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If you are using PDF Creator to create your PDFs, for your paperless office or other endeavors, you will want to know how to set up the security features. I think you will understand why I like this part so much after you see what you can do! Here is how you set up security when using PDF Creator. 1.Click Start 2.Go to Programs 3.Select "PDF Creator" 4.Then select Security A window with an extensive list of options will pop up. Your first option will be to "Add security to generated PDF documents." If you wish to apply any of the security settings, this box will need to be checked. You will be able to specify passwords to both open the document and to change the permissions and passwords on documents. You do this by clicking the check box next to these options. You will also be able to choose your level of encryption (either 40-bit RC4 or 128-bit RC4). You will also get the following options: 1.No printing 2.No changing the document 3.No content copying or extraction, disable Accessibility. 4.No adding or changing Comments and Form Fields. By choosing any of these options you will keep people from being able to do things to your document that you don't want them to. The peace of mind this gives me with having my documents on my PC is priceless. These security features are also very popular among E-Book developers. Utilizing PDF Creator you can easily apply iron clad protection to all of your PDF documents.

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==== ==== Convert Document To PDF ==== ====

How To Set Up PDF Creator Security