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The art of carpet making dates back to few centuries and is a tedious process. To make each carpet, it takes about 6- 12 months depending on the weave, design, knots and material of the carpet. A floor without a carpet is like a wall without a painting. There are several ways to use a handmade carpet to enhance the beauty of a living space and one can get creative in doing the same.

USE THE RUG ON A FLOOR Using a carpet on a floor is a common practice and has several advantage which are: A) Keeps the floor warm B) Enhances the Overall look of the Space C) Makes the area more inviting D) Gives a Formal look

USE THE RUG ON A WALL Wall hanging carpets are gaining popularity and a lot of home decor enthusiasts prefer to hang a pictorial silk or woolen carpet on the wall as opposed to a painting or a statement piece of art. Rugs could be hung over a fireplace or a right above a mantle piece. Which of the 2 do you prefer?

Wall without rug

Wall with wall hanging rug

USE THE RUG ON A STAIRCASE Do you want to come down that winding staircase feeling like a king or queen? Why not place a beautiful carpet on that staircase and amplify the look of that overall space.

USE THE CARPET AT THE ENTRANCE Would you not like a carpet to be spread at the entrance of the house and welcome guests like never before? A modern or traditional rug in a square or round shape is the perfect fit for a grand entrance.

With a plethora of options available, it is wise to be creative in a number of ways to use the carpet or rug. So get on that bandwagon and get creative with the use of these One of a kind handmade carpets from Yak Carpet.

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5 creative ways to use handmade carpet  

There are several ways to get creative with a handmade rug or carpet like placing it on the wall, staircase, entrance etc. A carpet is a bea...

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