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YachtFile Planner 2020 Your brochure is an asset – maximise its exposure with YachtFile

– the boatshow in a bag Getting your brochures, newsletters, books or electronic media directly into the hands of the decision makers is the biggest hurdle your company faces when marketing to the Superyacht industry. It is unlikely that Owners, Captains and Crew will find your presence online, leaving you to consider how those thousands of vessels will ever get to know about your business. Fortunately, being included in a YachtFile delivery pack guarantees that your promotional material will arrive directly onboard the world’s best yachts and into the hands of the people that make the major purchasing decisions. To help grow your business there is no better way to influence these decision makers than with YachtFile and its professionally targeted delivery. Most Captains, Owners and Crew rarely visit Yacht Shows, so receiving the YachtFile Pack, with the information it contains, is considered an exceptional information resource which conveniently arrives onboard. That’s why we affectionately call YachtFile, ‘The Boatshow In A Bag.’ During 2020 we will deliver 5600 YachtFile packs to approximately 3400 different yachts during four separate periods. In April our Spring YachtFile reaches 1800 yachts just before the Mediterranean summer season begins. It is perfectly timed to get your message to yacht Captains, Owners and Crew before they begin cruising. In August we deliver 1800 YachtFiles to yachts throughout the Mediterranean. Timing is crucial as we will be reaching many Owners that are now onboard and the refit season is just around the corner. The Monaco YachtFile has been a feature of the Show for over 20 years. We deliver over 800 packs to large yachts between Marseilles and Viareggio as well as

all of the suitable yachts at the show and at anchor before the show begins. The remaining 700 packs are distributed from our strategically placed racks throughout the show. Our clients not only reap the rewards of having their marketing material reach visitors to the world’s most prestigious Superyacht show, they also benefit from getting their marketing message onboard all of the suitable yachts along the coast. And finally we have our Top 500 pack which is distributed during December and early January to 500 of the largest yachts in the Caribbean, Mallorca and along the French and Italian coasts. Many of our industry-leading clients have been trusting YachtFile since the first delivery in 1994 as they understand the importance of getting their information to the decision makers in the industry. YachtFile is unique and the only proven, guaranteed option that will get your marketing material onboard. We even tell you which yachts we delivered to.

THE SPRING CAPTAIN/OWNERS YACHTFILE PACK: £3100.00† Back of Pack advert: £3300.00 Special: Single sheet inserts: £2200.00 Delivered during April before the summer season begins Have 1800 of your brochures delivered to 1800 professionally run yachts. Your 1800 inserts would need to be delivered to us by March 23rd 2020. THE SUMMER CAPTAIN/OWNERS YACHTFILE PACK: £3100.00† Back of Pack advert: £3300.00 Special: Single sheet inserts: £2200.00 Delivered during August when OWNERS are onboard Have 1800 of your brochures delivered to 1800 professionally run yachts. Your 1800 inserts would need to be delivered to us by July 24th 2020.

THE 2020 MONACO YACHT SHOW YACHTFILE PACK: £1800.00† Back of Pack advert: £3300.00* The only multiple brochure distribution sanctioned by the MYS management Have 1500 of your brochures distributed. Our MYS YachtFile packs are displayed on our racks throughout the Monaco Yacht Show for selection by its visitors and given to all suitable yachts attending. We will also deliver a Pack to almost 100% of the yachts over 80 ft resident along the Côte d’Azur & Italy (approx. 800 vessels (2019)) and at anchor just days before the show begins. Please deliver your 1500 inserts to us by September 7th 2020. THE WINTER TOP 500 YACHTFILE PACK: £1000.00† Have 500 of your brochures delivered to 500 of the largest yachts around. Packs will be hand delivered in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Please deliver your 500 inserts to us by November 12th 2020. † Inserts over 16 pages may cost more. *This advert is also used as the back of the Top 500 pack.

