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FROM THE FRONTAL LOBE ―… Exactly things could‘ve been much worse than the present scenario ….‖ They said for every series of problems they face and the most eminent response possible was a simple nod, among the bunch of all those good qualities that can be harnessed from the society we ―the people‖ mostly choose the most controversial ones, but still at the end of the day we do get excused by saying it is the human nature but as far as history is concerned ignoring the problem was never as fruitful as facing it, as strongly expressed by Bakhtawar khan and Khushboo kakkar in ‗the issue of Olympics‘ the situation have touched the bottom of the possible depression instead of astounding brilliance to aware people of the present condition of our former and present Olympians. Indeed the problem somehow lies in the masses rather than the few selected peoples sitting on high position far from the audible range of the common person but whom to blame as it was that common person who let them sit there and rule,

if you don‘t like something you have to stand up and change it, waiting for it to change is a long shot and youth should not take risks in that matter, at least not anymore. There was a time when the beauty of this peninsular landmass was as truthful to the words as it can possibly be but somehow the meaning of the words changed with time and the so called ‗crown of the nation‘ became tainted in blood as depicted by Yabrin khajwal in her article of a Kashmiri woman expressing the grief in ‗Quest of a battling mother‘ expressing the pain of a mother and her life spent at the place which is still considered as ‗paradise on earth‘. It‘s true that past cannot be changed and future is uncertain, what we have is present and the present needs us to go with oncoming trends and fashion as explicitly described by muneeza qureshi in her article ‗season and style and yabrin khajwal in fashion syndrome. Much needs to change, It‘s a long journey and we need a lot of energy to get past through all these

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situations, a lot of energy to stand up and raise our voice, and if we are going to do that we need some really good food to keep us going and if it‘s delicious then we just can‘t expect anything better and so do thinks Mr. shivshankar ghosh of "Aaugritaa Caterers and decorators" as he presents some of his finest recipes in the Delhi & morish food court section. It‘s all true but Yes… everything becomes ineffective and gets in the herd of usualness until it possess that special quality that spark waiting to get turned into fiery rage which makes a small initiative into an uncontrollable mass of exploding fury. Indeed it‘s called passion and it is as passionately expressed by Nivedita pandey in her article ‗where I am &where I want to be‖ In nutshell Yamberzal aims at bringing the youth to the front of the society, to let them speak what they think is right it is an attempt to be the voice of the fore coming generation as the leash is going to come into those hands and they better be strong and well aware .



QUEST OF A BATTLING MOTHER 10 ENTERTAINMENT ―Of all the things for me, only music makes sense‖13

CREATIVE STUFF ―Creativity is something that rushes my blood‖ 17

HEALTH ―V-shaped body!!!???... You‘re joking right‖ 21



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“Attraction is not a choice, It just happens …”



Indeed we are but can we say the same while surfing the web or while digging the web space for that precious information. Yeah that‘s right there is a bit of identity crises at that place and it is a major problem as there are lots of loopholes in the security system waiting to get exploited. But nothing lasts for too long as in year 2000 Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University devised a completely automated public turing test to tell the difference between human that‘s us and machines that‘s what we make. And the world of cyber space changed after that, certainly nothing is perfect so do is the CAPTCHA but the cost of breaking it is far more than what we‘ll achieve after hours of coding and brainstorming. so overall it worked.In general CAPTCHA is just

a test simple enough for most of the humans but at the same time difficult like getting on top of mt. everest for the machines. So if you have a lot of patience and are able to understand some nice basic coding well breaking into a CAPTCHA can be a lot of fun  The human brain is an amazing piece of work. Its ability to conceptualize, to find order in chaos and to adapt under extraordinary circumstances makes it highly useful, to say the least. For some tasks, it outshines a computer with great ease. In other tasks — mathematics, for example — it is laughably inferior. Logic would dictate, therefore, that the most successful CAPTCHA would be: -A task that users excel at naturally but those computers can‘t begin to comprehend,

