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ABOUT YA’AXCHÉ Mission The Ya’axché Conservation Trust is a community-oriented organization which advances integrated landscape management for equitable development in southern Belize through sustainable land-use management, strategic advocacy and awareness, and by supporting socially innovative and economically viable enterprises Ya’axché accomplishes its mission through exemplary protected area management, proactive stakeholder collaboration, educational outreach, strategic advocacy, and by encouraging innovative, environmentally friendly enterprise. Programme Areas (1) Sustainable Land-Use Management (SLM) (2) Community Outreach and Livelihoods (COL) (3) Advocacy (ADV) (4) Institutional Governance and Management (IGM)

Ya’axché Staff Executive Director Lisel Alamilla Accountant Aretha Mortis Administrative Assistant Jody Wagner GSW Project Manager Ansel Dubon Sustainable Land-Use Programme Manager Nick Wicks Community Outreach and Livelihood Programme Manager Bartolo Teul Outreach Officers Auxebio Sho Julio Chub

Ya’axché Staff at Field Center 4

Ya'axche 2008 Annual Report  

2008 has been a year of collaborative and integrated conservation and development actions. Ya’axché has seen effective, focused and shared e...