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THE BEST of 2018: "Chasing the Dream"

CONTENTS CDC and Editor's 1-2 Message YAHSHUA Systech: 3-4 "The Digital Dream" YAHSHUA Intelex: 5-6 "Sharing the Dream" Regie: YAHSHUA's 7-8 YOUNG Achiever Pre-ECP Internship 11-12 Program YAHSHUA Early Career 13-16 Program Batch 2018 ECP Activities 17-18 Graduation ECP 19 Batch 2018 Denims & Daimonds 21-22 Outreach Program 23-24 "Share Your Life" Immersion 2018 25-26

YAHSHUA Outsourcing Worldwide, Inc. is a professional services and ICT company with over 10 years experience in Internal Controls & Management Reporting.

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MESSAGE from the

Chief Dream Chaser "As your Chief Dream Chaser, I am here to help you chase your dreams!" PTR. RON BAYRON

At YAHSHUA we have always been teaching you to not work for money. If you are working here to earn money, that is understandable. But that should not be the main thing. The main thing should be the desire to see your dreams come true. If you are here to chase your dreams, then YAHSHUA is definitely your home. That is why we encourage you to know YAHSHUA Himself. Know Him in a more intimate way as your personal savior. With that you will find that dreams come from Him. GOD gives us our dreams, because His plans are manifested through them. When you are confident in that, no matter the circumstances and challenges you face with your work, you know your dreams will come true, because you have Him as your wisdom, protection, and provision. Over the coming weeks, our office will see many changes. You will see changes in the office setup. You will see new faces come and go. You will see new partners who are big names in their industries asking us to help them. This means our dreams are coming true and your dreams are part of that. That is why, starting today, please consider my new title. I will no longer be your CEO, Chief Executive Officer. I will be your CDC. Chief Dream Chaser. Together with the Management Team, as your Chief Dream Chaser, I am here to help you chase your dreams! By GOD's grace, our dreams will manifest for His greater glory.

from the Editor: The YAHSHUA Magazine "Best of 2018: Chasing the Dreams" is one of the many dreams that we talk about laughingly (when the doors are closed) during the meetings. I say laughingly, because like many of the dreams that already came true in YAHSHUA, we didn't stress about this. We simply and effortlessly threw in these seemingly ridiculous ideas and truly laughed our hearts out until Ptr. Ronnel would turn red. But at the end of these jovial, informal moments is the declaration (matched with the shrugging of shoulders) "We'll never know, by GOD's grace." That's the beauty of it all. We never know, but GOD knows. All we have to do is prepare as we take part in believing that GOD will make the dreams manifest. I recall in 2016, when we did a quick marketing plan for YAHSHUA and UFM, a year-end or annual magazine was in the pipeline. But the question was always "what do we put in?" We didn't have as much stories or activities for content. "Who will do it?" We needed someone to focus on the project, because it will take time and focus (and a good software for that matter). Fast forward to 2018 and the YAHSHUA Early Career Program was launched. The program started with the Early Career for Marketing Communications with graduating students majoring in events and multimedia. By this time, the magazine is resting among a list of "nice-to-haves". Who would have known what GOD had prepared? One of the multimedia students makes magazines for fun with a very good software for that matter! Our personal gratitude goes to Regine Agnes, student of PHINMA-COC for taking on this challenge. We thank GOD that He prepared you for this and we know you enjoyed making the magazine with us. Little as this may seem, the YAHSHUA magazine is a testimony that GOD makes and manifests our dreams. All we have to do with JESUS, is to chase after these dreams with a smile on our face and confidence in our hearts that as GOD has come through for us countless of times, He will do it again!

Arlyn May "Miss A" Bongay Editor-in-Chief

YAHSHUA Systech: The Digital Dream 10 years ago in a small office in Damilag, a digital dream began. The dream is to digitize what was YAHSHUA Outsourcing's primary offering, professionalizing businesses through timely reports and strong internal controls. GOD had given a vision that YAHSHUA would go beyond excel sheets and provide its own system that can reach far beyond Damilag. It was a "worldwide" vision. In July 9, 2015 YAHSHUA Systech came to realization. But even then, with the transition to Python, there wasn't much in the oven. "Himo ta Accounting, Alds", as Alde fondly recalls Ptr. Ron telling him that this would be their first project. To Ptr. Ron's surprise, he found Sir Regie to be teaching then 2-man team, Alde and Vince how to be accountants. It was simply a year of journeying in the wilderness. In 2016, the projects were formalized. The projects earned their own YAHSHUA names and a little office launching at the 3rd Floor of Knights of Columbus. From there, the team grew in number and grew in capability adding YAHSHUA Payroll Online (YPO) as one of its flagship projects. The trademarks were sent out for IPO certification. Things were getting serious. To show how serious it was, a week in March 23, 2017, the entire YAHSHUA Systech and the YAHSHUA Outsourcing team were asked to go all-out for the beta testing. Everyone camped in the offices on the 3rd and 2nd floors, which were now brimming with the ever expanding YAHSHUA team. This initiative was set to present YPO to one of the biggest names in the fast food industry.

