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Mass Profit Business Opportunity, what is it? This new business is an ideal add on, or to compliment your new web site business. Simply, it will create a custom web page that it then adds as a sub domain to your web site. It is computer software that scourers, two of the biggest affiliate web sites: ClickBank and Amazon. For their biggest selling items, from five different popular niches, at the specific time that you look, so you do not get what the biggest selling products were last week, but now. Once it finds this product on ClickBank it will then search Amazon for complimentary products to sell along side it. The software then creates a web page around these two products, inserts a link with your affiliate details already encoded. Then it will optimise the page for search engines by adding all relevant keywords and tags. It then adds this new page to Your Web Site as a sub-domain. The promoter, Mel. Bibens, claims that if you spend two minutes a day doing this it will give you an incredible average earning per day of $463.34, or 296.25, or Ă‚â‚Ź354.40* per day. Note that ClickBank will not let them promote this, unless they can demonstrate their claim. This is especially, an ideal kick-start to any new internet business. You owe it to yourself to read my free newsletter and at least watch the official video, which is narrated by Mel Bibens himself. There is a link for more information via my newsletter at the end of this article. Who is behind this? Before you commit yourself to this or indeed, any opportunity and why you should trust in it. It is only natural that you would want to know something about the products creator, actually, it's 'creators' as they are a husband and wife team. Here then is some of the background of the creators. Melford and Concetta Bibens have been in Internet marketing for years now, developing top quality products covering many niches. These products include Cash Making Power Sites, Diabetes Control Made Easy, Healthy Heart Lifestyle, Tax Made Easy and Top Secret Ad Secrets. After gaining much experience by working in many businesses, they moved into Internet Marketing, which brought many changes to their life. Primarily it gave them financial freedom, the likes of which they had never had before. Now, together with a team of programmers. They bring you software to search for the most popular product, at that moment, and create you a web page to promote that product. Then put that web page on your web site for you. So, What Is It All About? Look what Melford and Concetta Bibens say about their system themselves:

"The system give you a piece of software that will produce an affiliate site for you promoting that most profitable trending product! You don't have to research the marketplace, chose a niche, design a page...hell you don't have to think!!!...Our software will determine what the best product is to promote that very second across five different niches! We've hired a programming team that has built us a piece of software that can produce affiliate sites loaded with fresh content (did someone say TRAFFIC) each and every day! Not only that, Your brand new site will also pull off pertinent products in the niche from Amazon and advertise those with your affiliate ID built in! So, that's how it'll get the inside scoop on the hottest trending products in Clickbank AND Amazon, then our software produces an affiliate page that gets constant fresh content! Well, I'm excited too..." How does it work? The software shows you what the current, fastest selling products are on ClickBank and Amazon. All that you need to do is enter your ClickBank ID and the software will check with ClickBank to determine what is the best product to promote in five different niches. Your new mass profit site then registers ClickBank and Amazon products with your affiliate ID and automatically insert them into your new website page. So any clicks through your site will be attributed to you. You get fresh SEO updated content daily, promoting new fast selling products. You then automatically get commissions from both your ClickBank and Amazon sales. The software will also update your new page weekly for search engine prominence. Why update weekly? Search engines are always looking for sites that regularly update, it means an active site rather than a dead site. What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, which means that, it has attached to the file keywords and meta tags. These let the search engine crawlers know exactly what your site or page is, and also the keywords will direct people who search for your keywords on the search engine page. This enabling people to see your site and thus click the link to your web page. What's In It For Me? There is no need to do market or product research as the software chooses products that are already top sellers. There is no product to purchase or refunds or returns to worry about. No working out what niche to work in and no Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to worry about. Why would I want to go for It?

It adds an extra item for your portfolio and a stand alone item that can bring in an income, long after the page was created. Apart from logging in each day to create a new page there is nor work to do. The promoters state about two minutes per day. It is all done for you. Why would I not go with it? The only disadvantage that I can see is that others will be advertising the same product as you. But that is the same in all walks of life, no matter what you do, someone else, somewhere will be doing the same. Don't forget anyway, that the software selects the fastest selling product at the moment you log in. Some one else logging in ten minutes after you could easily get different products. Your page will always be there while there is a demand for your product and the promoter states that they will be restricting their customers numbers to avoid saturation. Anyway, you get a new product and new page every time that you sign on. How Much Does It Cost? $97, that is 62.02 or Ă‚â‚Ź74.19 * *The currency conversion was done at the time of writing and will vary daily.

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