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Children’s play, learning and Technology Ya-Huei Lu

Digital native when a French 20-month old baby first meet an iPad and iPhone

He is playing with an IPad and he just turned two! draws a picture? watch a video?

Playing and Learning with technology

SMARTBOARD “different variety of kids are benefit from this technology”

ipad in preschool early childhood literacy word recognition, reading comprehension, digital storytelling

Interview with Christopher Columbus by elementary students with windows movie maker

Concerns ? iPad addiction is on the rise among children - with some spending over four hours a day on their gadgets A girl aged four is having psychiatric treatment after becoming Britain's youngest known iPad addict. The dreaded iPaddy: tantrums after taking children's phones or tablets away. UK news, 2013, April

Concerns ? Spending time with devices instead of interacting with people may hinder communication skills, researchers say. New York Times, 2013 March

Concerns ? “We really don’t know the full neurological effects of these technologies yet. Children, like adults, vary quite a lot, and some are more sensitive than others to an abundance of screen time.” (Dr. Gary Small, Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at University of California, Los Angeles)

The bottom line “we need to start taking care of our children's brains - and our own - as early as possible. Start when they are little with technology in moderation and opportunities for mind wandering, creative activities and your child will grow up with solid communication and thinking skills.� (Dr. Larry Rosen, Professor and past chair of the psychology department at California State University, Dominguez Hills.)

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