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HITLER and his rise to power Jassim Al-Thani

The early years ● ● ● ● ●

Born April 20, 1889, Austria Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl Grandfather possibly a Jew (*) Failed to get into Art school (*) Broke, homeless and depended Jews for money (*) ● Decorated for bravery WW1 ● Treaty of Versaille angered Hitler (*) ● Imprisoned for failed coup against government (*) Hitler was a very angry young man - You can say he was seriously (*****) off.

Munich Putsch ● Unemployed young men and ex soldiers (stormtroopers) ● Weimar republic in crises ● Thought time right for revolution (failed) ● He decided to gain power lawfully by being elected

German Depression ● 1930 - Economic pressure ● Reichstag collapsing ● German people tired (Misery, Suffering & Weakness) ● German people listened and brought Hitler to

Reichstag Fire & Enabling Act ● Arson attack on parliament February 1933 ● Nazis blamed communists ● March 1933 Enabling act signed ● Nazi party gains power ● Hitler becomes dictator (Fuhrer)

Night of the Long Knives ● Political clean up June - July 1934 ● Hundreds of Hitlers political rivals murdered by SA (brown shirts) ● Hitler became more powerful ● Hitler became Supreme leader of the German People



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