Knowing so little that GOD had something bigger in store. Today, YPO distinctly service-only-and-not-forsubscription, has a long list of suitors. While the fast food chain is not our client...yet, among the dog-eyed prospects are big names in their own industries. One is YAHSHUA's long-time multinational client. One is a big telecommunications company. Another is an established financial institution, which Sir Regie clearly remembers Ptr. Ron having declared as a partner of YPO. The list does not end there. In retrospect, Sir Regie recounts that 10 years ago when this dream became a declaration, YAHSHUA Outsourcing was not yet "worldwide". But GOD continues to give us glimpses of the vision coming true with the capability He has given YAHSHUA Systech. We know that YAHSHUA Systech will still be called to heights of challenges and our list of potential partnerships will multiply. We will never run out of solutions and services to offer. Of course, that's a promise from our biggest patron. Read Isaiah 54:2,4 (see below). There was never a moment when we felt frustrated and GOD never showed us the light of it. GOD has brought us to WOW moments - GOD moments. That is why we can confidently say that YAHSHUA Systech's Digital Dream will live on. All we need to do is do what we are good at - to prepare with excitement, knowing CHRIST is with us in the journey.

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes...Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated..." - Isaiah 54:2,4




YAHSHUA Intelex: Sharing the Dream Ambitious. Gigantic. Unbelievable. In a scale of David-versus-Goliath, YAHSHUA Intelex brought the Greatest Show to life with the biggest concert involving artists of different ages from different walks of life. Every summer, YAHSHUA Intelex comes up with a grander and greater culminating program for its non-academic flagship programs, Music and Arts. In the very same year, the idea of offering more programs included Creative Writing and Performance Arts (Acting and Dance) in the line up. The number grew as new slots for music and arts were opened to accommodate more enrollees than the previous years. There were now at least 120 students collectively from all program offers. This means, a bigger venue, a bigger program, a bigger concept was called for. It was almost impossible. With less than a month in the timeline, a grand concert would be beyond the capacity of a handful of facilitators running the summer program. But as in any event experienced in YAHSHUA, big or small, GOD always comes through.

On May 11, 2018, the YAHSHUA Intelex grand culminating concert aptly conceptualized after "The Greatest Show" was staged at SM Uptown Cinema 3. The show seated more than 500 guests, not to mention the standing audience who came to witness talents from ages 4 and up. But perhaps the most amazing part of the concert was that it was all for a cause. The proceeds of the ticket sales as well as the monetary donations went to the Scholarship program for the Philippine Island Kids Foundation (PIKIFI). "Bless A Child by Blessing Your Child" as the concert was ultimately called was for the benefit of PIKIFI. On the onset, YAHSHUA Intelex designed a Math Intervention program, which with the help of the concert, became a Scholarship program. The beneficiaries themselves enjoyed the concert as they took the front row at the SM Cinema. Performances included an opening number from selected program finishers, musical and creative reading performances, a special guest appearance by Bernie Bitok-Bitok and a special closing salvo from the YAHSHUA Intelex facilitators and Management team.

YAHSHUA's Young Achiever: Reginald Bayron This is not a story about Mr. Reginald "Sir Regie" Bayron. Rather, it is a story of YAHSHUA through Mr. Reginald Bayron. By now, you may have noticed that we do not put much focus on the WHO's. Who did it? Who achieved it? It's not even about the WHY's. Why did it happen? Why did he win it? We are always drawn to ask the HOW's. How was that possible? How did GOD do it? This is one of those moments for Sir Regie. How was it possible for a seemingly underqualified CPA to be the recipient of the first ever PICPA Young Achiever Award for Commerce and Industry in the history of the Cagayan de Oro City? Not to mention, this was a national award, which means Sir Regie bet against 2 other Regional Chapters, Luzon and Visayas. If he were to judge himself, he knew he would not pass the rating. To qualify for the nomination, you have to score 85 out of 100 points based on the criteria. The criteria included a hefty requirement. First, educational background. Sir Regie knew he wouldn't perfect the scoring. He did not have a Masters degree, let alone a PhD. Second, involvement in the PICPA. He has barely started his term and it hasn't been a year since he was really involved. Third, an international involvement in his field. He could not even begin to think what to consider for this. The criteria goes on with other requirements and based on his analysis, he would not get to 85 points. So this meant he would have to get the favor of the judging committee. But by GOD's grace, he has the favor of a higher committee. What he did was simply an act of faith - he listed previous "unintentional" activities which "may be" appropriate.

