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João Pessoa

João Pessoa its know as the "Gate of the Sun", due to the fact that is the most eastern point of the Americas, hence, where the sun rises first! It’s your best option if you want to get away from all the madness from big cities, and just expend your time in a very relaxed beach-vibe city!

Location /


João Pessoa is located at the coast of the state of Paraíba, in the northeast of Brazil.

Weather /


The city's climate is hot and humid, the intertropical type, with average annual temperatures of 26 ° C.

Cost of Living /

Custos de Vida

You can get this information here, but João Pessoa has a lower cost of living than other capitals.

JoĂŁo Pessoa is here

City Attractions / Atracciones de la Ciudad

Centro Histórico João Pessoa was founded in 1585, therefore, one of the oldest cities in Brazil! At Centro Histórico you’ll find ancient houses and churches!

Ponta do Seixas Here you’ll find the most eastern point of the Americas! And also, get to know our Estação Ciência designed by the famous brazilian architecture, Oscar Niemeyer.

Areia Vermelha It’s the perfect spot if you like nature and would like to see our corals and all kinds of little fishes! This little island rises just for a few hours everyday!

“I was here” Patricia Moran

from Paraguay

When I finished college, I thought about which way to go, I wanted to do something different, learn new things, always following my desire to know another part of the world. I thought that just being a doctor or nurse was the only way to help. Until I found AIESEC and the Smarketing project, I looked at the photos of Joao Pessoa and fell in love and didn’t hesitate to apply . I met friends from all over the world , I learned to speak a new language , I challenged myself, I lived a different reality, I learned to appreciate the things I have and stop complaining about little things , and that I could do something for others, and most importantly to me, I won a new family. Since I made my Exchange, I’m not indifferent to the things that happen around me and I turned an AIESEC volunteer in Paraguay . Perform my volunteering in Joao Pessoa was one of the most important things that happened in my life.

The project Gira Mundo proposes the opportunity to work directly with actions that multiply awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Working in connection with the target 17 - Partnership for the goals, the project challenges participants to recognize and benefit from their realities with specific and simple actions that multiply knowledge among all involved.



Sobre El proyecto de Gira Mundo propone la oportunidad de trabajar directamente con las acciones que se multiplican conciencia sobre los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas para el año 2030. Trabajo en relación con la meta de 17 Asociación para los objetivos, el proyecto desafía a los participantes a reconocer y beneficiarse de sus realidades con acciones específicas y simples que se multiplican los conocimientos entre todos los involucrados.

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Un proyecto que trabaja con las mayores necesidades de una NGO: el marketing y administración. El Smarketing fue desarrollado para restaurar y ayudar a las NGOs brasileñas para establecer una planificación operativa en condiciones de contribuir a la mejora y ampliar la promoción social. El proyecto trabaja para la realización de las actividades programadas con la NGO, la promoción de estrategias de marketing, recursos humanos y financieros. .

The project has been enhanced to meet the main needs of NGOs, the Smarketing project works with management and marketing, reaching the various local growth opportunities through consulting and operational activities on site. Each stage of the project is linked to a development goal in the NGO.

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Benefits Beneficios Acommodation

Two Meals


Integration Events

Arrival PickUp

Global Village

Exchange Particpant Responsabilities Responsabilidad del Participante de Intercambio Finish all the project activities on time Attend working hours and additional events

(Learning Seminars, Global Villages and Integration Events)

Respect the rules of the accommodation Send tickets to AIESEC member at least 2 weeks before departure

Payment of the Exchange Fee (US$45,00)

Come and

Contact Contacto Yalle Carvalho Local Comittee President (& current VP iGV) +55 83 99968-5516

Vicente Neto

Gira Mundo Project Manager

+55 83 99955-5263

KĂŠzia Alves

Smarketing Project Manager +55 83 99801-0317

AIESEC in JoĂŁo Pessoa

Booklet - JOÃO PESSOA  
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