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Dear Yachtsmen, Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce our organization and the Yacht Donation program. AMIkids is a national nonprofit that has served more than 140,000 at-risk youth since 1969. We currently operate more than 44 programs in 10 states providing a variety of services for at-risk youth. Our nationally-recognized personal growth model ensures that youth are served on an individualized basis, depending on their needs. We are proud of the fact that more than 70% of the youth we serve do not re-offend, giving them a chance to become contributing members of their community. In over fifty years, the AMIkids Yacht Donation Program has received over six thousand vessel contributions. Today, AMIkids enjoys a stellar reputation as the go-to organization for discerning owners seeking for integrity and transparency in the charitable contribution of high-value yachts. Our Yacht Donation Program is unique in three key ways: 1. We protect our donors: The design of our leases, and sales aims at protecting our donors and our charity. 2. We are fiscally responsible: We minimize our operating expenses to ensure the entirety of our earnings directly supports our mission. 3. We handle all donations and improvements directly: no unnecessary intermediaries profit from our operations. I trust your examination of AMIkids will reveal our charity to be a worthy and credible organization. Many high profile individuals have come to the same conclusion and chosen us to donate, lease, or sell several of their yachts. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Warm Regards,

Michael Thornton Michael Thornton President and CEO, AMIkids Inc.

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Helping create bright futures through Yacht Donations since 1969.

UNDERSTANDING YACHT DONATION We accept yacht donations, improve and then lease or sell them. All proceeds support our mission of transforming lives.

AMIkids makes the process Safe and Convenient! 1. Contact AMIkids Our team will guide you through the process and outline the potential donation alternatives available for the size and value of your vessel.

Documentation AMIkids assumes care and custody. IRS forms issued.

2. Appraise FMV A Fair Market Value appraisal is required to determine the donation value of the Vessel and can become your basis for tax deduction.

3. Survey the Vessel AMIkids will invest in executing due diligence. A signed agreement will be required at this point.

Your Alternatives:

Outright Sale

Lease Program

Maximized Convenience.

Maximized Tax Benefits.

Our fastest and easiest alternative. We will quickly sell the vessel and issue IRS forms. The sales value will be the basis for your tax deduction.

We will commit to executing improvements and then make the vessel available for an operating lease with interest-free terms. The appraised value will become the basis for your tax deduction.

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Helping create bright futures through Yacht Donations since 1969.

ABOUT US Our Impact




Youth Served in 2019

Youth Served since 1969

Programs across 10 states

71% of AMIkids youth do not re-offend within one year of completion 6+ average number of prior adjudications for youth entering AMIkids non-residential programs 4+ average number of prior adjudications for youth entering AMIkids residential programs 1000 mentors and volunteer board members supporting our programs nationwide 1 Grade Level Proficiency - Average gain for an AMIkids youth

Our Funding

40% 90% comes from

federal/local grants,

of budget goes to

fundraising &

direct services for kids

charitable giving

$72 million


combined annual budget of all programs

comes from the states we serve

$3+ million raised by programs last year

Experiential Education Experiential Education has been at the core of AMIkids programming from the beginning. The organization started as a conglomerate of “Associated Marine Institutes (AMI)� and focused heavily on marine, experiential and vocational education. Experiential education helps youth form a stronger bond with caregivers. Those bonds help caregivers motivate them towards academic and behavioral gains.

AMIkids Vocational & Job Placement Programs Since 2015, AMIkids has launched Vocational Education and Job Placement programs across three states, dedicated to helping at-risk youth learn marketable skills and gain employment. Our data shows that only 6% of youth recidivate after participating in our program.

300+ Businesses Engaged

700+ Youth Hired

2100+ Certifications Earned

AMIkids, Inc. A Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping troubled youth develop into responsible and productive citizens. Founded in 1969, AMIkids currently operates 44+ programs across 10 states, impacting the lives of more than 140,000 youth. Our programs are tailored to youth from all backgrounds. Many of them have ended up in the juvenile justice system and headed down the wrong path.

Our Mission To protect public safety and positively impact as many youth as possible through the efforts of a diverse and innovative staff. AMIkids works in partnership with youth agencies, local communities and families.

Our Approach ©

The AMIkids Personal Growth Model has been recognized nationally as an evidence-based program that reduces recidivism, facilitates educational gains, and cultivates an environment of achievement and improvement.

AMIkids is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) in their Model Programs Guide for successful results with our Day Treatment programs. This OJJDP designation officially makes AMIkids the only rated Day Treatment program in the nation working with at-risk youth according to the Department of Justice criteria.

Our Services ©

Based on the AMIkids Personal Growth Model , we offer a wide variety of programs and models built to address each individual. AMIkids currently offers residential programs, day treatment programs, family services, and crime prevention services for Juvenile Justice agencies. In addition, AMIkids offers alternative education programs, Centers for Academic Discipline, and after-care programs for local school districts, and child welfare residential care programs.