He reconsidered and thought to join the following year (2019). By then, he would be sure to fulfill the criteria what with his involvement in the PICPA national convention. But he said, if he joined this year, then it would be a GOD moment, not a Regie moment. The prompting to join would not die in him so he moved according to the Spirit. He did not rest his case. He rested in GOD's hands, submitted his papers despite the discouragements. A well-meaning adviser tried to tone him down with "Ayaw lang kaayo pagkompyansa" recalling there was a history of an "unawarded" winner. Another comrade in the different division who had far more experience and involvement than him did not pass the nomination. That would be enough to put him down plus the fact that he was not qualified. But then again, this was beyond him. On November 23, 2018 at SMX Bacolod, Mr. Reginald Bayron was presented the PICPA National Young Achiever Award for Commerce and Industry, against all odds. There were only three nominees in the category, one for each region. This meant that he had to have a higher score than the nominees from Luzon and Visayas. This was to the shock and unbelief of his national and regional colleagues. But it doesn't come as a shock to him when someone shakes his hand and asks how he did it. The one thing we must learn from this is that GOD qualifies us. This is true for Sir Regie. In 2010, when he joined a convention in Iloilo, GOD already planted this desire in his heart. Although it was a "little" idea at this time, GOD never gives little. He gives more than enough. To Sir Regie, who knows this, if there is anything that this Young Achiever achieved, it is the favor of GOD through Sir Regie's savior, YAHSHUA.

"It doesn't come as a shock to him when someone shakes his hand and asks how he did it."

PRE-ECP Internship:

"Dream Come True"

Over the years, YAHSHUA has accepted OJTs (On-the-Job Trainees) from colleges in the locality and even universities as far as Iligan, Marawi, and Dumaguete. While the OJT assignments are aligned with their majors, they were only asked to assist in minor clerical or development activities. They were not necessarily asked to take the front lines or interact with clients. But that changed when a peppy young lady asked to intern at YAHSHUA. Niña Rica Nepa, then student of USTP for Technology Communication Management (TCM), asked to intern at YAHSHUA after learning about YAHSHUA through Miss A. Niña joined YAHSHUA late in 2017 as an "Intern" and not as an OJT. This meant, with Training stepping in the picture, the usual OJT assignments was taken a notch higher. Niña was involved in internal marketing (marketing for HR), handling events and coordination with YAHSHUANs. She was also tasked to handle the social media accounts for both YAHSHUA Outsourcing and YAHSHUA Intelex. As initiative and dedication was observed, she was then exposed to client activities. In the history of YAHSHUA, Niña had the most exposure to the internal and external clients. Niña basically experienced what the job felt in real life. During her internship, she would often be caught worried (sometimes in tears). When asked why, she would say she was distressed about graduation and if she would get a job afterwards. Little did she know what GOD had in store for her. While Niña was fidgeting about her future, YAHSHUA continued to immerse her in the message of GOD's love and grace through the daily Scrum and the weekly I-Care. By GOD's grace, she learned to look at her situation through prayer and with the guidance of the YAHSHUA Core Values.

Rightly enough, Niña was absorbed into YAHSHUA and joined the HR Team as an HR Officer after graduation. When this experiment with Niña was evaluated, it was seen to have great impact in terms of values formation. Values, being an integral part of laying the groundwork of character, has been taken lightly of late. The introduction of gadgets and social media to millenials has relegated values to blog posts and memes. This means the future of our workforce are generally distracted by phones and fad. This has relatively affected employment with high turn overs and emotionally underdeveloped young professionals. At the end of the day, GOD wants His children to be firmly grounded in Him and His promises. With this revelation, the YAHSHUA Early Career Program was launched and is determined to be institutionalized as a part of YAHSHUA's Corporate Social Responsibility. Like Niña, through the YAHSHUA ECP, graduating Senior high school and college students can rest assured in GOD's love and plan for them. At the end of the day, they can say that when GOD gives dreams, they really do come true.

