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The 12 Month Internet Millionaire, is a new 6 hour interview and pdf transcript between publisher Russell Brunson and self-made millionaire Vince James. Vince James started from basically nothing (only a couple thousand dollars), and churned that into over $77 million dollars in just one year. What would you do with the extra thousands of dollars per month you could earn when you implement these highly effective marketing secrets into your online business? 12 Month Millionaire contains tips and tactics that you can apply to your business today that most people wouldn't even think of. Of course, anyone with an online business would be interested in knowing how they could use these techniques to make even 1% of what Vince James managed to make a month. The 12 Month Internet Millionaire has some fantastic ideas from the get go. This product is one of those shocking eye-openers with solid information at a highly affordable price. The 12 Month Millionaire actually had much more valuable information than I was expecting. If it offends you to learn from someone who is an ex-con and lost $48 million dollars because of their mistakes, then this may not be the course for you. However, Vince will show you exactly what he did wrong and how he was able to recoup millions of dollars. Will you be a millionaire after buying and listening to this product? Everyone knows there are no real "get-rich-quick-schemes." Although, if you implore the techniques and concepts set forth, the sky is the limit. The 12 Month Internet Millionaire can give you the secrets that allowed a regular 28 year-old guy to become filthy rich, you are the one who has to put things in motion. The transcript then goes into great detail about direct mail marketing. The 12 Month Millionaire is definitely worth reading if you are interested in marketing your business in a different way. The marketing concepts Vince exposes in this manual are the same ones that he used to build his own multi-million dollar direct marketing empire. We sometimes forget that internet marketing must be based on the sound principles of direct response marketing. In essence, direct mail marketing can be accomplished both online and offline. Despite how many people react and response to direct marketing offers, businesses still keep on sending them out because it is a very effective part of an overall marketing strategy. The places, publications, and lists you use to distribute your direct marketing will greatly effect your income and ROI (return on investment). Vince goes over exactly how he marketed his business to make $100 million in only 23 months. This book contains some of the most powerful marketing secrets that I have ever seen revealed. His no nonsense approach has not only opened my eyes to more business opportunities, as well as save me time and money. Vince James also goes over how to implement his techniques into an online business. He was able to rake in $800,000 a month online without a website, advertising, or eBay. That should interest anyone who wants to expand or start an online business. The interview reveals that if you combine offline advertising strategies with online strategies, you can generate more leads and grow your business much faster. How many corporations do you know of who do not have an online presence? Same thing goes for online ventures. You can accumulate more wealth when

you expand into the offline world. If you take the time to learn the tactics in 12 Month Internet Millionaire, they can help you achieve ultimate success. The 12 Month Millionaire is an essential tool for anyone serious about direct mail marketing or marketing in general. Go on the incredible 6 hour journey of Vince James and how he made over $100 million dollars in under two years. So, to clear things up that Vince James and his project are on the level, think about taking your online business offline, if you want to maximize your profitability. The 12 Month Internet Millionaire is well worth looking into, if you are interested in marketing your business differently and achieving wealth.

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==== ==== Work From Home Be The Next Internet Millionaire ==== ====

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