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no boundaries: a series of global performances

Festival of

international dance at Yale

world performance project at yale Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


James Bundy, Artistic Director / Victoria Nolan, Managing Director and


Joseph Roach, Principal Investigator / Emily Coates, Artistic Director present THE

Festival of

international dance at Yale

YASMEEN GODDER Singular Sensation

OPIYO OKACH No Man’s Gone Now and

territories in transgression: border border express

YVONNE RAINER RoS Indexical and

Spiraling Down

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WELCOME On behalf of World Performance Project at Yale and Yale Repertory Theatre, we are pleased to welcome you to No Boundaries: A Series of Global Performances. Our season offers an extraordinary spectrum of dance, theatre, and performance from around the globe, celebrating the diversity of voices and experiences in today’s world. The common thread running throughout the series is the artists’ ability to explore and transform the boundaries of theatrical innovation. The Festival of International Dance at Yale brings together three internationally acclaimed choreographers: Israel’s Yasmeen Godder, Kenya’s Opiyo Okach, and the US’s Yvonne Rainer. These artists represent the cutting edge of dance and push the limits of their art form. Of the five pieces that will be shown this week, three are US premieres and one a world premiere. In January, acclaimed spoken-word artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph will take us on a journey across the globe in the break/s, a unique fusion of poetry, dance, film, and music. With virtuosic skill, he performs the living—and still evolving—history of hip-hop culture. Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s work has been embraced in America and abroad, and we are delighted to introduce him to you. And in March, we welcome the Colombian theatre collective Mapa Teatro for the US premiere of Witness to the Ruins. Mapa Teatro spent five years documenting the razing of Santa Inés-El Cartucho, one of the most ancient and emblematic neighborhoods of downtown Bogotá. In a performance that blurs the boundaries between documentary and drama, Mapa Teatro tells the story of this community before and after its destruction; the sights, sounds, and even smells of daily life surround the audience as we witness the disappearance of El Cartucho. We hope that your experience does not end when you leave the theatre tonight. No Boundaries offers a variety of related programs, all free and open to the public. From workshops to panel discussions to lectures to post-show talk backs, we are committed to giving our audiences unique access to the artists we bring to New Haven—opportunities both to see the work on stage and to discuss the work with the creators themselves. Thank you for joining us at this performance. We look forward to sharing the entire No Boundaries season with you as we host some of the world’s most inventive and thought-provoking artists. Sincerely,

Joseph Roach, Principal Investigator World Performance Project at Yale

Emily Coates, Artistic Director World Performance Project at Yale

James Bundy, Artistic Director Yale Repertory Theatre

Festival of

International Dance at Yale

Highlighting the overlapping and divergent concerns of contemporary dance practices around the globe, the Festival of International Dance at Yale provokes the question: “What power does movement have today?” Yasmeen Godder, Opiyo Okach, and Yvonne Rainer answer this question by showing us that the form of movement par excellence is dance, an art that has a lingua franca of its own, able to move across boundaries or outside of them.

A leading pioneer of postmodern dance, Yvonne Rainer blasted through conventional hierarchies to expand the possibilities of the art form: movement could range from virtuosic to pedestrian, include everyday objects and text, and challenge the audience’s attention in ways unimagined by the titans of modern dance. Where Rainer and her contemporaries opened up space, younger artists such as Yasmeen Godder and Opiyo Okach charged in.

Hailing from Israel, Kenya, and the US, the artists featured in the Festival create their work locally, absorbing and commenting upon the culture of their home countries, while circulating internationally. This global circulation— via invitations from performing arts venues, festivals, and universities— amounts to a diaspora of ideas expressed through movement. Complementing the performances themselves, No Boundaries is hosting a series of workshops, panel discussions, and talk backs which allow Yale students and the greater New Haven community to engage directly with the artists throughout the week.