-A task that is incredibly quick for users to perform but arduous for computers, -A task that minimizes the need for additional user input, -A task that is relatively accessible to all users, even those with special needs (that is, the CAPTCHA should be no more difficult than general Web usage and the current task demand). One of the greatest advantages that humans have over machines is our ability to visually recognize patterns. The most popular CAPTCHA technique derives from this. Web developers have explored many options: simple recognition tests, interactive tasks, games of Tic Tac Toe and equations that even mathematicians would have struggled with. It would seem evident from years of

use and research that CAPTCHAs are far from perfect as a solution. Remove spammers from the equation and we remove the need for CAPTCHAs entirely; this is the mentality we should be aiming for. The perfect CAPTCHA is no CAPTCHA at all. The Rise of Humans CAPTCHAs, by nature, function more by blocking spam than by detecting humans (which is their purpose). But they can‘t do that when the spammer is not a computer. A better solution would be to remove the incentive to spam altogether. If we can reverse the trend and drive spam from being highly lucrative to being a net loss, then both automated and manual spam will become worthless. One of the many dark arts of search engine optimization (SEO) is to artificially generate links to the website being ―optimized.‖ Search engines consider inbound links a strong indicator of value. This can be abused; obviously, by posting worthless links on many websites (forums and comment forms are perfect for this). The SEO benefits are so

worthwhile that automated spamming isn‘t even required. The practice of enlisting cheap human labor is emerging. And CAPTCHAs are not designed to stop this. We should accept the need for moderation and background detection. CAPTCHAs are a stopgap solution at best, and are lazy and inaccessible at worst. Whether you choose to fight the good fight or simply put the interests of genuine users first, you have options. Taking a Stand If website owner‘s works together to eliminate the incentives to spam then spam will slowly wear away over time and eventually remove the need for CAPTCHAs. Is that too idealistic? Probably. In reality, we are likely to see a combination of technology and law dealing the death blow to spammers. Google‘s latest algorithm change has significantly demoted low-quality content farms (the effects of which are explained by Johannes Beus. Advances such as this will ultimately remove all incentives to game the system. However, if

we website owners don‘t evangelize and adopt alternative solutions, then we might just wake up to a world where CAPTCHAs are worthless and our websites are unmanageable. Understanding the alternatives (whereby spam detection is silent to users) and implementing them on our clients‘ websites is a good start. It‘s a positive step toward usability and conversion rates (and clients will love that!). If users comment on your website, reward them with a simple experience. This can be done in several ways: 

Moderation wherever possible Disallow certain content to be posted directly to your website, or allow it through maintained and verified account management. Better yet, use a service like Facebook Connect you‘ll make things easier for both yourself and users. CAPTCHA alternatives try the honeypot method or another that is

invisible to users. Some could potentially be bypassed, but their presence is often enough to thwart automated efforts. Client-side detection this can work because, while there are simple workarounds, spammers won‘t waste time (for now). Keyword and mouse interactions can

be used to detect genuine user input. This option shouldn‘t be used on its own but can add extra assurance. Server-side spam detection Developers should focus on server-side spam detection that monitors users and flags unusual activity. Specialist services like Akismet are affordable and proven, but

bespoke systems can be tailored to the nuances of your website. Social moderation Move toward more sophisticated features that allow this. The simple act of voting content up and down can help to push spam away or flag it for deletion.

It seems clear, considering all the pros and cons of CAPTCHA that the future lies in a system that is invisible to normal Web use. For now, using a CAPTCHA should be your last resort.


Quest of a battling mother…… Dusk had fallen when I walked out of the exit gate of the busy Delhi Airport.... somewhere in mind brooding about my hometown. The suffering under violent conflicts for past decades have made a mess of the subcontinent's most beautiful place...The Long goodbye this mother‘s wait for her son began one Saturday evening in 1990 . ―That day, my bulbul just flew away,‖ she says (in crumps). Zooni Begum dreams of Kashmir‘s tallest leader, Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. In Srinagar‘s Nowshehra area, Zooni, who doesn‘t remember her age, lives alone in an old house as her legacy. She hardly leaves her room on the first floor, half of which she uses as a kitchen. Zooni‘s world faded in 1990, but all she remembers is that it was a Saturday in the month of September. Her only son, Aftab Ahmed, a teacher, left as usual for duty. ―He ate his lunch and said he was leaving,‖ Zooni recalls. He would usually come back by five in the evening. But that day he didn‘t come back. Zooni waited till late night. And then the search began. The entire locality searched for Aftab Ahmed. In police stations, in Army, in Security camps, in