As well as packing your marketing material in the pack we also display your logo on the outside. All we require is for your logo to be supplied as a vector file for printing on the surface of the YachtFile poly-pack. Your graphic designer or printer should be able to supply the logo in the correct format – usually in the Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file format as it will need reproducing in pantone colours. Please note: jpeg or tiff files cannot be used. YachtFile – targeted marketing at its best

For more information visit www.YachtFile.com 2



Edition 39 is also our Monaco Yacht Show edition


Yachting Matters & The Yacht Owner magazine - one great read with two great titles and your advert appears in both. 8000 copies are printed in April and August and then combined with the best personal onboard distribution to Superyachts. Guaranteed. The magazine is also free to read online giving it a global readership. Yachting Matters is a complimentary, high quality magazine, primarily distributed personally onboard to address an industry that we intimately understand and strongly believe to be unique, geographically and financially. We know that both our titles are fully enjoyed by Captains, Owners and Crew alike. Yachting Matters allows our clients to be proactive with their marketing in a superb publication packed full of up to date news and interesting editorial. When we hand deliver copies onboard large yachts we give them at least one copy of each title, the Yacht Owner copy is sealed in poly-wrap. (Can you think of a better way to get a copy to a Yacht Owner?) The largest yachts are given extra copies. We believe the best place for our magazine is onboard yachts and delivery to these exclusive vessels is one of our specialities, something we have excelled at now for over 25 years. •D istribution is key, there is no point in having a message that nobody sees. Having a marketing presence in Yachting Matters ensures your marketing message is seen by many thousands of Yachting professionals, Crew and Owners. •O nly two high quality editions published annually ensures unique content in a publication that is a joy to read. •A s well as our onboard delivery, boxes of magazines are left with specific agents and also left at major Superyacht Marinas for selection. •M agazines are distributed from our unique racks set around the Monaco Yacht Show. •O nly two editions per year keeps the magazine content fresh and gives each title a great shelf life. If you are going to spend money on promotion and Superyachts are your market, we can think of no better magazine to partner with. •G reat Quality, Superb Content, Perfect Distribution and Free Online – It doesn’t get much better than that. COPY DEADLINES: Edition 38 – March 5th 2020 (delivered April) Edition 39 – July 6th 2020 (delivered August/September)

Both titles include the Superyacht Refit & Repair supplements, CardFile & IndustryFile. Also online at www.YachtingMatters.com


Magazine Planner 2020 Distribution is priceless COLOUR Double page spread Page 1/3/5 Page 7/9/11/13/15/ Back cover Inside front cover Inside back cover Single page Half page Quarter page Front cover strip

Sterling £4100.00 £3100.00 £2800.00 £4500.00 £3500.00 £3100.00 £2600.00 £1400.00 £850.00 £2800.00

Mechanical Data Double page spread Single page Half page horizontal Half page vertical Quarter page horizontal Quarter page vertical

Trim Type area 420 x 297 mm* 380 x 277 mm 297 x 210 mm* 277 x 190 mm 143 x 210 mm* 131 x 190 mm 297 x 100 mm* 277 x 85 mm N/A 55 x 190 mm N/A 136 x 93 mm

*3mm bleed required on all edges

See Page 12 for media production requirements


CardFile Would you like something different? Yachting Matters/The Yacht Owner Spring & Summer Editions 38 & 39 – £800.00 per business card


To feature you

r business car d, contact col




Have you ever printed 8000 business cards and then distributed them to 8000 potential clients. Probably not, but that is what our CardFile does for you. On one side of the card you can have your representatives contact details and on the other an advert or message of your choice. 0 0 % M A D E IN





Xavier Bonn amy Managing Director, Yach t Division

A1 bus card

Tai Ping Carp ets United Kingdom 406-407 Desi gn Centre East Chelsea Harb our London SW1 0 0XF T: +44 (0) 207 Mob UK: +44 808 9650 (0)7800 848 Mob FR: +33 973 (0)6 09 76 83 75 xavierbonnam y@taipingcar pets.com www.taipingc arpets.com

s Mar2107.


1 15/03/20 17

Yacht Agency | Managemen t | Chartering

09:11 Pag e1

Copy Deadlines:


Edition 38 – March 5th 2020 (delivered April 2020) Edition 39 (our Monaco Show Edition) – July 6th 2020 (delivered August/September 2020) Mechanical Data Business card size

Trim 55 x 85 mm

Bleed 61 x 91 mm

Please supply artwork to specification as documented on page 12

Experienc ed Independe nt Agent Personalize d Service

Looking Ou t For The Crew!

