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ME …………………………….3 INTRODUCE………………….............4 UNIT 1 FACTS AND FIGURES ….. a)I AM…………………………………… b)FAMILY………………………………. c)PET…………………………………….. UNIT 2 WHERE & WHEN…………… UNIT 3 FAMILY & FRIENDS………. UNIT 4 BED & BREAKFAST……….. UNIT 5 FILM & TELEVISION ……..

My names is Yahir and I’m from Mexico, I’m a student in “Escuela Nacional Preparatoria N°1 Gabino Barreda”. I’m a 15 years old.

INTRODUCE In this magazine to find work over six months to find six compositions which each unit that help us to the domain of English in terms of grammar


I AM Hello!!! My names is Yahir and I’m from Mexico, I’m a student in “Escuela Nacional Preparatoria N°1 Gabino Barreda”. My favorite singer is Paul Mccartney, I’m also interested in sport. My hobby is playing the piano, I love soccer and my favorite team is “America”. My address is Carretera Vieja a Tulyehualco, # 731, Santa Maria Nativitas ,I’m a single,but I have a girlfriend. I’m a 15 years old , my date of birth is 08.02.1998. My email address is and  

MI FAMILY She is my mother's her name is Graciela and my nephew . His name is Leon, my mom is an elementary school teacher and is 45 years, my little nephew is 1 year and 3 months he is very playful and laughs with people, but sometimes when I hold him he cries . I think he is very intelligent .  

MY PET This is my pet. Its name is Tanyi, is a German Shepherd and is female, we call it because it is a German name meaning Tania. She has been 3 years old with us and recently had 7 Puppies 2 males and 5 females. My dog is very playful but does not bite things almost all weekends we play Nativitas Forest. We like about it is that when we call her, she always makes obeys. She has several moles on her tongue and at night, she barks at people passing by, but she has never bitten anyone, my family and I love her a lot.


Dear Sir, I’d like some more information about the holiday apartment to rent. The description says it’s a small apartment. We are two people. How many bedrooms are there? Can you send photos of the department and its rooms?   Another question is about the services are there any in the apartment? Does it have room service, pool, shuttle service?   Finally I want to know what the price of the apartment is I want it to stay for next summer; about seven days I would be in the apartment I look forward to hearing from you.   Best wishes.   Yahir


Hi Antoine!  I'm writing because a family wants to visit your town and would like you to help me make this possible. Do you have time to explore your city with them? And it is easy to buy a plane ticket and find lodging? The family is a lot of fun and wants to visit the museum and eat typical food of the area. Thanks for any help you can give to this family. I hope you answer.   All the best.   Yahir


Life in Mexico Mexican people in the city, have breakfast before they go to work and school. The day typically starts at seven or eight am. In the middle of the morning they have coffee or milk, after they have lunch which is generally from half past twelve to two o'clock pm. A lot of people have just half an hour for lunch in the day. Shops stay open at lunchtime and the people buy sandwiches. School generally finishes at about one to two o'clock pm, and people finish the work at three to five o'clock pm. It's typical to have a dinner at seven o'clock. People go to bed a ten or eleven o'clock


Yahir Solares Tenorio The Real Entertainment Site The programmes that real people recommend. Category:The Documentary Starting next weekend, I can watch all of the TV series “Man vs Wild” again. Its on Channel 108 at 5 pm every afternoon. This program is carried out in different parts of the world. In the program a young man teaches us how to survive in extremely adverse environments. The other main characteristics in the programme are the techniques Some people think it’s very entertaining and I recommend it because the characters are brave and courageous.

My compositions  
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