graveyards, in hospitals, in the local mental asylum. Ads were released. But there was no trace of her son. Aftab was the sunshine of my eyes...―My husband left me for another woman when Aftab was still suckling my breast,‖ Zooni says. ―After that, I treated him like a bulbul,‖ she says, ―and that day, the bulbul just flew away.‖ Before leaving on that Saturday, Zooni‘s son had given her Rs 30 to buy vegetables. She still has those currency notes with her. ―I would have liked to vote for Sheikh Sahib she says, ―But when will he answer my restless soul? Who do I vote for, then? (She screwed up her face and yelped in pain)‖ Years of yearning for her missing son have taken a toll on Zooni. Her vision and hearing have been deteriorated. ―Maybe Aftab would return before I close my eyes forever.‖ All that remains of her son is a leafy black and white passport photo, faded Over long years of caressing. ―If Aftab returns, I will vote for anyone you ask me to.‖ And then she goes silent. The very thought of a ballot machine dissolves in a lake of tears….

'Zooni' is not an escape in any ordinary sense of the term. But it is still a quest no one can answer! By-Yabrin P.S (Reference taken from a true based story)



“…OF ALL THE THINGS FOR ME, ONLY MUSIC MAKES SENSE …” Music yes that‘s something that is interesting something that is truly divine something that even gods appreciate. But understanding the concept of music is just completely different thing as you can‘t explain it in words music is something that is free from the mere boundaries of language, free from restrictions of cast and creed, religion and race and almost everything it is free from all the boundaries of explanation and terms and condition. Maybe that‘s the reason its divine maybe that‘s the reason it‘s everywhere or is it that when you are free from all the boundaries of petty human perceptions then you becomes one with everything … you become everything. But the question still remains what is music??? Is it some sort of noise, if it‘s coming from the instrument then it is music? or it is just something completely different … yes it is a wave pattern as some of the genius minds can say but then again is it just a wave pattern?… is it this much simple? Or there is a completely different part of picture that we are missing. As a learning musician it‘s very much important for me to understand it, so do I think is important for every single one out there. As a young man I enjoyed listening to heavy metal songs. I didn‘t understand a word, but was nevertheless enthralled. Was it because the sounds of human speech are thrilling? Not really. Speech sounds alone, stripped of their meaning, don‘t inspire. We don‘t wake up to alarm clocks blaring German speech. We don‘t drive to work listening to native spoken Eskimo.Speech sounds don‘t give us the chills, and they don‘t make us cry – not even French. But music does emanate from our alarm clocks in the morning, and fill our cars, and give us chills, and make us cry. According to a recent paper by Nidhya Logeswaran and Joydeep Bhattacharya from the University of London, music even affects how we see visual images. In the experiment, 30 subjects were presented with a series of happy or sad musical excerpts. After listening to the snippets, the subjects were shown a photograph of a face. Some people were shown a happy face – the person was smiling - while others were exposed to a sad or neutral facial expression. The participants were then asked to rate the emotional content of the face on a 7-point scale, where 1 mean extremely sad and 7 extremely happy. The researchers found that music powerfully influenced the emotional ratings of the faces. Happy music made happy faces seem even happier while sad music exaggerated the melancholy of a frown. A similar effect was also observed with neutral faces. The simple moral is that the emotions of music are ―cross-modal,‖ and can easily spread from sensory system to another.


Although it probably seems obvious that music can evoke emotions, it is to this day not clear why. Why doesn‘t music feel like listening to speech sounds, or animal calls, or garbage disposals? Why is music nice to listen to? Why does music get blessed with a multi-billion dollar industry, whereas there is no market for ―easy listening‖ speech sounds? In an effort to answer, let‘s first ask why I was listening to heavy metal songs in the first place. The truth is, I wasn‘t just listening. I was watching them on public television. What kept my attention was not the growling and screeching sounds (I was a slow learner), but the band members. The show was a pleasure to watch because of the humans it showed, especially the exhibited expressions and behaviors. The lion share of emotionally evocative stimuli in the lives of our ancestors would have been from the faces and bodies of other people, and if one finds human artifacts that are highly evocative, it is a good hunch that it looks or sounds human in some way. As evidence that humans are the principal source of emotionality among human artifacts, consider human visual signs. Visual signs, I have argued, have culturally evolved to look like natural objects, and have the kinds of contour combinations found in a three-dimensional world of opaque objects. Three-dimensional world of opaque objects? Nothing particularly human about that and that‘s why most linguistic signs – like the letters and words on this page – are not emotionally evocative to look at. But visual signs do sometimes have emotional associations. For example, colors are notoriously emotionally evocative, and arguments about what color something should be painted are the source of an alarming number of marital arguments. And ―V‖ stimuli, such as that yield sign on the street, have long been realized (within the human factors literature) to serve as the most evocative geometrical shape for warning symbols. But notice that color and ―V‖ stimuli are plausibly about human expression. In particular, color has recently been argued to be ―about‖ human skin and the exhibited emotions – which is why red grabs our attention, since it's associated with blushing and blood - and ―V‖ stimuli have been suggested to be ―about‖ angry faces (namely, angry eyebrows). This brings us back to music and the Logeswaran paper. Music is exquisitely emotionally evocative, which is why a touch of happy music makes even unrelated pictures seem more pleasant. In light of the above, then, we are led to the conclusion that the artifact of music should contain some distinctly human elements.


The question, of course, is what those elements are. One candidate is our expressive speech – perhaps music is just an abstract form of language. However, most of the emotion of language is in the meaning, which is why foreign languages that we don‘t understand make us swoon with pleasure or get angry. That‘s also why emotional speech from an unfamiliar language isn‘t featured on the radio! But there is a second auditory expressive behavior we humans carry out – our bodily movements themselves. Human movement has been conjectured to underlie music as far back as the Greeks. As a hypothesis this has the advantage that we have auditory systems capable of making sense of the sounds of people moving in our midst – an angry stomper approaching, a delicate liter passing, and so on. Some of these movements trigger positive emotions – they conjure up images of pleasant activities – while others might be automatically associated with fear or anxiety. (The sound of running makes us wonder what we‘re running from.) If music were speech-driven, then it is missing out on the largest part of speech‘s expressiveness – the meaning. But if music sounds like human expressive movements, then it sounds like something that, all by itself, is rich in emotional expressiveness, and can be easily interpreted by the auditory system. Regardless of whether music is emotional intonation from speech or a summary of expressive movements – or something else altogether – the new research by Logeswaran and Bhattacharya adds yet more fuel to the expectation that music has been culturally selected to sound like an emotionally expressive human. While it is not easy for us to see the human ingredients in the modulations of pitch, intensity, tempo and rhythm that make music, perhaps it is obvious to our auditory homunculus. -gaurav rai



My art work is an insight for me!

When my hands blend all the things together, let it be a newspaper, charcoal (that i like to make of my own) & some black ink rubbed against all odds just give rise to proper finishing....


In a deep thought thinking about the intense fall of failed marriage & losing her identity in her marriage. Focusing on the needs of the other, compromising to the point that she forgot herself. Although she lived with him since is it just the act of marriage stripping one's identity? "No matter how nice her mate is, all women give up a part of themselves when they marry" She compromises, she changes, but she is still herself, somewhere in the past lies her 'selfness' her priorities and her beliefs. She wants to fly higher and higher in the same way as 'shaheen'(falcon) does. She can't identify where she went. Who was she? Who is she now? One person shouldn't be doing all the changing.

This one depicts harmony, peace & love "whenever we do an evil, follow it up with a good deed‖ When one is silent, other has thunder hidden inside...

TRY TO ESCAPE FROM FLUSH OF TORNADOS... Courtesy- Yabrin Hope you like it!!!



V-SHAPED BODY!!!???...YOU’RE JOKING RIGHT? A living, breathing, super-hero, come to life! A normal man isn‘t supposed to look like that! One of the main things that make a person stand out in a crowd, in my humble opinion, is the V-shape taper! Today, having a V-shaped back, tapering down to a wasp-like waistline, with a ripped six-pack, is fast becoming a thing of the past. More focus is given on enhancing the size of the muscles I am not getting biased but all I am saying is that you shouldn‘t sacrifice symmetry, and proportion, in the process. Now in order to build a V-shaped, muscular upper body? There are three main muscle groups that contribute to this look; they are the lats, deltoids, and the abdominals.

THE LATS Building a V-shape taper begins with building the lats. There are two distinct ways to go about developing good lats and an impressive back. One of the approaches is to do pulldown movements and chin-ups, and the other is to do rowing movements, and deadlifts. The pulldown type exercises build width, and the rowing moves build thickness. Back/Lat Routine:      

Deadlifts-4 sets, 5-10 reps (after a light warm up) Chins-3 sets, to failure (if you can get more than 10 reps on all sets add weight) Barbell Rows-3 sets, 8-12 reps (Always use good form and wear a lifting belt) Cable Rows-2 sets, 10-12 reps (Force the back to do the majority of the work) V-Bar Handle Pulldowns-2 sets, 10-12 rep (Pull to chest with a slight arch in the back) Barbell Shrugs-3 sets 12-20 reps (Straight up and down no rolling of the shoulder‘s)


THE DELTS Developing thick, round delts, that cap off the shoulders is attainable by anyone. I personally recommend working all three heads of the deltoid for maximum development. Always do a heavy pressing movement followed by leverage raising type exercises to target each head specifically. Shoulder Routine: 

 

Seated Press on Smith Machine-4 sets, 5-12 reps (Lower the weight to ear lobe level and press up just short of lock-out, this creates constant tension) Dumbbell Lateral Raises-4 sets, 8-15 reps (Tip the bells in a pouring motion at the top of the movement, to further isolate the lateral deltoid head) Bent-Over Laterals-4 sets, 8-15 reps (Lower and raise weights under complete control with no excess body motion) Cable Laterals-3 sets, 10-12 reps (Alternate each arm with no rest until all sets are completed, these can also be done behind the back for a slight change)

THE ABDOMINALS A sharply chiseled set of abs is admired by just about everybody. If it‘s ripped and tight, then that is a good first impression to make, and also exhibits good overall fitness. Training the abs with weights as resistance, will definitely increase the girth of the waist, resulting in a bigger waist measurement thus, defeating the V-Shape we are trying to attain. Ab Routine: 

  

Crunches-3x 25 (Lie on a mat or an exercise bench, in a crunch position, curl the body up slowly, and exhale forcibly at the top of the movement. For a better contraction, return to starting position slowly and under control, concentrating on the abs only.) Lying Leg Raises-3x 20 (Lie on an exercise bench, and slowly raise and lower legs, focusing on the abs only, keep knees slightly bent, to take the hip flexors out of the movement.) Sit-ups-3x 15 (on a sit-up board, with bent knees, come up to about 1/4 of the way up, and slowly return to starting position) Knee-ups-3x 15 (sit on the edge of a bench with feet together, pull knees into the chest, lower, and repeat) Hanging Knee Raises-3 to failure (hang from a chin-up bar, and with bent legs, pull knees up as high as possible, lower, and repeat)


If you follow my three pronged attack to create a better V-shape, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Remember; eat a good muscle building type diet high in proteins, with moderate carbs, low fats, and plenty of good old H2O. The next time when summer hits the town, heads will be sure to turn your way!

