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SIAN MURRAY EDITOR IN CHIEF OF Y.AMB MAGAZINE I’m the 6ft tall bfg you’ll find dancing over excitedly in the middle of the room. After finishing my degree in Professional Communication last year, creating Y.AMB naturally came next. When I’m not writing or planning shoots, I’m modelling in the shoots or working part time in marketing. My favourite food? Well my favourite thing is food full stop. But if I have to pick ill say Chinese. Thanks for reading.




piers FITTON


The ginger princess. I idolise Grace Coddington and wish Courtney Barnett was my best friend. I study journalism and engage in writing and photographing, to modelling and directing. I love pizza. You are crocs and I am Prada. - @snaglover

Young Melbourne photographer who enjoys the simple things in life. My hobbies include music,burgers and burritos. - @p_f_p

Lachie and I are both Musicians living in Melbourne, Lachie works full time and I study film making. We love watching documentaries, making art and our favourite food is pizza. - @ivleague_music



Becki white

Melbourne based Freelance Photographer studying Media Communications at RMIT. I aim to travel and live around the world. I love to write, take photo’s, work hard and of course, spend time with those I love most. My favourite food is chocolate - we share one of those love hate relationships. - @maddieroux

I’m currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Fashion & Business at Fashion Masters, whilst working weekends at Sportsgirls flagship store. Adding to my dynamic routine, I do freelance Styling and love working various fashion events where I intern and volunteer in the industry. Favourite food: CHEESE! -@shelby_rae_of_sunshine

Makeup Artist from Melbourne, I completed my Diploma of Specialist Makeup last year and now currently study beauty therapy. My Hobbies include makeup, shopping and diy projects. I am also Slightly addicted to Schnitz. - @beckiwhitemakeup



zoe kellin

melody rooks

aliya murray

Melbourne based Illustrator Qualified in Visual Arts and Illustration. Inspired by self expression, people, trend and sass; aside from working as a barista, you’ll find me long boarding the streets of s.e suburbs, reading and drinkingh coffee... simultaneously. Favourite food? Almond Speculatious biscuits from Aldi! - zoe_kellin_illustration

I’m an actress, writer and sometimes model based in the northern suburbs. Originally from Lakes Entrance, I am currently writing a novel which I hope to publish one day. My biggest loves are travelling, my pet rat and italian food. - @mkrooks

I enjoy the simple things in life and have a phobia for anything too fancy. I’m Studying textile design at RMIT and dabble in everything else. Whilst waiting out my dream of becoming a superstar. I enjoy milk out of the carton, goon out of the bag and eating dumplings by the dozen. - @aliyadusk

amber cumner

kamilla musland

anna wallman

Co Owner of Zenvala - Vegan, Lover of animals, the ocean, the sun, the moon, outdoors. Favourite food: Potato EVERYTHING. Favourite Music: Anything from Horrorshow to Matt Corby to Eminem. Something you may not know: Will eat lemons and limes whole as a snack. - @zenvala

Norwegian Freelance photographer, currently studying a Bachelor of arts (photography) at RMIT. I love travelling, music and festivals.I also love my mums Norwegian meatballs even though I can’t eat them as I’m vegetarian..and shrimps: no one has tasted shrimps until they’ve tasted Norwegian shrimps. - @kamillamusland

Small business owner, artist/ designer. I have never studied. Never even finished high school. My hobbies are surfing, practicing and instructing yoga, and dancing. I love a lot of food. I have a mate that calls me the fridge monster. Right now I’m craving Malaysian chicken laksa and chocolate moose. - @gakkiswimwear


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FOOD TRUCK PARK FLIGHT FACILITIES ft. MELBOURNE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Prepare your self for a sensory overl oad because this Sydney duo is joining forces with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on October 17th at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. Ticket sales are exhausted so it’s time to scrounge and beg for your very own ticket to paradise.

