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Yale Athletics

2010 –2011

Letter from the Director

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends, The conclusion of 2010-11 saw two national championships brought home to New Haven — congratulations to our Women’s Squash and Men’s Lightweight Crew Teams! In addition to these pinnacles of success, our coaches and student-athletes also won a total of seven Ivy League Championships and a record sixth year as the NCAA’s top academic performer. You can view photos of our Championship teams on the cover of this booklet. Our success, both on and off the field, exemplifies the essence of the Yale tradition and a commitment to integrity, sportsmanship, and excellence. The achievements featured in this annual review would not be possible Thomas Beckett

without the support of all friends of Yale Athletics.

More than just a landmark year in athletic performance, 2011 also marks the conclusion of the Yale Tomorrow campaign. This campaign renewed our commitment to the future of Yale Athletics by introducing new state of the art facilities, along with programmatic and coaching endowments that ensure the long-term success of our programs. It is not an understatement to say that the achievements of our teams are directly linked to the overarching success of Yale



Athletics Tomorrow. I want to personally thank those of you who took part in the campaign – your gifts have made a significant impact! While June 30, 2011 marked the official end to the Yale Tomorrow Campaign, our work here is not done – Operation Overtime for Yale Athletics starts now! As many of you know, the economic downturn has impacted budgets throughout the country and clearly here at Yale. It is our partnerships with our sport Associations, the Ray Tompkins Associates and our incredible supporters that allow us to continue to provide a world-class experience for all of our current and future Bulldogs. Operation Overtime will shift our focus from the campaign’s priorities to growing our endowments and maximizing annual use funds for our teams. In the coming fiscal year you will receive communications outlining these efforts and how you might assist through gifts to existing endowments and each of our Sport Associations. I hope you will continue the tradition of excellence that was established during the Yale Tomorrow Campaign and help ensure that the end of Operation Overtime finds Yale on top! Thank you again for all you do for Yale Athletics. I look forward to seeing you at a game at home or on the road this year. Go Bulldogs! Sincerely,


Tom Beckett

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Our Mission

Yale University offers its students a liberal education, one which has its focus on the intellectual and moral development of the individual, and which gives students a foundation for learning throughout their lives. Yale has long recognized that such an education is not fostered by its academic component alone. Part of it is constituted by those challenging and pleasurable experiences and extracurricular activities—like varsity and recreational athletics—that enable an individual to give fuller force to academic training. Goals in support of the Yale Athletics mission • Yale is strongly committed to equal opportunity, and affirmatively seeks to attract exceptionally qualified students, coaches and staff of diverse backgrounds to its ranks.

Philosophy and Objectives

Competitive Excellence • Each sport program to finish first in the Ivy League. • Prepare and maintain the athletics facilities at the highest standard of Division 1 competition; display the pride in our facilities through increased exhibition through websites and pamphlets. • Provide the highest quality and state of the art training equipment for our athletes. • Continue to identify and matriculate impact prospects. Yield 95% of the admitted candidates who receive athletic distinction. • Continue the success of the Kiphuth Leadership Academy to train students and staff in the principles of leadership; provide increased nutritional and sports psychology counseling to students and staff; continue to invite guest speakers to conduct workshops on topics of interest. • Continue to provide Ivy League championship opportunities for club sports programs. • Review, identify and streamline the use of recruiting technology. Fiscal Responsibility • Streamline and clearly define authorization process for all fiscal transactions.

• Through its commitment to competitive athletics, Yale demonstrates that learning how to strive to win, to compete with pride and honor, to make sacrifices, to persevere when all seems lost, and to develop a sense of obligation and responsibility for others are lessons which make athletics a school for accomplishment and character for the individual. • Yale requires that aspiration and achievement in competitive athletic endeavor play a proportioned role within any student’s school life. • Support of a wide range of extracurricular programs

• Provide ongoing review, communication and training for all internal and university fiscal policies and procedures. • Investigate and identify the support needs of coaching staff in processing all financial transactions. • Continue to investigate the use of one account for team revenue and expenses that combines general appropriation and association accounts. • Explore additional initiatives for cost-effective and collective bidding/purchasing (e.g., equipment, supplies, shuttle buses, recruiting technology, phones, use of existing discounts, per diems, purchasing vs. leasing, house rentals vs. hotel arrangements). • Continue to identify and establish strategies for maximum obligation of equipment through sharing and full expenditure of on hand supplies. • Increase departmental awareness and identify areas of sustainability. Think Green. • Departmental review of workplace efficiency relating to staffing and workflow process.

presents significant opportunities for recreational and instructional participation by all students. The programs offer an important contribution to the well-being of members of its community.

Positive Work Environment • Continue to provide avenues for staff involvement in all departmental goals, work environment improvements and general policies and procedures and encourage new ideas, venues for improvements. • Continue to provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities for all staff. • Maintain a professional and positive work environment. • Establish a coach mentoring program. • Strive to improve time management skills throughout department — less crisis management.



June 2011 marked the end of the five year long Yale Tomorrow Campaign. Yale Tomorrow included a historic campaign for athletics, which renewed our

Recap Yale Tomorrow Results


facilities renovated


new endowments

commitment to the future of Yale Athletics by introducing new facilities, programmatic endowments, and coaching endowments. The new facilities and endowments that resulted from this incredibly successful campaign will not only provide the next generation of Yale student athletes with the resources necessary to top the Ivy League, but they are tangible proof that Yale has the most devoted and enthusiastic group of alumni and friends. The campaign required support in three areas:

Renew our facilities. This campaign allowed us to enhance the breadth and quality of our sports venues which provide our teams with the opportunity to perform in the top collegiate facilities in the nation. Facility renovations resulting from Yale Tomorrow Campaign: • The Bowl Phase I • Ingalls Rink • Jensen Plaza • Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center • Kenney Center • David Paterson Golf Technology Center • Reese Stadium • Carm Cozza Complex at Smilow Field House

Fully support our athletic programs. New endowments continue to ensure access to the equipment, training, and travel funds necessary for our student-athletes to perform at the

Fast Facts Total amount raised from Yale Athletics Tomorrow: $84,442,104 (141% of goal achieved) Total amount raised in FY11 for Athletics: $9,134,844 Total Amount Donated in FY11 to 18 sport associations & Ray Tompkins: $2,567,581

Total Number of Gifts to Yale Athletics in FY 11


highest level. Programmatic Endowments resulting from Yale Tomorrow Campaign: • The Andre and Elaine C. Suan Family • The Lykouretzos Family Fund for Endowment for Golf Football • The Mulrow Family Endowment for Squash • The Whitehall Fund for the Cullman Heyman Tennis Center • The Edward C. Migdalski Fund for the Yale Outdoor Education Center • The William Clay Ford Club Sports Endowment • The Brooks Ragen ‘55 and Suzanne Ragen Squash Fund • Captain’s Fund for Fencing • The Cutler Football Endowment Fund • Sharon and Scott Robinson Fund for Women’s Lacrosse • Jack Embersits Athletics Fund • Meredith Snow Meeks Fund for • Jack Embersits Football Fund Women’s golf • The Johnson Family Fund for Women’s Hockey

Continue to attract the best coaches and athletes. In a highly competitive environment, new endowments for coaching positions will give Yale the edge it needs to recruit and retain the very best people. The Department of Athletics is seeking funding to endow all 35 of

Doing great, but we have the potential for more!


Total Living Student Athlete Alumni


its varsity head coaching positions. Coaching Endowments: Keith Allain ’80 The Malcolm G. Chace Coach of Men’s Ice Hockey Alex Dorato The Cary Leeds Coach of Men’s Tennis Chris Gobrecht The Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of Women’s Basketball James Jones The Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of Men’s Basketball Cristina Teuscher and Tim Wise The Robert J.H. Kiphuth Head Coaches of Swimming

of living student alumni donated in FY11 6

*Coaching endowments resulting from Yale Tomorrow Campaign

Zack Leonard ’89 The McNay Family Director of Yale Sailing Anne Phillips The Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of Women’s Lacrosse Tom Williams The Joel E. Smilow ‘54 Head Coach of Football David Shoehalter* The Mark T. Young ’68 Director of Cross Country and Track & Field Dave Talbott* Director of Squash (Anonymous)

Operation Overtime for Yale Athletics Fully endowing our athletic programs would provide us the protection to thrive regardless of the economic climate.

With the incredible success of the Yale Tomorrow campaign behind us, it is now time for the friends of Yale Athletics to move into the next phase of giving that will guarantee the long-term success of our teams. We are calling this chapter Operation Overtime in honor of overtime wins seen by Yale student-athletes for decades—victories characterized by last minute shots and incredible perseverance.  Operation Overtime is an extension of the fund raising efforts seen over the last five years with a renewed focus on programmatic endowments and increasing annual giving. With the continued support of alumni, family and friends in these two areas, Operation Overtime will enhance the Yale Athletics tradition of excellence.

Unlimited Endowment Opportunities New programmatic and coaching endowments help to sustain success in perpetuity for our athletic programs. There are unlimited opportunities for donors to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy for their favorite Yale team. Establishing an endowment fund allows you to ensure that our coaches and student athletes have a consistent support base well into the future. ·  A named programmatic endowment can be established for a gift of $100,000 (payable over 5 years) ·  An endowment can be named in honor of a family, coach or former student-athlete—the possibilities are endless

·  Endowments are provided annual stewardship reports from the University which include growth of the principal and use of the spendable yield ·  Endowment funds are invested along with the larger Yale endowment and managed by Chief Investment Officer, David Swensen and his staff ·  Endowments are provided name recognition within the Yale Athletics Annual Review and specific sports newsletters

Annual Giving through the Sport Associations and Ray Tompkins Associates Annual Giving has been a vital source of departmental momentum for Yale, and the primary way for friends, family and alumni/nae to help maintain the tradition and character that sets Yale Athletics apart from its competition. With budgets being reduced throughout the entire University, it is the extra push from our Association members that will allow us to continue to provide a world-class experience for all of our student-athletes.  In FY 2012, Yale Athletics has increased its annual fundraising goal by $500,000 to ensure that all of our programs continue to compete for Ivy Championships and individual accolades.  You can read more about the Associations and Ray Tompkins Associates on page 21. All friends of Yale Athletics will hear more about Operation Overtime throughout the coming year!  Thank you in advance for your support!

WISER Alumnae “Get in the Game” Participation Challenge 2011 marked the first annual WISER “Get in the Game” Participation Challenge. In the Challenge, all Women’s varsity programs opposed each other in an annual giving competition, starting with gifts received on July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. The Associations with the highest participation percentage were awarded prize money. Participation was measured in gifts of $50 and above for the classes of 2000-2011 and gifts of $100 and above for all other athletic alumnae.

“ I am ecstatic that our alumnae came together and helped us win the WISER challenge. Their generosity will allow our program to improve and maintain a competitive advantage.”

The competition was a great success with increased participation for most of Yale’s Sport Associations. Taking first place and the $5,000 prize was the Golf Association with 39% giving. The — Chawwadee Rompothong ‘00, Hockey Association finished in second Head Women’s Golf Coach place with a $3,000 prize, followed by swimming & diving winning $2,000 and softball finishing up in fourth with a $1,000 prize. With 82 new gifts (an increase from 15% to 21%) in FY’11, athletic alumnae giving increased $92,740, which reflected a 37% increase in giving dollars.

#1 Golf 39% gave

#2 Hockey 28% gave

#3 Swimming & Diving 24% gave

#4 Softball 18% gave

Alumnae WISER Donors 7

2010-11 Highlights

Program No. 1 NCAA APR Ranking (6th straight year)

Team National Championship Men’s Lightweight Crew Women’s Squash

Ivy Championships Women’s Volleyball Men’s Hockey Men’s Squash Women’s Squash Women’s Tennis Women’s Golf Men’s Golf

Nationally Ranked Teams

7 Ivy League Championships, 2nd most championships in Ivy League

Women’s Squash No. 1 Men’s Squash No. 2 Lightweight Crew No. 4 Women’s Sailing No. 5 Men’s Hockey No. 6 Co-ed Sailing No. 8 Heavyweight Crew No. 10 Women’s Crew No. 11 Men’s Fencing No. 11 Women’s Fencing No. 12 Men’s Lacrosse No. 19 Women’s Tennis No. 30

NCAA Championship/ Tournament Appearances Men’s Hockey Women’s Golf Men’s Golf Women’s Tennis Men’s Fencing Women’s Fencing Women’s Crew Men’s Cross Country Women’s Cross Country Men’s Track and Field Women’s Track and Field

Other National Appearances Sailing ICSA – women’s, dinghy, team Women’s Basketball WNIT Lightweight Crew IRA Heavyweight Crew IRA Men’s Squash CSA

Other Championships/Awards


Women’s Squash Howe Cup, national title Men’s Hockey ECAC Hockey Tournament Women’s Tennis ECAC Lightweight Crew Sprints 3 medals Women’s Crew Sprints 2 medals

Individual Individual National Championship

2010-11 Stats

Ivy Ivy Team Captain Record Record Finish Accomplishments of Note Baseball Andrew Magee 23-19 11-9 3rd

Trey Rallis named Ivy Player of the Year, win streaks of 6 and 5 games, title hunt last weekend

Men’s Basketball 15-13 8-6 3rd

Beat Ivy champ Harvard, won at Boston College, invited to CBI

Women’s Basketball Yoyo Greenfield 14-15 10-4 2nd

Made WNIT and hosted BC, beat then-ranked 14th Florida State

Heavyweight Crew Derek Johnson 3-1 3-1 4th

Won Blackwell Cup and Olympic Axe, 7th at Eastern Sprints

Lightweight Crew Andrew Hakanson 4-3 3-3 3rd

National Champion, won 2 gold and 1 bronze at Eastern Sprints

Women’s Crew Caroline Nash 6-4 3-3 4th

Silver and bronze at Sprints, 10th straight NCAA appearance

Other League Awards

Men’s Cross Country

Max Walden




11th at NCAA Regional

Jackie Snikeris Women’s Hockey – ECAC Hockey

Women’s Cross Country

Liya Assefa




11th at NCAA Regional

Student Athlete of Year; ECAC Hockey Goaltender of Year; ECAC/Hockey East’s Sarah Devens Award (leadership commitment on and off ice)

Men’s Fencing

Jonathan Holbrook 11-5



11th at NCAAs

Women’s Fencing

Madeline Oliver



12th at NCAAs

Women’s squash Millie Tomlinson Ramsay Cup, national title

Ivy Player of the Year Seo Hee Moon Women’s Golf Trey Rallis Baseball

Ivy Rookie of the Year Sam Bernstein Men’s Golf Seo Hee Moon Women’s Golf Millie Tomlinson Women’s Squash Kendall Polan Volleyball Cornelius Saunders Men’s Fencing

Ryan Rondeau Men’s Hockey – Paul Hines Award


Field Hockey Katherine Bolling 11-6 5-2 2nd

Most league wins in a 2-year span in Yale history, NFHCA Academic Team Award

Logan Greer Women’s Squash – CSA Richey Award

Football Tom McCarthy 7-3 5-2 2nd

Led nation in kickoff return average, Ivy title hunt until final weekend

NCAA Appearances

Men’s Golf Thomas McCarthy 1st

3 first-team All-Ivy, Ivy champs, NCAA Regionals at Blacksburg, Va.