Shared techniques are visible here; though in the case of these artists, they lead to very different outcomes. One can see in Godder’s Singular Sensation glimmers of Rainer’s inclusiveness: the elevation of everyday objects and the replacement of narrative with an equally dramatic, nonlinear arc. Rainer’s Spiraling Down and Okach’s No Man’s Gone Now both incorporate text, insisting that meaning lies not in the words or movement separately but in their interplay. Most crucially, Godder, Okach, and Rainer share a profound belief in dance-as-polemics. Movement here argues social and political urgencies in a form unlike any other.

While the works presented here were created in diverse locations over the past five years, they nonetheless trace a genealogy of influence dating back to the groundbreaking accomplishments of American postmodern dance and Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater in the 1960s.

By assembling such disparate works, we ask audiences to consider—in real time and space—dance’s full expressive register: humorous, meditative, incensed, ironic, tender. In short, these works represent the spectrum of what it means to be human in the twenty-first century.

N ovember 1 1 and 1 2 at 7 P M

SINGULAR SENSATION concept, direction, and choreography by Yasmeen Godder Dancers INBAL ALONI SHULI ENOSH TSUF ITSCHAKY ILAYA SHALIT ERAN SHANNY Dramaturg Scenic Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Music Editing


Music Random Inc. & Tim Hecker Throbbing Gristle “Industrial Introduction” taken from The Second Annual Report (Mute) Panda Porn “Rarity No. 1” and “Rarity No. 5” taken from Rarities (Woolwung Records) “Hibernating” taken from Hibernating (Woolwung Records) Rona Geffen “requiem part 1 re-edit” Ziv Jacob “Frühstück” and “Syncope” taken from DOT (TEDERMUSIC) Gabi Lala “Banana”

Administration and Production Production Assistance Photography Graffiti Graphic Design Public Relations



Special Thanks Dina Aldor The running time for Singular Sensation is approximately one hour. Please join us for a talk back immediately following the performance.

photo by tamar lamm

In this hyper-informed self-conscious world, Singular Sensation attempts to find a way of stopping and sensing, despite—and in spite of—the ego-driven self. This desire exposes our different ways of approaching the search: from the plasticized and artificial all the way to the “authentic,” if such exists. The desire to please oozes out through the performers as they search for a singular sensation. The world created on stage is one of five individuals pushing the boundaries of their own numbness.

biographies YASMEEN GODDER was born in Israel and moved to New York City in 1984. After graduating from New York University, she began presenting her work at different New York venues, including Dance Theater Workshop. In 1999, Godder moved back to Israel, where she has created many works, including Hall (2001), Sudden Birds (2002), Two Playful Pink (2003), Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder (2004), I’m Mean, I Am (2006) and Singular Sensation (2008). Her works are presented regularly at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv and have received international acclaim with performances at Lincoln Center Festival, Tokyo International Arts Festival, HAU in Berlin, and The Place in London. Godder is the recipient of many prizes including the Bessie Dance and Performance Award, the Israeli Ministry of Culture Choreographer Awards, and since 2004 has been a Chosen Artist of the IcExcellence Foundation. The Yasmeen Godder Studio recently opened in Jaffa and serves as a home for all of her activities.

INBAL ALONI worked as a dancer and creator at the Vertigo Dance Company under the direction of Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al (1998-2003) and managed the company’s dance school (2002). She has participated in the international improvisation project by Emmanuel Grivet and has danced with the companies of Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak (2004) and Noa Dar’s Group (2005-06). Ms. Aloni has worked with the improvisation ensemble Octet since 2006. In 2007, she began working with Yasmeen Godder performing in Sudden Birds and participated in the creation of Singular Sensation.

SHULI ENOSH worked with choreographer Shai Gottesman in Hora Jerusalem Dance Group (1998-2006), which represented Israel in international folk festivals and concerts worldwide. She is the recipient of the Sharet Scholarships Program Award for Outstanding Dancers by the America-Israel Culture Foundation (2004-2006). In 2006, Shuli worked with the Noah’s Ark Dance Group and with choreographer Dafi Altabeb. She began working with Yasmeen Godder in 2007 as an understudy in Sudden Birds and participated in the creation of Singular Sensation.

