICHARD N 081002984460000 1.960A $806.68 FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOC 072704703875000 2.120A $758.16 FENDER, RUSSELL & JASON 987200179660000 108.200A $1,216.96 FENSTAD, GREGORY S & JEANNINE 987000471254000 1.870A $164.19 FENTON, CATHY 085200585813000 8.000A $473.04 FERRARA, ROBERT 080100748279000 4.370A $407.70 FITZDAM, WAYNE OTTO TRUSTEE 070900817028004 0.000A $1,694.85 FITZGERALD, CHAD & TERESA 081200220973000 7.160A $494.76 FITZGERALD, JOHN 072602898551000 2.280A $8.78 FORD, DAVID 076900153949000 2.260A $855.80 FOX, ANGELA & CARL D BALLEW 075700567017000 0.700A $359.84 FOX, CATHERINE L 979900997031000 6.380A $319.18 FOX, CORDELLA L & CAROL A WARREN 082102866374000 2.000A $92.01 FOX, FLOYD DOUGLAS JR 082200692887000 1.020A $190.69 FOX, FLOYD DOUGLAS JR 082200694713000 0.910A $57.04 FOX, FLOYD DOUGLAS JR 082200695960000 0.800A $203.81 FOX, FLOYD DOUGLAS JR 082300605116000 0.330 $146.48 FOX, JEFFERY A 986000794881000 21.840A $825.08 FOX, JEFFREY C ETAL 071800914239000 5.000A $210.33 FOX, JIMMY C 986100711296000 5.000A $483.21 FOX, KENNETH GARY & JUDY 080400719182000 26.000A $1,100.17 FOX, RONALD & RACHEL L/E 082102962057000 21.000A $420.40 FOX, TERRY C 082300114045000 11.640A $1,243.23 FOX, TODD 082014442517000 0.150A $362.47 FOX, WYLIE DEAN & JUDY ANN 081016939056000 0.500A $399.85 FOX, ZEB 074901198864000 7.250A $755.59 FOXX, JIMMY CARROLL & ELIZABETH 986100714495000 3.920A $211.68 FRANKLIN, ALMA 084000156430000 0.910A $231.34 FREDERICK, REX & AILEEN 075500078245000 0.000A $359.40 FREEMAN, JOHN THOMAS & KELLEY 988300812738000 3.000A $344.93 FRETWELL, BARBARA W 986202690139000 0.810A $144.17 FRYE, KERRI AMANDA 076900854995000 0.250A $114.01 GAMBLE, MACHELLE L/E 082001473888000 0.200A $101.75 GARCIA, JOSE MARTIN 082011652116000 0.230A $86.26 GARDNER, RODGER & ASHLEY 085000631807000 9.160A $1,075.82 GASPERIN, LOUIS J 082200589025000 3.000A $135.02 GEESLIN, JOHN L DR & WENDY F 986304508449000 0.850A $172.85 GEOUGE, JAMES & PAULINE L/E 075900817803001 36.000A $41.62 GEOUGE, JAMES & PAULINE L/E 075900817803002 0.990A $66.72 GEOUGE, JAMES R JR & DORIS ANN 075900758289000 0.500A $242.66 GILBERT, CHARLES M 082010364576000 0.250A $522.83 GILBERT, CHARLES M 082010365693000 0.330A $306.75 GILBERT, CHARLES M 084019618622000 1.000A $269.28 GILLEY, HENRY L 075900869758000 1.180A $578.71 GILLEY, JAMES R & VERONICA L 076900289005000 1.050A $41.94 GODFREY, GARY DEAN & VELDA J 074908995553000 2.170A $172.53 GODFREY, HARRY E 081004812684000 1.000A $216.81 GORDON, LEAH M 072704929880000 1.030A $420.03 GOUGE, EARL & FANNIE 987200708383000 1.000A $121.95 GOUGE, GREGORY WILLIAM & MELISSA 075900637763000 2.600A $88.91 GOUGE, JOHN (MRS) 085003106736000 0.710A $47.46 GOUGE, REX A 074600803283000 2.280A $721.66 GOUGE, REX A & SHIRLEY 074600800195000 1.060A $114.27 GREEN, J LEO 076800152752000 5.000A $569.09 GREEN, LEO & RUTH H 076800055515000 1.690A $95.52 GREGORY, JEAN H 986202584565000 1.010A $192.35 GREGORY, STEPHEN E JR & LAURA J 072602976192000 1.850A $87.14 GRIFFIN, KEITH MICHAEL & KATHY 084000835419000 0.300A $23.53 GRIFFITH, EARLEEN P 082200903956000 1.640A $345.43 GRIFFITH, KAY (HEIRS) 082001483348000 0.840A $635.63 GRIFFITH, MARVIN F 082018205497000 2.550A $435.70 GRIGGS, DARRELL & CATHERINE 