We created the Card Concept way back in the 1990s and it has been a client favourite ever since.

To feature your business card, contact: colinsquire@yachtingmatters.com or karen@yachtfile.com

Anita War wick +1 954 763 9787 Skype: oza nita WhatsApp: +1 954 294 207 anita@seve nseashealth.c 8 SevenSeasH om ealth.com


We print them and then deliver your pop out message, printed on heavy card in sets of eight and tipped (glued) into the spine of the magazine, to yacht Owners, Captains, Crew and Industry Professionals.

| Brokerage




ADM-BCard17-AF 75Aniv

30/3/17 17:30

model.indd 2

nce International Health Insura for Mariners & Expats e

• Worldwide medical coverag • Emergency medevac • Emergency repatriation ce • 24-hour travel assistan • Short-term/long-term • Group & individual plans

Superyacht Refit

Official Supplier

.it / www.armareropes.com T +39 0431 65575 / info@armare

Alexandra Zerou CEO 42, Akti Themistokleous str. | Greece Zea Marina | 185 37 Piraeus T: +30 210 4126684 F: +30 210 4126683 M: 6955 493371 E: a.zerou@neptunea.gr


cables Manufacturer of mooring ropes, and running rigging for outstanding Super Yachts

Xavier Bonnamy Division Managing Director, Yacht Tai Ping Hôtel de Livry, 23, rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris, France T: +33 (0)1 53 45 90 65 75 Mob FR: +33 (0)6 09 76 83 973 Mob UK: +44 (0)7800 848 ts.com xavierbonnamy@taipingcarpe

Do you operate a Superyacht Refit & Repair facility. Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

that will place your facility in front of quite so many Captains, Owners and Management companies.

If so we have created a section within Yachting Matters/ The Yacht Owner that is a perfect tool for you.

You can also join www.SuperyachtRefit.com which offers you an exclusive online presence as well.

This specialist section within the magazine has been designed around a format that, for Captains, Owners and Management, is easy to understand. With 8,000 copies of each edition delivered to, what has to be, your target market and also free online to a worldwide audience, it has to make sense to feature your company within this supplement dedicated to the best that Superyacht refit has to offer.

The pages within the Superyacht Refit section of Yachting Matters/The Yacht Owner have a set format. This allows readers to quickly evaluate whether your yard could be suitable for their yacht to have work undertaken.


There is nothing else in any yachting magazine quite like our Superyacht Refit section and if you have already read the Yachting Matters magazine delivery profile you know that there is no other media outlet


– only £2600.00 per page

We will set the page up for you as well, saving you the cost of expensive design work. That is not to say we wouldn’t like it supplied as final copy, that would make our busy lives here a lot easier, but it must adhere to the set format. The cost of this page in Yachting Matters/The Yacht Owner is only £2600.00 – exceptional value when you consider the magazine’s readership and distribution.




Incredible value at only £250.00 per edition IndustryFile is set within the pages of Yachting Matters/ The Yacht Owner magazine to give quality Superyacht orientated companies the opportunity to reach out to our exceptional readership consisting of many thousands of Superyacht Industry professionals onboard yachts and in offices worldwide.

To be featured in editions 38 & 39 of Yachting Matters simply contact us with your details.

£500.00 annual membership (two editions)

Each listing provides a promotional space for the featured company that sits in its own uncluttered and well designed section within the magazine.



ALL SERV ICES S.R.L Via Del Casti Portosole, llo, 17, 18038, ItalySan Remo T: +39 0184 F: +39 0184 533533 E: as@as198 531035 www.as19 0.com Contact: 80.com Dr. Alessand ro Sartore All Servi



ces, a highl – Broker/Sh has been y reputable ip Agent Whatever assisting Yachts throu ship agent base coast and your needs in all ports ghout the Med d in Sanremo Italy beyond, All iterra Services arealong the Cote D’Az nean since 1980 , . ur, the entir there for you. e Italian



