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You know all that great music and those favorite videos you love to download to your computer? And those attachments that come with emails from your favorite contacts? How about those new hardware devices you just purchased to replace the old, out dated ones? All this activity comes with software instructions and information that you add to the registry on your computer. This is the central database location where all the important data is stored for your computer to access as it runs. If there are unused or old entries in the system, this can affect your computer's performance. You will need to do a registry repair to correct this. A clogged registry is one of the main reasons for Windows error messages, corruption of data and system crashes. Leftover entries such as ActiveX Controls, file extensions, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, shared DLLs, application paths, file extensions and the like will adversely affect your system. A registry repair is the process to organize and clean the useless data to optimize performance and avoid problems. If you frequently install and uninstall programs, these leftovers could be hanging out in the registry. Also, Spyware can leave these menacing little entries. Even something as simple as an unused driver you have not deleted can add to the problem. Registry repair software is available from several companies. There continues to be some debate as to the effectiveness of these items. They are supposed to scan your system, detect the invalid entries and you can choose to fix them. If your computer is just in normal use, you will have these type entries. The discussions among those in the know are based on the effectiveness of these software packages. Several computer savvy people and companies have done testing on the claims and have arrived at some preliminary results. These entities have tested registry repair software packages on such criteria as speed of scan, number of errors found, actual changes made, and computer performance improvement. The results seem to point to RegistryFix as the overall best performer in the categories. Other software such as Master Fix Repair and RegCure had high scores in various individual categories. These findings seem to indicate that all software is not equal to the tasks at hand, so do your homework before purchasing any of them. Most importantly though, it will assist your computer's performance and stability to have a clean registry.

Maxwell Hoeyberghs runs the website CleanupUrPC where he tries out and reviews the most wellknown REGISTRY REPAIR TOOLS available on the internet. In an easy overview you can pick out which REGISTRY REPAIR TOOL suits your needs!

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==== ==== Fix, Clean & Speedup Your PC !!! ==== ====

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