082011652368000 0.250A $23.09 GRIGSBY, CARL J & MARY JANE 986204628752000 0.860A $374.00 GRIGSBY, CARL J & MARY JANE 986204628972000 0.890A $376.86 GRIGSBY, SUSAN M & JANICE L COLLINS 070900171773000 12.260A $553.65 GRILLO, ANTHONY 072602862155000 1.000A $64.38 GRINDSTAFF, DAVID R & TAMMY 075900971269000 0.500A $433.87 GRINDSTAFF, DENNIS 084200640328000 6.130A $767.13 GROOMS, BRENDA G 082010369814008 0.020A $824.93 GROTZ, MARIA K 080400585637000 1.970A $10.63 GUARRIELLO, ROBERT 070916922690000 1.210A $145.05 GUERRERO, ANTONIO MAGNA & 081003132142000 1.070A $126.28 HACKLER, JAMES & JENNY 083200788253000 1.630A $202.65 HALE, PATRICIA A 075802579290000 5.580A $499.02 HALL, CAROL ANITA ROBINSON 084100995782000 6.000A $356.28 HALL, LLOYD & JUANITA 083300202227000 4.800A $485.63 HALL, MARY DORA L/E 083200098730000 11.000A $464.70 HALL, STEPHEN R & HOLLY C SINK 075804623507000 0.820A $960.33 HAMBY, CHARLES 083001184636000 1.290A $102.38 HAMILTON, THELMA L/E 989000221242000 1.240A $575.49 HAMLETTE, SAMANTHA PHIPPS & 082010367608000 0.560A $561.17 HAMMONDS, JAMES S & LORI ANN 986100907886000 3.310A $734.23 HANEY, SHARON 074600723527000 0.160A $200.36 HANSTINE, CHARLOTTE 979900132373000 1.020A $358.97 HARE, ARNOLD LEE 084000798437000 0.970A $389.91 HARLAN, RODERICK R ADMINISTRATOR 072700256988000 12.000A $349.28 HARLAN, RODERICK R ADMINISTRATOR 072700452013000 2.590A $537.77


HARRIS, JOSEPH C & BRENDA L 076900035197000 0.810A $268.14 HARRIS, PHYLLIS M 989100909329000 2.370A $339.82 HARRISON, JEROME 075700233533001 0.000A $61.31 HASTINGS, DELIGHT 076703222885000 2.400A $133.24 HASTINGS, DELIGHT 076703333045000 13.600A $1,560.89 HEARN, MICHAEL & EVETTE 072602789785000 1.880A $698.78 HEDRICK, CHESTER & BARBARA 989000457591000 1.250A $233.99 HEDRICK, EDD ESTATE 989300969058000 44.000A $1,014.53 HEDRICK, MELVIN B & SALLY B 080300140258000 2.000A $65.04 HEDRICK, MELVIN B & SALLY B 080400004606000 0.270A $50.04 HEDRICK, MELVIN B & SALLY B 989300981374000 35.000A $704.36 HEDRICK, MELVIN B & SALLY B 989400906993000 2.000A $465.80 HEDRICK, MELVIN B & SALLY B 989400916034000 12.750A $391.89 HELMS, W FRANK & LIBBY Z 081003305316000 4.800A $433.93 HELMS, W FRANK & LIBBY Z 081003409660000 3.950A $1,302.02 HENSLEY, ADAM LEE 986100820290000 0.280A $404.96 HENSLEY, BILLY & KELLY 083300110084000 14.830A $798.96 HENSLEY, CAROLYN L & MICHAEL K 074700954685000 6.770A $403.01 HENSLEY, CONNO & JANIE BELL 987100883707000 6.000A $310.00 HENSLEY, DAVID & JANIE 986100727637000 4.500A $544.34 HENSLEY, DELORES TROXELL L/E 082019625365000 0.930A $230.77 HENSLEY, DONNY & JERRY 084300327687000 0.720A $619.81 HENSLEY, FRED ESTATE 072800463899000 6.000A $469.73 HENSLEY, GEORGE DANIEL 083100932956000 0.370A $289.72 HENSLEY, GEORGE DANIEL ETAL 081016833267000 0.600A $858.74 HENSLEY, HARMON W & LOUISE 082300763846000 4.310A $237.65 HENSLEY, HARMON W & LOUISE 082300770423000 2.200A $100.61 HENSLEY, JIMMIE C & HEATHER L 989300680321000 40.000A $1,076.44 HENSLEY, JOHN HEIRS 000000000000000 43.000A $830.71 HENSLEY, JOHN HEIRS 987100897274000 13.000A $608.93 HENSLEY, KENNETH DOUGLAS 075700039339000 4.750A $258.09 HENSLEY, KENNETH DOUGLAS & ARLEEN J 075700136591000 7.350A $1,073.18 HENSLEY, MAXINE 083300341229000 0.500A $416.92 HENSLEY, NINA J 987200703307000 10.000A $311.74 HENSLEY, PANSY HUNTER 989000932171000 1.730A $633.28 HENSLEY, WILLIAM & GRACE 082012879025000 13.910A $871.54 HENSON, MELVIN 082017223343000 1.040A $52.74 HENSON, WILMA 082014225509000 0.450A $311.02 HIGGINS, CRATE ESTATE 989000066644000 75.950A $739.37 HIGGINS, DONALD JR 978900188621000 1.500A $183.34 HIGGINS, GENE & LILA J 083003109682000 0.150A $411.29 HIGGINS, JOAN Y 082010369646000 0.400A $898.13 HIGGINS, JOSEPH L & HEIDI 082015632190000 0.590A $475.75 HIGGINS, JOSEPH L & HEIDI 082015634228000 0.270A $781.77 HIGGINS, LEIGHANN 083200843446000 2.000A $92.01 HIGGINS, MARLY VIRGINIA 081200537292000 8.000A $359.79 HIGGINS, RAYMOND SR & TRACY C 988000686468000 2.310A $275.10 HILL, KASSIE LEA 987100445131000 1.210A $102.84 HILLS, CAROL STARNES 080300246394000 1.500A $478.19 HIMELBERGER, ROSEMARY TRUSTEE 986202551708000 1.000A $149.34 HIPPS, KENNETH W & CHARLOTTE Q 989100643533000 0.090A $53.84 HOFFMAN, GEORGE W & JANE M 986304704513000 0.870A $187.77 HOILMAN, MCARTHUR 084100637651000 0.930A $38.71 HOILMAN, MCARTHUR & KATHERINE 084100635517000 2.000A $146.12 HOILMAN, RYAN S & MELISSA R 083001093196000 1.470A $972.70 HOILMAN, WANDA LEE 086000014738000 0.450A $163.85 HOLCOMBE, KEVIN L & DELILAH A 075900985380000 0.450A $280.37 HOLLAND, JAMES E & BRENDA 082013243987000 0.050A $518.45 HOLLIFIELD, JUDY MOSS 076900776855000 0.450A $370.12 HOLLIFIELD, JUDY MOSS 987100721797000 0.750A $220.20 HOLLIFIELD, LAURA GAIL HUGHES 083100839875000 0.932A $348.11 HOLLIFIELD, VIVIAN HELEN 081002573440000 0.580A $209.00 HOLMES, IRENE 978900097812000 1.000A $318.67 HONEYCUTT, EARL & ALESIA W 080300991809000 0.610A $180.75 HONEYCUTT, EARL & ALESIA W 080400443731000 24.360A $54.17 HONEYCUTT, JAMIE G 073900671881000 5.970A $359.20 HONEYCUTT, RICHARD C & JILL R 085000686660000 1.660A $65.55 HOOD, THOMAS M & ANNE M SHERIDAN 986202894540000 1.000A $7.32 HOOVER, RANDY & TAMMY H GARDNE 075900782972000 0.600A $126.57 HOWARD, ERIC & NYCOLE 081012878428000 0.720A $657.84 HOWELL, JOE & BETTY 085200414249000 10.000A $156.11 HOWELL, JOE LEWIS & BETTY JO 084020807421000 1.040A $145.31 HOWELL, JOHN W 083200397849000 11.380A $440.78 HOWELL, JOHN W 083200698643000 34.000A $1,014.84 HOWELL, JOHN W 083200711016000 60.000A $102.32 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300214867000 17.110A $410.95 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300248549000 24.340A $1,036.98 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300302353000 17.100A $2,052.14 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300313681000 6.400A $694.72 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300327651000 75.500A $436.95 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300332862000 7.450A $273.34 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300403730000 81.000A $229.03 HOWELL, JOHN W 083300510954000 112.000A $199.23 HOWELL, JOHN W III 083300523882000 31.650A $206.67 HOYLE, JOSHUA D & PAMELA H 979800617426000 0.320A $226.10 HUDGINS, MICHAEL & LINDA 979700761800000 2.500A $521.66 HUDGINS, MILAS & DONNA 979700667773000 2.500A $65.67 HUGHES, AL & GLENDA 979800452113000 72.800A $1,832.77 HUGHES, CHLOE 082011750061000 0.470A $155.33 HUGHES, DORA FAYE 075900796418000 0.830A $477.02 HUGHES, FARRELL & ANNA LOU 080001163218000 