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SUSTAINABLE LAND-USE MANAGEMENT Significant milestones in Ya'axché’s Protected Area subprogramme have been achieved through the Global Environmental Facility’s medium sized project which has facilitated increased protected area management effectiveness of Ya'axché and its partners. Examples of this include the development of a standardized ranger training programme and manual, management effectiveness assessments for five protected areas and the development of a close partnership with TIDE in managing Jaguar smiling for a six adjacent units of private land as one. Ya’axché camera trap

Moreover, Ya'axché’s growth is evident by the Forest Department’s decision to name Ya'axché as its comanagement partner for the Bladen Nature Reserve in 2008. Bladen contains some of the highest levels of biodiversity in Central America.

Knowing that management without knowledge is blind, Ya'axché continues its extensive research and monitoring system. During 2008, these efforts have included: the use of fifty camera traps for jaguars, forest health monitoring in three protected areas, the development of Belize’s first comprehensive river health monitoring system (Ya’axhcé has now hired a full-time aquatic ecologist) and the publication of Ya'axché’s first annual biodiversity synthesis report.

Ya’axché field staff sampling invertebrates


Ya'axche 2008 Annual Report  

2008 has been a year of collaborative and integrated conservation and development actions. Ya’axché has seen effective, focused and shared e...