ITZIK GIULI, playwright, director, actor, and dramaturg, studied acting and theatre at Circle in the Square and The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. Upon his return to Israel, he has acted at the Haifa Theater; Beit Lessin Theater; and the National Theater, Habima. His first full-length play Sometimes Elephants Pass Here (2001) won the Best Play at the Akko Fringe Theater Festival. Birth Marks (2004), his second full-length play, was presented at the Tmuna Theater in Tel-Aviv. Mr. Giuli is the dramaturg and artistic adviser for all of Yasmeen Godder’s works and is the founder of Search Engine, a contemporary center for actor training in Jaffa.

TSUF ITSCHAKY was a dancer in the MUZA Dance Company (2004-2006), performing in works by Yosi Tamim. In 2006, he received the Sharet Scholarships Program Award for Outstanding Dancers by the America-Israel Culture Foundation. Since 2006, Tsuf has worked as a dancer-creator with choreographers Sahar Azimi, Noa Shadur, Niv Sheinfeld, and Oren Laor. He began working with Yasmeen Godder in 2007 and participated in the creation of Singular Sensation.

ILAYAH SHALIT has danced with the Batsheva Ensemble, performing the repertoire of Ohad Naharin, and with the Noa Dar Dance Company. Since 2004, she has worked with Renana Raz Dance Group. She is the recipient of the Ester and Dr. R. Eli Foundation Scholarship of Excellence and the Israeli Ministry of Culture Award for Outstanding Performer in Dance (2002 and 2006). She has been working with Yasmeen Godder since 2007, performing in I Feel Funny Today and Aleena’s Wall, and participated in the creation of Singular Sensation.

ERAN SHANNY danced with Batsheva Ensemble (2003-2005), performing the repertoire of Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, and Arkadi Zaides, and choreographed Wallpapers and I Want to See the Back of My Neck there. He is the recipient of the Sharet Scholarships Program Award for Outstanding Dancers by the America-Israel Culture Foundation (2004). Since 2005, he has worked with Yasmeen Godder, performing in Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder and I Feel Funny Today, and participated in the creation of I’m Mean, I Am and Singular Sensation.

N ovember 1 1 and 1 2 at 9 P M

no man’s gone now and

territories in transgression: border border express no man’s gone now performed by OPIYO OKACH choreography, text, and soundscape by

JULYEN HAMILTON Costume Designer Lighting Designer


Music Jacques Foscia, Micheal Moore, Alex Maguire, Benat Achiary, Kent Carter, David Holmes No Man’s Gone Now was created for the Festival Avignon 2003 within the SACD program Vif du Sujet.

Special Thanks L’Animal a l’Esquina, Centre National de la Danse

territories in transgression: border border express choreographed and performed by

OPIYO OKACH Musician Lighting Designer

ALEJANDRO OLARTE CLÉMENT GOGUILLOT with the artistic collaboration of Maryse Gautier

Border Border Express, a piece within the series Territories in Transgression, premiered at La Comète Scène Nationale on November 6, 2008. It was produced by Gaàra Projects, in association with the Ford Foundation (Nairobi), Culturesfrance (Afrique en créations), Zéli et Compagnie (France), and Dunia (France). The running time for No Man’s Gone Now and Border Border Express, which will be performed consecutively, is 75 minutes including a transition. Please join us for a talk back immediately following the performance.

photo by laurent philippe

Through a long-term choreographic initiative, Opiyo Okach has encouraged the development of new perspectives and vocabularies in dance from East Africa. No Man’s Gone Now was created for the Vif du Sujet at the Festival Avignon 2003. Created with choreographer Julyen Hamilton, the piece uses two of Mr. Okach’s key choreographic tools: improvisation and instant composition. Each performance is a new creation, in symbiosis with the moment and place. The choreographic project Territories in Transgression explores the territorial boundaries and frameworks which enable us to make sense of ourselves, the world, and our place in it. The solo Border Border Express takes its inspiration from the hundreds of bicycles that criss-cross the Kenyan-Ugandan border in Busia. Transistor radios blare greetings, funeral announcements, James Brown, The Beatles, Congolese rumba, Radio Moscow, sounds of London and Washington, and the rumblings of the Revolutionary People’s Republic.

