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Bob Morgan 1st Place 2007 TBM photo contest winner featuring son, Brad, while bear hunting Spring 2006

The Voice Journal of the Traditional Bowhunters of Montana Fall 2007

President’s Message Greetings All,

By the time you read this fall will have nearly arrived, and with a bit of luck we’ll get to enjoy it without too much smoke in the air. Congratulations to those of you fortunate enough to pull a Big 3 permit and make sure to savor the experience for the rest of us who are still counting up our unused bonus points.

As most of you who attended the 2007 TBM banquet in Butte already know, I was recently elected as the President of The Traditional Bowhunters of Montana. I thought I was well hidden in the back of the room and safely picking my nose when someone mistook the movement for a self nomination and before I could even think of reconciling the error, a vote was called for and yours truly was elected. What were you thinking? All joking aside I am excited for the opportunity and enthusiastic for the task of leading the cream of Montana’s bowhunting crop into our next chapter. First and foremost, I would like to recognize and thank our outgoing officers. They took the jobs nobody wanted for the last four years, started our annual fundraising banquets, and have helped fill our financial coffers to new highs. I think it is safe to say that the annual banquet is here to stay and we are indebted to Mark Baker and Lenny Brown for taking a simple notion and making it reality - Thanks Boys!! I also wish to Thank the following individuals & businesses: • Our Donors (Past and Present) - Many of these folks give on a yearly basis without asking for anything in return. I know that some of our supporters have not been given due recognition in the past and though I do not have a comprehensive list of all contributions over the last four years, all should realize that without their donations our banquets simply could not happen. Their generous support gives us the ability to raise the funds to promote and preserve the mission of the TBM. A list of most recent donors is listed elsewhere in the newsletter, so please make an effort to support all past and present donors whenever possible • Larry & Belinda Fischer for entertaining us and sharing their adventures at the banquet, as well as keeping the dead air time to a minimum while the technical glitches were worked out • Yana Robertson and Myles Shea for saving the Fischer’s slide show • The Copper King Staff for the great feed and hospitality • Steve Lundberg for recently stepping up to assist as the Membership Director • Yana Robertson for agreeing to serve as newsletter editor

There have been some questions raised as to when a yearly membership expires and if we send out renewal notices. The abbreviated answer is as follows; we have not historically sent out separate renewal notices and our membership year has been based on the calendar year, albeit somewhat loosely at times. As per our bylaws, all memberships run from Jan 1st to Dec31st with renewal payments being due by Jan 31st and removal from the TBM roster on March 31st if payment is not received. This simplifies the record keeping for our Membership Director and should alleviate any questions as to when one needs to renew. I do realize that it has been quite awhile since many of you have seen a fresh newsletter and this may well be why several of you have allowed your memberships to lapse. Bearing this in mind I remind you that renewal/new memberships received after Sept 1st are carried through the following year. This should eliminate any hard feelings among members who joined late in the year or were unaware of what the TBM renewal policy is at this time. When you receive your banquet issue/registration each year there will be a calendar year printed upon the label and your membership expires on Dec 31st of the year listed. If your address label is highlighted in yellow, your membership is presently expired and this will be your last newsletter until renewal. Therefore, all of you expired members who have been hesitant to return to the TBM have a golden opportunity to do so right now and get four bonus months out of the deal, so what could you possibly be waiting for? I hope that this clarification helps and I’d like to welcome our most recent batch of new/renewing members including Rusty Izatt, Verne Lindquist, Brant Oswald, Paul Hopkins, Stan Rauch, Scott Reed, Rosey & Lisa Roseland, Steve Sukut, Phil Tuccillo, Bob Windauer, and our newest Life Member Dwayne Garner. The Traditional Bowhunters of Montana recently held their annual Summer Rendevous at Moose Creek Meadows in the Gallatin canyon. We had about 50 shooters turn out to send a bunch of