Professional Development


Staff Recruitment




• Treatment Staff with Required Credentials • Sound Theory & Research Based Interventions • Individuals Service Planning





• High School Graduation Preparation

• Experiential Education • Post Secondary Prep






• Rank System




• Highly Qualified Teachers

• Functional & Core Academics



• Differentiated Instruction • Vocational Programming




• Assessment for Risk and Protective Factors


• Token Economy • Positive Reinforcement


• Certified Behavioral Modification Personnel • Individualized Behavioral Goals and Objectives

• Computer Assisted Instruction



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Helping create bright futures through Yacht Donations since 1969.

SONNY - 70’ 2014 Brooklin Boat Yard Facilitated by Hank Halsted | Northrop & Johnson Photo: Billy Black

5 YEARS 6,000 YACHTS 1 ,000 KIDS By donating or leasing a vessel, you help at-risk youth separate a troubled past from a bright future. The process is simple and backed by a nationally recognized nonprofit with an impeccable track record.

Think Donation. Think AMIkids.



AMIkids, Inc. | 5915 Benjamin Center Drive, Tampa, FL 33634 | P. (813) 887-3300 #WeAreAMIkids #DiscoverYourPotential |

PHILANTHROPIC GIVING OPPORTUNITI&S Opportunities below offer a dollar-for-dollar listed match.


AMIkids helps our youth explore and prepare for careers by teaching them workplace readiness skills


AMIkids is in the process of implementing an innovative system that uses real-time data analytics to


As our facilities age, they need the same care and attention that we dedicate to the youth served within those


A quality education for our kids is of the highest priority. Educational funding will allow us to provide professional development and training, recruit quality teachers, and increase education performance


Creating an endowment is an important strategy to set aside funds for the future, and can be a hallmark of financial sustainability. The AMIkids Foundation set a goal to establish an endowed fund in 2019.

OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS In addition to yachts, AMIkids can accept other highly valuable, highly marketable vehicle donations. Qualifying vehicles are exotic cars, high-end motorhomes, airplanes, or other high value customized motor vehicles.

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Helping create bright futures through Yacht Donations since 1969.

ANABASH Sparkman Stephens Contributed to the lease program in 2015, 1992 100' Broward was facilitated by Harry Morgan.

CHANTICLEER I Burger Yacht 1973 108 Burger contributed to the lease program in 2013.

SHORE GIRL I Gilman Yachts 61' 2003 Viking Princess facilitated as a lease vessel by Jeff Stanley in 2018.

SASHAY I Worth Avenue Yachts Lease program contribution in 2015, 1999 103' Ma iroa Motor Yacht facilitated by Chris June

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why would anyone donate a yacht? • • •

Provides the yacht donor a reasonable income tax deduction; Furthers the donor’s philanthropic goals by helping their community; and Conveniently provides the donor with immediate relief from dockage, maintenance and other costs and worries of owning the yacht.

What are the general benefits of Yacht Donation? Yacht Donations benefit the entire yachting industry and our community. Donors obtain a tax deduction and a convenient and efficient alternative to sale. Yacht brokers have another tool in their business, and new yachtsmen have access to yachts under a lease, requiring less initial investment.

Can Yacht Donation be an alternative to trading? Short answer is yes, but the donor receives an income tax deduction instead of a credit toward the purchase of a new yacht.

Will AMIkids accept any yacht? The AMIkids Yacht Donation Program is not a one-size fits all. We work with a very specific market segment of highly valuable, highly marketable yachts. Each potential donation receives a thorough assessment by our experienced facilitators based on our 50 years of institutional experience. Our facilitators will make recommendations.

How does the Donation Process works? If we agree to accept a contribution and to invest in improving the vessel, the donation process involves five simple steps:


A qualified appraiser selected by you will determine the yacht value. We cannot be involved in the selection of the appraiser or the determination of the yacht value.


We will obtain a separate survey of the yacht to determine if we are willing to accept it as a donation and certify that we will make investments.


If we agree to accept the contribution, we will work with you to document the process and complete the necessary paper work (deeds of gift, IRS Forms 8283 and 1098-C).


We will invest in improving the yacht. We will market the yacht for lease through reputable channels.

If we accept a contribution with a requirement that the yacht be sold, then the same steps will be required except that we will not certify that we will make improvements and market the yacht for sale through reputable channels immediately after the donation.

Why choose AMIkids instead of another organization? AMIkids: • Has a 50-year record with over 6,000 donations and is highly respected within the yacht industry; • Is a national leader in the rehabilitation of at-risk kids; • Has an experienced in-house team to manage the donation process; • Is respected by the yacht brokerage community; and • Efficiently manages the donation process with its experienced staff.