Women’s Golf Alyssa Roland 1st

Rookie and Player of the Year; Ivy champs, 22nd at NCAA Regionals


4th at Ivy Classic

(most improved player in New England)

Marlena Fauer Women’s Sailing – New England Rookie of Year

Jeff Perrella Men’s Cross Country Kate Grace Women’s Track & Field (800, mile) Annelies Gamble Women’s Track & Field (800) Nihal Kayali Women’s Track & Field (1500) Elizabeth Marvin Women’s Track & Field (5000) Johnny Van Deventer Men’s Track & Field (1500) Nathan Richards Men’s Track & Field (steeple) Matt Bogdan Men’s Track & Field (steeple) Mike Levine Men’s Track & Field (discus)

Sherry Yang




Men’s Hockey Jimmy Martin 28-7-1 9-1-0 1st

ECAC Tourney Champs, school-record 28 wins, NCAA win over AFA

Women’s Hockey

Sam Maclean

9-17-3 3-6-1


ECAC Hockey Goaltender of the Year

Men’s Lacrosse

Patrick Coleman



2nd straight Ivy tourney; 5 straight wins


Women’s Lacrosse Fielding Kidd 3-12 0-7 8th

Beat five-time Patriot League Champions (Colgate), 3-1 at home vs. non-league opponents

Vicky Brook/Lindsay Clark Women’s Tennis ITA

Co-ed Sailing

Joe Morris

8th at Nationals, 9 earned All-New England honors


Women’s Sailing

Blair Belling/Margot Benedict

5th at Nationals

Men’s Soccer

Andy Shorten

3-12-2 1-5-1


Posted 4 shutouts

Women’s Soccer

Becky Brown



Beat nationally-ranked Penn State


McKynlee Westman 17-25 8-12


Swept Penn and Columbia on same weekend

Men’s Squash

Naishadh Lalwani 15-2


Ivy Champs, National Champion runner-up

Women’s Squash Logan Greer 17-0 6-0 1st

National Champion, Ivy Champs, Individual National Champion Millie Tomlinson

Men’s Swimming

Kyle Veatch




3 Honorable Mention All-Americans

Women’s Swimming

Annie Killian




3 Honorable Mention All-Americans

Men’s Tennis

Calvin Bennett




3 players earn All-Ivy honors

Women’s Tennis

Stevi Petrelli




Ivy champs, first-ever NCAA win

Men’s Track & Field (I/O) Marty Evans



8th/5th 17 top 15 (Yale all-time lists) performances

Women’s Track & Field (I/O) Eve King



8th/8th 37 alterations on Yale’s Top 10 track lists

Other National Appearances



Volleyball Kelly Ozurovich 18-8 12-2 1st

(boldface indicates Ivy Championship programs)

10 straight wins to finish regular season, shared Ivy title


2010-11 Honors

2010 Fall Honors Men’s Cross Country Jeff Perrella All-Ivy; All Northeast Region; NCAA qualifier; Academic All-Ivy

Field Hockey Erin Carter NFHCA All-Mideast Region; 1st Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Player of Week (10/19 Dinah Landshut NFHCA All-Mideast Region; 1st Team All-Ivy; Academic All-Ivy Georgia Holland Ivy League Rookie of the Year; 2nd Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Rookie of Week (10/19, 10/5, 9/14) Erica Borgo 2nd Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Rookie of the Week (11/9, 9/7)

Football Tom McCarthy 1st Team All-Ivy; All-New England Jordan Haynes 1st Team All-Ivy; All-New England Adam Money 1st Team All-Ivy; All-New England Chris Blohm 2nd Team All-Ivy; Patrick Witt 2nd Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Offensive Player of Week (9/20); Academic All-Ivy; Named to Championship Subdivision Athletics Directors Association Academic AllStar Team Alex Thomas 2nd Team All-Ivy Chris Smith 2nd Team All-Ivy; The Sports Network/ FCS National Special Teams Player of the Week (11/8); Ivy League Special Teams Player of the Week (11/8) Sean Williams Honorable mention All-Ivy Jake Koury Honorable mention All-Ivy; firstteam CoSIDA Academic All-District Drew Baldwin Honorable mention All-Ivy Jesse Reising Semifinalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy, a scholar-athlete award; First-team 2010 CoSIDA Academic All-District; Academic All-Ivy; Named to Championship Subdivision Athletics Directors Association Academic All-Star Team Phillipe Panico Gold Helmet Award presented by the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston (10/13)

Men’s Soccer Andy Hackbarth Honorable Mention All-Ivy Nick Alers Honorable Mention All-Ivy; Brown Classic All-Tournament Team Max McKiernan Brown Classic AllTournament Team Eric Meyer ESPN The Magazine Academic AllDistrict 1 first team; Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Soccer Kristen Forster 2nd Team All-Ivy; 1st Team AllNew England; Becky Brown 1st Team All-Ivy; Lowe’s Senior Class Award candidate; 2nd Team All-New England; New England Division I Senior Bowl participant; Ivy League Player of the Week (9/6, 10/11) Ayana Sumiyasu 1st Team All-Ivy; New England Division I Senior Bowl Participant Megan Ashforth New England Division I Senior Bowl participant Enma Mullo Honorable mention All-Ivy Shannon McSweeney Primetime Performer, 9/6 Jessica Schloth Named one of the top 100 freshmen in the nation by



Kendall Polan Ivy League Rookie of the Year; 1st Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Rookie of the Week, 9/7, 9/28, 10/26, 11/2, 11/18; Fullerton Classic All-Tournament team; Blackbird Invitational All-Tournament team; Yale Invitational All-Tournament team Erica Reetz Honorable Mention All-Ivy; Ivy League Rookie of the Week, 9/14, 10/19, 11/9; Blackbird Invitational All-Tournament team Bridget Hearst 1st Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Player of Week, 10/26; Yale Invitational MVP;

Kelly Ozurovich 2nd Team All-Ivy Haley Wessels 2nd Team All-Ivy Taylor Cramm Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Crew Stephanie Madner Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Golf See Heo Moon Sacred Heart Invitational medalist; Harvard Invitational medalist; Yale Intercollegiate medalist; Princeton Invitational medalist

Women’s Tennis Vicky Brook & Lindsay Clark Doubles team qualified for 2010 USTA/ITA National Collegiate Indoor Championships

2010/2011 Winter Honors Men’s Basketball Greg Mangano 1st Team All-Ivy; NABC 2nd team All-District; Ivy League Player of Week, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 2/14; Connecticut 6 preseason team Austin Morgan Ivy League Player of Week, 11/22 Jeremiah Kreisberg Ivy League Rookie of Week, 1/24, 2/28 Raffi Mantilla Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Basketball Michelle Cashen Ivy League Player of Week, 12/23; Janna Graf Ivy League All-Rookie team; Ivy League Rookie of Week, 12/23, 1/10, 2/14; Ivy League Player of Week, 1/17; Megan Vasquez 1st Team All-Ivy; Ivy League Player of Week, 1/24, 2/28 Mady Gobrecht 2nd Team All-Ivy Michelle Cashen Honorable Mention All-Ivy; Academic All-Ivy

Men’s Fencing Shiv Kachru NCAA qualifier (foil); 2nd Team All-Ivy Nathaniel Botwinick NCAA qualifier (foil); 1st Team All-Ivy Nathaniel Benzimra 1st Team All-Ivy Peter Cohen NCAA qualifier (epee) Cornelius Saunders Ivy League Most Outstanding Rookie; 1st Team All-Ivy; CollegeFencing360 Rookie of the Week, 2/16 Adam Fields Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Fencing Tasha Garcia NCAA Qualifier (epee); Academic All-Ivy Madeline Oliver NCAA qualifier (saber)

Gymnastics Mia Yabut ECAC Coaches Choice Award, 3/3 Nicole Tay ECAC Rookie of the Week

Men’s Ice Hockey Ryan Rondeau player of the week, 3/22; Most Outstanding Player ECAC Hockey Tournament; 2nd Team All-Ivy; Division I New England All Star; New England Paul Hines Award (Most Improved Player) ECAC Hockey Goalie of Week, 2/8, 1/11, 12/7; ECAC Tournament M.O.P.; ECAC AllTournament Team Brian O’Neill 1st Team All-ECAC Hockey; ECAC Hockey Player of Year Finalist; Honorable Mention All-Ivy; Division I New England All Star; ECAC All-Tournament Team Andrew Miller 1st Team All-ECAC Hockey; 1st Team All-Ivy; First-Team All-New England; ECAC All-Tournament Team; Division I New England All Star Chris Cahill 3rd Team All-ECAC Hockey; 2nd Team All-Ivy; ECAC Hockey Player of Week, 12/7, ECAC Hockey MLX Skates Player of Week, 12/6); ECAC All-Tournament Team Broc Little ECAC Hockey Player of Week, 3/15; 1st Team All-Ivy; Hobey Baker Award candidate; ECAC Hockey Player of Week,

11/23; Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award candidate Jimmy Martin 2nd Team All-Ivy; College Hockey News 2nd Team All-America, ECAC AllTournament Team Kenny Agostino HCA National Rookie of Month; ECAC Hockey Rookie of Month, 1/25, MLX Skates Rookie of Week, 125 Denny Kearney Hobey Baker Award candidate; ECAC Hockey Player of the Week, 11/2 Nick Jaskowiak NCAA East Regional AllTournament Team Jeff Anderson Academic All-Ivy Chad Ziegler NCAA East Regional AllTournament Team

Women’s Ice Hockey Jackie Snikeris ECAC Hockey Student Athlete of Year; ECAC Hockey Goaltender of Year; 1st Team All ECAC Hockey;1st Team All-Ivy; Kazmaier Award nominee; Division I New England All Star; ECAC Hockey Goaltender of the Week, 11/30; Academic All-Ivy Jackie Raines ECAC Hockey Rookie of the Year Finalist Aleca Hughes Hockey Humanitarian Award finalist Jenna Ciotti ECAC Hockey Player, Rookie of Week, 2/8

Men’s Squash Richard Dodd All-Ivy Kenneth Chan All-Ivy Naishadh Lalwani Harrow Sports College Squash Player of the Week, 2/4

Women’s Squash Millie Tomlinson Ivy League Rookie of the Year; All-Ivy Logan Greer All-Ivy Sarah Toomey All-Ivy; Academic All-Ivy Caroline Reigeluth Harrow Sports College Squash Player of the Week, 2/16

Men’s Swimming and Diving Goksu Bicer 1st Team All-Ivy (100 butterfly); Mid-Major Honorable Mention All-America Mike Dominski 2nd Team All-Ivy (100 butterfly); Mid-Major Honorable Mention All-America Alex Gornitzsky Academic All-Ivy Matt Lee Academic All-Ivy Mike Bogese MidMajor Honorable Mention All-America

Women’s Swimming and Diving Hayes Hyde 1st Team All-Ivy (200 butterfly); 2nd Team All-Ivy (400 medley relay) Molly Albrecht 2nd Team All-Ivy (500 freestyle, 200 back, 800 free relay, 400 medley relay); Mid-Major Honorable Mention All-America Athena Liao 2nd Team All-Ivy (200 breaststroke, 400 medley relay); Mid-Major Honorable Mention All-America Ileana Lucos 2nd Team All-Ivy (800 freestyle relay); Mid-Major Honorable Mention All-America Cynthia Tsay 2nd Team All-Ivy (800 freestyle relay) Joan Weaver 2nd Team All-Ivy (800 freestyle relay, 400 medley relay) Annie Killian Academic All-Ivy

Men’s Track and Field Matt Bogdan All East (distance medley relay) Julian Sheinbaum All East (distance medley relay); 2nd Team All-Ivy (distance medley relay) Matthew Bieszard All East (distance medley relay) James Shirvell All East (distance medley relay); 2nd Team All-Ivy (distance medley relay) John Van Deventer 2nd Team All-Ivy (distance medley relay) Christopher Ramsey 2nd Team All-Ivy

(distance medley relay) Marty Evans male athlete of the week, 1/23

Women’s Track and Field Kate Grace 2nd team All-America; NCAA qualifier (mile run); 1st Team All-Ivy (800 run); All East (distance medley relay): female athlete of the week, 1/23, 12/5 Nihal Kayali All-East (mile run) Sarah Barry All East (1,000 run) Annelies Gamble All East (800 run) Gabriella Kelly All East (400 dash) Melissa Chapman All East (distance medley relay) Allison Rue All East (distance medley relay) Elizabeth Marvin All East (distance medley relay)