S & D YACH TS LTD. Seabreeze . Guiseppe Ta’Xbiex MSD Cali Street, 14, Malta

MID ATLA NTIC YACHT SERV ICES Rua Cons. Horta, FaialM. da Silveira, 3, PT9900-1 , Azores 44, Portugal T: +351 292 391616 E: Contact: Duncan Swee mays@mail.te www.mid lepac atlanticya t – Managing Direc .pt chtservice The one tor s.com address

Atlantic, specializinfor all crew/vessel Europe. Foun g in full servi needs in the midd ded in 1993 ces for Trans Captains, le of areas, be vessel and Crew Mid Atlantic can -Atlantic yachts the North when cruisit a mid passage and provides custoaddress all need crossing to stop-over mized shore s of Yacht ing the Azor agency, bunk or ered fuel, es with owne as critical shore support in all notice of arrival alwa VAT payment/irs and guests. Spec based support mportatio ys encourage ializing in n & chan yacht d and appre dlery. Adva ciated. nce



These 1/8th page adverts are charged at only £500.00 for two editions, a minimal fee to have your company information displayed and seen by the many thousands of professional yachtsmen & women and Industry professionals that enjoy reading through the magazine. We create Industry File listings free of charge.

JPMA (JO HN PERTAI PING CIVAL MACARPETS Marine Hou EUROPE S.A 86a Mar se, Hôtel de LivryRINE ASSOCIATE , S) Hoylake ket Street,75007 Paris - 23, rue de l’Universi France , Wirral té, UK CH4 T: +33 7 3BD (0)1 , 53 45 90 65 M (France): SUPERY T: +44 (0)1 +33 (0)6 F: +33 (0)1 40 20 ACH 09 76 83 90 F: +44 (0)1 51 632Tai400 Colin Squ T WEB Ping 75 M (UK) 71 ire Pub tsmen lished E: mate@h 51 632T:477 0 Chelsea Harbour, 406: +44 (0)78 6 (0) Immigrat to Malta. We offer in mid 1976 to 00 848 973 Bungay, Suffolk lishing, PO Box 407 Desig ss.ac.uk +44 ww 207 ion clearance cater n Centre East, berth NR35 2QD w.sa 7, for all ing ilorswo E: xavierbon 808 9655 F: +44 repairs as London, SW1 T: +44 (0)1986 UK rld.co.uk well as yard in/outwards, Dutyarrangement, Cust the visitiCon namy@ta 0 0XF E: colinsq 894333 ipingcarpe (0) 207 808 9659 oms & Policng tact: Anna PercCont -free fuel repairs. We act: Xavi ts.com www er Bonnamy ival are now also & Provisions Shoe www.S uire@yachtingm rris – Man , in-water rebased RYA Tai Ping-Ha .taip – Yach operating Carpe ts is the world aging Dire t Division Glob ingcarpets.com ContactuperYachtWeb.c atters.com from Tunis Dec k and Eng /MC hasAdevel train ’s leadin oped speci al Manager ia. : Colin Squ om ctor for g manufactu Victory, MY ing acou OOW, ineering al Yacht rses ire – Pub LINKIN rer of luxury to YacDivisi Quan MasterMusa mod ules on. tumSTC Speciali G THE WO lish htm Yach and custo Blue, shi, er & ts aste m DEC MY recen st carpe Sup EngMY

T: +356 2133 F: +356 2133 1515 E: info@sdya 2259 www.sdya chts.com Contact: chts.com Peter Fiori ni Lowell S&D Yach – Director ts were estab yach



The IndustryFile section of Yachting Matters offers incredible value. With 8000 hard copies of the magazine distributed and the magazine online at www. YachtingMatters.com the distribution of the IndustryFile listings to our dedicated readership is second to none.