YAHSHUA Early Career Program

In October 2018, a few months after NiĂąa was absorbed by the YAHSHUA Group of Companies (see story in pages 11-12), an internship program was considered. Initially, the purpose was to get minds and hands in the Marketing team without necessarily hiring. But when NiĂąa's journey was regarded, the plan spun off to a formalized internship program - the YAHSHUA Early Career Program. The first program offered was the Early Career in Marketing Communications (ECMC). The program also accommodated Immersionists from AMA Computer College specializing in animation for the Creatives division, which the ECMC interns mentored as part of their training in project management.

m: The Foundation for Young Dreamers

By summer, programs for IT and business courses will be offered to off-sem graduating students. The ECP or Early Career Program is easy to understand. The title clearly states its purpose. It is meant to provide an extended learning venue from the school. It is designed to bridge that gap between graduation and employment. While skills are honed and developed, the central thrust of the program is to provide a strong spiritual and emotional foundation. At the end of it all, the aim is to groom more YAHSHUANs young professionals with solid characters founded on JESUS.

YAHSHUA EARLY CAREER PRO Early Career in Marketing Com

CHERRY ANN P. DONGUINES USTP “I want to be a Manager.”

SARAH M. DEOCAMPO USTP “I want to be a entrepreneur, to be a restaurant owner and to be CEO of a company.”

JESSIED G. PALAGBAS COC “I want to be a National Artist.”

KENT LLOYD US “I want to be

FRITZ LEONYL M. TEVES COC “I want to be a Professional Multimdedia Artist”

OGRAM BATCH 2018 (ECP) 1) mmunications and Creatives

D M. MAAGAD STP e a Cineaste.”

REGINE D. AGNES COC “I want to be a successful business owner and a Multimedia Artist.”

KIMBERLY V. SOTOMAYOR AMA “I want to live a happy life as an artist.”

MARION R. TION USTP “I want to be a Film Editor/ Producer.”

ELISHA FAITH S. LUCAGBO AMA “I want to be a business woman.”

YAHSHUA ECP 1 Job Market Orientation

Post-Training Processing: 7 Habits of Effective People

Meeting for the Christmas Events

Event Inventory and Venue Clearing Graduation Pictorial Batch 2018

COC Industry Fair

CINEMAGIS 11 Film Talk

Charischella Christmas Party


Denims & Diamonds Christmas Party


GRADUATION YAHSHUA ECP 1 YAHSHUA Head Quarters March 9, 2019


THE YAHSHUA boys are serious at having fun - the YAHSHUA Ball Club is a gathering from different departments, involving honorary YAHSHUANs. The first YAHSHUA basketball team was formed back in 2010 at Damilag. There were no succeeding teams in the years that followed until 2018. This is a realization of the company's desire to initiate sports-related activities. The club was formed for the Xavier University High School initiative, where the YAHSHUA boys are up against other teams from different companies.

2-yr. Servic


Denims & Diamonds

5-yr. Servic

Best Lead Actress

Best Picture Best Lead Actor

ce Award

Best Film

ce Award

Best Dressed Male Best Dressed Female

Share Your Life

A Christmas Meet-and-Greet with our scholars from the Sacred Heart Village Elementary School under the Math Intervention Program. Joining us are our program partners, Yahshua Intelex Corporation and Phil Island Kids Int’l Foundation, Inc..

Immersion 2018 Immersion Batches from AMA Computer College CDO for Innovations, Programming, Math and Animation.

AMA Computer College

Corpus Christi School

Immersion Workshop for STEM students of Corpus Christi School Pueblo: Intro to Graphic Design with Jessied Palagbas, ECMC Intern for his exposure in training Creatives and Graphic Design.

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MISSION To bring peace of mind to clients by providing business solutions and services

John 10:10 A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance. - JESUS CHRIST

YAHSHUA Group of Companies

The YAHSHUA Magazine is a collection of stories and images in the cover year. It aims to capture the heart of YAHSHUA - its hopes and dreams that rest in YAHSHUA Himself. YAHSHUA MAGAZINE 2018 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHERS ARLYN MAY "Miss A" BONGAY

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YAHSHUA BEST of 2018  

A look into a victorious year in YAHSHUA 2018 - Year of Possession.

YAHSHUA BEST of 2018  

A look into a victorious year in YAHSHUA 2018 - Year of Possession.