GRUB FOOD VAN Grub’s metallic 1965 Airstream trailer serves the grub in sunny months, and in the cold months the cafe sets up inside the attached industrial building. With a ping-pong table, retractable roof, retro garden furniture and enviable garden boxes you’ll never want to leave this little paradise tucked away in the back streets of Fitzroy. 87-89 Moor St, Fitzroy Victoria

ST ANDREWS MARKET Located in the foot hills of the Yarra Ranges with gorgeous people and amazing natural products. From organic fruit and veggies to crystals, handmade skin care, super foods and the worlds most amazing choc balls, the st andrews market is a day of fresh aired bliss. Saturdays 8am- 2pm

CNR - Kangaroo Ground & St Andrews Road and Heidelberg – Kinglake Road


Richmonds food truck park has extended its stay by 2 weeks. The event brings together the finest Mobile Food Trucks, as it travels all around Australia. With everything from burgers, to pies and even cupcakes, this foodie night out under the fairy lights is not one to be missed. Ends June 14th, open Wed- Sun 110 Church st Richmond

This 2014 ArgentineSpanish black comedy is one to put on the watch list. A cringe worthy collection of middle class melt downs that forces you to question the boundaries of society whilst laughing in bewilderment.

WILD TALES Directed by Damián Szifron

Now showing in Australian cinemas



piers fitton Photographer and all round nice guy.

CONTACT @p_f_p



I’ve always been wary of the sea, so I take care. To spy me in the waves is a sight very rare. Trying to keep myself afloat Feels like I’m dangling from a rope With only my own meagre strength to keep me there. There’s something I’ve since realised about me And about my irrational fear of the sea. To escape my own shadows, I would play in the shallows But I’d always go back to drowning in my dreams. Whether I’m asleep, awake, sad or when I’m fine; The water can take me and suddenly I am blind. Voices become dull From the ringing in my skull And I gasp for the air that my lungs cannot find. Then one night I saw you walk straight into the waves, “Like Ajax, the mad Tempest braves”. Watching you, I felt strange. Something clicked, something changed. I felt I could do that, and it was your strength I began to crave. The more time I spent with you, the braver I became. You showed me that life shouldn’t be a war I can’t tame. But change came too slow, And at night as I rocked to and fro, You would lie quietly, listening to me battle the ocean that took claim. One night I raged, I was sick to death of this water. If nature is my mother, doesn’t that make me her daughter? I was drunk, I was through, And you said “I’ll do it with you.” The lamb rethinks wanting to die when it is led to slaughter. And so now although we’re apart, I’m relaxed and content, As I carry all you’ve taught me and all the courage you have lent. Because I’ve stood at your side. I have let myself cry. And I have walked straight into the waves, into the sea I went. We swim in the same ocean now, you and I. I’ll admit I arrived to the party late, tired and dry. I have dug my feet in the sand, Thinking I had solace on land But now I’m swimming, freely I kiss my old prison goodbye.



Introducing Isabella Venutti Y.AMB talks pizza, mystery and love with the dark haired, dough beauty that is one half of the IV League duo.


So both yourself and Lachie come from musical backgrounds, would you say that IV League is a fusion of both your tastes and prior work? Or would you say the genre is something completely new for you both? I’d have to say that the stuff we’re doing with IV League is pretty experimental for the both of us- we both come from a back ground of listening to and wanting to play predominantly garage rock, psychedelic and punk music so this feels really fresh and exciting. I suppose those influences are still evident though, and while we’re resting vaguely on indie pop at the moment, our style is evolving and shaping up constantly. So both yourself and Lachie come from musical backgrounds, would you say that IV League is a fusion of both your tastes and prior work? Or would you say the genre is something completely new for you both? I’d have to say that the stuff we’re doing with IV League is pretty experimental for the both of us- we both come from a back ground of listening to and wanting to play predominantly garage rock, psychedelic and punk music so this feels really fresh and exciting. I suppose those influences are still evident though, and while we’re resting vaguely on indie pop at the moment, our style is evolving and shaping up constantly.

You haven’t revealed a great deal about yourselves or your music online. We’ve had a little taste with your debut release ‘Stream’ which I think is an amazing debut track! What can we expect to see from you guys this year? It’s funny you should say that, I’ve always liked the idea of being a mysterious artist, (whether that’ s possible in this rampantly social media driven age is disputable.) You can expect a debut EP that has been entirely written that we are currently working on recording, and otherwise us playing live as much as we possibly can!


