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HEY! My name is Niall and I am a graphic designer in Leeds, West


I have been a graphic designer with qualifications for 4 years but have been a practicing graphic designer for the last 10 years with experience in many fields including theatre, branding, poster designer and set design. My areas of specialism have now changed and developed after 10 years and after studying, but my roots are still key to my story and my work. With a BA Hons degree in graphic design from 2013-2016, I was able to find what it was I wanted to do in the creative world and where I stood, learning my visual and creative voice. The completing an MA in graphic design in 2017 allowed me to bring those skills to life and allow me to develop on a deeper level what design means to me and what I can bring to the design world. As a creative designer, I do not like to be pinned down to one specialism. I like to move round and be able to experiment with tools, materials, concepts, visuals and ways of creative thinking. Doing this allows me to get a broad sense of the creative world and reach new people all of the time. My specialisms are within the areas of typography, posters, print, Risograph and screen printing, with new skills being added all of the time. I am a quirky designer and am not afraid to get stuck in with any computer programme and learn and make mistakes along the way. At the same time, I am in my element when I am not on the computer and can get my hands dirty, using all types of materials to create tactile handmade pieces. I am a designer that believes that great work can be married together from a sketchbook to a computer with the help of analogue tools along the way. I hope you enjoy my portfolio!


Niall Green is a graphic designer heavily inspired by print and typography. Being heavily influenced by the queer movement, much of the work he creates has an anarchic stance and tone. The work he creates has a sense of fun and play whilst trying to put a message across to the viewer.

With a background in creative arts and academic studies, I am a very self motivated, imaginative and confident individual. I am energetic about my ideas and have strong communication skills on projects, combining this with a conscious view of the current trends. I am a hard working, committed and organised person, comfortable in a variety of creative industry related situations. I excel at building rapport with people, forging meaningful and lasting personal relationships with co-workers, collaborators and clients alike. Persistent and enthusiastic about the tasks at hand, I enjoy a challenge and can deal with stressful situations in a timely and organised fashion. My passion for creative designing and branding is served by my keen eye for detail, strong awareness of trends and my imaginative approach to problems and design.

Experience Graphic Design and branding for Black Cat Theatre, Doncaster (2009-2015) Graphic Design, illustration and branding at Grimm & Co, Rotherham (2016- Present) Graphic Designer and brand manager for Huddersfield University Drama Society (2016-2017) Graphic Design and branding for Off The Cuff Theatre Company, Huddersfield/ Leeds (2017Present) User Experience designer intern at BBC, Salford (2017) Partnership with SideBySide for Grimm & Co., Sheffield (2017) Freelance Graphic Designer for //XYXY*, Leeds (2016- Present)

Exhibitions D&AD New Blood FestivalOld Truman Brewry, 2016 The University of Huddersfielddsply Grad Show, 2016 The ArtworksNorthern Portrait Exhibition, 2015

Education 2013-2016 (BA,Hons) Graphic Design, University of Huddersfield First CLass Honours Degree 2016-2017 (MA Hons) Graphic Design University of Huddersfield Distinclion Classification

Skills Typography, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Layout, Branding, printing, Risograph, Screen printing,

Key Areas Illustration, typography, branding, print, digital, zine creation, Risograph, LGBTQ+ culture, animation and layout.

01 A POSTER A WEEK Whilst doing my MA year, I wanted to challenge myself to create more work on a regular basis without worrying too much on the final outcome. To do this, I wanted to create work every day for a whole year. This would prove to be difficult as I had an MA and a job to keep going with so I later decided to create work each week instead. This has come into fruishion in the format of a poster which can be easily made with a theme or a word in mind each week either using digital media or using hand made methods. This is an ongoing project which has entered its second series of the project and is still going strong!

02 R U BAN OUTFITTERS BRANDING After a trip to my local Urban Outfitters, I had seen the branding they had for the Boxing Day sale 2017. Seeing this branding inspired me to create my own for the coming summer of 2018. ​ With this in mind, I wanted to try and experiment with using colour, shapes and typography to create different compositions and create different moods with the outcomes.  ​ Each banner had no rules and no constraints other than the ones that OU set for their branding of their logo and the way they set  the nitty gritty information out at the bottom of the page, other than that, I had free reign to create what I wanted. Splitting the  typography up on the page allowed me to create compositions that were fun and quirky, breaking all of the graphic design rules.  Using current design trends, the banners were created using current colour palettes and typefaces.

03 OFF THE CUFF THEATRE I was approached by a new theatre company called Off The Cuff to create the poster and the promotional materials for their first production “An Unnecessary Farce�. They wanted something new and fresh for this poster and ident and wanted something that stood out from everything else that was out there. For this, I wanted to use materials that are not normally used to create a poster, and for me, that was alphabeti spaghetti. This was the dried version which was used to create all of the main body copy by laying the text out onto a scanner and vectorising the results. Because of this, the typography has its own character and each letter is different from the last, allowing the type to look as if it is falling off the poster, something which relates to the story of the show.


04 BLACK OUT FESTIVAL- FMP For my FMP of my Undergrad, I wanted to combine my love for typography and theatre within one project. To do this, I wanted to create a theatre festival with a difference. I wanted to tie it in with the Black Out Hour in March and highlight just how much power we use each and everyday and how much power we waste. The branding was made using as little technology as possible. Because of this, I experimented with the use of Risography to print the branding. The posters were designed to be ripped and damaged as the festival was in unknown areas and would only be advertised 24hours before in areas that you wouldn’t see theatre posters. Once the festival was done, the posters would be ripped down by a team of people, as if the festival was never there.