Deltoid anterior

Latissimus dorsi


deltoid lateral

deltoid posterior



India had hoped that the commonwealth games would polish its international image and smooth the way for bids on more prestigious competitions like the Olympics But repeatedly lapsed deadlines have sparked fears that the event will descend into chaos. Can India host the Olympics??? Or India still fears??? After the recent successful stint with the commonwealth games, India is looking forward for the biggest sporting event in the world, Summer Olympics 2020. Such is the grandeur of the Olympics games that other sporting events seem very unimportant. Now the question is should India be hosting the Olympics 2020 or it would be more correct if i ask, can India host an Olympics games 'ever '? We are hearing this regularly in the news how the officials and politicians took bribes and looted common man's money in the name of development for the commonwealth games. Then how will they be able to control their desires when money would be many times in magnitude. When the topic of Olympian performances of India is broached, one can only remember downcast faces, humiliated egos and the universal blames that only cricket survives in this country and hence we are zero in other games. India has rarely won a medal in Olympics which is a clear sign what facilities and sporting capacities it has apart from cricket. And the result is that they are substandard. Our country has got everything it takes to organize the games.. We have the capital, entrepreneurs, space and a positive attitude towards this. We also have the recent Commonwealth Games to cheer. The very fact that India hosted the Games proves that the world is starting to notice her. She not just put forward a spectacular show at the CWG but also showcased her technical know-how by conducting the them in a grand way. Under such circumstances, India is definitely a suitable candidate to play host to The Olympics 2020. Even Indian athletes and sportspersons will be greatly benefited by this. They will be able to put their best foot forward with the support of their home crowd.


Building new stadiums and renovating the older ones will help the youth with better avenues for training and practice. It would also encourage the budding talents of India to take sports seriously and change the attitude of people towards the youth considering sports as a profession. Conducting such an important sporting event will not just catapult India into the global picture but also bring rich dividends. People from all over the world will rediscover this magical place. It will improve tourism and infrastructure which will in turn cause employment and boost our economy further. The Olympic Games, more than any other event has the paramount role to break down the barriers between countries. But on the other hand, India is just a developing nation. 70% of her population still depends on agriculture for their living. More than one-third of the Indians still live below the poverty line. Under such circumstances, can India afford to spend such huge amount for a sporting extravaganza just to show the world that she is prospering???? Instead, this money could be channelized for other developmental projects like building roads, houses for the poor, providing education and health care. For the recent Commonwealth Games itself the total expenditure stands around 300 billion. Will the common tax payer be able to handle this added burden? Will India ever be able to move out of these inscrutable depths????? BY- KHUSHBOO KAKKAR & BAKHTAWAR KHAN.


Season and style


Weary of long and gloomy slovenly winter? The new spring/summer trend is a welcome from stern winter season. you can overcome the plainness of the winter collection by the captivating latest fashion trends of the spring/summer2012. Spring is about colors, it‘s just what we need after a long, grey winter. The upcoming trends this season includes a lot of colors in block, including handbags tops dresses and wedge sandals for those who love to wear the freshest look of the season This vibrant season requires bright pops of colors that maybe hot yellow, bright pink that either a part of your accessories or your reflects the brightness and thee freshness of the season in you since fashion reflects spring bright burst of colors keep your eyes on the standouts, blue and green are everywhere right now, from turquoise and lapis jewelry to the navy blue bejeweled sandals, even the clutch bags. This spring and summer you will find yourself wrapped in ethereal fabrics, with the fabulous vivid colors as well as soft and pastels, lots of red and tons of lace and the flowing prints As always black and white are big colors for spring and summer 2012 The main theme this spring is somewhat tailored, bold and classy but vivid and edgy so grab your hottest collection this season and rediscover the most fun colors and ideal attire for your closet Kudos -muneeza qureshi



AESTHETIC HIGH HEELS.... Let‘s change our look, hide figure flaws and emphasize on unique features... I still find humor in the crazy fashion trends that I see throughout each day. Basically, people take ‗fashion‘ entirely beyond the limits at times. It‘s no secret that women love shoes, especially high heels, which is why some of the most insane fashion creations. Check out these creative high heel shoes that shows seamless transition between fashion and insanity.



