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Android Programming Cookbook


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Download the Android Studio Project

This was an example of first Android application. Download You can download the full source code of this example here: FirstAndroidApplication


How to continue?

Here is a list of basic Android tutorials, that you can follow in order to make the first basic steps in the Android World: Android Layouts and Views • Android FrameLayout Example • Android LinearLayout Example • Android ImageView Example • Android TextView Example • Android Button Example Android Click and Drag Listeners • Android OnClickListener Example • Android Drag and Drop Example Android Styles and UI Elements • Android Styles and Themes Example • Android Toast Example • Android Toolbar Example Android Activities • Android Activity Transition Example Android Development • Building Android Applications with Gradle • Android Project migration from Eclipse to Android Studio Of course the most accurate and complete guide, is the official Android Developers Guide, that covers every aspect of the Android Development: • Official Android Developers Guide


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