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H A P P Y B I R T H D AY, D E R E K ! DEAR DEREK, Happy 20th Birthday, chief. It’s your special day, so here’s a letter written in the most appalling font I could find. Where do I start man? Thanks for being an awesome friend, mentor, 3rd-guardian, editor-in-chief, surrogate father-figure, and quasi-religious cult icon. Being a freshman in UPSE, I found it great to have a 2nd year buddy to help me get used to things. I mean, I guess Jomac qualifies too, but it’s not his birthday… so fuck that guy. Anyway, those random, impromptu hang-outs in the SE lIb before my Econ 11 class were a lot of fun. Just when I thought UP would culture-shock me into a social stalemate, along comes the guy with wolverine-hair and a mind as twisted as those of my AHS friends. Those chats meant a lot. I mean, they were downright disgusting, but who gives a damn. I never forget people who’ve taught me things. Thanks a bunch for all the tips and tricks for Adobe Indesign. Looking back, I regret not doing more lay-outing. Those first 3 issues? That was all you man. And Sam. Thanks as well for telling me where all the good printing places

are. I gotta say that these things came in REALLY handy in my other classes. It’s also great how you backed me up (albeit somewhat ironically) in my never ending quest for the perfect sandwich meal. It’s trickier now that I’ll be one bread slice short of a full recipe. Meh. I’m looking forward to a lot of things in Echoes. The comm has a goddamn visionary as its head, and I’m excited to be a part of whatever awesome projects we have lined up (Unless it involves putting on a dress). Your font/style revision for the magazine? Brilliant shit. Gotham is dying, and even Batman can’t save it this time. Oh yeah, and there’s your internship. Feel free to drop by my place anytime after work. The PS3 is begging to be used. Here’s to another year of laughs, last-minute cramming (many of those were my fault, and I’m sorry .__.), and what other random adventures the UP days and beyond have to offer. Have a good one bro.


DEAREST DEREK? Congratulations, you are one step closer to graduation what? hahaha. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your things and life. and college. I will miss you! i think you would have been a cool brother. You know where I live when you need anything. :))

hope you get everything you want and that your 4 year cycle doesn’t happen again. Thank you for making echoes fun and convincing me to stay. Here’s to hoping we’re still talking a year from now! Happy Birthday again and don’t think that cause echoes couldn’t go to your party that it exempts you from celebrating again! Please return my DVDs soon!

love, sol HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK! I wish you a great year!!! I hope you enjoyed your party! :)) Sorry we weren’t able to make it but Echoes day/night out soon!! Thanks for being such a nice boss! I’m looking forward for the coming sem! God bless!!! May He bless the endeavors you will face this year!

-JOBY :) DEREK! Happy Birthday to my 3rd favorite EIC! Hahaha just kidding you’re not 3rd favorite. I’ll leave you to wonder about that. A year ago I couldn’t even remember if I greeted you and now you have this surprise issue. You’re one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I know (you workaholic) just keep it up but don’t forget to have fun once in a while ( excluding yesterday). I

Echoes is where it needs to be, and by some great fortune, it is also where it wants to be. That it balances questioning, commenting, and entertaining is important not only to Derek’s staff but also to the org as a whole. We are optimistic because he has contributed - created - some of the best issues we’ve seen, leaving the people wanting more. They say that Derek is never there, almost invisible, but what does it take to make one Echoes issue? It is in seeing the landscape, in knowing the people, in knowing the org’s core, that he is able to produce such outstanding work. So really, he’s not just not absent, he’s there with you - and you subconsciously like it. To freedom and the dream, happy fucking birthday.

Happy birthday Derek!!

Happy birthday Derek!!

Thanks for the semester that was. I’m really glad I got to join Echoes this past sem and had the chance to learn from a whole lot of people, you included!! The experience has definitely broadened my skill set and given me a lot of opportunities, as well as gotten me a lot of great friends, you also included! And as I told you before, you truly deserve praise for our output and what we were able to do. I hope you had a swell time in my home turf. Here’s to

Happy birthday, man! You deserve a good one. Thanks for helping me throughout my whole stay in Ecosoc – for giving me tips as an app and for giving me opportunities as first the literary editor and now the managing editor! Echoes is doing great under your rule as the overlord of it and I really hope to learn more under your term as EIC. I’m not very good with personal birthday greetings so I’ll end here... Hope you enjoyed your day lol Also, thanks for being a good sport about me being so damn good at imitating you. And

another semester! I

love you, baby.

#neverletmego -JUDE


Hello Derek!


Happy Birthday! I’m glad I had the opportunity of working with you this past semester. Because of you, I got to experience what’s it like to be in a fascinating committee like Echoes. Thank you for that. I wish you all the best! God Bless, Derek! :3 (Because it’s your birthday, I’m using your trademark face....I still find it really creepy though.)


DEAR DEREK, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m sorry for always being snarky but you gotta admit, our friendship would be so much more boring if we didn’t snipe at each other HAHA. Stay crazy amazing because 20 is a very nice age to be (what) haha enjoy your day!!



[INSERT GREETING HERE] HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. Anyway HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you really thought that we forgot your birthday! HAHAAnd I hope you got all depressed=)) Alsoooo I hope you like our card thingy. Thanks for answering my homework one time! haha okay you didn’t really answer it but.. yeah I can’t think of anything to say anymore so yeah....

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY! I’m looking forward to next sem....I guess.

-LERIZZE HEY DEREK! Glad to see you’re filling in the EIC shoes nicely. Unlike the other Execommers, the mark you leave for Ecosoc shall be preserved for generations to come—in the form of Echoes. So make it bold, and make it brilliant. Happy birthday!