shafts at everything from 3-D’s and bow birds, to our recently resurrected running deer. One of the many highlights of the weekend was VP Joseph Myers smoked pork feed on Saturday evening which was unexpectedly supplemented by rolls and watermelon provided by the Lucas family. Many thanks are due to the providers of a fantastic meal who donated not only their preparation time but actually donated the meal itself. The membership meeting was held just prior to dinner and the following decisions were discussed/voted upon by the quorum in attendance: • The position of Treasurer/Membership Director will be split into two separate positions, with Treasurer being voted upon by the membership and Membership Director to be appointed by the President-Passed unanimously • Steve Lundberg was appointed to the position of Membership Director by the President • The previously elected Treasurer Todd Alisch was retained • The TBM will hire and pay a webmaster to develop, maintain, and update the TBM wesite as needed on an ongoing basis-Passed unanimously • The TBM will explore the available options and file for an appropriate non-profit status that allows for limited/minimal yearly tax liabilities but does not preclude us from taking an official political stance upon pending legislation or introducing independent legislation for the benefit of traditional bowhunting opportunity in Montana • The bylaws will be updated to reflect the changes noted above and will be published in the next newsletter • The TBM is considering and will likely put in a bid to host the 2010 North American Longbow Safari • The TBM will begin clearing the trailer of older/well worn targets through silent auction at our gatherings, with initial auction to be held this weekend

A shoot of this caliber does not take place without the dedication of several volunteers to place & retrieve targets, tow, load and unload the trailer, set up the running deer, haul the garbage, assemble the booth and all the other tasks that seem to come up. I especially want to Thank Rusty & Riley Izatt, Grant Bonnice, and Walt Francis who were solely responsible for helping me set up the entire course, running deer, and booth in the blistering heat on Friday. I also wish to thank in no particular order (with apologies for any ommisions) the rest of the crew who helped tear down the course and clean up on Sunday. These folks are as follows: Dick & Yote Robertson, Lenny Brown, Mark Baker, Steve Lundberg, Jake & Sammy Fischer, Bob & Brad Morgan, Richard Siberell, Walt Francis, Will Marchant, Kevin & Hunter Gilbert, Rich Spaid, and last but certainly not least the entire Lucas family including Fatima, Kilean, Eryn, and Quentin. A most sincere THANK YOU to all of you. The shoot yielded 14 new/renewal members including Bruce Rich, Lynn Todd & Family, Brad Morgan & Family, Richard Siberell, Will Marchant, Kevin Gilbert, Stump Maley, George Bryce, Steve Anderson & Family, and our newest Life members, the entire Lucas Family including Scott, Fatima, Kilean, Eryn, and Quentin. Welcome and thanks to all for making the commitment. The silent auction yielded $270 and moved about a dozen targets to their new homes. All monies collected at the shoot grossed $2040 (before expenses) and will likely net around $1500 which amounts to a nice little midsummer boost to funds. Our current membership stands at 108 as of July 17, 2007. Our next banquet will be held in Lewistown at the Yogo Inn on Feb 9th so mark your calendar now. In closing, I needn’t remind you that our time is at hand. Savor the season when you head to the hills, prairie, or river bottoms and preserve the tradition with your wooden bows, feathered shafts and stealthy steps along the trail less traveled. Cheers,

Billy Lewis 730 N. Yellowstone Livingston, MT 59047 406-220-1837

Vice President/Secretary’s Message

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well and shooting well. This has been a very busy year so far for me, between moving to Billings and the new job I didn’t even get a chance to go out after Spring bears or turkeys. Even getting out to shoot my bow has become a challenge! The banquet was a success and a good time and I would like to thank everyone that helped, contributed, and attended and also urge those that haven’t made it to one to try and fit it in to your schedule next year. It should be a good fall with all of the rain we had. I have found myself in the position of looking for new hunting areas for the first time in six years so it should be interesting to say the least and with Antelope season starting in just a little over a month, fast approaching! Hope everyone has a safe and fun fall. Take Care, Joseph Myers 2224 Hwy 87 E. #219 Billings, MT 59101 406-371-5443

Treasurer’s Message

Greetings fellow bow hunters. My name is Todd Alisch. I was elected Secretary/Treasurer for the TBM last February at the Butte convention this year. I will give you a little info about my past in bowhunting and in general. I grew up in Culbertson, MT until the age of 13 when my family moved to Chester. I started bowhunting with my father when I was 16 years old. I had never been introduced to it and knew nothing about it. I was very excited and ambitious to learn all I could. I have been engulfed in it ever since. As most of you know I had the great opportunity to build bows for Robertson Stykbow for a little over a year. It was a great and fun learning experience for me that I will always remember. Before building bows I have been a carpenter since 1999. It is a field I really enjoy and will probably always do for the rest of my life. My hope for the TBM is to help the organization grow in numbers and also in political aspects, as far as the FWP is concerned. I would like to see in the future some traditional only tags and/or seasons. I think it is a possible and feasible idea, but will take a lot of work to get done. I appreciate the opportunity to serve the TBM and look forward to meeting the members and future members. Thanks again and happy shooting. Best Regards, Todd Alisch 2520 38th Street S.E. Havre, MT 59501 406-945-2877