Biographies OPIYO OKACH received his training at the Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theater in London. Since his return to Kenya in 1995, Mr. Okach has created several dance works including Cleansing, Rituals of the Rock, Dilo, Abila, Free Figures, Accords Perdus, shift…centre…, and Take It Away. Opiyo has toured extensively around the globe and performed in France, Germany, Spain, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Zanzibar, Belgium, and Italy. His work has received numerous international awards including the Prix du Nouveau Talent Chorégraphiques, Prince Claus Award for Culture and Development, and the Prix du Rencontres Chorégraphiques Africaines. Currently the Artistic Director for both the first contemporary dance company in Kenya—La Compagnie Gàara—as well as the Gàara Dance Foundation, Opiyo remains a leading figure in Eastern African choreography. Using ever-evolving combinations of traditional movement, ritual, performance improvisation, and instant composition, Mr. Okach’s work is inspired by the mythology of nomadic ethnic groups in Eastern Africa and touches on the relationships between identity, space, and perception.

JULYEN HAMILTON was trained in London in the mid-70s. One of Europe’s foremost improvisers, he has performed in many group configurations, creating solo and collaborative work all over the world, as well as directing the Julyen Hamilton Company throughout Europe. The Company develops dance for the theatre where dancers and a lighting designer are directed to compose pieces instantly, a process of practicing improvisation in rehearsal and in the moment of performance. In 1984 he was awarded the “Zilveren Dansprij” by the VSCD in Holland. Since 1980, he has performed with live musicians including Barre Phillips, Fred Frith, Le Quan Ninh, Alfred Spirli, and Micha Mengelberg. His solo 40 MONOLOGUES premiered in England in 1995, subsequently followed by his solo Suite. He is regularly invited to teach in major training centers throughout the world.

N ovember 1 4 and 1 5 at 7 P M


SPIRALING DOWN choreography by

YVONNE RAINER ros Indexical commissioned by PERFORMA and DOCUMENTA world premiere: documenta 12, kassel, august 2007

Dancers PAT CATTERSON* EMILY COATES PATRICIA HOFFBAUER KEITH SABADO SALLY SILVERS Choreographic Assistant Scenic Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Stage Manager Sound Engineer


Music Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring as reproduced for the soundtrack of Riot at the Rite, courtesy of BBC.

Extras Rebecca Arzoian, Tamar Ettun, Ariel Franks, Matthew Gaffney, Camila Garcia, Felix Gregoire, Rajini Haraksingh, Zara Kessler, Jennifer Lin, Maria Lonetti, Catherine Lord, Liane Membris, Greg Mouning, Elle Ramel, Stephanie Rosenthal, Ana Saiyed, Anika Schwarzwald, Alyssa Simmons, Eliza Kelley Smith, Arun Storrs RoS Indexical was created in part during a residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, which was made possible by a gift from James Duffy in memory of Martha Duffy.

Special Thanks RoseLee Goldberg and PERFORMA, Documenta 12, Ilona Halberstadt, Isaac Julien, Esa Nickle, Lana Wilson, Sara Dufour, Baryshnikov Dance Foundation, Charles Silver, and The Museum of Modern Art Film Department.

Spiraling Down Commissioned by the J.