2011 Spring Honors Baseball Pat Ludwig Ivy League Pitcher of the Week, 4/19 Cale Hanson Ivy League Rookie of the Week, 3/8 Vinny Lally 1st Team All-Ivy; Capital One Academic All-District I first team; New England Intercollegiate Baseball Association All-Star Game participant. Ryan Brenner Capital One Academic All-District I first team Gant Elmore Capital One Academic All-District I second team; Academic All-Ivy Trey Rallis Ivy League Player of the Year; 1st Team All-Ivy Kevin Fortunato 2nd Team All-Ivy Andy Megee 2nd Team All-Ivy Brook Hart Honorable Mention All-Ivy Cam Squires Honorable Mention All-Ivy

Softball Chelsey Dunham Ivy League Rookie of the Week, 4/12, 3/15, 2nd Team All-Ivy McKynlee Westman Capital One Academic AllDistrict I first team, Honorable Mention All-Ivy Katie Yanagisawa Capital One Academic All-District I second team, Honorable Mention All-Ivy; Academic All-Ivy Jennifer Ong Capital One Academic All-District I second team Virginia Waldrop Capital One Academic All-District I second team Meg Johnson 2nd Team All-Ivy Mariclaire Rebman Honorable Mention All-Ivy Tori Balta Honorable Mention All-Ivy

Men’s Tennis Marc Powers 1st Team All-Ivy Singles; 1st Team AllIvy Doubles Daniel Hoffman 1st Team All-Ivy Doubles; 2nd Team All-Ivy Singles John Huang 2nd Team All-Ivy Singles Jordan Abergel Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Tennis Vicky Brook 2nd Team All-Ivy Singles Elizabeth Epstein 2nd Team All-Ivy Singles Blair Seideman 2nd Team All-Ivy Singles Annie Sullivan 2nd Team All-Ivy Doubles Lindsay Clark 2nd Team All-Ivy Doubles Stevi Petrelli Academic All-Ivy

Men’s Lacrosse Brian Douglass Honorable Mention All-Ivy; NEILA/ Skor Sports Player of the Week, 4/12, NEILA Senior scholar-athlete Johnathan Falcone 2nd Team All-Ivy; 1st Team All-New England; Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award finalist, NEILA Senior scholar-athlete, LOWE’S Senior All-America Team (2nd); Capital One Academic AllAmerica Men’s At-Large Third Team; Academic All-Ivy Matt Gibson 1st Team All-Ivy; 1st Team All-New England; pre-season NEILA Player of the Year; Named to Tewaarton Award Watch List, USILA AllAmerica Team Brandon Mangan Ivy League Rookie of Week, 3/28 Gregory Mahony 2nd Team All-Ivy; 1st Team AllNew England Patrick Coleman Honorable Mention All-Ivy, NEILA

Senior scholar-athlete, USILA North-South All-Star game Michael McCormack Honorable Mention All-Ivy Cole Yeager 2nd Team All-New England

Women’s Lacrosse Whitney Quackenbush Ivy League Defensive Player of Week, 3/21 Fielding Kidd 2nd Team All-Ivy Kaitlyn Flatley Honorable Mention All-Ivy Myra Trivellas Academic All-Ivy

Men’s Golf Tom McCarthy 1st Team All-Ivy; Division I PING AllNortheast Region Jeff Hatten 1st Team All-Ivy Brad Kushner 1st Team All-Ivy Sam Bernstein Ivy League Rookie of the Year; 2nd Team All-Ivy; Division I PING All-Northeast Region Michael Fader Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Golf Seo Hee Moon Ivy League Player and Rookie of Year; 1st Team All-Ivy Harriet Owers-Bradley 2nd Team All-Ivy Lily Boettcher NGCA All-American Scholar Alyssa Roland NGCA All American Scholar Sun Gyoung Park NGCA All American Scholar

Men’s Heavyweight Crew Derek Johnson Academic All-Ivy

Women’s Crew Stephanie Madner CRCA 1st team All-New England; CRCA Scholar Athlete, CRCA All-America 1st Team Caroline Nash CRCA 1st team All-New England, CRCA All-America 2nd Team Catherine McDermott CRCA 2nd team All-New England Margaret Ayers CRCA Scholar Athlete Dara Dickson CRCA Scholar Athlete Alexandra Fields CRCA Scholar Athlete Nikki Grigg CRCA Scholar Athlete Elizabeth Kalina CRCA Scholar Athlete Lauren Ross CRCA Scholar Athlete

Men’s Track Michael Levine 1st Team All-Ivy (discus) Jeff Perrella 1st Team Capital One Academic AllDistrict 1

Women’s Track Kate Grace 1st Team All-Ivy (800m, 1500m), All-East Team, USTFCCCA Women’s Track Athlete of the Year Northeast Region Nihal Kayali 2nd Team All-Ivy (3000m), All-East Team Melissa Chapman All-East Team Elizabeth Marvin All-East Team Dakota McCoy 1st Team Capital One Academic AllDistrict 1; Academic All-Ivy

Co-ed Sailing Cam Cullman All-New England Joe Morris Honorable Mention All-America; All-New England Chris Segerblom All-New England Blair Belling All-New England Liz Brim All-New England; Academic All-Ivy Marlena Fauer All-New England Emily Billing All-New England Claire Dennis All-New England Heather May All-New England

Women’s Sailing Heather May 1st Team All-New England crew Emily Billing Honorable mention All-America; 2nd Team All-New England skipper Claire Dennis All-America; 1st Team All-New England skipper Marlena Fauer Honorable mention All-America; New England Rookie of the Year; 1st Team All-New England skipper

Top Dogs: Yale Athletes in Pro Sports 2010-11 Baseball Brook Hart ’11 (Casper Ghosts), Gant Elmore ’11 (Helena Brewers), Trygg Larsson Danforth ’10 (GCL Red Sox), Ryan Lavarnway ’09 (Pawtucket Red Sox), Craig Breslow ’02 (Oakland Athletics)

Craig Breslow ’02 accepts the MLB 2010 Roberto Clemente Award

Men’s Basketball Matt Kyle ‘08 (Toyama Grouses, Japan), Dominick Martin ‘06 (Lleida, Spain), Edwin Draughan ‘05 (Fribourg, Switzerland) Women’s Basketball Erica Davis ’07 (Turkey)

Football Shane Bannon ’11 (Kansas City Chiefs)*, Nate Lawrie (Sacramento Mountain Lions, UFL), Tom McCarthy ’10 (Atlanta Falcons)# Golf Jeehae Lee ’06, Bob Heintz ’92 Men’s Ice Hockey Jimmy Martin ’11 (Reading Royals, ECHL), Broc Little ‘11 (Vasteras, SAL, Sweden), Denny Kearney ’11 (Springfield Falcons, AHL), Chris Cahill ’11 (Milwaukee Admirals, AHL), Mike Matczak ’11 (Adirondack Phantoms, AHL), Sean Backman ’10 (Idaho Steelheads, ECHL), Mark Arcobello ’10 (Oklahoma City Barons, AHL), Tom Dignard ’10 (Lake Erie Monsters, AHL), Ryan Donald (Providence Bruins, AHL), Alec Richards ’09 (Rockford Icehogs, AHL), Brennan Turner ’09 (Binghamton Senators, AHL), David Meckler ’09 (Manchester Monarchs, AHL), Matt Cohen ’07 (Hamburg Freezers, DEL), Brad Mills ’07 (New Jersey Devils, NHL), Chris Higgins ’05 (Vancouver Canucks, NHL), Joe Callahan ’05 (Florida Panthers, NHL), Stacey Bauman ’03 (Tulsa Oilers, CHL), Jeff Hamilton ’01 (HIFK Helsinki, SM-ligga), Ray Giroux ’98 (Chelyabinsk Traktor, KHL) Alex Westlund ’98 (Linz EHC, Austria) Women’s Ice Hockey Erin Duggan ’05 (Edmonton Chimos) Squash Miranda Ranieri ’08, Julian Illingsworth ‘06 * Drafted April 2011

#Free Agent

Coaching Honors 2010-11 Women’s Tennis Danielle McNamara ITA Northeast Region Co-Coach of the Year Christian Thompson ITA Northeast Region Assistant Coach of the Year

Men’s Golf Colin Sheehan ‘97 Northeast Region Coach of the Year

Men’s Hockey Keith Allain ’80 New Haven Register Sports Person of the Year

Field Hockey Pam Stuper Elected to Executive Board of Fédération Internationale de Hockey


Senior Awards

William Neely Mallory Award This award is presented annually to a senior male student athlete who represents the highest ideals of American sportsmanship and Yale tradition both on field of play and in life. This year Men’s Hockey player Broc Little, the most prolific scorer in Yale hockey’s most successful class ever, has been named the winner of this prestigious award. Broc Little’s Highlights • Two- time All-ECAC Hockey and All-Ivy League selection • Led the nation in three different offensive categories three straight seasons while accumulating 72 goals and 142 points • Helped the Elis to the best record in school history (28-7-1), ECAC and Ivy League Championships, a No. 1 overall national tournament seed and a second straight NCAA East Regional Final appearance • 72 goals and 142 points are both fifth at Yale • Owns school season (5) and career (7) record for shorthanded goals • Hobey Baker candidate (nation’s top male hockey player) • Candidate for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award (community, leadership, academic) • Academic All-ECAC • 2009-2010 Led Division I players with .79 goals per game • Signed by Vasteras from the Swedish Allsvenskan League

Nellie Pratt Elliot Award The Nellie Pratt Elliot Award is presented annually to a senior female student athlete who represents the highest ideals of American sportsmanship and Yale tradition both on the field of play and life. The 2011 award, named in honor of Nellie Pratt Elliot, who was an assistant director of undergraduate admissions at Yale for 46 years, went to women’s track and field star, Kate Grace.


Kate Grace’s Highlights • Won the 800 run at the Heptagonal (Ivy League) Championship both indoors and outdoors as a sophomore, junior and senior • Only the second runner in Ivy League history to win six 800-meter run titles • In 2011 Grace finished fifth in the nation in the 800-meter final • Named first team All-American in 2011, 2010, 2009 in the 800-meter run indoors

• Second-team All-American at the 2011 Indoor Championship, where she finished 13th in the one mile run • Personal best and new school record of 4:39.52 in the mile at HYP • Selected by the USTFCCCA as the 2011 Northeast Regional Division Athlete of the Year

Thomas W. Ford’42 StudentAthlete Community Outreach Award The Ford Award is named in honor of Thomas W. Ford ‘42, who endowed the Yale Department of Athletics Community Outreach Program in the fall of 1996. This award is given annually to the male and female student-athletes who over the course of their four years at Yale demonstrated a commitment to strengthening the relationship between Yale athletics and the youth in the New Haven community. The 2011 recipients of this award were Alfonso Costa of the men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse teams and Annie Killian of the women’s swimming & diving team. Alfonso Costa’s Highlights • Chair of the Yale Athletics Department’s Thomas W. Ford ’42 Community Outreach Committee • Organized the annual Youth Days in which local children have the chance to learn from Yale student-athletes • Founded “Eli’s Friends”, a program at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital that organizes Yale student-athletes to volunteer in the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic as part of the “Reach Out and Read Program.” • Mentor in Big Brothers/Big Sisters • Member of “Bulldog Buddies” • Organized the Yale Athletics’ holiday gift-giving drive for underprivileged families • Economics major and member of Pierson College Annie Killian’s Highlights • Killian is the first person to win both the Ford and Meyer Awards • Captain of the women’s swimming and diving team • Member of the Thomas W. Ford ’42 Community Outreach Committee • Served as a Presidential Public Service Fellow with the National Youth Sports Program camp in New Haven during the summer of 2009 • Founded and directed Yale Swim New Haven, a program that teaches local children how to swim

• Earned a Henry Fellowship and will continue her education at Oxford in the fall • Graduate of Harpeth Hall School, she is an English major in Pierson College at Yale

Kiphuth Student-Athlete Distinction Award The Kiphuth Award, given to the male and female student-athletes who rank highest in scholarship and have earned two varsity awards, is named in honor of DeLaney Kiphuth ‘41, M.A. ‘47. Kiphuth served as Director of Athletics from 1954 through 1976. Lidia Gocheva of the women’s fencing team and Alex Gornitzky of the men’s swimming and diving team were the recipients of the Kiphuth Student-Athlete Distinction Award. Alex Gornitzky Highlights • Biology major in Davenport College • Earned the Yale men’s swimming and diving team’s William Leeming Jelliffe Award, awarded to that senior who has shown the greatest progress and development in swimming ability and outstanding leadership during his college years • Swam the 100-yard backstroke and was also a major component of Yale relay squads all season • Attended Toms River High School North prior to Yale Lidia Gocheva’s Highlights • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations major and member of Pierson College • Qualified for the NCAA Regional in foil competition and finished 27th • Captain of the women’s fencing team in 2008-09 • Member of Phi Beta Kappa

Brodhead Award The Brodhead Award is named in honor of Richard H. Brodhead ‘68, Ph.D. ‘72, who served as Dean of Yale College from 1993 through 2004 and was on the faculty of the department of English for more than 30 years. It, along with the Kiphuth Award, was presented by Penny Laurans, the Master of Jonathan Edwards College, Special Assistant to the President and a lecturer in English. The women’s fencing team won with a 3.75 grade-point average. In addition to the Kiphuth Award winner

Gocheva, the team also had an Academic All-Ivy League selection in senior Tasha Garcia an art major. Garcia was also one of six Bulldogs who fenced at NCAA Regionals, and she was one of two who went on to compete at the NCAA Championship. Yale finished 12th at the championship.

