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Attention deficit disorder is a disorder that occurs mostly to children under the age of seven years. However, it is estimated that this neurological disorder also affects about 2% to 4% of global adult population. The condition is rarely diagnosed in adults, although experts assert that there are many adult cases as there are many cases diagnosed in children. There are several explanations that readily discuss why the volume of cases between the two age groups varies. Take note that attention deficit disorder is a life-long disorder. Children diagnosed with the condition may seem to outgrow it when they reach eight years old until puberty. But in truth, according to experts, most of those children never really let go of the syndrome. Such children only tend to mature and increase their coping mechanisms to the syndrome. Adults with attention deficit disorder somehow develop new abilities and skills to compensate for their disability to retain focus. Such skills are rarely successfully instilled in such individuals. However, experts say that the usual manifestations and conditions of attention deficit disorder in children are exactly the same as those exhibited in children. It may be true, but most of the time, those manifestations are not apparent. Adoptive behavior is natural in people, especially in adults. As each individual matures, they develop new behavior and skills that help them cope up with the environment. People also learn from the many situations they get involved with. Attention deficit disorder in children Attention deficit disorder is more prevalent in children because diagnoses are easily conducted on them. Parents easily seek professional help and assistance when they notice that their children are exhibiting symptoms of the disorder. It is estimated that about 2% to 5% of children in the United States alone have attention deficit disorder. Globally the estimated rate among the population for children is almost the same. Often, many parents do not easily recognize the attention deficit disorder symptoms. Sometimes, some parents think that the rowdy and hyperactive behavior of their children are only natural phases that children take. If the behavior tends to become worse overtime, and as the children do not exhibit some form of maturity, that is the only time the parents recognize the possibility that their children might have attention deficit disorder.

It is interesting to note that attention deficit disorder is more prevalent among boys than in girls. There is no ready and acceptable explanation for the occurrence yet, although experts say that it may be due to the slower physical and mental maturity among boys. Some also relate the rowdy and bully nature of boys to the observation. The hyperactive characteristics of attention deficit disorder are almost the same as the overflow of energy among playful young boys. This is really an area of concern. Attention deficit disorder among adults As mentioned earlier, attention deficit disorder also affects adults as much as it affects children. However, it is logically established that the disorder does not abruptly occur in adults. Usually, adults with attention deficit disorder have been experiencing the syndrome since their childhood days. Adults with the disorder are characterized by lack of focus on the activities they do. These individuals tend to be more impulsive, disorganized and easily distracted. Like their child counterparts, these adults also find difficulty completing tasks and tend to procrastinate more. Such adults also experience restlessness especially during night time, before going to bed, because they are too preoccupied by a lot of things and ideas. They always lack concentration and always find it hard to learn new skills. Although the rowdiness may be controlled as they grew and matured physically and mentally through the years, there is still an apparent impatience and impulsiveness. Thus, they seem to be moody and war-freaks. Many adults have attention deficit disorder. However, some of these adults do not even know that they have it. Meanwhile, others may clearly know that they may have acquired the disorder, but dismissed the options for professional treatment or assistance. To these adults, what is important is that they are still productive members of the society. They may have already built families of their own and may have landed lucrative jobs and positions in the society. If you are one of them, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember, attention deficit disorder is not a disease, but is an inborn occurrence. What is important is that you are well and the disorder has not affected your overall growth as a responsible individual.

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==== ==== Attention Deficit Disorder ==== ====

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