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53 Moo3, Bangchueknang, Talingchan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand. WOHA (Thailand) Ltd. 93/2 Ekkamai soi 3, Sukhumvit Road. North Klongton, Wattana Bangkok 10110 January 21, 2007 Dear WOHA (Thailand) Ltd., Having come to know that there is a vacancy in your company for an Assistant Architect, I submit my application to you for your consideration. I have still studied undergraduate in Faculty of Architecture from Silpakorn University with CUM-GPA at 3.39. I have thus gained considerable 4 years experiences in designs and special materials technique of selection which I know I can design to create the new modern architecture in your service for the progress of your company. I have plenty of responsibility and a good of human relationship. I am able to motivate and to encourage others as the professional supervisor to select materials for construction. Last 3 months ago, I was employed in an Assistant Lecturer in Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University, but as I know that the terms and condition of service in your company are challenged and experts in designs for many architects. With the qualification I have, I feel impelled to seek employment in your company. From your company’s work production in the public always are excellent works in architecture which is admired me to apply and wish to be the part of your company. I therefore sincerely hope that you will give due consideration to my application and let me know your decision at your earliest convenience. My contact address is listed on my resume and the telephone number is 086-5690082 and 02-8878093. Finally, I am thankful again for your company for considering my plight sympathetically in the future. I assure you that I will do my best to give you satisfaction. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries regarding my application. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,

Pattara Polsiri

Pattara Polsiri Current Address: 53 Moo3, Bangchueknang,Talingchan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand. Tel: 02-8878093 Mobile phone: 086-569-0082 E-mail address: OBJECTIVE A summer internship in 2009 with the WOHA Thailand. EDUCATION An undergraduate student , Faculty of Architecture from Silpakorn University. GPA: 3.39

Cumulative (2005-Present)

EXPERIENCES Intern Experience with the Lecturer professional in Silpakorn University in the position Associate Architecture. - Designed the pavilion in Samntprakarn, Basic cost of construction assessment. ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES Has still worked as Assistant Lecturer on the topic research name is “Surf Festival 08” - The main contents is focused on “sound” which are affected with space, location and users. (present) Drew Sketch architecture the scenic movie “Galileo Our World has Gravitational Force” (during taking a movie) and designed architecture theme of this movie with my colleague. (present) Worked as an Associate lecturer to gathering the communities data in Community research study on Sukhumvit-Prom Pong and Wattana (2008) Conceptualize and create art designed on cover page book and story board in each chapter of YMCA’s books. (2007) AWARDS Entered the finalist competition contest of Young Creative Insee Contest Project in 2007 by designing the concrete wall on the topic of “Breaking the wall” and the copyright production was purchased by Palitai-Puninn. (2007) Designed interior wall in the project “Think out of Frame” which was organized by Captain, RCI, Weber in 2006 and gained the consolation prize honorary. (2006) INTERESTS and HOBBIES and PERSONAL INTEREST High attention in the architecture style “Green Architecture” and Architecture concerns with ecological and environment. High interesting in creating work in the characteristic of folding the plate continually and the same organist. Interests in conceptualize create which are related the phenomena of society in the style of Typological. COMPUTER/LANGNAGE SKILLS Extensive experience with AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Microsoft Office,Sketch Up Language: Able to use English language, Currant study in Japanese Language.


my resume for architect intern

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