Meyer Humanitarian Award This is the third year for the Meyer Award, which is named in honor of Molly Meyer, a nurse practitioner at Yale University Health Services who has been addressing the health needs of student-athletes at Yale since 1975. Meyer was on hand to present the awards Saturday. The award is given each year to a varsity athlete in the senior class “whose character exemplifies selfless devotion along with compassion and concern for their team and the community at Yale and beyond.” Annie Killian of the women’s swimming & diving team and Shane Bannon of the football team were the recipients of the Meyer Humanitarian Award. Annie Killian • Killian is the first person to win both the Ford and Meyer Awards (see her highlights under Ford Award) Shane Bannon’s Highlights • He has worked extensively for 3 straight years on the annual Mandi Schwartz Marrow Donor Registration Drive at Yale • Recently selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League draft

Special Events

40th Anniversary Celebration of Head Coach Henry Harutunian Friends, alumni and the Yale fencing team celebrated the 40th anniversary of head coach Henry Harutunian on October 9, 2010 at the William K. Lanman Center inside Payne Whitney Gym. Coach Harutunian was honored for his 40 years of service and dedication to Yale fencing. The night began with a reception in the Kiphuth Trophy Room followed by dinner and an evening of celebration in the Lanman Center. Masters of ceremonies Elizabeth Merritt ’81 and Steve Blum ’74 began the night with their opening remarks followed by the presentation of the Dernell Every Medals to alumni who won fencing events earlier in the day.  The celebration of Coach Harutunian’s 40th anniversary continued with remarks from the 2010-2011 Yale fencing captains, junior Jonathan Holbrook and sophomore Madeline Oliver, as well as Les Fagan ’71, Valerie Asher ’82, Peter Devine ’00, Sada Jacobson ’06.  The night concluded with a gift presentation, done by the Jacobson family, to Coach Harutunian which included a commemorative 40th anniversary ring, a Tiffany & Co. decanter and glasses as well as a picture frame which was signed by all guests who attended the celebration. Coach Harutunian wrapped up the celebration with personal remarks.

Track Association Celebrates Annual Dinner and Honors Mark Young ‘68 Over 150 student-athletes, alumni and friends gathered at the Yale Club of New York City to celebrate the annual Track Association dinner and honor retiring coach, Mark Young ‘68, for his incredible service to his alma mater. Track Association Presidents, Larry Kreider ‘69 and Louisa Garry ‘87 served as MCs for the evening which included a number of speakers, including former Cornell and Princeton coaches.  After remarks from former rivals, David Shoehalter, the new Mark T. Young ‘68 Director of Cross Country and Track & Field took the mic to honor his former boss and to introduce the seniors who attended the dinner.  The dinner also featured remarks from the two current captains, Marty Evans ‘11 and Eve King ‘11. The dinner concluded with remarks from alumni who both competed for Coach Young or have known him since his

time as a student at Yale. Those speakers included Kate O’Neill Tenforde ‘03, Laura O’Neill ‘03, Margaret Wynne Brennan ‘85, Vickie Nicolau Neff ‘85  and Jim Wade ‘59. Before the honoree of the evening took the podium, some of his alumnae presented an incredible photo book that they compiled which included images of Young’s entire career at Yale.   Those presenters were Anne Martin ‘05 and Lindsay Donaldson ‘08.

Celebrating 40 Years of Women’s Tennis at Yale More than 120 student-athletes, alumni and friends gathered at the Yale Club of New York City on Apr. 29 to celebrate 40 years of women’s tennis at Yale at the annual Yale Tennis Association Dinner. Yale Tennis Association President Thomas Hartch ‘63 served as MC for the evening, which included a number of speakers, including the Cary Leeds Coach of Men’s Tennis Alex Dorato, men’s tennis captain Calvin Bennett, women’s head coach Danielle Lund McNamara and women’s captain Stevi Petrelli. The dinner concluded with a panel of Yale women’s tennis alumnae who took the stage for a question and answer session. The panel included Debbie Peck ‘77, Andrea Rice ‘89, Naomi Zeff ‘99 and Janet Kim ‘09. Dorato served as the moderator for the alumnae panel. Student-athletes, alumni and friends listened to stories and words of wisdom from these panel members. Guests enjoyed hearing about the change that Yale women’s tennis has been through in the past 40 years.

Thomas Pepe Retiring Tom Pepe retired from Yale Athletics as Superintendent of Grounds following 26 years of exemplary service. He supervised the Yale Bowl complex grounds crew and was responsible for maintaining over 100 acres of playing fields and athletic facilities. Tom was an extremely valuable member of the Athletic Department team and he will be greatly missed. 13

Capital Projects

Reese Stadium Dedication

Carm Cozza Complex Dedication

On April 9, 2011 the home of the Yale soccer and lacrosse teams was officially dedicated and named after Jason ‘87 and Jon Reese ‘90. The venue formerly known as the Yale Soccer-Lacrosse Stadium has been called Reese Stadium since February of 2006. The renovation project has gone through a number of phases, the second of which was completed in the spring of 2011.

The Carm Cozza Complex was dedicated on Nov. 13th 2010 as part of the Yale-Princeton Football weekend. Named for Yale’s Hall of Fame football coach, the complex spans the entire second floor of the Smilow Field Center and brings the entire Yale football team together. For the exclusive use of the football program, the renovation includes meeting Renovated football locker rooms rooms, state-of-theart technology and an upgraded locker room with space for all 110 men on the roster. 

The Reese brothers put Yale in a phase of its own, a winning one. Jason was a star goalie for the Bulldog men’s lacrosse team, while Jon is the most prolific scorer in Yale lacrosse history and was the captain of an Ivy League championship football team. The Yale Lacrosse Program enjoyed its finest era (Ivy titles in 1988, 89, 90) with a Reese on its roster.

Reese Stadium

Thanks to the generous leadership gifts from Jason Reese ’87, Jon Reese ’90, Jamie and Cynthia Kempner ’79, and an anonymous $1 million challenge match from another former Eli player to the Yale Soccer Association, the Yale soccer and lacrosse teams now enjoy one of the best athletic facilities in collegiate ranks. Reese Stadium includes a synthetic playing surface (FieldTurf ), seating for 1,200 (bleachers along Coxe Cage can seat an additional 500), team meeting rooms, press box, concessions area, ticket office, VIP viewing areas and state-of-the art sound and lighting systems. Here is a list of the areas of Reese Stadium that have been named with the corresponding donors:

Athletic Director Thomas Beckett and Provost Peter Salovey joined Jonathan ’90 and Jason ’87 Reese in the formal ribbon cutting.

The 5K Corral Press Box Karen M. Yarasavage ‘87 and Kevin P. Genda ‘87 Kempner Family Plaza Thomas L. Kempner ‘50, Cynthia H. ‘79, James L. Kempner ‘79, and Christopher H. Kempner ‘07 The Augusta Copeland Hixon ‘11 Family Team Room Diana and Anthony Hixon P’11 The Schwartz Family Team Room David W. Schwartz ‘87 The Class of 1979 Team Room The teammates of the 1979 Men’s Soccer Team

Jonathan ’90 and Jason ’87 Reese stand before the new Reese Stadium.

Anthony P. Guido ‘90 Heritage Hallway Anthony P. Guido ‘90 Pershing Skybox Area The family, friends and teammates and Richard W. Pershing ‘66 The Barry Family Skybox Area Patricia and Thomas C. Barry ‘66, Michael C. Barry ‘09 Mulrow Family Ticket Center Edwyna S. ‘81 and William J. Mulrow ‘78


Greenberg Gardens Stephen D. Greenberg ‘70

Another highlight of the complex includes the Carm Cozza gallery, which extends through the hallway of the entire floor and showcases memorabilia from his 32-year Yale career and beyond. This visual legacy serves as an inspiration for all Yale Football players as they prepare for practice or games in their quest for an Ivy League Championship.  A leadership gift from John Lykouretzos ‘95 made the renovation possible.  He was a three-time letterman at defensive tackle who earned honorable mention AllIvy honors under Cozza. Lykouretzos led the Bulldogs in sacks two of his three years on the varsity. His biggest QB takedown came in a seventackle outing in The Game 1993 when he pulled down the Cozza Gallery Harvard signal-caller on the last play of a 33-31 Yale win at the Bowl.

Sports & Recreation Update

Philosophy The Department of Athletics recognizes that athletics at all levels is a vital part of the educational mission at Yale. Therefore, the staff is committed to providing opportunities at all levels for the entire Yale community. The specific purposes of the club sports and recreational activities at Yale are to fill the need for uniquely structured sport activities that may be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature and to provide a learning experience through student involvement in fund raising, organization, administration, budgeting, leadership, and scheduling, in addition to athletic skill in a favorite sport.

Club Sports Highlights

Skeet & Trap

John Lykouretzos ’95 and Coach Carm Cozza cut the ribbon for the Carm Cozza Complex


• Skeet & Trap: Skeet & Trap once again had a great season filled with a lot of shooting success. The highlight of the year was at Nationals when they placed 2nd in their division for skeet and 5th overall nationally. At Nationals Yale beat West Point by four targets out of 500. • Powerlifting: Yale Powerlifting attended the 2010 Penn State Iron Lion Open on Nov. 13. Two Yale lifters placed first in their weight classes and another placed second: Richard Anantua — 1st place, 198 lb; Max Anderson — 1st place, 165 lb; Matthew Lawlor — 2nd place, 181 lb. • Field Hockey: The Yale Club Field Hockey held a 100% record, maintaining an impressive unbeaten run that spans back to 2007. The reliable up-front duo of Bashir and Gilani never failed to produce goals; combined with some awesome shot stopping from Sullivan at the other end, this made for a very solid season at either end of the pitch for the Yale team. • Men’s Water Polo: The Men’s water polo team enjoyed a great season of success after remaining undefeated in the New England League for the second consecutive year; ending the season with the league title and a perfect 12-0 mark (The team currently holds a 25 game winning streak in the New England league play).

Intramurals Highlights • Jonathan Edwards won the Tyng Cup (Residential College Intramural Scholarship). • 45% of undergraduate women and 60% of undergraduate men participated in Intramural Competition. • The Robert E. Lewis Prize is given to seniors who best demonstrate the highest ideals of athletics and intramural competition. This award was shared by George Harris and Benjamin Hecht.

Physical Education Highlights • 62 sections of adult physical education classes were offered in the fall and spring. • Zumba classes continued their popularity. Child and Adult swim classes were larger than ever; children’s swimming lessons (both private and group) were a success.

Marketing and Promotions The 2010-2011 Yale Athletic season was supported by some of the largest numbers of fans in recent history. Here are some of the highlights: Yale Football • Averaged 14,245 fans per game which ranked Yale #16th nationally in FCS • Over 3,000 people attended an event in the Yale Football Hospitality Village during the 2010 season Men’s Hockey • Averaged 3,344 fans per game • Sold out 13 of 17 home games at 3,500 fans per game

Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center Scoreboards The finishing touches of the Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center were completed in fall of 2010 with the installation of the new scoreboard system. Thanks in part to additional gifts from Donald Dell ‘60, Robin Selati ‘88, and Jonathan Clark ’59 the Yale tennis facilities now have the most state of the art scoreboard system in collegiate tennis.

Women’s Ski Team

Men’s Hockey sold out 13 of 17 home games at 3,500 fans per game.

New scoreboards at CullmanHeyman Tennis Center


Community Involvement

Yale Athletics is committed to providing opportunities for New Haven youth that many other Universities throughout the country have had to cut due to budget restrictions.

The Thomas W. Ford ‘42 Community Outreach Program was established in 1996 and has continued to grow each year through the efforts of our student-athletes and coaching staffs. The mission statement of the Ford Outreach Program is to: • Connect Yale Athletics and Yale StudentAthletes with the New Haven Community • Provide Yale Student Athletes with the opportunity to become involved in community programs • Encourage community groups, organizations and schools to attend Yale Athletic Events and utilize Yale athletic facilities and fields • Develop new and creative programs that benefits the New Haven community The program is run by our Student-Athlete Community Outreach Committee (COC) which is made up of at least one representative from all 35 of our varsity teams. Yale Athletics is committed to providing opportunities for New Haven youth that many other Universities throughout the country have had to cut due to budget restrictions. The Ford Outreach program supports a number of sporting clinics, athletic activities and mentoring opportunities throughout the academic year which are listed below, as well as a free summer camp for hundreds of New Haven Youth, The National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) at Yale University.

NYSP at Yale The 2011 National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) had over 225 campers partake in a five week summer camp that combines athletic activities and academic instruction. In its fourteenth year at Yale, NYSP is a free program that provided transportation, breakfast, lunch and many more opportunities to New Haven Youth. The camp is held in Payne Whitney Gymnasium and offers Basketball, Dance, Football, Soccer, Softball, Swimming and Volleyball, as well as Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Health & Nutrition and Math & Science.

Thomas W. Ford ‘42 Community Outreach Programs Big Brothers / Big Sisters Mentoring Program matches New Haven Youth with a Yale Student-Athlete to meet weekly for homework help, games and field trips. Bulldog Buddies Student-Athletes visit Troupe elementary school every Friday to help kids with homework and to play sports in the gym. Holiday Gift Giving Initiative 31 Varsity Teams sponsored families who could not afford holiday presents and bought kids the gifts on their wish lists; such as iPods, Sporting equipment and board games.

Squash Haven A year-round after-school enrichment program for New Haven youths to promote academic, athletic, and personal growth through a program of squash instruction, and community service.

New Haven Tennis Outreach (NHTO) NHTO is a non-profit youth development program for students in grades 3-12. The program is directed towards children from low-income families that otherwise would not have access to high-quality academic guidance or athletic instruction. Undergraduates from the Yale Varsity Tennis Teams will mentor the program’s students year-round; providing consistent tennis lessons and one-on-one academic NYPP Basketball League Youth play basketball every Saturday during the winter in Payne Whitney Gym. Both men’s and women’s basketball teams run clinics to develop skills. Skate with the Teams The men’s and women’s hockey teams host hundreds of youth at Ingalls Rink to skate with the players before an autograph session with their favorite bulldogs.

Mandi Schwartz 1988-2011

Mandi Schwartz

On December 8, 2008, Yale women’s hockey center Mandi Schwartz was diagnosed with cancer (acute myeloid leukemia). She returned home to Saskatchewan for treatment. On January 8, 2010 — after five rounds of strong chemotherapy treatment and 130 days in the hospital put her in remission — she returned to Yale for the spring semester. She was planning to return to playing hockey in the 2010-11 season, but in April of 2010 she learned that the cancer had returned. 