1.220A $101.27 HUGHES, GARY WAYNE 084100844235000 16.720A $316.03 HUGHES, HELEN 085100097814000 0.500A $107.50 HUGHES, NATHAN 074900526308000 1.370A $332.92 HUGHES, NATHAN 075802953034000 5.160A $302.27 HUGHES, REGINA 083004626520000 0.870A $221.38 HUGHES, ROBERT & REBECCA 075803223968000 2.070A $642.84 HUGHES, STEVE TRUSTEE 075900796615000 0.500A $35.19 HUGHES, SUSAN Y L/E 071700672156000 12.100A $393.05 HULLETT, RONALD L & KATHY B 081012852570000 0.440A $90.87 HULLETT, RONALD L & KATHY B 081016845067000 0.220A $14.26 HULLETT, RONALD L & KATHY B 979900299687000 57.010A $18.04 HULLETT, RONALD L & KATHY B 979900593162000 3.470A $152.36 HULLETT, RONALD LEE 989000308877000 8.660A $723.53 HUNTER, JEFFREY DEAN & LISA 074900488095000 1.450A $158.38 HUNTER, LARRY D 080003127834000 15.630A $733.68 HUNTER, LARRY D 080003132668000 2.280A $854.47 HUSKINS, ARCHIE 076800327340000 1.300A $80.82 HUSKINS, ARTHUR L/E 075803349300000 1.000A $103.07 HUSKINS, BILLY LEE 075804534122000 1.000A $8.10 HUSKINS, BILLY LEE & LINDA 075804535124000 0.200A $16.61 HUSKINS, BILLY LEE & LINDA 075804535185000 0.150A $19.56 HUSKINS, BILLY LEE & LINDA 075804535396000 0.660A $64.32 HUSKINS, DANNY & LESA 076700551632000 0.250A $38.99 HUSKINS, FRED R 075804524799000 0.500A $559.09 HUSKINS, JEWELL 083002697987000 0.540A $323.79 HUSKINS, MARSHA 076700568045000 4.570A $413.59 HYLEMON, ROGER & RICKY 989200301245000 25.000A $661.97 I-26 LOG YARD LLC 080200897703000 40.890A $602.31 IERARDI, MARIO ENRICO TRUSTEE 074402977575000 0.630A $1,241.32 IERARDI, MARIO ENRICO TRUSTEE 074504810448000 1.000A $1,498.05 ISOM, PATRICIA (SUE) B 081200902888000 22.740A $99.45 JACKSON, DONNIE RAY & CYNTHIA 988300831261000 9.000A $393.02 JACOB, MARK THOMAS 978900727195000 0.580A $215.14 JEROME, MIKE 075500308814000 5.000A $352.33

14 APRIL 24, 2014 • YANCEY COUNTY NEWS JEROSKI, DAVID L & ALLISON F T 073703027040000 1.430A $517.13 JLZ HOLDINGS INC 070600897684000 21.870A $3,516.98 JOBIN, DONALD E & TONI M 070900582119000 0.070A $12.18 JOBIN, DONALD E & TONI M 070900584098000 1.530A $102.84 JOHN VAN ZANDT ESTATE 081012954257000 0.230A $301.82 JOHN VAN ZANDT ESTATE 081012955215000 0.250A $23.73 JOHNSON, BONNIE JEANNE 988400913664000 44.330A $911.94 JOHNSON, EDDIE L & SAMANTHA B 979900027595000 1.580A $367.03 JOHNSON, JAMES E 080300285512000 2.350A $73.67 JOHNSON, JAMES H & JANICE I TR 072704534806000 1.000A $1,051.80 JOHNSON, JOHN CHRIS & SHELLEY 084000020649000 1.820A $1,348.80 JOHNSON, JOHNNY MARTIN & BRENDA 075700018937000 5.570A $325.84 JONES, ANTHONY L & PAMELA J 073900483427000 3.740A $282.72 JONES, ANTHONY L & PAMELA J 073900580856000 0.100A $14.18 JONES, ANTHONY SCOTT & AMY DOZIER 084020715291000 1.230A $387.73 JONES, DARYL VERLIN & VERLIN 084000168633000 15.630A $295.25 JONES, ELIZABETH A 085100093023000 1.100A $520.79 KAMAL, HASSAN A & CARLA A 070811772111202 0.000A $5,635.50 KARDULIS, ANTHONY & MELODY 083004515229000 1.380A $531.72 KELLMAN, KECIA & JAMES 084020717640000 1.500A $468.95 KERR, JOHN & JESSICA 1/2; AND, 072602967652000 1.000A $64.38 KERR, JOHN & JESSICA; AND, 072602966834000 2.010A $170.05 KING, CHARLES HOMER 987100730633000 7.080A $304.92 KING, CHARLES HOMER 987100733156000 0.870A $170.37 KING, CHARLES HOMER 987100734778000 10.870A $547.57 KLEISS, STEPHON