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Weekly Journal This week we are visiting a site which called Oval Pavilion located behind the sport field.

At the beginning we were standing in front of the building where we can see workers working on the concrete stairs. The building behind had a wide span of aluminum frame where glass will fit in. Along the top of the structure I can see some wood ridge lying on and some of them are joining with steal. Recording what the manager told us, the wood and steal are connected by using a long-thick nail drilling through and gets stable.

Turning to another side of the building, we can now see some of how those stairs cast on situ. Firstly the workers place and fix numbers of steal bar capped with yellow plastic as we can see to provide safety, those steal are working as reinforcing the concrete. After that, they start to build the shape of the stairs out of wood and pull cement in it and wait for it to cool down like we can observe for the right hand side.

Walking to the side of the building, we can now have a closer look of the protruding chimney like structure behind the building. Those black wood that covering up the out layer of the structure, which is called tongue wood, with a big opening at the bottom of the wood wall which is designed to function as a fire place. At the top of this ‘chimney’ we can also find an opening that allow light to come through from the top and makes the building functioning in lower energy requirement.

This picture here shows how the tongue wood looks like. As we can see one side of the wood plate has a protruding parts which can fix into the part called groove on the other side. This wood is used mainly for keeping the surface to be flat because the nail that holds them together can punching in to the tongue instead of ruin the surface.

At the back of the building I had seen a very unique bracing that rarely find in our text book. Instead of having one bracing within one opening, the worker put two bracing at either side of the opening with an opposite direction and they come to meet at the middle point of the structure.

Coming back to the front side of the structure, we can now clearly observe how two opening is operating to allow more sunlight to coming into the building and how wood is fixing with steal. Base on the manager’s description, the roof of the main building is specially arranged with consideration of sound. To prevent sound from transferring to outside and disturbing the neighbor, they thicken the roof with timber and a extra layer of inner wall so that they can keep the sound inside the building.

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