So your first show as a duo is coming up. Obviously neither of you are shy of the stage, but how are you feeling about performing together? We’re very excited! There’s something so unique about creating art with someone you’re in a relationship with, it really helps you to understand and learn something unspoken about them as an individual. I really hope the connection we’re sharing through writing these. And do you tend to jam most of the times you hang out? Like how did this all come about that you wanted to start playing music together – not only for yourselves, but to share with everyone? Sometimes we jam, and other times we just need to chill and watch netflix/eat pizza like a normal couple. Usually most of the writing and recording is done separately in our own time and then collated! It’s quite funny actually, we started toying around with writing songs in our current style as a bit of a joke. We made a demo on garage band in half an hour and when we listened to it finished we sort of looked at each other and thought, shit, we’re onto something... We could actually do this.

You can catch these two love birds making sweet tunes on Friday July 3rd at ‘Little & Olver’ for the Good Stuff co launch party. Interview by Caitlin Mcmahon.


INSIDE THE KALEIDOSCOPE Shouting magic, hearing reality

Anna: Top- Faz Cayli Jacket- Vintage (Bill Blass) Skirt- Laurel & Hector for Kinki Gerlinki Caitlyn Top & Skirt - Faz Cayli for Kinki Gerlinki Jacket - Vintage Headpiece - Designs by Justyna G Strawberry and Banana- The Home Journal

Jacket - Lucy Carlsons

Top- Retro Star Pants- Kinki Gerlinki Bag- Kinki Gerlinki

This Page Top- Retro Star Pants- Kinki Gerlinki Bag- Kinki Gerlinki Opposite Anna: Skirt and jacketKinki Gerlinki Caitlyn: skirt and top- Faz Cayli for Kinki Gerlinki


Battle of the Bánh Mì

This month Y.AMB went from the burbs to the city, in order to find Melbourne’s most delicious Bánh Mì. We analysed the contrast between crunch and munch, sweet and spice and all other things nice to give you our top six picks. Warning- Please do not turn the page if hungry.

6 NHULAN BAKERY 116 Hopkins st Footscray, VIC, 3011

BREAD - The bread was pretty good, however it could have been a little crisper. This was the kind of roll that felt like it was squeezing to almost flat when you bit into it. It did taste delicious, I just wanted more of it. FILLINGS - Nhu Lan will not disappoint if you are somebody who likes a big selection. I’m well aware that most banh mi places have a large selection, but in this place everything looks amazing, your not left questioning how exactly that chunk of meat resembles ham. Everything looks fresh and the big chunks of meat which they slice fresh on the side look amazing. You can choose from the likes of ham, bbq pork, bbq kebab, bbq chicken, meatball, chicken onion, shredded pork, salad or some pretty amazing looking marinated tofu for the vego/ vegans. They also have all the standard condiments that I like to see such as pâté, mayo, coriander spring onion etc. The biggest and only down fall was that there simply wasn’t enough of it, the rolls were definitely under filled. PRICE - All the rolls will cost you the awesome price of $4.50 except for the salad rolls which are even lower at $3.20. One of Melbournes cheapest. SAUCE & SPICE - Y.AMB believes that the sauce is a deciding factor, which is why it gets its own sub heading. The sauce here is yum, but they only had the one kind. The fresh chilli wasn’t at all spicy, so may you like to get extra, same goes if you like a your roll saucy it was pretty scarce. SERVICE - The service here was amazing, even though there were nearly 30 people in the tiny store throwing money at them, the lady took the time to greet me, ask me how I was and then proceed to make my roll in record time...Top points.


5 bun bun bakery 1/288 Springvale Rd., Springvale VIC 3171

BREAD - Top notch! This bread was everything you look for in a Vietnamese roll, big, crispy, sweet and ever so soft in the middle. The other added bonus is that they also have snack size rolls they can fill up for you if you want something smaller. FILLINGS - Although there was a fair few options, nothing really looked appealing other than the roast pork and the lemon grass chicken. These two selections were being snapped up quick, so you knew it was coming out fresh as they tried to refill the bain merie. Everything else, such as the chicken kebab and meatballs looked as though it had been sitting around for a while. They also lather on the mayo and pâtÊ, so I would recommend asking them to go sparingly. PRICE - The rolls are all $4.20 each. A pretty good price for a pretty good roll. SAUCE & SPICE - The bbq sauce that they put on the roast pork is de vine! One of my favourites. Unfortunately if you get the chicken, you will miss out. Warning, this place served up the most overpowering chilly of them all. They seem to just put on giant clump at the end of my roll so I was left running for some milk. SERVICE - The service here was really good, I went in and ordered 8 rolls which seemed to understandably throw them a bit. But the ladies took me aside to organised my massive order, whilst still managing the massive crowds behind me.


