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The same developed skills apply for my istd brief, and this too, was probably a much enjoyed project. Interaction through books was again - surprisingly - what motivated me, trying to figure out different systems to test the way something was read. Generally, these briefs were pushed through conversation and actually talking to people, gathering my own opinions and taking it from there. Managing budgets was definitely an element that needs addressing, as I’ve countered so many problems and it’s limited, at times, the quality of work I’ve produced, to what I wanted and felt I could have produced. This effected the amount of test prints I was trying out, ultimately leading to my presentation boards being a difficulty to print and source cash. At the same time, this was beneficial for me, as I began looking at ways I could print, cut, and bind cheaply, but keep a certain richness and quality that allowed me to make profit on work i.e. the type face book, posters, rulers, and notebooks produced. To add to that, this has opened up a quantity of doors and ideas I have to take forward to fmp - funnily enough, the rulers. The rulers I produced, trademarked with our matilda typeface for form and writing, were a great success. Precisely measuring, finding materials, and working with what I had, this is something I want to move on and I feel there’s real scope for an interesting and big brief that can be blown to a much larger scale. Other collaborations, with Dom for example, have given me a fresh perspective on working with others in the studio. Branding an event as such, in such a short amount of time was an enjoyable experience and allowed me to breath from the other briefs I was juggling. A collab I thought worked well in terms of bouncing ideas off each other and churning out concepts so quickly, this is another aspect I feel can be taken further, as more time on a brief may offer a really substancial amount of quality, and not only quantity in the work that could be produced.

Through my Form and writing brief, I have definitely heightened my standard in working as a unit, as we all had very similar ideas and executed them how we initially planned. Myself, Max and Joe all had type driven motives that allowed us to experiment with type design and flex that muscle when producing work within the exhibition we were invited to. Once again, I feel my typographic awareness has become a lot more considered and professional, as we all pushed each other and knew we had a big job on our hands. Learning how to produce a typeface through practice has answered my questioning as to how huge of a task it is to successfully pull it off. After talking to well established designers at the Inpress event whilst showcasing our first typeface Matilda, it was interesting to get an outsiders point of view that was critical yet constructive at the same time. This opened our eyes as to how well articulated an experienced typographer is, and a typeface a month won’t do the grounding concept and preliminary sketches complete justice. Through my Elements brief, my managing skills gradually developed and timetabling to strict deadlines was useful. Although the logo work took up a lot of the time, it was probably the most important part, as it is an aspect we’ll be using with dissection throughout all of the signage, posters, flyers, books etc. As it was live, there was a lot of invested time in getting the location, figuring our budgets, meeting printers, that we ourselves knew would be the case - so proposals and mock ups of ideas was necessary. As the brief branches off post module hand in, the majority of the design process will definitely come sooner than later as the exhibition is a small part of the project as a whole. The type face brief really has been a personal favourite of mine as it challenged a way I could take the last edition forward and be innovative in terms of trying to get people interested in type whilst still targeting an audience already interested in it. Layout and and publication, alongside a close focus on bookwork have been the stand out points in where I’ve grown in confidence, as I didn’t feel the pressure to think a little differently, unorthodox at times, but that’s not a bad thing. Humour played a massive role in it and the feed back from it was always positive, this is something I could pursue through fmp and make even stronger.


self evaluation

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