LAMAR 076703345667000 0.640A $562.49 KLEISS, SUZANNAH 076701258493000 1.080A $94.63 KNOX, M DAWN & OTHERS 986204528236000 0.490A $392.45 KONDAUR CAPTIAL CORPORATION 081200442328000 39.140A $1,064.13 KRITZER, CRAIG & CYDNEY ARONSE 979900486451000 25.880A $638.20 LAMOTTE, JEREMY J 080004622496000 0.960A $141.10 LAMOTTE, JEREMY J 084200082942000 50.000A $1,636.11 LAMOTTE, JEREMY JAMES 080004625447000 1.280A $186.16 LANDRESS, BARBARA FAYE JONES 074908895830000 0.500A $282.59 LANDSTAR DEVELOPMENT LLC 076700619818000 0.200A $64.89 LARSEN, HOLLACE F 082010365953000 0.470A $435.71 LARSEN, HOLLACE F 082014334441000 2.820A $1,171.30 LAWRENCE, CARROLL G & LINDA F 075801257515000 1.250A $383.40 LAWS, JACK C 082012866315000 0.500A $946.97 LAWSON, HERBERT M DDS & ELIZABETH 075900548552000 20.220A $305.48 LEDFORD, MOSES 987300916719000 0.500A $20.33 LEDFORD, TERRY & SHELBY 989300677297000 0.420A $157.56 LEDFORD, TERRY & SHELBY 989300770115000 8.000A $419.13 LEDFORD, TERRY B & WAYLON TIC 989300780889000 8.500A $176.87 LEDFORD, WAYLON & AMANDA 989300677297001 0.500A $253.69 LEVEILLE, DON 075401085216000 0.650A $235.71 LEWIS, ARVIL JR 989300079538001 0.000 $77.09 LEWIS, ARVIL JR & LINDA S 989300079538000 8.000A $529.68 LEWIS, BETTY & WILLIAM CARMEL 989300770713000 8.000A $178.02 LINEBERGER, KATHY & LEON 072700568053000 3.000A $278.63 LISENBY, ROGER & SANDRA 086000093049000 1.000A $105.72 LUKER, DANNY LEE & RETIE ETAL 979900615838000 1.230A $156.30 LYNN, JAMES I 986202556189000 1.000A $149.34 LYONS, JEFFREY MARC & JANET L 986202751581000 0.840A $144.76 MACDANIEL, ERNEST H & MYRA B 075900848266000 1.110A $129.76 MARKS, ANNA M 986201369071009 0.000A $9.91 MARKS, PAMELA BOWERS & TRULEE N JON 075803223776000 0.250A $28.38 MARSHALL, ROBERT A JR & NANCY 075600536615000 98.000A $202.14 MARSHALL, ROBERT A JR & NANCY 075600667107000 33.100A $549.43 MATHIS, DEBORAH 988100931189000 50.000A $1,846.79 MATHIS, DEBORAH 989100226507000 8.420A $586.69 MATHIS, ROBERT E & TREVA S 987000371378000 16.970A $1,780.93 MATHIS, ROBERT E & TREVA S 987000379144000 0.420A $90.45 MATHIS, ROBERT E & TREVA S 987000464823000 3.410A $373.04 MATHIS, ROBERT E & TREVA S ETAL 987000494736000 82.440A $147.86 MAYFIELD, WILLIAM A 986202853720000 0.650A $139.59 MAYFIELD, WILLIAM A 986204847997000 2.050A $270.32 MCCARTHY, JOAN & AGNES A EMZER 986202859679000 1.000A $117.80 MCCARTHY, JOAN D & JAMES EDWIN 986202572413000 1.000A $149.34 MCCARTY, ERNEST D & DEBORAH D 075900931731000 6.210A $596.17 MCCARTY, ERNEST D & DEBORAH D 082015545697000 0.460A $174.69 MCCARTY, ERNEST D 1/3; NANCY JO RYA 072800256571000 21.760A $491.68 MCCAWLEY, ROBERT M 080400002510000 0.400A $49.01 MCCAWLEY, ROBERT M 080400002656000 0.400A $56.45 MCCOURRY, BRANDON & LORI 084000161781000 1.400A $87.74 MCCOURRY, BRANDON & LORI 084000164945000 1.380A $84.82 MCCOURRY, BRANDON & LORI 084000172221000 1.410A $84.82 MCCOURRY, BRANDON & LORI 084000174134000 1.680A $104.09 MCCOURRY, JEFFREY LEE 979900627067000 10.220A $389.37 MCCOURRY, TROY WADE 081016945554000 0.860A $391.00 MCCOURRY, TROY WADE 081016947546000 0.790A $135.78 MCCOURRY, TROY WADE 082011656810000 0.430A $144.66 MCCOY, SALLY J 071802862406000 0.510A $742.18 MCCRACKEN, HENRY (MRS) 084000274322000 4.000A $92.40 MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS 082011667619000 5.000A $350.45 MCCURRY, FRANCIS Y L/E 085003301559000 1.530A $1,169.34 MCCURRY, KENNETH D JR & LEE EARL 988000548772000 0.730A $833.83 MCCURRY, WILLIAM RAYMOND 076900189370000 0.800A $75.46 MCGALLIARD, MELANIE 988000154899000 0.850A $317.86 MCINTOSH, ANDREW TOBY 987000330355000 4.500A $20.48 MCINTOSH, CORA ELIZABETH 082019513542000 3.750A $919.12 MCINTOSH, DWIGHT D & YVONNE 989001056604000 0.170A $34.72 MCINTOSH, DWIGHT D & YVONNE 989001066062000 0.960A $298.75 MCINTOSH, GRADY & JUANITA L/E 081003140428000 1.550A $565.44 MCINTOSH, JIMMY & JOYCE 989100428989000 22.480A $376.88 MCINTOSH, JORDAN R 081004527403000 1.000A $194.52 MCINTOSH, RUSSELL CARL & HEATH 987200842658000 35.000A $873.91 MCINTOSH, VENITA 081003140391000 1.830A $186.40 MCINTOSH, VENITA 081003141052000 3.390A $167.22 MCINTOSH, VENITA 081003142603000 1.310A $273.97 MCKINNEY, ALAN & KAREN 082200697570000 3.040A $136.73 MCKINNEY, ALLAN DARRELL & KARE 084300557079000 12.750A $403.57 MCMAHAN, JAMES MARKUS 074902588116000 1.000A $391.91 MCMAHAN, JAMIE L 072800477803000 12.570A $440.72 MCMAHAN, W M HEIRS 076701157630000 14.320A $630.96 MCMAHAN, W M HEIRS 076703141863000 1.070A $87.88 MCMAHAN, W M HEIRS 076703144516000 1.780A $260.45 MCMILLON, ROBERT LYNN 075700038727000 0.470A $430.37 MCMULLIN, JILLIAN 979900432095000 0.950A $217.66 MCPETERS, CLIFFORD & ETHEL E 979800099252000 3.000A $132.66 MCPETERS, CLIFFORD & ETHEL E 979800190528000 2.980A $420.33 MCPETERS, JOHN R 080001072069000 1.320A $255.96 MCPETERS, ROSA W 978900735433000 39.040A $1,040.42 MCROBIE, DEBRA A 084000849908000 0.500A $227.86 METCALF, CLIFFORD 988000028328000 8.260A $323.49 METCALF, CLIFFORD & DEBORAH 978900409561000 4.750A $136.61 METCALF, CLIFFORD & DEBORAH 978900517151000 10.730A $1,174.53 METCALF, CLIFFORD & DEBORAH 989004647646000 1.450A $350.37 METCALF, COY 978900611380000 9.640A $397.15 METCALF, DARRELL S 986100514320000 33.250A $1,261.95 METCALF, DARRELL S 986100517782000 7.500A $370.78 METCALF, DARRELL S 986100616543000 30.000A $1,125.14 METCALF, PATRICIA LYNNE 082011666013000 0.860A $441.98 MIELKE, DAVID C & CATHERINE A 986202656338000 0.640A $98.89 MILLER, ARCHIE & CAROLYN 080200077728000 5.000A $235.35 MILLER, CHRISTOPHER LARRY 083200278172000 4.260A $351.75

MILLER, HAZEL & HOLLY M GOUGE 080002570894000 0.690A $505.35 MILLER, JAMES DALE & BETTY LOU 075804512923000 0.670A $181.52 MILLER, JAMES DALE & BETTY LOU 075804513900000 0.810A $404.30 MILLER, JAMES DALE & BETTY LOU 075804514800000 0.220A $31.33 MILLER, JAMES DALE & OTHERS 075803429290000 0.150A $9.55 MILLER, JOEY ALLEN 081400348975000 6.200A $203.31 MILLER, JULIA 082300888341000 3.910A $707.12 MILLER, MADELENE M & JOEY ALLEN 081400345075000 12.500A $11.05 MILLIGAN, ALPHONSO S & ANGEL 080001388893000 0.910A $136.73 MITCHELL, EDWARD JR 083004842684000 2.000A $323.82 MOCHWART, ALLAN VAIL & CARLA D 074504814014000 0.480A $1,412.45 MORGAN, JOHN 083001188747000 2.910A $369.94 MORRIS, RICHARD C 986202694198000 1.110A $237.65 MOSS, PEGGY & OVET RAMIREZ 082300216408000 2.000A $285.69 MOSS, ROY STEPHEN 072900278576000 3.340A $99.24 MOUNT CELO CO 074800525805000 2.350A $161.50 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070800979914000 0.880A $56.20 