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4 Paddling Gear Native Watercraft Slayer NuCanoe Frontier Bending Branches Angler Pro Paddle Bending Branches Angler Ace Paddle StormR Stryker Jacket StormR Typhoon Jacket

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Overboard Fishing Rods Fish Rules App

Slayer Inc. Sinister Swim Tail Engel USA Live Bait Cooler Boomerang Tool The Snip Boomerang Tool The Grip YakAttack 8’ ParkNPole

8 Accessories Yak-Gear Rail Blaza

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I am very excited to share with our readers the 2012 YakAngler Christmas Wish List. This is our second year publishing the Wish List, and once again it is packed full of great gift ideas for the kayak angler in your life. The YakAngler Christmas Wish List is an idea that came to us from a previous forum thread. Members of YakAngler.com were asking each other what they wanted for Christmas, and adding each other’s ideas to their own wish list. This gave us the idea to publish a collection of these items over a digital platform that reaches thousands of kayak anglers. If you are anything like me, as you flip through the next several pages you are sure to see products that you must have. Don’t be shy! Send this Wish List on to your friends and family, and who knows - you may end up unwrapping one of these great items on Christmas morning. On behalf of Mark, myself, and all of our Editorial and Pro Staff members, we wish you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season. Sincerely

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Paddling Gear NuCanoe Frontier

Beyond the ordinary fishing kayaks lies the Frontier. In the Frontier, you can do things a better way, your way! Position seat(s) and accessories anywhere on the 70â€? Freedom Track. Face the action with 360 ° Mobility. Stand with confidence on the self-bailing Cast & Blast Deck. Keep your things secure in the Gear Vault and Rod Chamber. All this and more with ridiculous stability, surprising agility, great tracking, and easy paddling on the water. www.nucanoe.com

Bending Branches Angler Ace

The gap between you and the very top of the kayak fishing world gets smaller with each stroke. Its light weight and quality makes the Angler Ace paddle an ally for the long haul. So put an Ace in your hands, and put a serious asset in your day. The T-700 carbon shaft and carbon-reinforced nylon blades make for an easy trip to your hot spots. www.bendingbranches.com

STORMR Typhoon Jacket

Introduced in 2011, the Typhoon was the first jacket in the STORMR line. The Typhoon gained fast popularity among the Northeast commercial fishing fleet and with recreational striper chasers. The Typhoon will remain as the core of the STORMR line with all the important functions, boasting unmatched maneuverability, 3M reflective graphics and nearly 5 lbs. of positive buoyancy. The warmth, comfort and safety features give you the ability to stay out longer and perform better. stormrusa.com 4 | YakAngler | www.YakAngler.com | Issue 2

Paddling Gear Bending Branches Angler Pro

Kayak fishing pros don’t just focus on lures and lines. They also focus on their paddles. They want light weight so paddling doesn’t sap their energy. They demand strength from tip to tip, and they expect performance that matches their rigs. The Angler Pro is that kind of paddle: serious gear for a serious fishing experience. Get one, and give even the pros a case of paddle envy. www.bendingbranches.com


The STRYKR® Series is built to withstand the harshest weather and fishing environments. The STRYKR® jacket’s abrasion resistant material in high use areas, fleece lining, waterproof pockets, adjustable waist, hood and wrists with internal neoprene cuff, anatomical design, water repellant exterior shell, high-stretch materials and nearly five pounds of positive buoyancy make this jacket unlike any other foul weather gear available. stormrusa.com

Specially designed to be fishing machines, the Slayer 12 and Slayer 14.5 have plenty of storage area for equipment to perfectly fit you and your gear. For sight or fly fishing, raise the award-winning “High Low First Class Seat,” or easily stand on the clean, open deck and cast. www.nativewatercraft.com

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Native Watercraft Slayer12 and Slayer14.5

Fishing Gear YakAttack 8’ ParkNPole

The YakAttack ParkNPole has quickly become the industry standard stakeout pole for kayak anglers. This summer YakAttack introduced an 8’ model (PNP8). This model allows kayak anglers to stake out and pole in deeper water. They also redesigned the foot, drastically increasing the surface area for poling against soft bottom. Just like its 6’ little brother, the PNP8 is super strong and super light – light enough to float! www.yakattack.us

Boomerang Tool Company The GRIP

The Boomerang GRIP pliers are machined aluminum with tungsten carbide cutters. The split ring ends are great for tuning terminal tackle and yet do not interfere with other plier chores. The rubberized handles on the larger models are a wonderful ergonomic addition. These pliers are meticulously manufactured to provide years of service and compliment the SNIP in every condition. www.boomerangtool.com