Paul Getty Museum, Getty Research Institute, and World Performance Project at Yale Dancers PAT CATTERSON* EMILY COATES PATRICIA HOFFBAUER KEITH SABADO SALLY SILVERS Music Consultant Lighting Designer Stage Manager Sound Engineer


Sound and Movement Resources, Sources, References, and Inspirations Fred Astaire, Sarah Bernhardt, John Bottomley, Carolyn Brown, Merce Cunningham, Ideen Catterson, Pat Catterson, Cyd Charisse, Anna Chirescu, Emily Coates, Jared Diamond, Barbara Dilley, Viola Farber, Harun Farocki, Mané Garrincha, Caryn Heilman, Patricia Hoffbauer, Dong Jun, Gene Kelly, Melanie King, Alla Kudryavtseva, Steve Martin, Marcel Mauss, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Haruki Murakami, David Paterson, Steve Paxton, Elvis Presley, Vaslav Nijinsky, Pelé, Sylvia Plath, Ivan Rainer, Jeannette Rainer, Yvonne Rainer, Maurice Ravel, Jerome Robbins, Ted Shawn, Sally Silvers, Geoffrey Sonnebend, Preston Sturges, Nina Theilade, Lily Tomlin, Hannah Varga, Slavko Vorkapich, Daniel Wemp, Serena Williams, George Zoritch

Special Thanks Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Baryshnikov Dance Foundation, Laurel Kishi, Andrew Perchuck, Simon Leung, Esa Nickle, and PERFORMA The running time for RoS Indexical and Spiraling Down, which are performed consecutively, is approximately 90 minutes including a transition. *Absent from this performance.

Please join us for a talk back immediately following the performance.

photo by paula court

In the late ’90s, having exhausted the financial options that had been available to me in filmmaking, I was approached by Mikhail Baryshnikov in the nick of time to make a dance for his White Oak Dance Project. Thus, after a twenty-five year hiatus, my re-entry into choreography was launched. With the help of choreographer Pat Catterson, and subsequently Emily Coates, Patricia Hoffbauer, and Sally Silvers, we have made three dances and formed what looks like a fairly stable group (informally known as the “Raindears”). My work builds on the ’60s notion of the “pedestrian” even as it appropriates classical and previously codified idioms. How the performer “exists” in front of the spectators’ gaze is still of prime importance to me. Before that gaze one is already always performing. —yvonne rainer

BIOgraphies YVONNE RAINER was a co-founder of the Judson Dance Theater in 1962. In 1975, she made a transition to filmmaking, following a fifteen-year career as a choreographer and dancer. After making seven experimental feature films—including Lives of Performers (1972), Privilege (1990), MURDER and murder (1996)—she returned to dance in 2000 via a commission from the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation for the White Oak Dance Project. Since then she has made a video, After Many a Summer Dies the Swan: Hybrid, consisting of dance and texts dealing with art and politics in fin-de-siècle Vienna, and three dances. Both Spiraling Down and RoS Indexical, following their performances at Yale, will be presented at REDCAT in Los Angeles in June 2009. Her memoir Feelings Are Facts: A Life was published by MIT Press in 2006

PAT CATTERSON first worked with Yvonne Rainer in 1969. Since her choreographic debut at Judson Church in 1970, she has choreographed ninety-seven works. A 1996 Fulbright Scholar, she has received multiple grants from the NEA, the CAPS Program, and the Harkness and Ludwig Vogelstein Foundations. Recent commissions include Seattle Dance Project, Salt Lake’s Repertory Dance Theatre, and New York’s High School for the Performing Arts. Formerly on the faculties of Sarah Lawrence College, UCLA, the Juilliard School, and the Merce Cunningham Studio, she currently teaches at Marymount Manhattan College. Ms. Patterson is pursuing an MFA degree in Interdisciplinary Arts through Goddard College and writes for Attitude Magazine.

EMILY COATES The 1992 recipient of the School of American Ballet’s Mae L. Wein Award for Outstanding Promise, Ms. Coates was a member of the New York City Ballet for six years then joined White Oak Dance Project at the invitation of Mikhail Baryshnikov. Career highlights include three duets with Baryshnikov: Karole Armitage’s The Last Lap, Mark Morris’s The Argument, and Erick Hawkins’s Early Floating; Lucinda Childs’s Carnation; principal roles in works by George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Twyla Tharp, Trisha Brown, and Deborah Hay; and her work with Yvonne Rainer. Recent projects include Christopher Janney and Sara Rudner’s HeartBeat and co-founding MIND, a dance-theatre laboratory, with Bronwen MacArthur. Ms. Coates is a member of the Theater Studies faculty and is the Artistic Director of the World Performance Project at Yale.