4 n.lee BAKERY 220 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

BREAD - From here on out it became really hard to rank the rolls. The bread here was probably the best. Super fresh, you could tell by the massive team baking away in the background that N.Lee is all about the bread. FILLINGS - The fillings are N.Lee’s down fall. Pictured above is the tofu, the tofu was marinated to perfection. I have honestly been craving another ever since. But cast your eyes over the rest of the selection and it was pretty slim pickings. Bánh Mì were obviously not their focus, they had a massive menu of which rolls only took up about 10%. The bain merie was pretty much empty and it was only 1.30 pm. They did however have a great selection of salads and sauces, I even tried some avo and beetroot. PRICE - A roll here will cost you around $6 depending on your selection of fillings, making it one of the more expensive option in Melbourne. SAUCE & SPICE - Perfection, I could not speak more highly of the perfect balance of hoisin to chili in this roll. No spicy chunks just amazing flavour. SERVICE - Unfortunately the service at N.Lee was the worst of them all. This doesn’t at all mean the service was bad, it just means that out of all the lovely people who served me during the expedition, N.Lee was the least impressive. Even though the store wasn’t very busy, the lady barely made eye contact, didn’t greet me and didn’t smile. I’m a sucker for a smile.


3 Sunnys bakery 252 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066

BREAD - The bread at Sunny’s takes crispy vs. Soft to a whole new level. The outside was so crispy that I was left brushing crumbs from my car floor for days. Somehow they still maintain a delicious softness inside so if it’s crunch your after give Sunny’s a try. FILLINGS - Good scores all round. Sunny’s has amazing grilled pork and chicken. Another favourite is their spicy chicken which is a cold meat and goes really well in a roll with some avocado and the works, along with a lot of other really good options. To make a good thing even better they have also started serving pork crackling which just tops it all off perfectly. Salad servings are generous and they have the best tasting pâté in the business. On a side note Sunny’s also has some pretty delicious pastries. PRICE - Prices run between $4.50 and $5 depending on your filling selection. A pretty reasonable price for one of Melbournes best. SAUCE & SPICE - The hoisin sauce was amazing, only let down was that there wasn’t enough of it. I would recommend asking for a little extra. The chilli here is really good quality so very strong, I suggest making sure its spread really well as I got a few overpowering mouth fulls. SERVICE - The service here is yet to beaten. I’m always greeted with a warm hello and conversation flows. With the ever popular N.Lee just down the road you can see competition is close. But my vote will go to Sunny’s everytime.


2 jenny’s hot bread 535 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124

BREAD - Jennys bread is pretty good, probably could be a little fresher but overall reasonable. The thing that bothers me is the size of the rolls, Jenny’s rolls are much smaller than any other Bánh Mì place I’ve tried. FILLINGS - At Jenny’s it all about the meat, and boy do they do meat well. Their ability to cook the most amazing roast chicken is one of the biggest deciding factors behind their high ranking. The skin is flavoured so well, and it is so juicy that I initially thought it was some form of peking duck. They’re salad selection is pretty slim and they often don’t cut the carrot very evenly though. They also have some delicious looking chicken skewers and pork, but I have never been able to get past that chicken. PRICE - Jenny’s is the cheapest in the business with all roll setting you back no more than $4.20 and $3.95 without sauce. SAUCE & SPICE - As I said before ‘Jenny’s is all about the meat’, but I would like to add on to that statement by highlighting the amazing sauces you can pick from. Not only do Jenny’s have hoisin but they have a spectacular satay sauce that they are famous for. And they’re not stingy with it either. SERVICE - For the amount of people this place brings through the door each day the service is pretty good. The girls smile and take your order but it’s Jenny who makes it an experience. You can hear her bellowing out orders before you even make it to the door. She provides the tiny little bakery with a mood of excitement and hurriedness that just makes you want to dig in before you even leave.


