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Sri Lanka

From one traveller to another

Where can you go from a sunny tropical beach to a cloud covered highland plateau; from an arid desert to a dense rainforest in just an hour or two. Or find an ancient temple in the heart of a modern city; and traditions from thousands of years past, blending effortlessly with 21st century life. The diversity is breathtaking. There’s no place on earth quite like Sri Lanka - ‘my little island’.

Our Story Having been well and truly bitten by the travel bug, Vajira Wijesuriya – our founder and CEO, had a bright idea. “Why keep ‘my little island’ to myself” he wondered; exploring the length and breadth of it, and experiencing the incredible magic of our nation’s charms. Why not give similarly ‘infected’ beings a chance to discover it: travel like he did, and get to know what others don’t – to find those treasured moments that last a lifetime. And, so began the story of ‘My Little Island’ through sharing his stories and photography, to tempt everyone and anyone from anywhere to come and discover, for themselves, this paradise isle he is proud to call home.

Our History Vajira had travelled the world over, but realised that in fact, he hadn’t seen and experienced enough of his own country. So, he took 3 months off, hopped on his double cab and made a trip of a lifetime. He wanted to see ‘my little island’ as he called it, in its ‘every day wear’. To focus on what’s beyond the surface, what others don’t often talk about – and there was a lot of it. Hanging out with the locals in different towns and getting info from the Department of Archaeology, he gained a lot of insight into what’s really out there – beyond the standard guidebook territory. Those hidden beaches, unseen jungle trails, untouched mountain ranges and the teeming wildlife made this island more of a paradise; and being pocket sized it hardly took anytime at all to get from one to the other. And to top it all, the relaxed way of life, the beautiful, warm people, and the mouth-watering meals - made him want to explore this pearl of the Indian Ocean even more; and share it. ‘My Little Island’ was created so you too could experience our country in the same unique, unforgettable way. To make you fall completely and utterly in love with Sri Lanka is our goal. And, we know you will.

Our Team Although the initial trip was a solitary venture, now Vajira has under his wing a young and energetic team who are driven by the motto “get you to fall in love with our little island as much as we do, and make you want to come back, again and again” and to show you around our island home and all its treasures. And of course, we want you to have a good time discovering our country and our people, so we’ll make certain that you do.

Our Services There are many ways you can discover our little island with us, and you have a choice of services to take your pick from. Check out our standard tour packages or create your own trip; and if there’s an interest you want to pursue or you fancy a holiday that is completely different from anything you‘ve tried before, we can help you do that too.

Standard Inbound travel: •





Guide Services

Standard Tours: Prefer to play it safe? Then let us do all the planning and sorting out the nitty-gritties; all you need to do is just chill, and enjoy your holiday. Mix and match - A little bit of everything that interests you. Day trips - Get a quick glimpse of a city or an attraction of your choice, all in a day. Wild Sri Lanka - Birds, beasts and all the beauties of nature to meet. Beach holidays - A land of beaches; you can take your pick or visit them all.

Groups: Whether you’re on a pilgrimage, travelling as a bunch of friends or on business, we can help to make your trip different from the norm – and more cost effective too. Religious Tours/Pilgrimages: Whatever your faith Sri Lanka has treasures and temples of every kind both past and present for you to visit. MICE: Let work be a good excuse for some play on a little tropical paradise, that will leave you inspired. Special offers: If you are a bit of a ‘deals’ buff or somewhat stretched budget-wise, we can get the best value discounts and offers available.

Bespoke trip: Do it your way. Just tell us what you want to see, where you want to go, when and how and we’ll get your trip sorted – as you like it. Festivals: They happen all year round, and in all forms, so you have a lot to choose from. Cricket matches: From international tournaments to local play offs, just pick yours. Crawls: Bars, shops, antiques, parties, beaches, and everything in between too.

Thrills: Get all the adrenalin rush you can handle in one action packed trip. Be warned, you might beg us to give you a break – then again, you asked for it. •

Scuba / Snuba


White-water rafting

Hot air ballooning

Kite surfing

Wind surfing

Para motoring


Water sports


Accommodation: Where you stay can make or break your dream trip. So tell us your budget, your likes and dislikes and let’s find a place that will do you just right. •




Transport: You have quite a few options to get from A to B, and everywhere in between too depending on your spending power. So, what’s your ride going to be then? •



Aircraft (Aeroplane/Seaplane/ Helicopter)


Guides: If you don’t fancy being a lost sheep, why not let a shepherd who knows the lay of the land and all its hidden treasures inside out, take you around. •

National guides

Local guides

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