PATRICIA HOFFBAUER is a dance artist/educator. Besides creating her own work, she has collaborated with writer/performer George Emilio Sanchez since 1995. As the 2002-03 Viola Farber Artists-in-Residence at Sarah Lawrence College, they created Hoc Est Corpus/This Is a Body. Their other collaborations, including The Architecture of Seeing: Remix (10th-anniversary revival, La MaMa, 2006) and Milagro (Dance Theater Workshop, 2004), have been supported by the NEA, NYFA, NYSCA, and The Rockefeller Foundation. Currently teaching at Hunter College and Princeton University, she has also taught at Sarah Lawrence, Pratt Institute, and Yale University. She started working with Yvonne Rainer in 2001 when she performed Rainer’s solo Three Seascapes.

KEITH SABADO was a member of the Mark Morris Dance Group (1984-1994), and in 1988 he received a Bessie Award for his work with that group. From 1994 to 1997, and again in 2001, he was a soloist and rehearsal director for Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project. In 2000, he performed with the Lucinda Childs Dance Company during its 25th-anniversary year. He has performed with Pearl Lang, Pauline Kroner, Hannah Kahn, Jim Self, Rosalind Newman, Richard Daniels, Johannes Wieland, Christopher Williams, Paradigm, and Yvonne Rainer; and has danced leading roles in opera productions directed by Peter Sellars and Martha Clarke. Keith teaches master classes and workshops all over the world.

SALLY SILVERS celebrated 25 years of dance making in 2005. She has performed and taught across the US and around the world. Her theoretical writing, scores, and poetry have appeared in journals including The Drama Review and Resurgent: New Writing by Women (Illinois University Press). Ms. Silvers has received support for her choreography from the NEA, the Meet the Composer/Choreographer Project (for collaborations with John Zorn and Bruce Andrews), NYFA, and the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts. A Guggenheim Fellow and Bessie Awardwinner, Ms. Silvers has co-directed the dance films, Little Lieutenant and Mechanics of the Brain, and choreographed musicals for the Sundance Theater Festival. Her new dance will premiere at P.S. 122 in 2009.

For more about No Boundaries please visit


related programs free and open to the public Talk Backs Q&A sessions with the artists will be held immediately following all performances.

Dance Workshop with Yasmeen Godder Sunday, November 9, 2-4PM Broadway Loft Studios, 294 Elm Street, 3rd Floor Dance Studio An interactive studio session with choreographer Yasmeen Godder. Open to the first 30 people to arrive on the day of the workshop. Co-Sponsored by Alliance for Dance at Yale

Dance Workshop with Opiyo Okach Monday, November 10, 2-4PM Broadway Loft Studios, 294 Elm Street, 3rd Floor Dance Studio An interactive studio session with choreographer Opiyo Okach. Open to the first 30 people to arrive on the day of the workshop. Co-Sponsored by Alliance for Dance at Yale

MOVEMENT PERFORMANCE AND DANCE THEATRE, OR, (WHERE) SHOULD THE COMMAS GO? Monday, November 10, 2008 at 5:30PM Loria Center, 190 York Street, Room 351 Peggy Phelan considers the points of contact between theatre, performance, dance, and movement in contemporary dance. Concentrating on the legacy of Judson Dance Theater on the one hand, and Pina Bausch on the other, Phelan considers the relative benefits and the possible futility of maintaining distinctions between dance, performance, theatre, and movement in contemporary art. Co-Sponsored by the Department of the History of Art at Yale



2-4pm Dance Workshop with GODDER

2-4pm Dance Workshop with OKACH 5:30PM Lecture: Peggy Phelan Movement Performance and Dance Theatre, or, (Where) Should the Commas Go?