1 nguyen’s hot bread 128 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

BREAD - I’d like to introduce to you the winner of our search, Melbournes best traditional Bánh Mì. To start of with, it’s a nice big roll with a perfect balance of crunch to sweet soft bread. You will definitely need two hands for this one FILLINGS - Nguyen’s definitely specialise in the roast pork roll. They have other options such as bbq chicken, ham and cold pork, but you can not go past the giant leg or roast pork they have sitting in the bain merie. The pork is sliced with an electric knife upon order so you can see the freshness, for an extra $1 you can grab yourself some perfectly crumbled pork crackling to take it to the next level. They then use a really delicious home made pâté and mayo along with the other traditional fillings to make the best roll I had ever tasted. PRICE - Nguyen’s prices are on the more expensive side with a standard roll setting you back $5.50 and a roll with crackling coming in at $6.50, but boy is it worth it. SAUCE & SPICE - Believe it or not the roll gets even better, Nguyen’s makes their own apple sauce. You wouldn’t expect it but the combination of the apple and soy sauce works amazingly well and created this bang of juicy flavour in your mouth. Top marks! SERVICE - Nguyens is looking pretty fancy. They’ve recently renovated the interior and the once run down standard hot bread store is now looking really nice. The two girls behind the counter were lovely. They striked up conversation and seemed really happy with their new set up. For some reason the place is never really busy, which means they can always take the time to serve you well.





ZOE THE INTERVIEW Y.AMB was lucky enough to come across Zoe on the world wide web. Her good vibes, amazing talents and sharing nature convinced us that she needed a feature. We hope you agree! Introducing Zoe Kellin, Melbournes next artistic goddess.


Throughout your time illustrating where and when do you think you learnt the most? In terms of the industry itself I believe nothing is more eye-opening than your own personal experience, but I think as a whole I have learnt that the learning never stops, because as time, fashion, music, trend, and generations evolve, so does illustration and you have to be okay with this; adapting to new things, accepting different clients, trying new techniques and mediums, and pleasing different audiences.

comment on my style being so unique. So I suppose in some subconscious manner I do have a style and it has become more and more refined as time has gone on. But I never deliberately created a style, so I guess it is something I have always just done.

When creating pieces like this, what is the process you go through? I usually begin with a photo reference to draw from, and then I create a grey led rough draft. Once I and the client are happy with the overall image I would start the refining and defining process, using fine liners and then rendering. Copic Markers, pens, and Have you had any formal training in illustration? whatever else I might feel like using. Then I will scan I studied and received my Diploma in Visual Arts straight after High School and then continued studying my image into the computer to have on file and occasionally, I’ll touch it up slightly in Adobe Photoshop. for my Diploma in Illustration for a further two years after. The course showed students all the avenues which illustration can take you and helped prepare us for the Where do you do most of your work? Do certain ‘real’ world, putting hypothetical briefs for all kinds of places or things inspire you more than others? I find I enjoy drawing up the beginning grey led stages clients into practice. of my works nestled inside my favourite cafe, with a How did you come across this style of illustrating? Is it coffee at hand and the noise of drowned out chit-chat surrounding me. Otherwise when I’m in the second something you have always done? To be honest, I’m not sure how it happened. It took me stages of my work I prefer to be in my studio, streaming music, hot tea by my side with all my art materials a while to grasp I even had a style, because for a long at my fingertips. time I couldn’t see it, but friends and others would -


Without intruding too much, how do you make cash money from a profession like this? I mostly only make money via commission work, understandably money making in this profession is really difficult, which is why I also work as a barista, creating latte art and earning easy money. Aside from this I also plan on travelling in the near future so I haven’t been taking up any huge projects, but for now I am building my folio and submitting works into magazines and focussing on networking; preparing for the time I am comfortably ready to commit to my career in illustration.. I have some big ideas at bay though so keep your nostrils flared and eyes peeled. - What would your ideal day in Melbourne be? I’m a pretty easily pleased kind of person so my ideal day is probably rather lame, but I’m stupidly content with simply going out for eats and drinking a good coffee; I also wouldn’t be mad with seeing my friends and exploring book shops. Maybe squeeze in some long boarding.. Oh, and spending too much time at magazine stands


that my handbag shoulder starts to ache. And, YES, another thing, I find myself in stationery stores for longer than any sane person would, so this also wouldn’t be a terrible thing to do on my ‘ideal day’. I probably wouldn’t be unhappy about scoping some Exhibition Openings at night, maybe have a couple of ciders and laugh with new friends.. Yes, I would consider all this a very ideal day (: - What’s your perfect job? What’s the big goal for Zoe Kellin? I see my work being most fitting in an editorial field, up against relatable columns written by just as successful journalists, I hope to have my art published and featured on covers of all types of Magazines. Other than this I have considered going back to perhaps study animation, and see where I find myself from there. - Favourite motto or quote? “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”