In an effort to save her life, Mandi received a stem cell transplant this past September at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. But a biopsy in December revealed that the cancer had returned. She passed away on April 3, 2011 at the age of 23.

Yale has named it annual marrow donor registry drive in Mandi’s memory. These drives are led by the field hockey, football and women’s ice hockey teams. To date, Yale’s drives have added nearly 2,500 people to the Be The Match registry, including a record 921 in 2010. At least six lifesaving matches for patients in need have been located through these efforts. One donor was a Yale field hockey player, Lexy Adams (see her story, right).

Walter Camp Foundation ‘Stay in School’ Rally As part of the Walter Camp All American Football Weekend at Yale, football studentathletes go to New Haven public schools to talk about their importance of staying in school. Yale Community Rowing For over ten years, Yale student-athletes and coaches have taught youth the sport of Crew on the Housatonic River at Yale’s Gilder Boathouse. Yale Swim New Haven Members of both the men’s and women’s swim teams volunteered to get in the pool for this inaugural year, in which over 30 kids learned every Spring Saturday how to swim in the Payne Whitney Gym. Youth Days Hundreds of youth come to Yale Athletic facilities to watch varsity teams compete as part of an entire day of student-athlete clinics, barbeques, free t-shirts, autograph sessions, face painting and more. Fall Youth Day at the Yale Bowl has taken place for over 50 years and continues to be the most well attended outreach event of the year.

NEW in 2010–2011: Eli’s Friends This spring semester saw the start of Eli’s Friends, a student-athlete run program that supports young patients at the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. The program was founded by Alfonso Costa (Men’s Basketball and Lacrosse) and Michael Pratt (Men’s Lacrosse) and currently consists of 14 student-athletes who have gone through an extensive training to become volunteers with this organization. The students, listed below, went to the hospital in various groups every Monday–Friday from 1:30–3:00. The Yale Athletic Department is incredibly proud of this new partnership and looks forward to working with Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital to further develop and enhance this program.  Eli’s Friends

Eric Gresham

Football Joseph Young Football Caroline Crow Women’s Lacrosse Kaitlyn Flatley Women’s Lacrosse Mahi Trivellas Women’s Lacrosse Myra Trivellas Women’s Lacrosse Lucas Aronson Men’s Lacrosse Alfonso Costa Men’s Lacrosse

Mark Dobrosky Men’s Lacrosse Johnathan Falcone Men’s Lacrosse Benjamin Gifford Men’s Lacrosse Michael Pratt Men’s Lacrosse Peter Spaulding Men’s Lacrosse Colin Still Men’s Lacrosse

“ Last fall, I was matched with a patient diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, after impulsively registering the prior April at Yale. I was honored to join Mandi’s fight and spread the word about the bone marrow registry. Knowing that someone is living with my immune system awes me and inspires me to encourage every person I meet to sign up for the chance to save a life.” —Lexy Adams, ’13, Field Hockey



Supporting Yale Athletics

In the following pages, we recognize the generosity of alumni/ae, parents, and friends, as well as the dedication of our volunteers who support Yale Athletics with their time and talents. Your contributions are critical to sustaining excellence at Yale Athletics today — and in the future. Thank you for all you continue to do for Yale Athletics.

Honor Roll of Association Leadership Volunteers Association Presidents Mr. Sharyar Aziz ‘74 Squash Mr. Stephen D. Benjamin ‘78 Sailing Mr. Stephen B. Blum ‘74 Fencing Ms. Aileen Daly ‘01 Volleyball Mr. Adam Doherty ‘96 Baseball Ilona Emmerth ‘98 Golf Shoshanna Engel ‘03 Gymnastics Ms. Lisa Gollob Finke ‘87 Tennis Ms. Louisa Gerritz Garry ‘87 Track Mr. Kevin P. Genda ‘87 Soccer Mr. Earl Graves ‘84 Basketball Mr. Anthony Guido ‘90 Lacrosse Mr. Thomas Hartch ‘63 Tennis Ms. Heather Bentley Hunter ‘00 Lacrosse Kristin Krebs-Dick ‘93 Swimming & Diving Mr. Larry E. Kreider, Jr. ‘69 Track Mr. John Lapides ‘72 Swimming & Diving Ms. Anne Lehman ‘93 Field Hockey Mr. Ian B. MacAllister ‘00 Golf Mr. William R. Matthews III ‘90 Ice Hockey Ms. Lauren Monahan ‘94 Ice Hockey Mr. Peter W. Nordell, Jr. ‘88 Crew Patrick Ruwe, M.D. ‘83 Football Ms. Lindsay E. Sabel ‘03 Soccer Ms. Karen M. Yarasavage ‘87 Basketball


Association Board Members Baseball Chris Bade ‘91 Adam Barrick ‘06 Rich Bershtein ‘80 Keith Caggiano ‘97 Dave Esposito ‘90 Rob Farnen ‘98 Eric Naison-Phillips ‘03 Rich Perez ‘97 Justin Walters ‘0

Basketball Michael Baskauskas ‘74 Brad Berger ‘77 Erica Davis ‘07 Kelly Denit ‘00 Chris Dudley ‘87 Terry Durkin ‘84 Alex Gamboa ‘05 Sue Johnson ‘86 Tonya Lawrence ‘90 Steve Leondis ‘83 Mark Lovett ‘05 Frank Maturo ‘80 Matthew Minoff ‘04 Kate Merker ‘02 Susan Patton ‘88 Don Scharf ‘55 Deborah Shertzer ‘95 Justin Simon ‘04 Meg Simpson ‘02 Michael Smith ‘04 Ted Smith ‘00 Todd Trimmer ‘93 Charles Vachris ‘61 Paul Vitelli ‘04 Dorsey Whitestone ‘39 Larry Zigerelli ‘80

Crew Donald C. Bingham Edward S. Burke ‘58 Eric M.T. Den Besten ‘97 H. Richter Elser ‘81 James Jerow Elting 61 Stephen V. Flagg ‘57 Brian G. Jamieson ‘91 Ellen W. Jones-Nordell ‘88 Eugenia C. Kiesling ‘78 Catherine M. Manley ‘92 Mark R Mannion ‘05 Margaret M. Mathews ‘79 James J. Millar ‘80 Jennifer L. Mogck ‘86 Mark A. Mongelluzzo ‘96 Andrew James Morley ‘01 Patrick S. Perry ‘89 George W. Shuster ‘67 Ruth Kennedy Sudduth ‘83 Thomas Eliot Weil, Jr. ‘70

Fencing Andrew Baumel ‘88 Martin Bloomer ‘82 James Borin ‘93 George Bradley Jr. ‘75 Cherie Chen ‘97 Margaret Church ‘95 Stacy Creamer ‘81 Sean Crotty ‘86 Peter Devine ‘00 Leslie Fagen, Esq. ‘71 Matthew Fragner ‘75 Corey Friedlander ‘74

Nicole Gray ‘92 Edgar House ‘75 David Jacobson ‘06 Lt. Col. Matthew Jones, USMC ‘89 Kristaps Keggi, M.D. ‘55 Carl Knobloch, Jr. ‘51 Wei-Tai Kwok ‘85 Wylie Levone ‘92 Sherry Marcy ‘74 Elizabeth Merritt ‘81 Timothy Mueller ‘85 James Rorhbach ‘05

Field Hockey Abigail Alt ‘99 Erin L. Arruda ’00 Amy Dominick ‘90 Lauren Barton ‘97 Fran Gardner ‘04 Heidi Humphrey ‘75 Rachel Littman ‘91 Sanda LujicTomak ‘93 Georganne Nattress ‘85 Kara Nesburg ‘02 Betsy O’Donnell ‘97 Kellianne Bartlett Philpott ‘96 Anne (Rippetoe) Scharf ‘01 Lesley Wolf ‘96

Football Brian A. Ameche ‘75 Harris J. Ashton ‘54 Robert B. Blanchard ‘61 Carm Cozza Jed Duncan ‘83 Fred Danforth ‘73 Alex Faherty ‘05 John R. Ford ‘72 Christopher Gaughan ‘91 Thomas Giella ‘91 Gregory Hall ‘77 Henry G. Higdon ‘63 Robert D. Kenney ‘67 Thomas A. Kokoska ‘82 Frederick Leone ‘82 John Lykouretzos ‘95 Michael J. Luzzi ‘85 Chris Michalik ‘91 John Neary ‘91 John J. Nitti ‘81 Jay Pilkerton ‘09 Bill Primps ‘71 Matt Proto ‘01 Jonathan Reese ‘90 John P. Rogan ‘82 Donald F. Scharf ‘55 Robert D. Skoronski ‘79 Joel E. Smillow ‘54 Robert J. Sokolowski ‘69 Michael J. Tomana ‘78 Bruce W. Weinstein ‘69 Gregory A. Weiss ‘66 Football Advisory Board

Brian Dowling ‘69 Jack Downey ‘51 Gary Fencik ‘76 Calvin Hill ‘69 Dick Jauron ‘73

Golf Ellie Brophy ‘08 Jack Curren Jordanna Davis ‘03 Julie A. Hanson ’88 Barbara Israel Jim Kreuttner ‘68 Peter Pulaski

Brian Regan ‘02 Katie Renoff ‘99 January Romero ‘06 Chawwadee Rompothong ‘00 Mike Salvagno Bill Sawyer ‘73 Colin Sheehan ‘97 Steph Wei ‘05

Hockey Paul Castraberti ‘81 J. Philip Clark ‘74 Paul Farren ‘66 Regan Gilbride ‘07 Daryl Jones ‘98 Tom Ketchum ‘72 William Matthews ‘90 John Ormiston ‘71 Laurie Rousseau ‘98 Susan Wyper ‘84

Lacrosse Peter Diminich ’92 Clara Ferraro ‘01 Vince Ferraro ’98 Elizabeth Gardner ‘01 Amanda Laws ‘03 Tara Malloy ‘99 Laura MCullough ‘97 Elly McKenna ‘78 Elizabeth O’Donnell ‘97 Jason Reese ‘87 Sharon Robinson ‘96 Amy Sheehan ‘98

Sailing Peter Alarie ‘90 Henry Anderson ‘43 George Atwood ‘92 Matt Barry ‘07 Mark Bellermann ‘87 Peter Bowe ‘78 Nicole Breault ‘94 Zach Brown ‘08 Molly Carapiet ‘06 Allan Carscaddon ‘91 David Coit ‘69 Abby Coplin Susan Daly ‘78 Henry Davison II ‘84 Norman Dawley ‘63 Arthur Diefendorf ‘57 Larry Ehrhardt ‘90 Jamie Ewing ‘99 Edward Ferrarone III ‘98 John Flynn ‘00 Elizabeth Cleveland Frenzel ‘01 Dwight Gertz ‘73 William Gladstone ‘79 Arthur Gleason ‘93 Michael Gooch-Breault ‘92 Elizabeth Gosselin ‘84 Emily Hill ‘07 Stanley Honey ‘78 Robert Hopkins ‘81 Jen Hoyle ‘05 Mike Huang ‘97 Suzanne Huminski ‘91 Jennifer Isler ‘85 Peter Isler ‘78 Meredith Killian ‘05 Arther Kinsolving ’03 Isabell Kinsolving Farrar ‘02 Martin Kits Van Heyningen ‘81 Elizabeth Kratzig ‘96 Zachary Leonard ‘89 Harriet Linskey ‘82

Kate Littlefield ‘04 George Malcolmson ‘03 Harry Mattison ‘94 Lawrence Matthews Elizabeth McCance ‘89 Johnathan McKee ‘83 Stuart McNay ‘05 David Murphy ‘86 H. Coleman Norris ‘53 David Perry ‘77 Patrick Seaver ‘72 Karl Seibert ‘99 Ezra Smith ‘95 Wallace Stenhouse, Jr. ‘49 Stephen Taylor ‘73 Louise Gleason ‘91 David Vietor ‘63 Richard Vietor ‘64 Dana Worth ‘04

Skillman (Squash) Alia Aziz’10 Sharyar Aziz, Jr. ‘10 Tracy Ball-Greer ‘81 Natalie Yates Cacciato ‘82 William J. C. Carlin ‘85 Thomas A. Clayton ‘89 James Dowd P ’08, P’12 Quincy Fennebreque ‘04 Zerline L. Goodman ’84 William Harrison Melissa Pearsall Hirsch ‘89 Jeff Kahle ‘84 Emily Ash Lungstrum ‘95 Benton Moyer ‘64 Bill Mulrow ‘78 John Musto ’91 Devraj Roy ‘98 Theodore P. Shen ‘66 Mike Solovay ’81 Carter Fergusson ‘45 Christopher Forster ‘54 Samuel P. Howe ‘60 Elizabeth P. Munson ‘78 Margaret Yates Thorne ‘77 Henry Sam Chauncey Charles C. Kingsley ‘59

Soccer Edward L. Barlow, Esq. `56 Peter B. Bartlett `56 Andrew K. Block `61 Robert Bonta `93 Samuel R. Callaway, Jr. `64 Elise Cappella `93 Dana Britt Davies `93 Paul C. Dietche `53 Melanie Anne Dixon `94 Alexander Ercklentz `59 John C. Ertmann `79 Paul R. Farago `78 Charles A. Frank, III `63 Wayne K. Gersoff, M.D. `77 Alan J. Ginsberg `83 David E. Goldblatt `90 Stephen D. Greenberg `70 John S. Griswold, Jr. `67 Harry Gruner `81 Wendy Y. Hill `81 Cynthia Hayden Kempner `79 James L. Kempner `79 Karen F. Krieger `79 Danica Brown Liberman `00 Richard H. McNerney `82 Timothy B. Pirrung `76 Amy Jean Porter `97 Donald S. Reiter `76

Margaret P. Roraback `83 Adam J. Sullins `96 Douglas E. Spelman, Jr. `99 Juliette F. Spelman `99 Kenneth E. Stocker `73 Carmen K. Sturm `98 Elizabeth M. Swisher, M.D. `87 David Todd, ’87 Joseph Upton, III M.D. `66 Darcy Anne Whaley `97 Martha Reed Woodroofe `97

