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Welcome to Fontopoly You, and a selection of other designers are about to embark upon a quest that will require determination and dedication. The board is a representation of the world of Type Design. Of course, there are millions of other fonts across the globe but the selection presented on the board have been handpicked from the leading typographic nations. The game needs to be approached in a competitive manner, but the justification of such a theme is mainly to educate and inform the audience of the beauty of Typography. Use the game as a tool to find out more and pursue the history of the Fonts and Foundries. Our website acts as an extension of the physical board by giving you a helping hand to find out even more about the collection of fonts and foundries shown in the game. The website also offers resolutions to problems that may have occurred whilst playing. Each part of the game has been hand manufactured to allow Fontopoly to have a bespoke and personal touch to it, so it it is understandable that pieces may have been damaged. The enquiry codes on the website will direct you on how to best solve the problem.

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