(min. two editions)

MULTIPLE X GMBH Zur Westpier 28755 Brem 3 en T: +49 421 F: +49 421 8350 100 Email: cont 67 88 68 www.mul act@multiplex.com tiplexgmbh.co Contact: Jan Reiners m – CEO Multi





With an unbelievable 1700+ Captains now as members of this private forum and with over 15,000 searchable posts SYC has grown to become an encyclopaedia of professional yachting containing information of all types, much of which cannot be found elsewhere. It has become, too many of its members globally, an essential tool to be used in the operation of their vessel. Members visit the site from 3000 to well over 4000 times per month depending on the time of year and you can if you wish take advantage of this exceptional resource by

having your company banner displayed. The banner will be seen at log-in and also on the inside areas of the site and would get seen between 36,000 and 48,000 times per six months by our very exclusive membership. We only allow a minimal number of banners and we run these in six month windows, each client being given the opportunity to renew before the space is offered again. The cost of a six month placement: £2000.00

r Ocean, tly deliv supplie Stella ineeHamp RLD OF and eryacht shire II,WMYcouSymp , MY Infini MCA ered: MY tsSup r of Hyd rses.hony Maris, MYr Ora Exams,Grace ty, MY Vava Oceaneryacht Web – a free SUPERYACH Z, MYl Como E,Ora preparat Madamerogr MYlMada TS Kate,aph Professi Office , MYISM me GU, ionMY II, MY Ace, MY relaHey Kiss, MY MYicVanis ted mat onals. and exclusive, andMoon Chopi Chop ww h, MY Publishe tersOkto private i, MYw.Superyac Sand.rs chaJude, MY , , MY Form social netw rts. osa,ww MYw.Superyac htCaptains ork for GLASS AN htEngine .com • ww D TAN w.S All linke er.com d to one • www.S uperyachtChefs online Sup uperyac htCrew .com eryacht .com show – what else do you need?

K MONIT MARTE N ORING TILSE GMB ADVICE YACHT PAIN TING H AND INS PEC Sotto Van Om TIOrfalle N e 12, 2252 menstra Germ 9 Hamburg, St. Janskloo at 3, 832 any 6CP ter T: +49 T: +31 527 NETHER LANDS (0)40 M: +31 246855 F:F: +49 (0)40 43 20 80 80 plex Gmb +31 527 43 20 80 620 H was estab and produ E: info@m 429425 E: tilse@tils 245 888 688 ction of light lished in 1986 and e.com www www.m ypai.nl Contact: Henn carbon fibre speci weight marin ypai.nl such as Sun ing von der.tilse.com e composite alizes in the design Con Consistent Foun tact: Mar Thüsen – ly supplying Awning Systems and solutions built from Managing ten Heeinsta ded in 1974 TILSE top notch Swimming Steered Director Industrie tebrllatio n of mari ij – Man services and by Ladders. specialises yacht pain over 40 yearIndus products. in the desig try worldaging ne Direglass to power s of expe t and n, produ and sail curve rienc wide. Amoctor com LAWYER

– the worlds best resource for professional yacht Captains to network.

PIENING -PROPEL LER Am Alte nde Glücksta ich 83, 25348 dt, German y T: +49 412 F: +49 412 4 916812 4 916852 E: pein

@pienin ction e we offe ngst our many vesse panies, pain applicationd glass that wwand w. piening- g-propeller. rto yachts. Our a superb systems helps specialitie ls in the SupeCon t suppliers ryachtact propelle de knowledg leme well-to capt comp s is the t : , appl thee of glass r.de icators, know n brand grace ains, sown nt , MICR modfulernlines of productio n of Mathias Pein insu FORM PIEN rancheate AR® SOLARDIM OCLE – CEO & manGLAS e comdpaniareers, agement IAL® today’s modernING-PROPE glass ® compound COB es, etc. gearbox made out SPEZ dimmer funct LLER sup es to of FORM plane and plie ion. NEW glass made out SPEbent GLAS SPEZ ED yac propellers, incl s complet of PRODUC IAL® e hts. T – fire-p FORMGLAS SPEZ prop , roof glazin ellers fromThe compan uding struts, forpropulsion syst IAL® with g A0/A60. seve a diam y designs and MEGA yach ems, from ral leng MARINAS eter of th up to 800mm produces varits and HIGHPIEN 16,0 ASTILLE ING-PR 00mm. upwards ous ROS DE OPELLER and sha types of MALLOANTIGUA is ISO 900 Contram fts with RCA YACH uelle-Mo 1/2008 a 07012 Palm llet CLUB MARINA T certified by GLC a de Mal 11,Falm Spain lorc outh