Richard J. MacDonald `72 Geoffrey S. Mearns `81 Jason L. Michel `91 Michael C. Stanley `54 Eric A. Seiff `55 Sally Strauss `82 Matt Taylor ‘00 Emily Taylor ‘01 James Vanasek `92 James A. Wade `59 Kristen L. White de Paor `97

Swimming & Diving


Nate Cartmell ‘73 Steve Clark  ‘65 Jeremy Fain  ‘99 Mike Faro  ‘93 Melanie Ginter  ‘78 Steve Gold  ‘99 Katie Hazelwood  ‘86 Bert Hazlett  ‘87 Dave Hershey  ‘62 Jen Deason ‘97 Kate Ivers  ‘99 Todd Kaplan  ‘86 Susan Kim  ‘10 Alexis Lerner Katz  ‘94 Mark Loftis  ‘83 Andrea Martin  ‘99 Moira McClosky  ‘07 Matthew Meade  ‘87 Lisa O’Dell Rapuano  ‘80 Brett Rubin  ‘00 Buck Smith  ‘75 Tom Stebbins  ‘94 Casey Whalen-Sellers  ‘96 Bendan Woo  ‘08

Lauren Burke ‘05 Collette Fitzgeral Chambers ‘01 Catherine Dailey ’10 Anne Forrest ‘79 Suzie Krentz ‘80 Christen Paluf ‘06 Alison Kaptur Ally Mendenhall ‘09 Nicole Perkins Celia (Neiman) Rodrigues ‘81 Erica Tarin ‘00

Tennis Christine Alford ’07 William Benjes `88 Donald Dell `60 Barbara Ellis ’00 Matt Feldman ’06 Alberto Franco `’82 David Golllob `90 Kathleen Haigood `82 Todd Khoury `87 Cindy Kuragami `95 Meghan McMahon `87 Lauren Muehl Munfa ‘01 Jennifer Ritz ‘90 Deborah Peck `77 Cameron Ragen `90 Shane Read `85 Gregory Royce ‘01 Alan Schwartz `52 Santtu Seppala ‘93 William Sibold `89 Diane Straus-Tucker `73 Mark Warnken `98 Martin Wostenholme `84

Track & Field and Cross Country Kenneth III Andersen `95 Tim Bertaccini `77 Zach Boisi`01 Seth Brody ’98 Hiran Cantu `89 William H. “Bard” Cook `77 Robert F. Doyle `01 Earl Downing ‘71 Shannon Duff `99 Kimberly A. Fulton, MD `91 Lisa Hintz `85 Bob Lesko `91

Donors (July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011) Includes gifts of $1,000+ to any athletic program

Ivy Championship Club Mr. Wilson Nolen ‘48 Mr. Laurence C. Leeds, Jr. ‘50 Mr. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. ‘51 Mr. Alan Gifford Schwartz ‘52 John A. Hawkinson, M.D. ‘54 Mr. Charles B. Johnson ‘54 Mr. Joel E. Smilow ‘54 Mr. Irving F. Jensen, Jr. ‘54 Mr. Peter O. Crisp ‘55 Mr. Alan S. Englander ‘55 Mr. Brooks G. Ragen ‘55 Mr. Donald F. Scharf ‘55 Mr. Colin C. Jensen ‘57 Mr. Reed Rubin ‘57 Mr. John W. Watling III ‘57 Mr. William C. Bullock, Jr. ‘58 Mr. Robert W. Morey, Jr. ‘58 Mr. Jonathan M. Clark ‘59 Donald L. Dell, Esq. ‘60 Mr. Samuel J. Heyman* ‘60 Mr. Stephen F. Snyder ‘60 Mr. Andrew K. Block ‘61 Mr. Brian R. Kenney ‘61 Mr. John I. Pearce, Jr. ‘61, ‘65 M.Arch. Mr. Howard A. Will, Jr. ‘61 Mr. Kenneth L. Wolfe ‘61 Mr. Henry G. Higdon ‘63 Mr. Erik MacFarlane Jensen ‘63 Mr. Jerome P. Kenney ‘63 Mr. Fay Vincent ‘63 LL.B. Mr. Dennis P. Lynch ‘64 Mr. James J. Murphy, Jr. ‘65, ‘66 & Ms. Mimi Murphy Mr. Steven N. Brody* ‘66 Mr. Frederick W. Smith ‘66 Mr. Andre C. Suan ‘66 M.I.A. Mr. Mark R. Jensen ‘67 Mr. Roland W. Betts ‘68, ‘99 M.A.H. Mr. Robbin S. Johnson ‘68, ‘73 Law Mr. Jeremy F. Kinney ‘68

Mr. Kenneth B. Schulman ‘68 Bert G. Kerstetter, Esq. ‘69 LL.B. Mr. John S. Lapides ‘72 Mr. Alexander M. Cutler ‘73 Mr. Dwight L. Gertz ‘73 Mr. Sharyar Aziz ‘74 Mr. Norman C. Selby ‘74 & Ms. Melissa G. Vail ‘74 J. Kenneth Burkus, M.D. ‘75, ‘79 MD Mr. Thomas L. Kempner, Jr. ‘75 Mr. Alan D. Farago ‘76 Mr. F. James Neil, Jr. ‘76 & Mrs. Jean M. Neil Mr. Peter A. Bowe ‘78 Mr. Rajen Dalal & Ms. Linda M. Burch ‘79 Mr. Eugene F. Cowell III ‘79, ‘82 JD Mr. James L. Kempner ‘79 & Ms. Cynthia Hayden Kempner ‘79 Mr. William C. Kunkler III ‘79 Mr. Andrew R. Bacas ‘80 Mr. Joshua Bekenstein ‘80 Mr. Gary M. Lawrence ‘80 Mrs. Carol L. Roberts ‘81 Mr. Keith M. Rudman ‘81 Mrs. Susan D. Wellington ‘81 Richard A. Bartlett, Esq. ‘82 JD & Mrs. Kerri Bartlett Mr. Paul D. Carbery ‘83 Mr. Kevin King & Ms. Meridee A. Moore ‘83 JD Mr. Alec L. Ellison ‘84 Ms. Lisa Hintz ‘85 Mr. Brian M. Reilly ‘85, ‘92 JD Ms. Katherine A. Hazelwood ‘86 Mr. Todd P. Kaplan ‘86 Mr. David M. Murphy ‘86 Mr. Jason W. Reese ‘87 Mrs. Ellen W. Jones-Nordell ‘88 Ms. Susan M. Patton ‘88 Mr. Robin P. Selati ‘88 Mr. David John Thompson ‘89 & Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson ‘89 Mr. Anthony P. Guido ‘90 Mr. Robert A. Lesko ‘91 & Dr. Sarah E. Lesko ‘91 Mr. Richard G. Theobald ‘91 Mr. Brian T. Walter ‘91 & Dr. Abbe L. Walter ‘92 Mr. David C. Ryan ‘92 Mr. Michael J. Arougheti ‘93 Mr. Roger Hamilton Lee ‘94 Mr. John Theodore Lykouretzos ‘95 Mr. David Ira Schamis ‘95 Mrs. Meredith Snow Meeks ‘96 Mr. Redmond S. Ingalls ‘98 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Berner III Barbara Brown, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Coleman Mr. & Ms. Eric C. Fast Mr. & Ms. Jonathan W. Fauer Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ferrante Mr. John N. Fulham III Mr. William B. Harrison Mr. Henry Harutunian Dr. Benjamin H. Lewis & Ms. Jane H. Goldman Mr. & Mrs. Kent J. Mathy Mr. John Lewis Morrison ‘67 & Ms. Christine Morrison Mr. Thomas S. Murphy, Jr. Mr. John A. Nadas & Ms. Stephanie M. Hornung National Shooting Sports Found

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Peltz Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Struckett Mr. Randall E. Wooster

Anthony Cappellino, M.D. ‘88 Mr. Adam T. Puritz ‘88 Mr. Michael D. Ryan ‘89 & Ms. Rosemary McNicholas Ryan ‘88 Eli Club Mr. Mark A. Eidemueller ‘90 Mr. Edgar M. Cullman ‘40 Mr. William Featherston, Jr. ‘90 Mr. W. James Price, IV ‘49 Mr. David A. Gollob ‘90 Mr. Nicholas F. Brady ‘52 Mr. James C. Israel ‘90 Mr. J. Wright Rumbough, Jr. ‘52 Mr. Bryan R. Martin ‘90 & Mrs. Mr. Harris J. Ashton ‘54 Katherine Oudens Martin ‘90 Mr. Mason Willrich ‘54 Michael A. Parentis, M.D. ‘90 Mr. George L. Unhoch, Jr. ‘56 Mr. Cameron B. Ragen ‘90 Mr. William R. Becklean ‘58 Mr. Jonathan P. Reese, Sr. ‘90 Mr. Earl M. Smith ‘62 Mr. Thomas Ferguson Hartch ‘63 Ms. Patricia J. Casey ‘91 Kimberly A. Fulton, M.D. ‘91 Mr. Michael F. Hanson ‘65 Mr. Edward D. Kaplan ‘91 Mr. J. Frederick Berg, Jr. ‘66 Mr. Thomas James McCaffrey ‘66 Mr. Craig L. Kennedy ‘91 & Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy Mr. Robert W. Riordan ‘66 Mr. Christian P. Michalik ‘91 Mr. John N. Walsh III ‘67 Mr. Stuart E. Davies ‘92 Hugh R. McCombs, Esq. ‘68 Mr. Stephen D. Greenberg ‘70 & Mr. Mark T. DeAngelis ‘92 Ms. Katherine Beinecke Michel ‘93 Mrs. Myrna K. Greenberg Mr. Thomas Egils Katis ‘94 Adele P. Edgerton, Esq. ‘71 Mr. Robert Scott Pohly ‘94 & Mrs. Linda Frank Rodman ‘73, Ms. Julie Turaj ‘94 ‘75 M.A. Ms. Sharon Langhoff Robinson ‘96 Mr. J. Philip Clark ‘74 Mr. Scott James Robinson ‘96 Mr. Jeffrey Q. Smith ‘74 Mr. Robert Jackson Selzer ‘97 Mr. Gregory J. Wiber ‘74 Mr. David Swensen ‘76 M.A. ‘78 Mr. Dylan C. Tornay ‘98 Mr. Joseph John Montesano ‘99 M.Phil. ‘80 Ph.D. Ms. Clara W. Ferraro ‘01 Mr. Brad W. Berger ‘77 Mr. Scott Alan Austin ‘02 Mr. W. E. Egan & Mrs. Margot Mr. Paul A. Castraberti ‘02 Tweedy Egan ‘77 Mr. Andrew Skiles Rosenfeld ‘04 Mr. Gregory J. Hall ‘77 M.A. ‘04 Ms. Anne F. Keating ‘77 Mr. Joshua B. Greenberg ‘06 Mr. Mark E. Zelek ‘77 & Ms. Mr. Robert A. Hetherington IV ‘06 Alicia Margarita Castilla Mr. & Ms. Albert E. Betteridge Mr. Keith A. Bassi ‘78 Dichello Distributors, Inc. Mr. Stephen D. Benjamin ‘78 & Ms. Teresa Heinz Mrs. Helen Benjamin Ms. Melanie A. Ginter ‘78, ‘81 M.S. Katharine Matthies Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John McHale Ms. Elinor Dwyer McKenna ‘78 Mr. & Ms. Douglas I. Ostrover Mr. H. Andrew Fisher ‘79 Mr. & Ms. Joseph T. Ratchford Mr. John P. Hullar ‘79 Dr. & Ms. Joseph W. Szokol Mr. Joseph Andrew Jolson ‘80 Mr. & Mrs. David F. Thomas Ms. Heather Muir Kirby ‘81 Walter S. Johnson Foundation Mr. David H. Paris ‘81 Mr. Michael B. Solovay ‘81 Coaches Club Mr. Steven J. Gavin ‘82 Ms. Kathleen D. Haigood ‘82 Mr. John J. White ‘42 Dr. Diane Zalutsky Alexander ‘83 Mr. Robert Hartley O’Connor ‘48 Mr. Gregory J. Burkus ‘83 & Mrs. Mr. Richard Phelps ‘50 Sheila Marie Burkus Mr. Earl J. Rusnak, Jr. ‘53 Mr. Carl A. Hess ‘83 Mr. W. Murray Buttner ‘54 Mr. Angelo Steve Leondis ‘83 Mr. S. Joseph Fortunato ‘54 Mr. John P. McNiff ‘83 Mr. Philip B. Weymouth, Jr. ‘57 Mr. David A. Messer ‘83 Mr. Dennis L. McGill ‘57 Mr. John Davis Rogers ‘83 Mr. James D. Darby, Jr. ‘58 Patrick Alan Ruwe, M.D. ‘83, Mr. Thomas B. Wheeler ‘58 ‘87 MD Benjamin F. Balme, M.D. ‘61, Mr. John G. Coumantaros ‘84 ‘66 MD Mr. Earl G. Graves, Jr. ‘84 Mr. Robert B. Blanchard ‘61 Mr. Kevin P. Kalinich ‘84 William C. McMaster, M.D. ‘62 Mr. George U. Wyper ‘84 M. Mr. John H. Rixse ‘63 Mr. Richard D. Calder, Jr. ‘85 & Mr. Ian F. Robertson ‘63 Ms. Laurie Finneran Calder ‘85 Mr. Mel A. Shaftel ‘65 Mr. Douglas T. Millett ‘86 Mr. David R. Hathaway ‘66 Mr. Kevin P. Genda ‘87 Senator John F. Kerry ‘66 & Mr. James G. Dayton ‘87 Ms. Teresa Heinz Ms. Lisa Gollob Finke ‘87 Mr. Gregory A. Weiss ‘66 Ms. Carolyn Ballan Wasserman ‘87 Mr. Michael C. Brooks ‘67 Ms. Karen M. Yarasavage ‘87 George M. Lazarus, M.D. ‘67 Mr. William D. Benjes III ‘88 & The Honorable George Pataki ‘67 Dr. Lori Steinberg Benjes ‘89 Mr. Robert P. Ufer ‘71


