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CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Who we are 3. Why we exist 4. Where we exist 5. How we strive 6. Our values 7. The LDM 8. Organisation Structure 9. Department 10. Application process 11. Contact

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Europe was in the midst of recovery from the Second World War that dealt grave losses to its population. Many members of the community felt steps needed to be taken to address this problem. Thus, students from 7 nations came together to build a new cooperation. AIESEC is formed to address the concerns. The founders composed a constitution for the new organization and defined a purpose. Back to 1948‌







AIESEC in Malaysia’s Vision Every youth in Malaysia is actively involved in building a united nation AIESEC strives to achieve the peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments.

AIESEC in UM’s Vision Youth are striving for leadership development to bring positive impact to community around UM


AIESEC is the world's largest international youth-led organization, which consists of • 126 member committees around the world • 5,000+ partner organisations • 2,400 universities represent • 70,000 active members • 1,000,000 AIESEC alumni


Conferences (Local/National/Regional/International) Learning point: • Enhance professional skills • Having global networks • Work on AIESEC’s organisational strategy

Organising Committees (OC) Learning point: • You may take the opportunity and apply as OC to take part in an event, conference and recruitment drive

We mould towards these values…. Striving for Excellence •

Acting Sustainably •

We manage our resources to leave the best condition for the organization for the future years. We support each other.

We encourage each other and appreciate feedback from others. •

Demonstrating Integrity •

We communicate openly and honestly with all stakeholders.

Activating Leadership •

We empower members and inspire actions in others by being a role model.

Living Diversity •

We interact with members from different countries and territories at global conference and living the cross-cultural exchange experience.

Enjoying Participation •

We recognize the contribution of members and celebrate victories by sharing our achievement.


Self Aware


Solution Oriented

World Citizen

I come up with solutions to challenges. I am flexible and I am always ready to take the necessary risks. Whenever I fall, I always stand back up.

By fulďŹ lling a challenging job description in a different working environment, the youth becomes more flexible and solution oriented.

I am able to communicate ideas clearly, engage in meaningful conversations with others, and co-create spaces of collaboration that empower people to take action.

By interacting with other employees and having a collaborative work-space, the youth understands how he/she can empower others.

I know what I am good at, what’s important to me, and what I am passionate about. I am constantly exploring what I want to achieve in my life.

By understanding his/her Key Performance Indicator and by receiving regular feedback, the youth becomes more self aware.

I am aware of what is going on in the world and enjoy taking an active role in contributing towards making it a better place for everyone.

By solving issue and interacting with locals, the youth begins to understand the culture and business norms thus making him/her a world citizen.


AIESEC International

AIESEC in Malaysia AIESEC in UM President (LCP) Vice President (VP) Front Office Incoming Global Volunteer (iGV)

Team Member

Back Office B2C Marketing (MKT)

People Management (PM) Outgoing Global Volunteer (oGV) Incoming Global Talent (iGT)

Finance and Legalities (FL) Business Development (BD)

Outgoing Global Volunteer(oGV)>>>EDMUND HONG

“We are a functional department that works on sending purposeful youth in Malaysia to other countries for various community projects to work on social issues. We aim to develop leadership in youth by facilitating their volunteering experience.”

What we do: • Managing and assisting our applicants in the application process • Design and organize seminars • Facilitating the volunteering experiences • Assisting the volunteers in managing crisis • Collaborating with overseas AIESEC committee and forming partnership What we can learn: • Crisis management • Facilitating skills • International relations • Communication skills • Event management skills

Incoming Global Talent (iGT) >>> LEW ZI YU

“We are a functional department connecting talents from all around the world to the Malaysian corporate with the vision to strengthen the local workforce as well as to develop international talents.”