05 GRIMM & CO. GALA BRANDING In 2016 I was approached by Grimm & Co. to create the branding and promotional materials that were needed for their next performance: Graham Grimm’s Glorious Grand Gala Performance. The companies theme follows that of the Brothers’ Grimm fairy tales so the branding needed to keep with the theme of the current shop in Rotherham but have its own identity to stand out. Working Closely with Peep Show’s Paul Clayton and SideBySide in Sheffield, I created the posters, programmes and the teaser posters that were used on social media leading up to the show itself. With the use of printing presses and digital to combine to create this wonderful Victorian handmade feel branding for such a unique show and such a unique company.











06 DISTORTED A&R ZINES Throughout the past two years, I have been heavily influenced by the handmade movement and the use of print within work. With this idea, I have been exploring the use of zines within my work. With this zine, I wanted to create work that challenged the human perception of what typography is and how far you can go to distort what we know before it becomes unrecognisable. To create this zine, I cut out the letters A and R and folded them a little every time then scanned them in. The results of this can be seen below and show just how far you can go with the everyday before you can no longer recognise the familiar. These were then risographed into zine format and hand bound together.

7 0 GLITCH TYPOGRAPHY Throughout my time at university, I have tried to create work which was unconventional. To do this, I used the medium of typography to use materials and processes that are normally overlooked within the Graphic Design world. For my FMP, I wanted to use technology to my advantage and hack into the primary purpose of the particular piece of tech. To do this, I used a flatbed scanner to distort type by dragging printed phrases across the bed as the beam was scanning the image. What the beam can see is what it scans, whether that’s a still or moving image. Because of this, I could create typefaces which were distorted, some more than others. I had little control over the outcome of each scan and each one would look completely different from the last.

08 VARIOUS TYPOGRAPHY Since starting my degree four years ago, it became apparent that my love for typography had only just begun and would become a love and passion that would control the way in which my design went and what would influence me. Since that day, much of my work is influenced by typography and just how much you can create with something so simple and something we all see everyday and take for granted. The next few pages show some of my work that I have created for projects or for my own exploration and the materials and odd techniques that I used to achieve them. None of the typography I create will be what you have seen before, swapping out familiar to playful and fun.



09 RECORD SLEEVE DESIGNS Through my time At University, I have become very interested with the music industry and what it takes to brand a musical artist and how to create covers for their work. During my MA, I set myself the challenge of creating album covers for my favourite songs and show what they mean to me through design. With the use of computers and Risograph printers, I wanted to set myself a challenge every week to create an album cover in less than a day.

. 9

1 RELAX VINYL SLEEVE For this record sleeve design, I wanted to use the Risograph printer for the whole design. To do this, I created the design on the computer using gradients and basic typography, using Axis type for a simple and clean look. I then took the design and printed it with the Risograph print in the four basic colours: black, yellow, red and blue. When printing I found that the blue worked the best to keep the relaxed feel of the 80’s song but also allowed it to feel relevant today. Using bright pink cardstock in the background allowed the blue to stand out and allowed the pink type to be seen easily across the shop without feeling too modern.



For OK GO’s song writings on the wall, I wanted to recreate the vibrancy and the fun they created within their music video. To do this, I wanted to take the wacky style and distort the title of the song and make the shapes and the lines of the typography do the talking. Using a scanner, I dragged the title of the song across the scanner bed and distorted the text. I then inverted the output and enhanced the colours. The smooth style to the typography allows the distortion of the song to shine through and give you a hint at what the song will be like. This also allowed abstract dimensions within the work and allows the viewer to make their own assumptions of the song and the style of the record.



One of the songs in the past few years that have influenced me more than any other is that of Troye Sivan “Heaven�. This song talks of the gay movement and how far we have come and how we do not have to hid our love anymore. With this in mind, I wanted to create a cover for this song which kept the tone of the song. Using bubbles from a Lush bath bomb, I photographed the swirls and used them to create the main feature of the design. The type was intended to be the second thing your eye gets drawn to with this design, allowing the design to feel calm, reflective and minimalist. The colour was used to give the record sleeve that feeling of energy behind the message of the song and allow your eye to see the record.


1 I AM NOT A ROBOT For my MA, I wanted to try and experiment with the use of Brectian theatre within my work. I wanted to make a series of works which highlighted the use of technology within the modern world and how much it actually influences us. For the most successful piece out of the series, I wanted to use the title of my project which was “I AM NOT A ROBOT�. This was sprayed onto the side of boxes which were handmade. The typeface was a handmade version of a monotype font. To do this I printed the typeface out and cut them randomly across the middle at least two times then tapes back together. This was then cut out and used as a stencil. This was later used as a headpiece out in public to see how people would react to the dehumanisation of a member of their species. The lack of the facial features frightens most and allows the robotic element of the theme to come through and allow people to react with this person in a different way to others.


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Niall green creative portfolio 2018  

Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my creative portfolio which gives an insight into my brain! Feel free to take a look at my Insta: XYXY_DES...

Niall green creative portfolio 2018  

Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my creative portfolio which gives an insight into my brain! Feel free to take a look at my Insta: XYXY_DES...