Mr. Thomas B. Ketchum ‘72 Mr. Fred C. Danforth ‘73 Mr. Richard M. Jauron ‘73 Mr. Gregory L. Daniels ‘75 Mr. Douglas S. Reigeluth ‘75 Mr. Stephen C. Sherrill ‘75 Mr. Gary Fencik ‘76 Mr. Robin W. Michel ‘76 Mr. Matthew J. Stover ‘76 Mr. Stone S. Phillips ‘77 Mr. Douglas G. Tennant ‘78 William C. Crowley, Esq. ‘79, ‘85 JD Mr. Frank G. Paci ‘79 Mr. Richard A. Bershtein ‘80 Mr. Magruder H. Dent ‘80, ‘86 M. Mr. Charles W. Goodyear IV ‘80 Mr. Christopher G. Kelly, Jr. ‘80 Dr. William G. Nelson, V ‘80 Ms. Andree I. Pruett ‘80 Mr. Scott R. Williamson ‘80 Mr. Harry S. Gruner ‘81 Ms. Jamie E. Nicholson ‘81 Mr. Mark J. Hammersmith ‘82 Mr. John P. Rogan ‘82 Kevin B. Shrock, M.D. ‘82 Mr. James P. Steiner ‘82 Mr. Robert A. Mackie ‘83 Mr. William A. Nichols ‘83 Mr. David A. Tewksbury ‘83 Mr. Paul J. Andrie ‘84 Mrs. Helen Young Hayes ‘84 Mr. Gerard P. Parker ‘84 Dr. Joseph L. Pont ‘84 Mr. Stephen M. Tsai ‘84 The Rev. Susan Cavanagh Wyper ‘84, ‘08 M.Div. Mr. Jon D. Litner ‘85 Mr. James E. MacLaren* ‘85, ‘89 M.F.A. Mr. Martin E. Martinson ‘85 Lissa Steele Roth, Esq. ‘85, ‘91 JD Kee Duk Kim, M.D. ‘86 Mr. Gregory J. Rohde ‘86 Mr. Timothy R. Sullivan ‘86 Mr. Thomas R. Mercein ‘87 Mr. Peter W. Nordell, Jr. ‘88 Ms. Lisa O. Rapuano ‘88 Mr. Devon Jerome Baranski ‘89 Mr. Christopher M. Gaughan ‘91 Mr. Robert E. Michalik ‘91 Mr. Jason L. Michel ‘91 Mr. John F. Neary ‘91 Mr. Nick B. Crawford ‘92 Mr. Everett Fraser Hutt ‘92 Mr. Clayton R. Simmers II ‘92 James Frederic Borin, M.D. ‘93, ‘98 MD Mr. Charles Thomas Foley ‘93 Ms. Leander Colton Grayson ‘93 Mr. David J. Kelley ‘93 Mr. Brian Todd Trimmer ‘93 Mr. Grant P. Felgenhauer ‘96 Mr. Christopher Hetherington ‘96 Chad Everett Hoitink, M.D. ‘96 Mr. Benton Sykes Moyer ‘96 & Ms. Elizabeth Moyer Mr. Phelps T. Riley, Jr ‘97 Mr. Derek Edwin Bentley ‘99 Mr. James R. Copland IV ‘99 M., ‘03 JD Mr. Keith Russell McCullough ‘99 Mr. Gregory Todd Royce ‘01 Mr. A. Shea Treadway ‘01 Mr. Stuart S. Satullo II ‘03 Mr. Eric William Wenzel ‘04 Mr. Nicholas J. Solakian ‘08 Mr. Timothy Potter Shriver ‘11 Mr. Thomas Beckett Blue & White Championship Tennis Champs, LLC Curren and Associates Dimeo Construction Co. Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Drimal Mr. & Ms. David J. Hickey


Rusty Hirst Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Johnson Mr. Kenneth Kastner Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Marick Mr. & Mrs. John L. McInerney Mr. & Mrs. Garrett M. Moran Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Oplinger Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Torykian, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Alexander D. Walker Walter Camp Football Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John H. Walton, Jr. WorldTek Travel

Captains Club Mr. Charles D. Dickey, Jr. ‘40 Mr. Robert W. Halliday ‘41 Mr. G. Hunt Weber, Jr. ‘48 Mr. William E. Conway ‘49 Mr. William H. Draper III ‘50 Mr. Walter H. Clemens ‘51 Mr. Andrew Rockefeller ‘51 Mr. James A. Greer II ‘54 Stephen V. Flagg, M.D. ‘57 Mr. Malcolm W. MacNaught ‘59 Mr. George A. Piroumoff ‘59 Mr. Robert B. Semple, Jr. ‘59 Mr. John C. Wellemeyer ‘59 Mr. Stuart Beattie ‘61 Mr. B. Lee Mallory III ‘61 David B. Bingham, M.D. ‘62 Mr. Bertram B. Culver III ‘62 Mr. Marshall Hamilton ‘62 Mr. Robert J. Dayton ‘64 Robert A. Hetherington, III ‘64,, ‘67 LL.B. Robert W. Lyons, M.D. ‘64 MD Mr. Matthew A. Baxter, Jr. ‘65 Mr. James E. Howard ‘66 Mr. Thomas C. Israel ‘66 Mr. J. Gregg Miller ‘66 Mr. Thomas F. Slater ‘66 Richard Albert Moggio, M.D. ‘67, ‘71 MD Mr. Daniel T. Smith, Jr. ‘67 Howard S. Kroop, M.D. ‘68 Mr. Frank V. Wisneski, Jr. ‘68 Mr. Lawrence E. Kreider, Jr. ‘69 Mr. Bruce W. Weinstein ‘69 Mr. Charles W. Banta ‘70 Bradley Y. Smith, Esq. ‘70 Mr. Timothy E. Coy ‘71 Mr. John E. Ormiston III ‘71 William G. Primps, Esq. ‘71 Mr. W. Graham Arader III ‘73 Mr. Nathaniel M. Cartmell III ‘73 Mr. John A. Dore ‘73 & Mrs. Nancy Dore Mr. Carl N. Siemon ‘73 Mr. Nathan C. Thorne ‘76 & Ms. Margaret Yates Thorne ‘77 Mr. Stephen G. Woodsum ‘76 Mr. Jonathan W. Ayers ‘78 Mr. David F. Harrington ‘78 Mr. Henry Lord ‘78 UGrd Mr. John A. Pagliaro, Jr. ‘78 Ms. Lisa A. Prager ‘78 Mr. James A. McNair ‘79 Mr. H. Lawrence Ross III ‘79 Mr. Stephen T. Skrovan ‘79 Mr. Stephen P. Harrington ‘80 Ms. Susanna E. Krentz ‘80 Mr. Clark J. McCombe ‘80 Mr. John B. Reichenbach ‘80 Mr. Dean J. Takahashi ‘80, ‘83 MPPM & Ms. Wendy S. Sharp, ‘82 Mr. Robert C. Henske ‘81 Joseph E. Mumford, M.D. ‘82 Mr. Thomas J. Wiegand ‘83 Mr. Thomas J. Giella ‘84 Llewellyn Hyacinthe, M.D. ‘84 Ms. Laura M. Pappano ‘84 Mr. Ross Wimer ‘84 Mr. Kevin E. Conley ‘85

Mr. Thomas C. Jantzen ‘85 Mr. R. Scott Logie ‘85 Ms. Robbin C. Walsh Schoewe ‘85 Michael J. Curtin, M.D. ‘86 Mr. Robert H. Dial ‘86 Ms. Denise Vergot Holle ‘86 Dr. Andria Barnes Ruth ‘86 Mr. John M. Duryea ‘87 Dr. J. Dominic Femino ‘87 Mr. Edward P. Massaro ‘88 & Mrs. Joanne C. Massaro Prof. Diana E.E. Kleiner ‘89 M.A.H. Mr. George McMurray Marshman ‘89 Mr. Erik M. Wohlgemuth ‘89, ‘97 M.E.S. ‘97 M. Mr. Cyrus F. Mehta ‘90 Mr. Stephen M. Keller ‘91 Mr. Lance D. Marciano ‘91 Mr. Michael C. Miller ‘91 Mr. Stephen Michael Johnson ‘92 Mr. Frank Edward Osborn ‘92 Mr. Edward Douglas Perks ‘92 Mr. John Almeida, Jr. ‘93 Mr. Robert Foster Sellers ‘93 & Ms. Casey D. Whalen Sellers ‘96 Mr. James M.J. Dunn ‘94 Mr. Martin Carl Leroux ‘94 Mr. John Harrison Sargent ‘94 Mr. Adam John Shapiro ‘95 Ms. A. Merritt Tilney ‘95 Mr. David McKee Hand ‘96 Mara C. McAdams, M.D. ‘96 Mr. William Keith Woodfin ‘96 Mr. Michael Stephen Yoshino ‘96 Mr. Brian Richard Hall ‘97 Mr. William Jacob Van Wyk III ‘97 Mr. Brian P. Marshall ‘98 Mr. Todd J. Scott ‘98 Ms. Carla Patricia Shen ‘99 Ms. Jacklyn Yun Ning Fu ‘00 Mr. Joseph Frank Walland Jr. ‘00 Mr. Christopher F. Eger ‘01 Mr. Quincy Campbell Fennebresque ‘04 Mr. Alexander C. Faherty ‘06 Anonymous Bank of America Mr. Andrew L. Chase Mr. Charles E. Clark Drury Cooper III Mr. & Ms. John S. Craft John Curren, Jr. M/M M. Donovan & J.Fitzpatrick Mr. James L. Dowd Mrs. John F. Embersits Hartford Distributors, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Henley Drs. Daryl & Susan Hoffman Mrs. Barbara F. Israel Mr. Frank Keefe Mr. & Mrs. John J. Leffler Mr. George M. Locarno & Ms. Jayne C. Enos Mr. Robert G. McCollum, Jr. Mr. David I. Newton Dr. Sheila Y. Owens-Collins Dr. & Mrs. John R. OwersBradley Mrs. Beth K. Pfeiffer Mr. Michael Russo Mr. & Ms. David E. Rutter Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schlesinger Ms. Loriel Townsend Usta New England Mr. Gerhard T. van Arkel Whiting Turner Contracting Co.

Players Club Professor Vincent Scully, Ph.D ‘40 , ‘47 M.A. ‘49 Ph.D. Mr. Thurston Twigg-Smith ‘42 Mr. Henry H. Anderson, Jr. ‘43 Mr. John W. Soper ‘45W

Mr. Henry I. Burr ‘48 Mr. James G. Hellmuth ‘48 Mr. Gregory C. Gates ‘50 Mr. Stuart W. Tisdale ‘51 Mr. John F. Akers ‘56 & Mrs. Susan F. Akers Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. ‘56, ‘60 Med Mr. Albert Francke III ‘56 Mr. David A. Christenson ‘57 Paul M. Leand, M.D. ‘57, ‘61 MD Hugh C. Thompson III, M.D. ‘57, ‘61 MD Prof. Donald M. Crothers ‘58, ‘94 M.A.H. Mr. Michael B. Rafferty ‘58 Mr. Georges St. Laurent, Jr. ‘58 Mr. Thomas P. August II ‘59 Mr. Michael W. Hard ‘59 Mr. Joseph Jenry Morsman III ‘59 Mr. Edward H. Wasson, Jr. ‘59 Mr. Emory W. Clark ‘60 Mr. Samuel W. Lambert III ‘60 Mr. C. Howard Wilkins, Jr. ‘60 Mr. Richard Bockrath ‘61 Bruce A. Chabner, M.D. ‘61 James Jerow Elting, M.D. ‘61 Mr. Robert S. Phillips ‘61, ‘64 M.A. Mr. Thomas Hall Singleton ‘61 Mr. John W. Blouch ‘62 Mr. T. Anthony Brooks ‘62 David A. Brownlee, Esq. ‘62, ‘68 LL.B. Mr. William C. Petty III ‘63 Mr. Frederick M.R. Smith ‘63 Mr. Charles M. Brennan III ‘64 Mr. William Watson Elting ‘64 John C. Hunsaker III, M.D. ‘64 Mr. Bruce D. Alexander ‘65 Mr. James P. DeAngelis ‘65, ‘67 M.C.P. Mr. George Michas ‘65 Mr. Donald W. Burton ‘66 Geoffrey M. Graeber, M.D. ‘66 Dr. Richard Hart, M.D. ‘66 Mr. Leo Kayser III ‘66 Mr. William F. MacDonald, Jr. ‘66 James C. Munson, Esq. ‘66 Mr. Theodore P. Shen ‘66, ‘01 M.A.H. Mr. Stephen B. Timbers ‘66 George W. Shuster, Esq. ‘67, ‘73 JD Mr. John G. Brim ‘68 Mr. Steven L. Friedman ‘68 Mr. Richard Smith Sperry ‘68 H. R. Stroube III, Esq. ‘68 Mr. Douglas A. Warner III ‘68, ‘08 M.A.H. Mr. John B. Beinecke ‘69 Mr. David M. Coit ‘69 Mr. William A. Harper ‘70 Mr. Thomas Eliot Weil, Jr. ‘70 Mr. David B. Pudlin ‘71 Mr. Hugh Scott III ‘71 Robert J. Spiegel, M.D. ‘71 Mr. M. Ian G. Gilchrist ‘72 Mr. L. Randall Yates ‘73 Mr. Daniel L. Grossman ‘74 David H. Jacobson, M.D. ‘74 Mr. Michael Schmertzler ‘74 Charles H.M. Thorne, M.D. ‘74 Mr. George C. Bradley, Jr. ‘75 Mr. Reuben Jeffery III ‘75 & Mrs. Robin Jeffery Mr. Edward L. McGann ‘75 Ms. Lisa Rosenblum ‘75 Mr. J. Frederick Stillman III ‘75 Mr. Richard S. Boswell ‘77 Mr. Timothy M. Jones ‘77 & Mrs. Annie Jones Mr. James A. Mihalcik ‘77 Mr. Brian L. Trotier ‘77 Mr. Charles R. Carpenter ‘78

