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A Cercie Update

by Sheri Wren Haymore

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In a previous issue, our daughter, Carrie Williams, introduced readers to a pup named Cercie who found us (“The Gift that Came with Fleas, Nov 2013). Cercie was filthy and sick, but she stole our hearts and took over our home from the beginning, and I’m sure you would like to hear an update. I could brag about how well Cercie has integrated into our household and how many words she understands and how adorable she is in general. Or we could talk about how she’s not invited for play dates because her, um, ambitious playfulness disgusts all of her friends. But I think you might be more interested in the things this little mutt has taught herself. Cercie loves squeaky toys! She loves to tote them around, chase them, and murder them. Her all-time favorite is a blue rubber octopus whose legs curl out and back in when it squeaks. Meanwhile, she had been ignoring another toy, a soft Frisbee I call “the doughnut.” One day, she picked up the doughnut, arranged it over her muzzle and commenced attacking the octopus through it. Whenever the doughnut would get knocked akimbo, she’d use her paws to readjust her armor and return to battle. She played this game for several days. When that game grew stale, she invented another one. This time she chose a soft toy that has squeakers on each end. Using her paws and teeth, she pulled the squeaky toy halfway through the doughnut hole, and then shared this newly devised toy with me in a game of tug-of-war. She also loves to play ball, and when we weary of throwing, she’ll toss a ball in the air herself and run after it. Just last night, she was toting one ball, using it to bat a second ball around the floor. Pup hockey! But the thing she did that still has me baffled involved her kennel. For the record, Cercie spends very little time incarcerated, but a kennel does

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