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070807589920000 1.500A $2,539.29 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070808986864000 1.470A $87.06 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070811670233000 1.260A $2,133.95 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070812873342000 0.730A $46.53 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070812960888000 1.240A $74.67 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070900578585000 3.940A $1,225.81 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070900587108000 1.100A $516.94 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070900588160000 2.340A $415.83 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070900672825000 6.840A $535.73 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070900817028001 0.000A $1,525.98 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070915533005000 0.400A $27.96 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070916837503000 1.380A $82.01 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070919501057000 3.031A $173.19 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070919604351000 14.330A $589.62 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 070919617955000 0.730A $45.75 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 071800099197000 3.700A $217.91 MOUNTAIN AIR DEVELOPMENT CORP 080004907917000 0.840A $41.48 MOUNTAIN LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT 070920915952000 1.360A $178.26 MUELLER, JOHN E & CYNTHIA A 986204843719000 0.550A $136.73 MULHEARN, KEVIN WILLIAM TRUSTEE 070812863421000 1.000A $2,032.62 MURPHY, GERALD 081400257111001 3.000A $120.58 MURPHY, JEFF A & SHELIA GRACE 085000688475000 1.640A $503.97 MURPHY, LARRY L TRUSTEE 986202863130000 1.000A $92.01 MURPHY, LONAS 086000609125000 1.000A $52.72 MURPHY, TOMMY & LINDA L/E 074700960557000 0.300A $31.33 NESS, ALAN DEAN 082011574321000 0.370A $424.01 NORTON, JONATHAN & APREL M 988300105035000 1.560A $50.72 NORTON, THOMAS S 989000715506000 2.360A $375.30 O’SHEILDS, LINDA D ROBINSON 083001365882000 0.750A $97.09 OGLE, HATTIE ESTATE 072800445102000 10.000A $181.86 OLLIS, EARL & BETTY 979800193080000 0.690A $180.83 ORLASKA, KENNETH W ETAL 085100435957000 14.000A $424.01 PALUCH, GRACE M 070900611818000 0.500A $1,272.63 PARKER, HOWARD & LILLIAN 075804932375000 2.200A $1,097.49 PARKER, HOWARD L/E 075804943683000 5.030A $294.63 PARKER, OSSIE WELDON & SANDRA 082001485309000 1.140A $185.27 PARKER, QUINN D & DIANE E 986202756801000 1.000A $149.34 PARKER, ROBERT L 076900766182000 1.370A $306.08 PARKER, SAMMY & RUTH 075900875753000 0.400A $313.13 PARROTT, MARTY L/E 978900825689000 0.450A $161.93 PATE, RICHARD & KAREN 082200340245000 1.100A $87.99 PATE, RONALD F & BARBARA D 076900558985000 1.470A $87.18 PATE, RONALD F & BARBARA D 988300903981000 14.050A $117.41 PEARSON, JIM & JULIE 076800078752000 1.660A $10.39 PENDLEY, SHANNAN K ROBERTSON 084000271794000 2.000A $328.26 PENLAND, DAVID W & MELENA W 083100703239000 1.280A $751.56 PENLAND, KATHY D 978900847171000 4.000A $128.52 PENLAND, ROY (MABLE) ESTATE 978900436379000 1.400A $120.83 PENLAND, TIMOTHY K 978900516889000 1.140A $224.42 PENLAND, TIMOTHY K & DAWN M 989100464934000 2.000A $365.15 PERRY, JOHN M & RENEE 988300269228000 1.000A $49.01 PETERSON, FRED & BRENDA 074500795590000 0.220A $25.44 PETERSON, FRED & BRENDA 084000038182000 2.350A $912.75 PETERSON, FRED & BRENDA 084000120961000 0.620A $42.19 PETERSON, KIMBERLY 083004936144000 2.190A $274.54 PETERSON, MICHAEL SCOTT 082400487461000 7.000A $562.93 PETERSON, RHONDA L/E 070900583250000 3.490A $286.91 PETERSON, STACEY & SUSIE 082300908584000 1.500A $639.31 PETTY, EARNEST DARRELL 084000031416000 2.500A $88.91 PETTY, EARNEST DARRELL 084000036368000 0.350A $26.44 PHILLIPS, EDWARD JAMES 989300475708000 14.000A $344.76 PHILLIPS, JUPPER 988300127068000 4.750A $1,223.32 PHILLIPS, JUPPER 988300315407000 15.030A $127.45 PHILLIPS, SAMUEL KEITH TRUSTEE 072900681340000 0.780A $349.52 PILKINGTON, ARNOLD D & SHELBY 070800973502000 0.100A $4,854.63 PITMAN, GAYLON L 081200515726000 0.990A $215.80 POE, LEONARD 084300565867000 35.410A $774.29 POE, LEONARD 084300566013000 8.270A $330.61 POOLE, SCOTT W 071800096143000 0.640A $5,236.84 POPE, LINDA 989100557469000 3.150A $665.21 PORTEOUS, WILLIAM VERNON 999999999999001 2.500A $529.08 PORTER, JAMES M & CAROL J 072602875241000 1.000A $64.38 POSEY, ELBERT H & CHRISTIE SCHREIBE 084200529903000 40.310A $1,153.80 PRESNELL, CAROL A & OTHERS 072900703535000 1.250A $209.77 PRESNELL, GLENN RAY 085200103399000 48.000A $609.07 PRESNELL, JUANITA 075900686098000 2.500A $88.91 PRESNELL, JUANITA 075900950031000 3.000A $181.14 PRESNELL, JUANITA 076900182522000 1.340A $84.82 PRESNELL, MITZI ANITA 075900689352000 1.500A $272.23 PRIME VENTURES INC 070916920726000 0.340A $1,613.79 PRITCHARD, JOHN E JR & SHIELA 987300722005000 7.910A $189.48 PRITCHARD, SHIRLEEN SABRA 075700048005000 1.500A $90.82 PRITCHARD, STEPHANIE 075901193838000 2.990A $229.66 PURSER, KATHY S & WAYNE W HAYS 083200717893000 48.790A $903.31 RABURN, ANTHONY 080300288863000 8.450A $248.52 RAMSEY, ZACHARIAH ISAAC 978900727197000 3.840A $78.06 RAMSEY, ZACHARIAH ISAAC 978900729393000 1.000A $48.21 RANDOLPH, WILLIAM D & PATSY B 989100301412000 70.990A $613.97 RATCHFORD, LAWRENCE & ELIZABETH 986202551456000 1.000A $149.34 RATCHFORD, LAWRENCE A ETAL 986201387024000 1.010A $1,318.00 RATHBONE, BRIAN J & GINGER M 074500892356000 0.170A $142.64 RATHBONE, BRIAN J & GINGER M TBE 074500891308000 2.050A $1,027.24 RATHBONE, JACK & ANGELINE 074500891603000 1.230A $183.63 RATHBONE, JACK & ANGELINE 074500892707000 1.270A $331.14 RATHBURN, WAYNE EDGAR 071802598735000 1.100A $390.13 RATLIFF, SARA DEYTON 081200858826000 9.460A $108.11 RATLIFF, SARA DEYTON 081200952328000 8.020A $396.85 RAY, BILL B & DAVIA D L/E 075803441807000 1.500A $337.63 RAY, DANNY D & FRANCES 989000568492000 2.000A $646.95 RAY, ERNEST 082012766033000 0.290A $171.75 RAY, JIMMY 074800594956000 3.320A $395.33 RAY, REX, JR & ELOISE 071800499640000 4.280A $524.79 RAY, RICHARD M 074800932418000 1.500A $335.27 RAY, WILLIAM CURTIS 074902774734000 1.360A $269.28 RAY, WILLIAM CURTIS & DEITRA M 075803310282000 0.450A $80.82 REAM, CHARLES LEE ETAL JTRS 076701353708000 2.220A $445.34 RED WOLF RUN LLC 978800556934000 2.460A $110.15 RED WOLF RUN LLC 978800563354000 0.730A $36.95 RED WOLF RUN LLC 978800565122000 1.000A $48.21

Yancey County News April 24 edition  

The only locally owned newspaper serving Yancey County. Recipient of the Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism.