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PANTONE® color bridge™ CMYK EC

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PANTONE 155 EC C:0 M:12 Y:34 K:0

PANTONE 1555 EC C:0 M:28 Y:36 K:0

PANTONE 162 EC C:0 M:27 Y:31 K:0

PANTONE 1625 EC C:0 M:43 Y:40 K:0

PANTONE 169 EC C:0 M:31 Y:25 K:0

PANTONE 176 EC C:0 M:36 Y:18 K:0

PANTONE 1765 EC C:0 M:43 Y:18 K:0

PANTONE 1767 EC C:0 M:33 Y:10 K:0

PANTONE 182 EC C:0 M:31 Y:8 K:0

PANTONE 189 EC C:0 M:40 Y:8 K:0

PANTONE 1895 EC C:0 M:30 Y:2 K:0

PANTONE 196 EC C:0 M:23 Y:6 K:0

PANTONE 156 EC C:0 M:24 Y:49 K:0

PANTONE 1565 EC C:0 M:42 Y:51 K:0

PANTONE 163 EC C:0 M:46 Y:49 K:0

PANTONE 1635 EC C:0 M:55 Y:54 K:0

PANTONE 170 EC C:0 M:50 Y:48 K:0

PANTONE 177 EC C:0 M:56 Y:38 K:0

PANTONE 1775 EC C:0 M:50 Y:23 K:0

PANTONE 1777 EC C:0 M:66 Y:29 K:0

PANTONE 183 EC C:0 M:49 Y:17 K:0

PANTONE 190 EC C:0 M:58 Y:16 K:0

PANTONE 1905 EC C:0 M:47 Y:7 K:0

PANTONE 197 EC C:0 M:46 Y:12 K:0

PANTONE 157 EC C:0 M:45 Y:71 K:0

PANTONE 1575 EC C:0 M:55 Y:77 K:0

PANTONE 164 EC C:0 M:63 Y:79 K:0

PANTONE 1645 EC C:0 M:66 Y:73 K:0

PANTONE 171 EC C:0 M:63 Y:72 K:0

PANTONE 178 EC C:0 M:72 Y:57 K:0

PANTONE 1785 EC C:0 M:76 Y:50 K:0

PANTONE 1787 EC C:0 M:82 Y:53 K:0

PANTONE 184 EC C:0 M:73 Y:32 K:0

PANTONE 191 EC C:0 M:80 Y:35 K:0

PANTONE 1915 EC C:0 M:76 Y:21 K:0

PANTONE 198 EC C:0 M:82 Y:37 K:0

PANTONE 158 EC C:0 M:65 Y:95 K:0

PANTONE 1585 EC C:0 M:63 Y:97 K:0

PANTONE 165 EC C:0 M:72 Y:100 K:0

PANTONE 1655 EC C:0 M:74 Y:98 K:0

PANTONE 172 EC C:0 M:73 Y:87 K:0

PANTONE Warm Red EC C:0 M:86 Y:80 K:0

PANTONE 1788 EC C:0 M:88 Y:77 K:0

PANTONE Red 032 EC C:0 M:87 Y:60 K:0

PANTONE 185 EC C:0 M:94 Y:78 K:0

PANTONE 192 EC C:0 M:96 Y:60 K:0

PANTONE 1925 EC C:0 M:97 Y:46 K:0

PANTONE 199 EC C:0 M:100 Y:69 K:0

PANTONE 159 EC C:1 M:74 Y:100 K:7

PANTONE 1595 EC C:0 M:73 Y:100 K:3

PANTONE 166 EC C:0 M:78 Y:100 K:0

PANTONE 1665 EC C:0 M:80 Y:100 K:0

PANTONE 173 EC C:0 M:82 Y:94 K:2

PANTONE 179 EC C:0 M:89 Y:84 K:0

PANTONE 1795 EC C:0 M:96 Y:90 K:2

PANTONE 1797 EC C:2 M:98 Y:85 K:7

PANTONE 186 EC C:2 M:100 Y:82 K:6

PANTONE 193 EC C:2 M:100 Y:60 K:11

PANTONE 1935 EC C:1 M:100 Y:51 K:6

PANTONE 200 EC C:3 M:100 Y:66 K:12

PANTONE 160 EC C:6 M:72 Y:100 K:32

PANTONE 1605 EC C:7 M:73 Y:100 K:32

PANTONE 167 EC C:6 M:80 Y:100 K:15

PANTONE 1675 EC C:5 M:84 Y:100 K:27

PANTONE 174 EC C:8 M:86 Y:100 K:36

PANTONE 180 EC C:3 M:93 Y:84 K:12

PANTONE 1805 EC C:5 M:96 Y:76 K:22

PANTONE 1807 EC C:11 M:95 Y:71 K:33

PANTONE 187 EC C:8 M:100 Y:79 K:28

PANTONE 194 EC C:10 M:100 Y:55 K:39

PANTONE 1945 EC C:6 M:100 Y:52 K:30

PANTONE 201 EC C:8 M:100 Y:65 K:34

PANTONE 161 EC C:16 M:67 Y:100 K:72

PANTONE 1615 EC C:11 M:74 Y:100 K:50

PANTONE 168 EC C:13 M:83 Y:100 K:62

PANTONE 1685 EC C:11 M:82 Y:100 K:48

PANTONE 175 EC C:18 M:79 Y:75 K:56

PANTONE 181 EC C:23 M:96 Y:88 K:52

PANTONE 1815 EC C:18 M:98 Y:86 K:56

PANTONE 1817 EC C:31 M:85 Y:59 K:74

PANTONE 188 EC C:17 M:100 Y:62 K:60

PANTONE 195 EC C:21 M:90 Y:47 K:60

PANTONE 1955 EC C:11 M:100 Y:50 K:47

PANTONE 202 EC C:10 M:100 Y:61 K:50

PANTONE® Colors displayed here may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color. PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. © Pantone, Inc., 2005. All rights reserved. Hardcopies of PANTONE Color Charts and reproductions thereof MAY NOT BE SOLD in any form. Pantone, Inc. is not responsible for any modifications made to such Charts which have not been approved by Pantone, Inc.

EC = four-color EURO (process) simulations of solid colors Coated (stock)

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