TALKS VEGAN There’s a new movement in the air, more and more Australians are taking on the vegan life style. It’s a choice that was once seemingly reserved for your alternative hippies, but with major supermarkets and most restaurants now serving up delicious cruelty free dishes, is veganism now becoming ‘mainstream’? In a bid to see just how easy it is to be cruelty free, Y.AMB carried out this photo shoot without the use of any animal products. The process was amazingly simple, we soon realised that there is a massive industry out there now, completely devoted to creating art in ethical ways. For the shoot, the hair and make up is completely vegan, no animal testing and no animal products. As the make up artist pulled out her products it was great to see that so many big name cosmetic companies are now releasing vegan alternatives. The majority of clothing we used was supplied by Zenvala, a Byron bay based label that uses no fabrics or dyes that come from animals. As a result we ended up with a really cool little guilt free grunge shoot that took no extra


Now we delve deeper. With functionality aside why do people go vegan? What is the fuel the behind this growing trend and is it simply a fad or fact? Modern veganism does have a glam factor, and famous vegans abound, from Betty White to Mike Tyson. It’s a trend that coincides with the clean eating ‘fitspo’ mentality that was spread by the storms of social media and Instagram. Many a denim wearing hipster can be found walking Brunswick street with a falafel wrap and soy cap in hand in a half arsed attempt to extrude self

expression. I will happily admit that there is something so sanctimonious about announcing that your vegan whilst your friend tucks into a juicy blood ridden steak at your local pub. And so there should be, vegans are a very proud bunch. I often find that half my vegan attempts are fuelled by a sense of moral smugness. But the habit goes further than conscientious and societal value. The appeal for vegan products is expanding beyond the small group of people who avoid animal products for ethical reasons to now include consumers seeking healthier, cleaner foods. Multiple studies show that vegans enjoy a longer life span and lower BMI than meat, cheese and egg eaters, as well as less incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cataracts and various cancers. As someone who now constantly battles with vegan vs. meat I can tell you that the body seems to run a lot smoother on a vegan diet.


Aside from health and human compassion for other living creatures, there is one other major factor that we should consider. Sustainability - the difference between a livable and unlivable world for ourselves and future generations. This is perhaps a tipping point for many. As someone who is self indulged enough to turn a blind eye on animal cruelty and health benefits it was the issue of sustainability that finally caught my eye. Meat is the single most resource intensive food on the planet. Our land, water, ozone, habitat, and air are all suffering from meat and animal production. The livestock industries produce 18% more green house gas emissions than the transportation industries. In order to produce half a kilogram of meat you would need to use approximately 12, 000 gallons of water, when that same amount of water could be used instead to produce 100 kg of potatoes. I’m not saying veganism is the answer, but it is definitely something to consider in a time where population and starvation numbers are growing rapidly. Veganism isn’t a choice you can make overnight; it’s a concept that seeps into your mind as you become more and more aware of the world around you. I wouldn’t label going vegan as the be all and end all of sustainable guilt free living, but just thinking about it is a step in the right direction. They’re are a lot of great resources, blogs and even Instagram accounts that you can use to start your information journey over on page 63. Alternatively you can quickly flip the page and label me as just another vegan preacher. So is veganism becoming mainstream? Y.AMB’s answer is… Lets hope so.



MEET THE GIRL BEHIND THE BRAND Y.AMB caught up with Amber, a beautiful soul behind ‘Zenvala’, a clothing and accessory label devoted to #compassionatefashion - no leather, no suede, wool, feathers, fur or silk. She is the designer behind the tie dye fabrics you saw in our ‘Mainstream Vegan’ shoot and she has inspired our team to take steps against animal sustainability and towards sustainability.

