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YAKnow What’s The Deal With Airplane Food Meal Plans?

When Loving Zombies Fails: an Abridged Zombie Survival Guide

ISSUE 3 – December 10, 2013

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Do We Need Meal Plans? Calgary, AB In Yamnuska, the idea of having a required meal plan is reasonably unpopular, and I too dislike having to spend a couple thousand dollars on a meal plan. Usually, I get my food from Machall or make it myself, meaning I have only used 20% of my meal plan despite being 50% of the way through the year. Yet as much as I dislike having a meal plan, there is a real reason for why we are required to have one. Over the years, universities across the US and Canada have seen that students running low on money will cut money from their food budget and eat less. This means that not only are the students hungry and not getting enough essential nutrients, but lack of eating also leads to poor grades, bad health, and depression. To combat this, universities require students to purchase a meal plan so that every student has money that is guaranteed to only ever be used for food. Additionally, as you can’t buy alcohol with your meal plan, it prevents students from spending money on expensive

KeepYour Body Warm This Winter Contrary to popular belief, you cannot cure a zombie with a beautiful woman. It would be hard to admire the beauty when you are munching on her brains. Here are some tips that would up your chances of surviving the zombie doomsday. Survival Tip #1 – Analyze the breed of zombie you are faced with. Some examples are crawlers, slow-walkers, fast-walkers, and screamers. Use this information about your targets, to judge which weapon would best suit the situation – no need to waste ammo! Survival Tip #2 – Aim for the brain. A zombie can only be killed when the direct impact is on the head. HEADSHOT, BOOM! Survival Tip #3 – Gather people as zombie bait. It is natural selection only with a little help from you. Children and Elders work the best for baiting a brain-hungry zombie. Survival Tip #4 – Avoid all physical contact with zombies. The best way to protect yourself from zombie inflicted wounds would be to tape magazines/phonebooks onto your arms and legs (too many pages to bite through). Survival Tip #5 – Have a sense of humour. It is hard to go through the undead world without laughing at a few mangled zombies. Enjoy the simple things. Survival Tip #6 – Avoid public urination. You never know when a zombie is hiding in a bush, ready to chomp down on whatever is exposed. Now that you are well educated in the survival tactics of the apocalyptic zombie doomsday, you are ready to take on the undead world. Just remember, a pretty woman will create a heartbeat in a decaying zombie.


on alcohol instead of food. While there is never a perfect solution and students still run out of meal plan money and skip meals, studies have shown requiring students to buy a meal plan greatly reduces the degree of

depression and hunger, while also improving student grades and health. So while you still may dislike being required to buy a meal plan, Residence Services does have a good reason for requiring meal plans.

Wm. Keith van der Meulen

If you’re going to stay up all night and spend hours studying for a final exam, make sure it’s the right one...


HOW 2: Avoid a BAG-o-COAL

The holidays are upon us. You may be wondering what gifts await an angel like you. For some of you, the gift of coal may be all you get. Here are some tips for all those ne’er-do-well’s:

Start a swear jar. As a kid your parents were onto something. They wanted you to watch your mouth, otherwise you’ll have trouble putting it on someone you love.

1 2 3

Perform a self-less act of kindness each day. Bringing a snack of carrots to TFDL, bring two and share with a fellow studier. Give someone your time this holiday season. Go for a night walk or a run at the gym. Feed the rabbits a carrot. Drink that horrid glass of egg nog. ICK.

Make your roommates some of your favourite food. They’ve been living with your laziness for 4 months, you probably owe them that much.


Start a new social circle. Maybe your friends are the ones dragging you down – or at least that’s what you tell yourself. Reach out for support in a new network of support but still tend to the one you have.

5 6

Get some sleep. You get grumpy. We all notice.

Read the community standards and ask if you’re not clear on something. The best friends to make are the ones that enforce the law. They won’t offer you any concessions, but if you know how to behave you’ll receive in-kind treatment.


Grab a smooth drink with a friend without the intention of getting S#!+faced. Watch the game or the new Bachelor episode and take it easy on a Thursday/Friday/ Saturday.


YAMNUSKA HOLIDAY CELEBRATION The holidays are not a reminder or what separates us either ideologically or culturally, it’s the warm embrace of spending shared moments with the ones we love but don’t have the great fortune of spending much time together. With this in mind join the people of Yamnuska in celebrating the holidays with hot chocho, holiday classics, cookie decorating and crafting. We’ll also have a chance to write cards for residents of a local nursing home wishing them a safe and happy holiday season. Join the people in your YA community Saturday December 14th at 5:30PM in the Yamnuska Ground Lounge. You never know there may be some special four legged friends that make an appearance!

EXAM STUDY SKILLS Many students struggling with finding a method of studying that works for them. Some may know they are more kinastethetic than procedural, but aren’t clear on how to adapt that to how they should study for biology. Here are some quick tips to get you thinking about how to make studying work for you: COMPLETE A LEARNING STYLE TEST Are you an active or reflective learner? Sensing or Intuitive? Visual or verbal? Sequential or global? You’re likely a little bit of both. This is why it’s good to take the North Carolina State University’s Learning Styles and Strategies test. Check out the test here. TRACK YOUR PROCRASTINATION Start with a statement: “I’m delaying on _________ because” and list your reasons for the delay. You may think I have a paper to do or an exam to study how do I have time to make a list. HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME TO PROCRASTINATE AND READ THIS ARTICLE? Just do it. Now with that list come up with arguments against this delay. Why is this reason something I should overcome? To get you started here’s some common reasons with some good reality checks: 1. "I'm more productive when I work under pressure, so I'm postponing all my work until the pressure builds up and then I'll get it done easily." – Right because shutting out the world 8 hours before your paper is better than 2 hours each day for four days. You’re also lacking sleep and you crash. What does life look like three days following this “productive period”? Am I myself? 2. "Relax. The world isn't going to come to an end if this doesn't get done." – Right. Because all the decisions I do make for myself are dependent on the world ending. I am a big deal. If I choose 1% over skim milk at the grocery I am saving the world from imploding on itself. Who made you an all-powerful being? STUDY SMART WITH GROUPS Whether you are for or against group studying, if done correctly you will see better academic results. The University of Victoria has published some great tips for studying in groups. Check them out here. Here’s some good’ers to get you thinking: Pick a good group size.Groups of three-six people work best. Elect a chair. This person keep you on track. Set an agenda. Decide what will be covered for this hour. Prepare questions in advance.Sharing questions with a group on testable material is an excellent way to pool resources and gain new perspectives on class material.

For more resources check out the online student success centre:

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