LISTS HILL DICK 105 JermynINSON LLP London SW1Street, St James’s T: +44 (0)20 Y 6EE, UK E: tony.allen 7283 9033 @hilldick Contact: Tony Allen inson.com Palais Saint James, 5 aven a, Harbour, T: +377 9770 ue Princesse Antigua T: +34 971 Alice, 9800 E: david.rear 0460 0 Monaco F: +34 971 710645 T: +1 (268 Contact: don@hilldickinson.c E: info@as 721368 F: +1 (268 ) 460 1544 David Rear om don www.hilld www.as tillerosdema E: aycm ) 460 1444 ickinson.c tillerosd llorc arina@can om/yacht emallorc m dw.ag Hill Dick wwwa.co Our grow s inson’s yach a.co.aycm m arina.com legal servi Superya ing list of esta Carlo Falco ces to the t team is the mark cht Rep ne - Managing blished and yach four air clien supe et leade CentreSitua slipw ryach Direc ts t finan

ARMARE ROPES Via Meu cci, 3 Z.I. 33058 San Aussa (UD) Italy Giorgio di NogCorno aro T: +39 043 1 655

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E: ukspare 3 92 539764 www.n s@naiad.com aiad Contact .com : Stev

e Colliss Naiad Dyn – Sales Manage Ship Mot amics, recogniz r and AtSp ion Control Syst ed world lead er ems Bow &St eed® Roll Stabilize and equipme in the design ern Thru nt for yach & manufac rs, Adv Vosper, ture ts of all Naiad, Koosters, and Integrat anced Ride Con sizes. AtRe of trol ed pNautic st® and MDI Hydraulic Syst Systems, Inte rcep ems. OEM systems support tors, for all

1 15 th S Florida 342Street East, Sara sota, 43 USA T: +1 941 F: +1 941 756 0600 E: yacht.s 756 0406 www.te ervices@teak dec akd Contact ecking.com king.com : Alan Bro silow – Teakdeck Manage r USA ships and ing Systems pre-

vessel. Ouryachts. Planks manufactures teak installatio craftsmen also can be straight decks in pretrim or epoxies ns and refurbish create beautiful curved to the med panels and adhe for ments worl cust plan sives. dwide andom interior floo ksheer of the carry TDS rs. We perf orm caulking , cleaners ,

IndustryFile – Great value from Colin Squire Publishing 8


Superyacht Web

an online SUPERYACHT SHOW like no other It’s unique & it’s all in one place! www.SuperyachtWeb.com is a unique concept and to my knowledge the only website(s) set up to use multiple prime domain names (60) to link an industry together. Each one is an individual site that targets a specific area within the luxury yacht industry, these sites combine to create an online yacht exhibition. If you believe that the internet is the way to go, then join us online, there will be at least one site suitable for you. (We have another 48 hidden sites just waiting to go.) www.SuperyachtWeb.com utilises the internet, alongside our traditional publications, to find visitors worldwide through the use of search engines and prime domains. www.SuperyachtWeb.com We have, in effect, created an online yacht exhibition with 60 gateways, not just one. You find one, you find them all. It’s not expensive, a standard listing costs only £250.00 per year. A premium listing £1250.00.


www.superyachtweb.com 10

superyachtagents.com superyachthorns.com crewairlinetickets.com superyachtantifouling.com superyachtassociations.com superyachtawnings.com superyachtbeauty.com superyacht-berths.com superyachtbrokers.com superyachtbuilders.com superyachtcarpets.com superyachtchandlers.com superyachtcharters.com marinecommunications.com superyachtcrewagents.com superyachtdecks.com superyachtdesigner.com superyachtelectronics.com superyachtentertainmentsystems.com yachtfenders.com superyachtfuel.com superyachtfurniture.com superyachtgalley.com superyachtgangways.com superyacht-glass.com superyachthealth.com superyachtinsurance.com superyacht-interiors.com superyachtlights.com yachtmanagement.com superyachtmarinas.com superyachtmasts.com yachtmedia.com navalarchitects.com paintsurveyors.com superyachtpainters.com superyachtpaint.com superyachtphotographer.com superyachtpropellers.com superyachtprovisions.com superyachtrefit.com superyachtregistration.com yachtrigging.com superyachtrope.com superyachtsafetyequipment.com superyachtsails.com superyachtsecuritycompanies.com yachtspares.com superyachtstabilisers.com superyachtsurveyors.com superyachttender.com superyachttenting.com superyacht-toys.com superyachttraining.com superyachttransportation.com superyachtuniforms.com superyacht-video.com superyachtwebsites.com superyachtwines.com superyachtsforsale.com

