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Europe’s historic hotels association releases iPhone app Historic Hotels of Europe (HHE) has another nice story to tell: The new free app enables travelers to search for traditional and authentic hotels throughout Europe, to look up availabilities and to book their stay. Historic Hotels of Europe regroups 20 historic hotels organizations representing nearly 700 unique and handpicked historic properties throughout Europe. They are all presented on the federation’s website Content and search facilities of the website are now combined with the powerful functionality of the iPhone. Finding a nice place to stay thus becomes a mere child’s play with the new app launched by the European umbrella federation. Through the new iPhone app, the user can search by situation (hotels “near me”), kind of lodging (castle, palace, manor house, boutique…), activities and location (seaside, mountains, city…). Interactive Google maps help travelers to find easily the nearest hotel in the area. Once the hotel of their dreams is located, the user finds all relevant information about the property, can display three pictures and has the choice to check availabilities, to call the property or to book online. Furthermore, the app gives the user access to all information about the umbrella federation, the different historic hotels organizations, special offers and current press releases. The new iPhone app is developed by the Greek company Exodus, it is free and will be available on and the App Store by the middle of July. Paris, 30th June 2010 Press contact: Hanne Mostecky

Association « Hôtels Historiques d’Europe » Association “Historic Hotels of Europe” Siège social / Registered office: 94, rue Saint Lazare | 75009 Paris | France Association loi 1901 déclarée le 21 juin 1998 n° 3/04376 | EuroVAT: FR 22430167908

Historic Hotels of Europe - iPhone App