TUE NOV 11 7pm GODDER Performance 9pm OKACH Performance


4pm Panel: Movement Age of Glob


9pm OKACH Per

Panel: Movement in the Age of Globalization Wednesday, November 12, 4PM Yale University Art Gallery, 1111 Chapel Street The three choreographers featured in the Festival of International Dance at Yale discuss a range of topics, including the diaspora of contemporary dance aesthetics and the relevance and power of movement in the age of globalization. Moderated by Thomas F. DeFrantz. Co-Sponsored by Yale University Art Gallery and African American Studies

Dance Workshop with Yvonne Rainer Friday, November 14, 10AM-12PM Broadway Loft Studios, 294 Elm Street, 3rd Floor Dance Studio An interactive studio session with choreographer Yvonne Rainer. Open to the first 30 people to arrive on the day of the workshop. Co-Sponsored by Alliance for Dance at Yale

Panel: Yvonne Rainer in the 21st Century Saturday, November 15 at 2PM Yale University Art Gallery, 1111 Chapel Street Yvonne Rainer’s recent dance works are contextualized in light of her fifty-year career in dance and film. The panel includes Yvonne Rainer; dancers Patricia Hoffbauer, Sally Silvers, Keith Sabado, and Emily Coates; and Carrie Lambert-Beatty, author of Being Watched: Yvonne Rainer and the 1960s. Moderated by Joseph Roach. Co-Sponsored by the Department of the History of Art at Yale

festival calendar

V 12

t in the balization




FRI NOV 14 10am-12pm Dance Workshop with RAINER 7pm RAINER Performance

SAT NOV 15 2pm Panel: Yvonne Rainer in the 21st Century 7pm RAINER Performance

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world performance project at yale STAFF Joseph Roach, Principal Investigator Emily Coates, Artistic Director Kathryn Krier, Production Manager Heidi McAnnally-Linz, Associate Producer THE WORLD PERFORMANCE PROJECT (WPP) promotes programs in performance studies across departments at Yale. An interdiscipline that draws from the arts, humanities, and human sciences (theater, drama, dance, visual arts, speech, linguistics, anthropology, sociology), performance studies defines as its objects cultural performances of all kinds, from theatrical presentations to rites of passage, and expands its frontiers anywhere significant performances are likely to take place, from Yorubaland to Disneyland. WPP presents performances, workshops, and lectures by artists and scholars working in dance, theater, music, performance art and cultural performance, as it assists and collaborates with departments and programs throughout the university seeking to enhance their curriculum through live performance. Affiliated with the Yale College Theater Studies Program and the Whitney Humanities Center, WPP is supported through funding provided by the Distinguished Achievement Award granted to Joseph Roach, Sterling Professor of Theater, by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. For more information about the World Performance Project please visit

www.yale.edu/wpp Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

January 16 – 18, 2009 7:00 pm (with a 2:00 pm matinée on January 17 & 18) Nick Chapel, Trumbull College 241 Elm Street

A New Production about Samuel Beckett, created by Bud Thorpe and Toni Dorfman

One of the Damned Few An Interactive Work-in-Progress about Race and Masculinity, written and performed by Gamal J. Palmer December 4 – 5, 2008 8:30 pm The Afro-American Cultural Center 211 Park Street

World Performance Project at Yale For more information and to make a reservation please visit www.yale.edu/wpp













by TOM STOPPARD from an original play by


yalerep.org 203.432.1234 T E LE TYPE O R D ER S 203 .4 3 2 .1 5 2 1 DECEMBER 13 AT 2PM







Mapa Teatro




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Cover photos

singular sensation, photo by tamar lamm.

ros indexical, photo by paula court.

no man’s gone now, photo by laurent philippe.

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Festival of International Dance  

Festival of International Dance, Yale Repertory Theatre/World Performance Project at Yale. November 9 to 15, 2008.

Festival of International Dance  

Festival of International Dance, Yale Repertory Theatre/World Performance Project at Yale. November 9 to 15, 2008.

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