What was your motivation behind creating a #compassionatefashion brand? I’ve always been very interested in both animals and fashion. My mum has had a clothing store on the Gold Coast for the last 10 years so I have learnt a lot about design, fashion and business from her. I wanted to incorporate the “compassionate” side of things as I am vegan and have found it difficult to find compassionate brands that I feel confident buying from. So I combined my two passions and ended up with Zenvala.

to meet the animals and hear their rescue stories at Animal Rescue Farm in Dayboro, I cut everything out altogether. Farm animals have so much personality - they are no different to any other animal and I would love for everyone to make that connection.

If our readers are wanting to explore veganism, do you have any advice/blogs or information outlets you would recommend? My best advice would be to transition slowly and cut out certain foods in stages. Going vegan What do you use as inspiration for your designs? is life changing and it’s all about creating new A bit of everything - nature, different cultures and habits so it can take a little while to get travelling. Social media is also a great tool for used to, inspiration. but I guarantee you will never feel better! I have We haven’t heard of sourced my informamany cruelty free labels, tion from varied places is there a strong comsuch as documentamunity out there? ries, books, YouTube/ Yes definitely and the speeches and social community is continuing media. to grow. The feedback we have received from Zenvala has been incredible. I think as time goes on, people are becoming more aware of where leather, suede and fur comes from and how the animals are treated before hand and during the process. People are starting to realise that industries can be cruel and I want them to know that there are alternative brands out there that are cruelty free, on trend and affordable.


Documentaries: Earthlings and CowWhen and why did you become vegan? spiracy I stopped eating red meat about 9 years ago Books: Skinny Bitch because it just didn’t feel right to eat it. I think Youtube: Gary Yourofksy - Best Speech subconsciously I knew I would end up vegetarYou Will Ever Hear ian or vegan. About 7 years later I wanted to Instagram: @lonijane @essenaoneill @ educate myself more about the treatment of animals so I watched Earthlings. This documen- inthesoulshine tary really woke me up to the hidden reality of Recipes: Oh She Glows (website), The how exploited animals are - not only in fashion, Blender Girl (book & website) but for food, entertainment and cosmetic/product testing. I found it quite hard transitioning off certain foods but as soon as I got the chance




In todays society we care a lot about how we present ourselves, with everything from what we wear to hairstyles and makeup. We care about what we put on the outside of our bodies but not always what we put on the inside of it. I want to show the contrast between the two by showing a women in elegant clothes consuming inelegant substances”.

And the problem with this is that people are too uninformed about what products they consume. It is argued that today, more than 160,000 fast- food restaurants feed more than 50 million Americans each and every day.

The school canteens for example, they have the option of one healthy meal out of many more unhealthy meals, and what would you choose if you were a 12 year old? One of the main issues that has led to the big obesity problem of today has been KAMILLA MUSLAND is a Norwegian the fact that sugar has replaced fat in food born Freelance photographer, curproducts, when it says “less fat” on the product; you think it is healthy, but what rently studying a Bachelor of arts they have done is replaced fat with sugar (photography) at RMIT. so that it will still taste good and even better: now it looks healthy.

In an eye opening photography series Kamilla has set out to make people consider the highly contrasting aspects of consumerism in modern society. Why be clean on the outside and dirty on the inside?

One side of consumption is fast food. Today there is more people dying of obesity than of starvation. According to medical correspondent Stephen Adams obesity is now killing triple the number of people who die from malnutrition as it claims more than three million lives a year worldwide. According to the Red Cross there was 1.5 billion dangerously overweight people around the world last year, while 925 million people were underfed. Yes, there is a fitness wave that has hit the world, but there has never been as many fast-food chains or junk food companies as there is today.


Today there is a pill for almost everything, there is a pill for the headache you gave yourself the day before when you drank too many beers, there is a pill for those troubled sleepers, there is a pill for loosing weight and there is a pill for happiness. There is always a solution for our problems, and the solution is to take whatever the doctor prescribed you. This is one side of human consumption that I want to be a factor in my series. Illegal drugs are not the only problem that society is facing, millions of people are becoming dependant on prescription drugs to give a quick fix to their problems.

Photography and words by Kamillia Musland Model - Peta Ackroyd HMUA- Mary- Jane Masraff




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Issue 1.  


Issue 1.