Membership Director Steve Lundberg 88 Big Chief Trail Bozeman, MT 59718 406-582-1730

2007 TBM Banquet Donors Thanks for your support!

Steve Bostic Ridgeline Taxidermy

4234 Dogwood Lake Ct. Wentzville 4465 Skalkaho Rd Philipsburg

John Shephard Walt Francis Montana Decoy Doug Campbell Schafer Silvertip Whispering Wind Arrows Marilyn Burton

P.O. Box 221 34 Primrose Lane P.O. Box 2377 46 West Boulder Rd 357 Roberts Rd 77 Pointe Way 77 Pointe Way

Nick Siebrasse Robertson Stykbow Joseph Myers Classic Bowhunting Co. John Williams Marian Stratton

4996 Bullhook Rd 989 Stykbow Lane

Tribal Archery Tribal Archery Grant Bonnice Screaming Eagle Tree Stands Highland Archery

421 W. 5th Ave. North P.O. Box 1995 P.O. Box 1517 P.O. Box 96 P.O. Box 167

Helle Knives

1091 Blue Slide Rd

94 Caledonia P.O. Box 477 2120 3rd St. South

MD 63385 print MT 59858 european mount with plaque Boulder MT 59632 handmade table lamp Gallatin Gateway MT 59730 takedown selfbow Colstrip MT 59323 4 turkey set McLeod MT 59052 damascus knife Columbia Falls MT 59912 custom bow Hamilton MT 59840 one dozen arrows Hamilton MT 59840 handmade quilted placemat settings Havre MT 59501 elk decal Forest Grove MT 59441 custom bow two dozen arrows Livingston MT 59047 sheepeater spirit bow Colstrip MT 59323 one dozen arrows Great Falls MT 59405 handmade 2-pie basket set Columbus MT 59015 selfbow Colstrip MT 59323 selfbow East Helena MT 59635 one dozen arrows Ovando MT 59854 eaglet treestand Whitehall MT 59759 one dozen arrows & a safety harness Thompson Falls MT 59873 knife

5th Annual TBM Banquet and Meeting Yogo Inn - Lewistown - MT- Feb. 9th, 2008

• Fine dining • Visiting with friends and fellow traditional bowhunters • Annual Raffle • Silent Auctions • Elections for Vice President/Secretary • Reasonable room rates • Room for vendors is available We are soliciting for donations, for our raffle prizes and silent auctions, for our annual fundraising banquet. If you would like to donate an item, or can collect items for this purpose, please let us know ASAP so that we can include a list of donations/donors in our next newsletter. Please contact Billy Lewis at 406-220-1837 or with the appropriate information.

TBM Member Harvests

Billy Lewis & Shana Lacey

Rich Spaid

Benji Hill

Lori Alisch

Mark Baker

Kory Baker

Kory Baker

Todd Alisch

Benji Hill

Yana Robertson

TBM Rendevous - Moose Creek 2007 Thanks to everyone who participated and especially for those who brought the next generation along to share in the event. We had about 15 kids in attendance and the line of youngsters shooting the bow birds and running critters is one not soon to be forgotten. Take a look at the pictures that accompany this message and I believe you’ll feel a bit more certain that the future of traditional bowhunting is secure and flourishing as we speak. Best of Luck to all of you this Fall and take a kid hunting if you get the chance. See you down the trail.

TBM Membership Application Traditional Bowhunters of Montana Membership Application Name______________________________________________________ Address____________________________ City, State. Zip____________ Email (optional)____________________________ Phone (optional)____________________________ Membership Type-Check One Individual ($15.00)_____ Family($20.00)_____ Lifetime ($150.00)_____ Please Mail Completed Application to: Traditional Bowhunters of Montana Billy Lewis - President 730 N. Yellowstone Livingston, MT 59047



Schafer Silvertip Custom Bows Dave Windauer Bowyer 357 Roberts Rd. Columbia Falls, MT 59912 (406)892-0580

TBM Newsletter Fall07  
TBM Newsletter Fall07  

2007 2006 winner hunting Spring photo while Brad, featuring Place contest bear son, 1st President’s Message Cheers, Billy Lewis 730 N. Yello...