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Miscellaneous expressions A.


I must see about/to arrangements for the conference. [deal with] They've gone to see Jim off at the airport. [go with someone about to set off on a journey] It's easy to see through his behavior. [not be deceived by] It's sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. [get a clear view of the whole of something because of districting details] Do you think you could see your way to lending me a fiver? [feel it was possible to] I must be seeing things. [having hallucinations]



I ran into an old friend yesterday. [met unexpectedly] Her patience has run out. [come to an end] Let's run over the plans again. [review] The children have run me off my feet today. [kept me so busy that I'm exhausted] She runs the business while he looks after the children. [manages / has overall responsibility for] How often do the trains run? [go]



There was a very large turnout at the concert. [number of people who came] She turned down their offer of promotion. [refused] Who do you think turned up last night? [made an appearance, often unexpectedly]

I'm going to turn over a new leaf this year. [make a fresh start] It's your turn to do the washing-up. [It's your duty this time because I did it last time] turn. [a favour]



He has been let down so many times in the past. [disappointed] He won't let us into the secret. [tell us] I hope the rain lets up soon. [becomes less strong] Let go of the rope. [stop holding] Please let me be. [stop bothering me] She let it slip that she had been given a pay rise. [mentioned accidentally or casually]



The car broke down again this morning. [stopped working] There isn't going to be a wedding - they have broken off their engagement. [ended] Burglars broke into our house while we were on holiday. [forcibly entered] I'm dreading breaking the news to him. [telling him the news] He has broken her heart. [made her deeply unhappy] The athlete broke the record for the 1000 metres. [created a new record]

Exercises Exercise 1

Let's run

(1) the plans for tomorrow's disco just once more. First, I must see (2) the food arrangements while you make sure that none of the equipment is likely

to break

(3). I don't imagine that many people will turn

(4) until late but

Nick and Jill have promised to come early to help us and I’m sure they won't let us (5) even though Jill let it

(6) the other day that they thinking of breaking

(7) their engagement.

Exercise 2 1. Why does she let herself be deceived by him. (see) 2. I met Jack by chance at the station yesterday. (run) 3. I cooked the dinner yesterday. It's up to you to do it today. (turn) 4. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw a “monkey in the garden”. (see) 5. I wish you'd stop bothering me. (let) 6. He told us in secret that they were planning to break into the house. (let) 7. An enormous crowd came to hear the Prime Minister speak. (turn) 1 Why doesn't she see through him? 2 I ran into Jack at the station yesterday. 3 I cooked the dinner yesterday. It's your turn (to do it) today. 4 I thought I was seeing things when I saw a monkey in the garden. 5 I wish you'd let me be. 6 He let us into the secret that they were planning to break into the house. 7 An enormous crowd turned out to hear the Prime Minister speak. Exercise 3 1. If the snow doesn't let up soon... 2. A person who cannot see the wood for the trees does not make a good... 3. Halfway up the mountain he let go... 4. Although the turnout for the meeting was not large... 5. He felt terribly let down when... 6. She didn't turn up... 7. I’m afraid we've run out... 8. He asked if I could see my way... Possible answers: 1 ...the village will be cut off.

2 ...manager. 3 ...of the rope and fell into a crevasse. 4 ...those who came were very enthusiastic. 5 ...she refused to help him. 6 ...until the party was nearly over. 7 ...of sugar. 8 letting him sleep on my floor.

Exercise 4 1. Have you ever turned down an offer or invitation that you later regretted? 2. Have you ever had problems because of something (a vehicle or a piece of equipment, perhaps) breaking down at an inconvenient time? What happened? 3. Who really runs the country, in your opinion? 4. Have you done anyone a good turn today? If so, what did you do? 5. Which record would you roost like to break? 6. Do you think it is possible for someone's heart: to be broken? 7. Have you ever resolved to turn over a new leaf? In what way(s)? 8. Have you any particular jobs that you must see tĐž today? If so, what? 9. Has your home ever been broken into? What happened? Some possible answers: 1 I very much regret turning down an opportunity to work in Greece. 2 A train I was on once broke down making me terribly late for an important interview. 3 Big business runs the country as much as government, in my opinion. 4 I did an old lady a good turn when I helped her to get on the bus. 5 I'd like to break a ski-jumping record. 6 I'm sure it is possible for someone's heart to be broken. 7 Every New Year I resolve to turn over a new leaf -1 decide to reply to all my letters promptly and to be generally much more organised. 8 I have to see to some shopping today. 9 My own home has never been broken into but a friend's house was once when I was staying with her.

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