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COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND LIVELIHOODS The Annual Race Against Fire was held in the community of Golden Stream in March of 2008. The event builds awareness of forest fire threat to protected areas, community land and private property. It is held during the dry season, when there is a high risk of fire due to weather conditions and the traditional farming method that involves the burning of fields. This cycle race attracted around 500 villagers from ten communities, who were encouraged to participate and enjoy the day, whilst understanding more about prevention, management and laws pertaining to forest fires. The Annual Cacao Fest, 2008 Race Against Fire held in Toledo, was a community development event promoting the unique cultural and environmental diversity of Toledo and sustainable tourism in the district. The event provides an opportunity to build local support for organic cacao cultivation as a sustainable livelihood option for local farmers. It was a great success and was greeted with enthusiastic support by locals and visitors alike. In addition, Ya’axché, along with partner NGOs, organized a kids programme under the theme “Cacao: Keeping Toledo Green”. Youth Outreach Ya’axché performs school visits to ten villages, now including Trio and Bladen. The visits consist of presentations and discussions on environmental topics such as watershed management, protected areas, alternative livelihoods, agroforestry, reforestation, conservation, pollution and global warming. With many of these schools Ya’axché has established organic school vegetable gardens with seeds donated from the Ya’axché nursery. Clean-up campaigns and tree planting with Toledo’s youth are also conducted throughout the year. 10

Ya'axche 2008 Annual Report  

2008 has been a year of collaborative and integrated conservation and development actions. Ya’axché has seen effective, focused and shared e...