There is one favorite pair of creative heels, which is my best one too, its all about elegance, class and grace. A very unique shoe with red rose motif, Shoes with flower motif has a very high artistic value and looks very luxurious.

P.S. This is just a startup teaser. There are many such designers who have taken fashion to a way long beyond. I hope you like them. Courtesy- Yabrin Image Reference – Google Always remember, to keep it stylish!



Classicism, Elegance & Cuteness all in your lovely hands...Time to depict yourself as an elegant lady or a cheerful girl. Regardless of how classic (or boring) your outfit is, a big cocktail ring will


immediately make it more interesting. Rings can be of almost any material: metal, plastic, wood, bone, glass, gemstone to name a few. They may be set with a stone of

some sort, which is often a precious or semiprecious gemstone such as diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald, but can also be of almost any material.


Big out the ladies are loving big gemstone rings. These rings boast gemstones the size of a knuckle, sometimes larger.

Colored Gemstones One of the most popular trends for women‘s rings this year may seem a little out there at first, it turns

additionally, instead of using a traditional diamond, the rings use colored diamonds or other colored gemstones.



Vintage Rings A lot of women are opting for thrift store glamor, coveting vintage rings. From vintage cocktail rings to vintage

wedding rings, vintage jewelry is definitely in style. Some vintage rings are extremely cheap, while others cost thousands of dollars.

There are also many rings currently on the market that imitate vintage style.

Pick up any of these rings and make head turns! You can flaunt various types of

rings at parties, offices, work, gorgeous! Because in the dinners, casual outings etc end it‘s all about being and look stunningly Stylish

Courtesy- Yabrin Image Refrence: Google. The images are from random websites!


DELHI & MORISH FOOD COURT From the by lanes of the walled city to the swanky hotels & restraunts 'delhi' has the taste of all. Delhi gives you the option of choosing from the wide variety of cuisines, which is a mixture of regional & international food.

Dishes that make you smile when you see them and taste them. Using ingredients and seasonings from around the world while retaining the tradition of seasonal 'Delhi' cooking makes you yum yum yum....If you are a food lover and want to spend an evening with your friends and lovers in a rich ambience then "Aaugritaa Caterers and decorators" is the perfect place to look for! You have a chance to meet Mr.Shiv Shankar Ghosh & learn amazing techniques & recipes that will turn your time in the kitchen into a culinary adventure. FOOD, my passion! I have been working in the food industry for 7 years, with experience that includes working in top restaurants, hotels and bars in New Delhi and on 5 Star cruise ships in United States of America. Contemporary catering I believe that there is a need for a new, inspirational and dynamic catering company, which was the driving force for me when I set up Aaugritaa Caterers. The industry has been crying out for a catering company that offers a more personalized and diverse service, but with a modern twist. We aim to cater for all of your needs, whether that is a private family event, or a corporate gathering. The Best Quality Ingredients Aaugritaa Caterers use only ingredients that are of the highest quality. We put a lot of care into crafting our beautiful dishes, so you can trust that our meals are not mass produced and rushed. Event catering across India Aaugritaa Caterers offer catering services for private and corporate events across India.


We are based in New Delhi but offer our services in Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and other areas across India. From wedding catering for your special day, to corporate catering for your business meeting. We cater for the following events: • Weddings • Birthdays • Corporate lunches • Cocktail parties • Small Gathering • Kitty Parties • Get Together • New Year Events Our meals are all tailored to your requirements, which include your dietary needs and lifestyle choices. With a Touch of Elegance Aaugritaa Caterers offers delicious cuisine and exquisite culinary presentations created by talented chefs.

SUMPTUOUS MEAL (RECIPIES) If you want your taste buds to be treated royaly & the aroma of rich Indian spices creates magic in your senses, then explore the recipes on & you will see why Aaugritaa is "unbelievable"... 1.1st recipe, BY SHIV SHANKAR GHOSH 2.2nd recipe, BY SHIV SHANKAR GHOSH


Paneer Tikka (Grilled Cottage cheese with onion, bell pepper and tomato) (Appetizer) INGREDIANTS -Cottage Cheese Cubes of 1 inch Thickness 200gms -Bell Peppers dice 1pc -Onion dice 1pc -Tomato Dice 1pc -Hung Yogurt 7tbsp -Mustard oil 2tbsp -Salt 1tbspBNCNB -Coriander Powder 1tbsp -Garam Masala (Cajun Spice) 1tbsp -Red Chili Powder 1tea spoon -Yellow color a pinch -Chat Masala 1 tea Spoon METHOD: 1. Mix all the Indian Spices with hung Yogurt and Mustard oil then check salt 2. Dip paneer, bell peppers, onion, and tomato in that mixture and put them on tooth pick 3. Make the hot plate hot and apply a bit of vegetable or sunflower oil on it and grill them nicely to give golden brown color. Serve Hot.



Mutton Biryani (Main Course) INGREDIANTS -Golden Seila Rice or Basmati Rice 1kg -Mutton Meat (lamb) 1kg -Onion 500gms -Tomato Puree 200gms -Ginger garlic paste 100gms -Curd 500gms -Salt to taste -Coriander Powder 50gms -Garam Masala 50gms -Red Chili Powder 50gms -Vegetable oil 250ml Method: 1. Wash and soak rice for at least 1 hour. Boil the rice and allow it to cool 2. Marinate Lamb with Indian spices, curd and ginger garlic paste. Cut the onion in julliens and crispy fry them. 3. Put oil in a cooker and add whole spices, then add brown onions, cook them till turns golden brown, add marinated mutton in the onions 4. Cook them and then add ginger garlic paste, add tomato puree after adding all the Indian spices to lamb 5. Put a bit of water and cover lid for 20 min on low-medium flame 6. When the lamb is cooked, take a flat bottom pan and grease it with butter, put one layer of rice then brown onion, then cooked lamb then again layer of rice and brown onion. Cover the lid of 15 min on low flame, serve hot.





As the sun is rising on the horizon and marking the beginning a new day, so is my heart full of desires and mind filled with enthusiasm. Yes a new day with many expectations and happenings waiting to get happened, the world seems so colorful until I recall those burdens on me from parents family and society and suddenly desires are replaced with sorrow and mind with isolation and together they just don‘t allow me to open my eyes or get conscious. And at that very instant my heart thinks… maybe if I would not have been here then maybe … maybe I would‘ve been at that place where my passion is waiting for me and then that ebullience and those enthusiastic feelings of doing what I actually want to do are driven away. There is no use of getting our task done, without that feeling which is called as ―passion‖ indeed that excitement of doing the undertaking is the most crucial stimulant. Passion is like a heavy dose of adrenaline that boosts up our heart serves as a high voltage to it and the most lavishing factor that heightens our spirits. With passion everything seems so easy and if not then at least it comprises the most important thing that‘s ―fun


Now passion is something that empowers us to grasp our aim even if we are laborious enough to do the task but until unless we are not having that excitement of doing it, that task will merely remain as weight down and as burden on us. Ohh… indeed I forget that today we are living in that environment where there is no need for such type of additional and boosting up factors people are satisfied enough to complete their tasks which are mostly imposed on them . They are strained to achieve that goal that is set for them by other people in that way the work that was meant to be innovative and had to be done with pleasure turns in to just a formality, just an another thing to do. This is the condition of a major part of the society but the most affected one are the youth the scholars, as it‘s the peak time for them to do something to let their thinking stretch make the decisions that‘ll shape their future and consequently the society itself. But all this talk left aside they are imposed with duties they have to fall in line or have to stand outside, indeed few are the lucky ones and are able and supported to choose the right path but not all are that much lucky. Yes indeed it‘s terrible to leave something like this on the merciless hands of luck but then again truth is bitter in taste. There are living legendary examples of peoples, they had chosen what they wanted to do and when they started following their passion success was kissing their feet. Names like sachin Tendulkar, lata mangeshkar, and many more, these names don‘t need any form of introduction or explanation. They themselves are self-explanatory. It must be understood that

―Every person without passion has within them no principle of action.‖



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