References from some of our many satisfied clients Diego Colón, Director General / Astilleros de Mallorca S.A. “Few media professionals have done so much for this industry in the last 20 years. With great effort and perseverance Colin has also done a great job for each of his clients individually. Other larger companies couldn’t even dream of getting so far. Colin congratulations! We are very grateful.”

Johan Pizzardini, Communications & Media Manager / Monaco Yacht Show S.A.M. “The MYS has been partnering with Yachting Matters for well over a decade. The top quality of Colin Squire’s network in the yachting industry and the hand-delivered distribution of his publication is decisive for the MYS when we to need to be in contact with the right target audience!”

Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director / Deutsche Yachten – Superyacht Germany “Colin’s Yachting Matters and the Yachtfile packs are unique products and perfect tools for those who want to place information in the superyacht industry. His knowledge about the market and the many personal contacts he has are worth every single cent you pay for his services.”

Paschalis Patsiokas, CEO / BWA Yachting “BWA Yachting (Blue Water Alliance) was formed in 2003 and we have used the YachtFile pack and Yachting Matters magazine consistently over this period to access the Captains and Owners of Superyachts which are essentially the clients of our company. We have always had good, honest and knowledgeable service and have found Colin and Karen a pleasure to work with. We would without doubt be happy to recommend them to any company looking for a media outlet that targets the Superyacht industry so well.”

Rosemary Pavlatou, Director / A1 Yacht Trade Consortium S.A. “We have advertised with Yachting Matters for many years with great results because the delivery of the magazine is targeted in a way that no other publication has managed and we know each time precisely where our advertisement went and by whom it was seen. Yachting Matters goes to our client base in a uniquely focused way which others struggle to replicate.” Victor Caminada, Marketing Manager / AMELS B.V. “We have been working with Colin over the past 10 years and I must say that his determination, originality and knowledge of the industry are exceptional!Thank you Colin!”

Francesco Luise, Managing Partner / J. Luise & Sons Ltd “I’d say my heartfelt thanks for the hard work Colin has done over the past years for our group of companies in Italy, The Luise Group. I believe we were among the companies joining at the very beginnings of the YachtFile pack way back in 1994 and we still use it every year! Both YachtFile and Yachting Matters have given us invaluable support over the years, including a very pivotal moment when we decided to re-launch our image to the yachting market. We have without doubt over the years gained extremely positive exposure from both Yachting Matters and YachtFile.”


Colin Squire Publishing Media Planner 2020

Booking & further information: Tel: E-mail: Web: Office address:

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All prices quoted throughout this planner are subject to VAT, if applicable, within Europe.

Notable Dates for 2020 APRIL The Captain/Owners Spring YachtFile Pack No. 52 – 1800 inserts Yachting Matters Magazine Edition 38 Card File – have 8000 of your business cards printed and distributed within Edition 38 of Yachting Matters Magazine

AUGUST The Captain/Owners Summer YachtFile Pack No.53 – 1800 inserts Yachting Matters Magazine Edition 39 – our Monaco Yacht Show edition Card File – have 8000 of your business cards printed and distributed within Edition 39 of Yachting Matters Magazine

SEPTEMBER he Monaco Yacht Show YachtFile Pack – 1500 inserts. Approx. 800 of T the Monaco Show packs will be delivered to yachts over 80 ft between Marseilles and Viareggio (and on the water) before the show begins. YachtFile helps you get the most from Monaco

DECEMBER The Captain/Owners ‘Top 500’ YachtFile Pack ­­– 500 inserts. 500 brochures delivered to the best 500 yachts around.


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