What we do: • Conduct market segregation • Meeting corporates of different background • Manage relationship with corporates • Talent sourcing • Manage experiences of Exchange Participants • Logistic management (VISA, accommodation and etc)

What we can learn: • Crisis management • Facilitating skills • International relations • Customer relation management • Communication skills

Incoming Global Volunteer (iGV) >>> VONG MING HUI (VP) What we do: • Managing relationship with external organisations. • Searching for global volunteers through our global platform for our projects and collaborators. • Planning then executing the projects with the global volunteers. • Facilitating the leadership experience of volunteers that we bring to Malaysia. “We are a functional department that • Ensuring the basics for volunteers works on bringing in volunteers from all over the world to Malaysia for the are fulfilled; job, living, logistics, sole purpose of volunteering. There experience & learning. are two focus, volunteers for NGOs and volunteers for projects where we local people will be working together with international volunteers. We aim to counteract the social issues that are happening around us.”

What we can learn: • Crisis management • Facilitating skills • International relations • Project management • External relations

B2C Marketing (MKT) >>> PUEN YONG JIA (VP) What we do: • Digital Marketing • Public Relation • Brand Management • Lead nurturing • Customer relationship management

“We are a functional department in charge of setting the AIESEC brand in the market and helped AIESEC products penetrating the market. We support other products in their processes. We also ensure and maintain the brand positioning of AIESEC.”

What we can learn: • Marketing strategies and analysis • Branding knowledge • Event management • Customer centricity

People Management (PM) >>> LAM XIO JUN (VP)

“We are a functional department with the primary objective of managing quality of experience of AIESEC members and develop their potentials fully at the same time ensuring the growth of organisation.”

What we do: • HR: Recruiting members • Ensure performance & development of LC members • Ensure every members have concrete task • Support for members & Exchange Participant Buddy training • Organize Engagement or bonding activities • Provide Rewards & Recognition What we can learn: • Event organising skill, • Agenda creation • Data analysis • Managing member performance • Effective communication • Analysing team well being

Finance and Legalities (FL) >>> GOH DEAN KAI (VP) What we do: • Communicate with other departments about the goals and strategies • Provide financial advices to other departments • Managing cash flow of LC • Budgeting and budget review • Return on investment tracking and reporting a functional department • Manage legality related documents


“We are that provide the organisation with a sustainable financial platform to enlarge the impact of AIESEC. It is not just bookkeeping and management of financial transactions. We examine everything and manage AIESEC’s money to make it long-lasting. The legalities is supporting AIESEC activities to make it safe and protected.”

What we can learn: • Crisis management • Basic accounting skills • Budgeting skill • Operations management • Detailed and structured way of working • Effective communication

Business Development (BD) >>> HO JUN YUNG (VP) What we do: • Manage the relationship with our partners. • Manage the up scaling of partnerships. • Design and organize external events. • Conduct market researches for potential partners. • Form partnership and manage the co-delivery.

“We are a functional department that with the objective to outsource and bring in different perspectives and values to the organisation. We manage the relationship with our partners and always look for opportunities to upscale the partnership so that the organisation can even grow more. With this, we ensure that AIESEC is not just staying in our own bubble, we gain resources out of the bubble and innovate the way we work in AIESEC.”

What you can learn: • Market supply and demand analysis • Event management skill • Communication and presentation skill • Expand network to corporate world • Sales skill


Member criteria • 18-30 years old • Full time university students

Application • Deadline: 22nd February 2017

Attend the interview session (around 90 minutes)

Release of results

Join the induction night

If you can’t join as a member, you still have this opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

 Allow youth to volunteer abroad to challenge themselves to do something outside of their comfort zone.  Experience living and working abroad with crosscultural teams and families.  The experiences range from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.


Don’t hesitate to contact us…

Bernadine Francis Toh Nyin Ho Nyon Jun Yung


010 948 8502 016386 2691136 8522 014

Ho JunMing YungHui Vong


0148765947 386 1136 016

LewLim Zi Yu Alex Puen Yong JIa Bernadine Francis Lam Xio Jun


012 0139876634 421 2502 016 3331820 010 948 8502 016 4875883

Yeam Kah Mun Goh Dean Kai


0165008828 551 6541 017

Edmund Look YuenHong Kei


017 01113488614 631 3821

Goh Kheng Yee FL involved in building 012 497a6825 “Every youth in Malaysia isLCVP actively united nation.” Regeshschereni (Ray) OC Application 016 635 5678 /AIESECinUM


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