Where can a donor find supporting information? Publication 526 - Charitable Contributions

This document explains how to claim a deduction for charitable contributions and discusses: • Organizations qualified to receive them • Types of contributions you can deduct • How much you can deduct • What records to keep • How to report them Publication 561 - Determining the Value of Donated Property

This document explains the fair market value of assets and the valuation of various kinds or property; including cars, boats and aircraft. It also describes the process for appraisals and penalties for overstating the value or adjusted basis of donated property.

How does AMIkids lease agreement work? AMIkids uses a ‘Standard Lease with Option to Purchase.’ The lease term is three years, and we hold title to the yacht during the lease term. The lessee has an option to purchase the yacht at the end of the lease term. If the lessee exercises this option, we transfer the yacht to the lessee at the end of the lease term. At the signing of the lease agreement, the lessee pays an initial amount of 35% of the total payments to be made under the lease. There are three components to the initial payment: a Short Term Lease Payment, an Option Fee and a Security Deposit. During the lease term, the lessee makes make monthly lease payments of 1% of the total payments to be made under the lease. This will total 36% by the end of the lease term (1% per month for 36 months). If the lessee exercises the option to purchase the yacht, then the purchase price at the end of the term is 29% of the total payments to be made under the lease. At any time during the agreement, the lessee can terminate the lease by returning the yacht to us.

Why involve a Yacht Broker in the Donation Process? AMIkids does business with an extensive network of maritime industry professionals, including multiple contractors, suppliers and reputable yacht brokerage firms. Yacht Brokers work like real estate agents. They act as agents for their customers to assist in the purchase and sale of yachts. Some of our partners include: Allied Marine Berthon International Yacht Brokers Boatworks Yacht Sales Camper & Nicholsons Chuck Hovey Yachts Curtis Stokes & Associates Davidson Yachts Denison Yacht Sales Eastland Yacht Sales Essex Boatworks Florida Yacht Group Fraser Yachts

Galati Yacht Sales Gilman Yachts HMY Yacht Sales Luke Brown Yachts Mark Zeigler Yachts Sales Marlow Marine Sales Merritt’s Boat & Engine Works Northrop & Johnson Outer Reef Yachts Palm Beach Global Yachts Preferred Yachts Ross Yacht Sales

Seaton Yachts Sparkman Stephens St. Pete Yacht Sales SYS Yacht Sales Tait Yachts The Hinckley Company Tom George Yacht Group United Yacht Sales Walczak Yacht Brokerage Service, LLC Worth Avenue Yachts

Keeping the Integrity of the Donation Process Our donation process is managed with transparency and integrity and includes the following: 1. Accountability: The Donation Team reports directly to the CEO. Our CEO’s primary concern is the organization’s mission of helping at-risk youth. Yacht donations are the biggest component in our charitable contribution revenues and the second biggest source of revenue. We strive to comply with all of the federal and state laws that apply to the Yacht Donation Program. 2. Internal and External Audit: AMIkids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with federal and state contracts. The Yacht Donation Program is audited annually by internal and external auditors who report directly to the Board of Directors of AMIkids. 3. High Stakes: The Yacht Donation revenue is vital to our ability to serve our kids. We strive to comply with all federal and state laws, including the IRS rules that govern yacht donations. 4. Donor’s Deduction: Generally, if a charity sells a donated yacht, the donor’s deduction is limited to the amount the charity receives from the sale and the deduction cannot be taken until the sale occurs. However, a donor can deduct the fair market value of the donated yacht as of the date of the donation if the charity certifies that it intends to make certain material improvements and retain the vessel for a determined period of time. 5. Efficient Material Improvements: Material improvements are made directly by our staff and a well-established network of reputable job-specific contractors. 6. Our Lease Program: Generally, we lease the donated yacht to a new yachtsman for a period of three years. We have been operating this lease program for 50 years and have found that it provides a level cash flow to our organization and is an attractive option to the new yachtsman because it requires less out of pocket cash than a sale would require. 7. Our team: AMIkids has an experienced team of facilitators and yacht specialists available to assist each donor. We collaborate with yacht brokers, accountants and tax professionals. Our Project Manager directly oversees all material improvements. Our Director of Business Administration closely monitors compliance with IRS reporting guidelines.

How does my donation help at-risk youth? AMIkids is dedicated to rehabilitating at-risk kids through education, training, counseling, discipline and productive work. We often use marine, wilderness and other environmental education and rehabilitation programs to accomplish this goal. All profits from yacht donations support these efforts.

How do I get started? Contact your trusted Yacht Brokerage Firm or contact us directly: 12022 Gandy Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL 33702 | | Phone: 727.579.1365 | Fax: 727.577.7306

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Helping create bright futures through Yacht Donations since 1969.