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FIRST RESPONSE MEDICAL UNIT based in Cleveland, Ohio

intro. What would you do if your pet experienced a sudden medical emergency or was involved in an accident? Who would you call for help? Until now, there was no one you could turn to for assistance. Pet parents had been left to their own devices to get their sick or injured pet to a veterinarian or emergency hospital, risking further injuries or complications. But now there is help.

Squad FiftyOne is a 24-hour pet emergency response unit. We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals offering critical emergency medical care and transportation for animals throughout Cuyahoga County. We triage, stabilize and transport pets in a safe and compassionate environment to help ensure the best possible outcome.

source: PETMD.com

WHAT WE DO The core services offered by Squad FiftyOne include: 1. Emergency Medical Care & Transport from home or accident scene to hospital. We administer life support services such as oxygen and emergency triage including CPR & Artificial Respiration. 2. Non-Emergency Transport includes transport for regular (singular) or recurring appointments such as with physical or chemo therapy. Also for larger pets that may be difficult to transport and pets with mobility issues. 3. Inter-Facility Transport transport between veterinary clinics, urgent care facilities, or surgical centers without interruption in medical care. 4. Deceased Pet Removal in the unfortunate event of the death of a pet we can removed the expired animal and transport to facilities for burial or cremation.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Antaole France

Average number of vet visits per year per pet


Percentage of vet visits considered an emergency

Number of Households in Cuyahoga County with Pets *51% of households with pets have multiple pets source: AVMA

Yalanda Medina Principal & CEO

Cory Igneczi Operations Manager

Bruiser Chief Canine Officer

As a long time supporter of animal welfare, it has been a dream of Yalanda’s to provide pets with medical care in emergencies just like that of humans. She is a Cleveland native and parent of a stubborn Yorkie named Bruiser. (see Chief Canine Officer)

Cory has a passion to keep animals happy and healthy that began as a child. It led him to live out the dream of being a dog musher in Alaska before turning to his profession as a firefighter and EMT. Cory believes animals should receive the highest possible level of care and looks forward to serving the community

Bruiser is a 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier who fancies himself by keeping the rest of us in line.


LIKE OUR OWN BECAUSE THEY’RE FAMILY Need a lift? Squad FiftyOne’s mission is to make sure that transportation is never a barrier to medical treatment for any pet. Not just for emergencies, perhaps you have a big dog and a small car, or you are a senior who just needs some help taking Fido for his annual check up, no matter the reason, we will get you there. And if your pet experiences a medical emergency, in addition to triage and transport, we strive to give peace-of-mind in a time of undue stress in knowing that there is someone there to help when you need it the most.


1. What is Squad FiftyOne and what services do you provide?

Squad FiftyOne is a pet medical emergency response unit that provides emergency medical services for sick or injured pets. You can think of us as “pet paramedics.� We also provide medical transport between veterinary facilities and for routine veterinary appointments. In addition, we offer deceased pet removal. 2. Do you provide other veterinary services? Where do you take pets in emergency cases? No. Squad FiftyOne is not a mobile vet clinic. We do not provide any medical or diagnostic services. This includes vaccinations or flea control. In all emergency cases, animals are transported to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital. 3. Do you transport all animals? We treat almost all household and companion pets. We do not transport horses or farm animals. Nor do we transport exotic and dangerous animals, i.e. lions, tigers, or bears! 4. What are you hours and what areas do you serve? We operate 24 hours/7 days a week, including all holidays. Currently we serve Cuyahoga County with plans to expand into Lake, Summit and Geagua Counties. 5. Do you provide non-emergency transportation services? Yes, we provide transportation for non-emergencies such as regular and recurring vet appointments. We provide transportation for pets that need a little extra help like arthritic or extra large pets.

We Would Make a Great Team Squad FiftyOne could not exist if it were not for the dedicated veterinarians who are willing to accept and treat emergency patients. The more veterinarians our patients have access to, the better chance they have of achieving the best possible outcome. It is not always optimal or possible to transport patients to their regular vet and just like paramedics, we rely on the ability to transport patients to the nearest facility that is equipped to handle the situation. Clinics always retain the right of refusal. To learn more or to become a partner, contact us at +1.216.375.8294, info@squadfiftyone.com, or visit www.squadfiftyone.com.

partnership “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” — Colette


The Squad FiftyOne Foundation’s Firehouse Project is dedicated to providing all first response units in NE Ohio with lifesaving oxygen kits for pets involved in disaster situations along with the training of personnel in restraint/handling of pets, assessment, first aid and pet CPR. The exact figure is unknown, but it is estimated that 40,000 or more pets die each year in fires and most succumb to smoke inhalation. It is our goal to help reduce the number of animals lost or permanently injured due to fires and other disaster situations.

C O N TA C T 216.375.8294 email: info@squadfiftyone.com web: www.squadfiftyone.com




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