Engel USA Live Bait Cooler

With this new Live Bait Cooler, your minnows, shrimp or other live bait will always be ready for action, thanks to the powerful 2X2 Air Pump and insulated cooler box. The two-speed air pump keeps the water fully aerated and the insulated cooler shields expensive bait from extreme temperatures, whether you’re fishing in the dog days of summer or out on the ice in January. www.engel-usa.com 6 | YakAngler | www.YakAngler.com | Issue 2

Fishing Gear Fish Rules App

A must have if you’re fishing. For just 99 cents, the Fish Rules App displays recreational saltwater fishing regulations for federal and state waters, from North Carolina to Texas, on your iPhone in a crisp, interactive interface. Great illustrations, real photos, and pointers help you identify your catch. It includes a functional fish log. And, it works even if you don’t have a signal. Search “Fish Rules” in the App Store. www.fishrulesapp.com

Overboard Fishing Rods

If you’re looking for one of this year’s hottest and most innovative products for the kayak angler in your life, then look no further than these classic Fishing Rods. Voted Third Place in the Most Innovative Product category in the 2012 Kayak Anglers Choice Awards, these fishing rods are handmade with the finest quality components. They come in a variety of lengths, powers, and actions. Best of all, they’re guaranteed to float! www.overboardfishingrods.com

Boomerang Tool Company The SNIP

Slayer Inc. Sinister Swim Tail

These baits swim and wobble like mad whether they are slow rolled, twitched, yo-yo’d or just retrieved steadily, enticing even lazy fish to strike! They can be rigged with either the Predator or Destroyer jigheads. They also work great when rigged weedless on the Slayer Penetrator series hooks in a 3/0 or 4/0 hook size. The S.S.T. will draw aggressive strikes from both salt and fresh water species. It catches fish... period! www.slayerinc.com

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The SNIP is Boomerang Tool Company’s flagship product. Integrated stainless steel cutters are serrated to cut braided line as well as mono and flouro. The SNIP comes with and without a light. Pro anglers from saltwater to bass to kayak rely on The SNIP as their primary line cutter and it is not uncommon to see 3 or 4 snips conveniently located near the angler. The built in retractable 36 inch nylon tether attaches just about anywhere. This is a must have tool for any angler. www.boomerangtool.com

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Accessories YakAttack VISICarbon Pro

If you see a light or flag on a kayak, odds are it’s the VISICarbon Pro. Widely regarded as the highest quality, most functional, and best-designed product for enhancing your visibility on the water, the VISICarbon Pro defines portability and style. The breakdown design makes it easily stowable when not in use, so it’s always there if you need it. This might be the best kayak-angling gift under $100 this Christmas season. www.yakattack.us

YakAttack GearTrack GT90

The debut of the GT175 GearTrac from YakAttack made a big splash last year, allowing kayak anglers to make their kayaks more versatile than ever. But at 1-3/4” wide, the GT175 needs adequate space. Enter the GT90. Only 7/8” wide, the GT90 will fit just about anywhere. Install with the FullBack backing plate to handle even the most demanding applications. To see what others have done with the GT90, visit YakAttack’s rigging forums. www.yakattackforums.com

Yak-Gear “Build-a-Crate”

So you picked up a milk crate on the midnight run behind your local grocery store. Now comes the time to make it the ultimate fishing storage box. The “Build-A-Crate” rod holder kits are available in singles, doubles and triples. The double and triple give you the storage for your tools and lures. www.yak-gear.com

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Accessories RailBlaza

Every so often a product comes along that is a must have. Railblaza offers the versatility that no other rod holder offers. The RodHolder II, works for spinning, bait casting, fly reels and offshore reels. The Power Lock insures that your expensive rod and reel stay with you your entire trip. The Railblaza bases, Starport, SidePort, Railmount, or RibPort ensure you have the right base for your application. Railblaza products will fit your kayak, canoe, SUP, powerboat or sailboat. www.yak-gear.com

YakAttack Screwball

One of the most significant advancements in kayak rigging, the Screwball from YakAttack quickly attaches to track systems or the YakAttack MightyMount, providing an interface for literally thousands of mounting products from RAM Mounting Systems. Attaching your rod holders, electronics mounts, cup holders, and other accessories is now easier than ever. To save a few bucks, check out the Screwball combos from YakAttack. These all-in-one bundles take the guesswork out of choosing the right components. www.yakattack.us

Whether a first-time paddler or an experienced angler, these outriggers offer the stability you want. Inshore or offshore, the confidence you will have is fantastic. These outriggers pivot 90 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally. Imagine the stability a 70-inch wide kayak would offer - outriggers do that for you. www.yak-gear.com

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Yak-Gear Outriggers

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