Mr. Richard S. Patronik ‘78 Mr. Brian A. Matthews ‘79 Mr. Michael W. Radcliffe ‘79 Ms. Anne Boucher ‘80 Mark S. DeVore, M.D. ‘80 Mr. Frank A. Maturo ‘80 Mr. Sean C. Reilly ‘80 Mr. Sam B. Strauss ‘80 Ms. Marcia A. Chambers ‘81 M.S.L.J. Mr. Alexander Dimitrief ‘81 Ms. Tracy Ball Greer ‘81 Mr. S. Kenneth Kannappan ‘81 Ms. Elizabeth E. Merritt ‘81 Valerie A. Asher, M.D. ‘82, ‘90 MD Harriet W. Hopf, M.D. ‘82 Mr. Glenn Layendecker ‘83 Ms. Bonnie L. Messing ‘83 Ms. Diana Mendley Rauner ‘83 Mr. John A. Biek ‘84 Mr. Thomas V. Brooks ‘84, ‘89 M.P.P.M. Ms. Zerline L. Goodman ‘84 Mr. David Mafoud ‘84 Mr. David J. Rohal ‘84 Mr. David B. Singer ‘84 Mr. Harry A. Olivar, Jr. ‘85 Mr. Richard H. Powers ‘85 Ms. Louisa Giannelli Ritter ‘85 Mr. Joseph B. DeNicola ‘86, ‘96 M.E.S. Mr. Stephen C. Freidheim ‘86 Ms. Jennifer L. Mogck ‘86 Mr. Sean Neely ‘86 Ms. Susan H. Prince ‘86 Mr. O. Francis Biondi, Jr. ‘87 Mr. Joshua L. Steiner ‘87 Mr. Byron F. Taylor ‘87 Mr. Michael J. Cavanagh ‘88 Mr. Scott K. Giese ‘88 Mr. Timothy G. Howle ‘88 Mr. William S. Nichol ‘88 Mr. Alan R. Svensen ‘88 Mr. Gregory Scott Ager ‘89 Mr. Herbert A. Allen III ‘89 Mr. Michael Scott Babcock ‘89 Katherine Widnell, M.D., Ph.D. ‘89, ‘95 Ph.D. ‘96 MD Hon. Christopher A. Wray ‘89, ‘92 JD Moshe S. Haspel, Ph.D. ‘90 Dr. Cynthia Moylan ‘90 Ms. Lynn Rosenstrach Zerbib ‘91 Ms. Katrina Amy Lundstedt ‘92 Mr. Alexander Schrantz ‘92 Mr. Richard P. Torykian, Jr. ‘92 Mr. Scott William Wagner ‘92 Ms. Dana Britt Davies ‘93 Mr. Fraser A. Preston ‘93 Ms. Katherine Rourke Bonnem ‘94 Mr. Viren Kumar Chandrasoma ‘94, M.S. ‘94 Mr. Jeffrey Lynn Dodge ‘94 Ms. A. Lauren S. Monahan ‘94 Mr. Charles H. Siegel ‘94 Ms. Leith Brooks ‘95 Mr. Duncan Patrick Goodall ‘95 Mr. Michael David Bender ‘96 Mr. Robert Samuel Bloom ‘96 Mr. Keith T. Carpenter ‘96 Mr. Adam Paul Doherty ‘96 Mr. Prescott Howland Logan ‘96 Jesse A. Steinfeldt, Ph.D. ‘96 Mr. Keith Joseph Caggiano ‘97 Mr. Eric M.T. Den Besten ‘97 Mr. Adrian A. Keevil ‘97 Mr. Timothy David Randall ‘97 Mrs. Stephanie M. Ruiz ‘97 Mr. Bryan T. Whalen ‘97 Mr. Seth A. Brody ‘98 Mr. Gene S. Lange ‘98 Mr. Steven J. Purdy ‘98 Mr. Brian K. Shure ‘98

Mr. Samuel Sorrentino Glass ‘99 Mr. John Michael Tonzola ‘99 Mr. Mark Douglas Turco ‘99 Mrs. Heather Bentley Hunter ‘00 Mr. Jonathan Marc Malpass ‘00 Mr. Stephen S.H. Cheng ‘01 Ms. Nancy W. Doyle ‘01 Ms. Elizabeth Cleveland Fenzel ‘01 Dr. Andrea Goldberg Edlow ‘02 Mr. Edward McBeth Stewart ‘03 Mr. Stephen Bradley Ehikian ‘04 Mr. Nathan Earl Lawrie ‘04 Mr. Nicholas Joshua Campbell III ‘05 Ms. Christine Marie Hall ‘05 Mr. Joshua Adam Schwartz ‘05 Mr. Matthew C Barry ‘07 AbiBow Canada Inc. Mr. David J. Ambrose & Ms. Kimberly A. Crisco Charles Andriole Anonymous John M. Aversa, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Belling Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Block Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Brown Dr. & Ms. Robert J. Cerfolio Mr. & Mrs. Franz F. Colloredo-Mansfeld Prof. & Mrs. Michael C. Constantinou Dr. & Ms. Robert J. Desnick Dr. & Mrs. Bradley R. Ehikian Mr. & Ms. John W. Garcia Toni K. Goodale Dr. Aaron Kwang-ho Han Dr. Mary E. Hannah Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Harrington Dr. Steven R. Hays Internal Medicine of Guilford LLC Mr. Howard Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Brad G. Lachman Mr. & Mrs. Reginald W. Lathan Mr. & Ms. Thomas S. Levings Robert R. Lewis, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. James Losty Mr. Lewis S. Matzkin Mr. William J. Mayer Mrs. Margaret J. McPhillips Milone & MacBroom, Inc. Mrs. Emily Parker Mr. & Mrs. Gary Roland Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sankovich Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan K. Sprole Michael A. Stratton, Esq. Mr. & Ms. Lawrence Sullivan Mr. James G. Sutton Town Fair Tire Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Tutino Mr. Mark & Ms. Traci Viklund Mr. & Ms. David M. Visher Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vizcarrondo Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Warden Mr. Leonard & Dr. Pamela Yablon Mrs. Janet B. York

Yale Sport Associations Yale Sport Associations form a special team of Yale’s faithful that make them integral to the success of all of our teams. Their support fosters a tradition of excellence that guarantees the current and future generations of Yale athletes are ensured an unparalleled athletic experience. Each of Yale’s 35 varsity teams are supported by their respective sport association. Associations consist of former athletes, alumni/ae, parents, and friends who feel passionate about a specific team at Yale.

Association Mission and Core Values The mission of the Yale Sport Associations is to enhance the athletic experience of our current student-athletes, alumni/ae and friends of all Yale sports. This is accomplished in a variety of ways, most notably through: • Preserving the traditions of Yale athletics • Hosting of special events including alumni/ae games and barbeques and golf outings • Offering career networking and job placement opportunities • Providing consistent communication about the teams through emails and printed newsletters In addition, the Yale Sport Associations fundraise to provide funds that are critical for the success of our programs. Any gift to any Sport Association is considered fully tax deductible and for alumni/ae count towards your individual and class giving totals for your reunion. Gifts of any size make a tremendous impact on our teams and our goal is always 100% participation from all of our Association members. The funds from our Association members support the following areas: • Recruiting trips bringing potential student-athletes to campus as well as send our coaches on the road to find prospects. • Travel for team contests • Other administrative costs

Association Leadership Each Sport Association is represented by a group of volunteers, led by a President and an executive board, that provide insight and recommendations to the Department of Athletics. We are always looking for individuals to volunteer their time and energy for the betterment of athletics at Yale. Membership is not limited to just one association. You can get involved by calling the Athletic Alumni Office at 203-432-1434 or emailing

Ray Tompkins Associates (RTA) The RTA was developed to provide unrestricted annual-use funds to be utilized at the discretion of the Director of Athletics towards the highest priorities of the department. Specifically, these donations furnished awards such as varsity letter sweaters, supplemented funding for training trips, and enhanced our team rosters by providing coaches with the necessary funding to scan the nation for the next AllIvy player. The Ray Tompkins Associates enables the department to underwrite projects for all of Yale Athletics that require financial resources above and beyond those allocated by the University. We encourage all friends of Yale Athletics to become members of both the Ray Tompkins Associations and their favorite sport association with an additional gift. Membership in RTA has benefits above and beyond those of the Sport Associations, including invitations to special Athletic events, discounts on Yale Athletics gear, and discounts with local merchants.


Ray Tompkins Associates & Yale Sport Associations Donor Form

How to Give

Athletic Donor Categories c Ivy Championship Club ($10,000+)

c Eli Club ($5,000–$9,999)

Giving Online Giving online is now easier than ever! You can visit the Yale Tomorrow website at https:// cgi and choose “Athletics” from the first drop down menu and your favorite sport from the second. Your gift will make an immediate impact on that team.

c Head Coaches Club ($2,500–$4,999) c Coaches Club ($1,000–$2,499) c Captains Club ($500–$999) c Players Club ($250–$499) c Bulldogs Club ($100–$249)

Please indicate amount next to your choices. _____________ Ray Tompkins Associates (03862) unrestricted dollars; supports all 35 programs _____________ Sport Associations restricted to individual teams; mark breakdown below

golf (women’s)

Director of squash (anonymous)

Andrew Card (203) 432-1409

Chawwadee Rompothong ’00 (203) 432-7370

(men’s & women’s) Dave Talbott (203) 432-2483

crew (women’s)


Will Porter (203) 432-1412

Barbara Tonry (203) 432-2138

Robert J. H. Kiphuth HEAD COACH of MEN’S swimming

Mark T. Young ’68 Director of cross country & track

Malcolm G. Chace Head Coach of ice hockey (men’s)

__________ Soccer (15166)

__________ Field Hockey (03887)

__________ Softball (03693)

Planned Giving

__________ Fencing (03885)

__________ Squash (03855)

__________ Football (03531)

__________ Swimming (03889)

__________ Golf (03864)

__________ Tennis (03918)

__________ Track/Cross Country (03919)

__________ Volleyball (08073)

Bequests have a profound and lasting impact on Yale Athletics and are a significant source of support for the University. The continuation and expansion of this tradition of remembrance will contribute to future financial strength and excellence. For many alumni and friends, a bequest is a simple way to make a gift. A commitment made today can influence the future of Yale Athletics with no effect on your resources during your lifetime. Bequests can be in the form of cash, securities, real estate or other property. You may designate a specific dollar amount, a particular asset, a fixed percentage of your entire estate, or leave your residuary estate after you have provided for loved ones. Online, go to

credit card number signature

c MasterCard® exp. date

name on card Name Address E-mail

If you work for a matching gift employer and would like the company to match your contribution, please enclose your matching gift form. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. For gifts of securities, please call (203) 432-4107. c Check here if you do not want your name listed in the annual report of donors. For information, call 203-432-1434 or visit our website at Return form with payment in the enclosed envelope or mail to: Yale Athletics, P.O. Box 1844, New Haven, CT 06508-1844 You can also make a gift online at Follow the instructions on the web page.

soccer (women’s)

lightweight crew (men’s)

__________ Crew (13575)


Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of football

Barbara Reinalda (203) 432-1723


Brian Tompkins (203) 432-1495


__________ Sailing (02811)

c Please charge my credit card:

soccer (men’s)

Pam Stuper (203) 432-1479

Colin Sheehan ’97 (203) 432-8697

c Enclosed is my check payable to Yale University. One checkcan cover split gifts.


(co-ed & women’s) Zack Leonard ’89 (203) 432-5453

golf (men’s)

__________ Basketball (15167)

(sum of contributions listed above)

Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of basketball (men’s)

McNay Family Director of Yale sailing

Steve Gladstone (203) 432-1413

__________ Ice Hockey (15164)

Henry Harutunian (203) 432-2137

heavyweight crew (men’s)

__________ Lacrosse (15165)

fencing (men’s & women’s)

John Stuper (203) 432-1466

If making your gift via credit card online, it is possible to maximize your generosity through monthly credit card deductions. Rather than making a onetime gift to Yale Athletics, your credit card be charged once a month over the entire fiscal year while reaping the same tax deductible benefits. Maximize your impact and efficiency!

__________ Gymnastics (03459)


James Jones (203) 432-1485

__________ Baseball (03882)

c c c c c c.00 Total Gift


Recurring Credit Card Gift

Head Coaches

Reunion Giving Your gift to any Yale Sport Association or any Athletics account can be credited to your reunion giving total, both individually and for your class. Even a pledge up to 4 years in advance of a 5 –year reunion can be earmarked for support of your favorite team.

Moved? Update your contact information online at update/

Questions? Please call the Athletic Alumni Office at 203432-1434 or email

Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of basketball (women’s) Chris Gobrecht (203) 432-1488

(men’s & women’s) Dave Shoehalter (203) 432-7741

cross country & track (men’s & women’s) TBD

Tom Williams (203) 432-1490

Keith Allain ’80 (203) 432-1478

ice hockey (women’s) Joakim Flygh (203) 432-4785

lacrosse (men’s) Andy Shay (203) 432-1494

Joel E. Smilow ’54 Head Coach of lacrosse (women’s) Anne Phillips (203) 432-1486

Rudy Meredith (203) 432-1492

Tim Wise (203) 432-1498

Robert J. H. Kiphuth HEAD COACH of WOMEN’S swimming Christina Teuscher (203) 432-2447

Cary Leeds Head Coach of tennis (men’s ) Alex Dorato (203) 432-2498

tennis (women’s) Danielle Lund McNamara (203) 432-1493

volleyball Erin Appleman (203) 432-1408


Yale University Department of Athletics PO Box 208216 New Haven, CT 06520-8216

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID New Haven, CT Permit No. 526

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