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i, I’m Stefanie Guo. I’m doing my bachelor degree of architecture in my final year, first semester. I was born in Chengdu, China and have stayed there most of my life. This is my third year studying abroad and I really love Melbourne.

I first learned the software known as SketchUp when I was in my high school. I thought that learning the software would suffice to my university architectures needs; however, it was not as professional as compared to other software’s like Rhinoceros. Through the subject, virtual environments, I gained exposure to Rhinoceros and paneling tool. Even after gaining exposure and some experience with this software’s, it did not really aid me in modeling. This is one of the main reasons why I am so excited about this subject, because this subject allows me to explore this software systematically and gain an in-depth knowledge of the software. Personally, I believe that digital architecture is a creation of the modern era. It has helped the way in which architecture is formed in modern society. Digital architecture gives architects many privileges and allows them to further explore and create their ideas in models. Digital architecture allows ideas to become realistic as compared to traditional forms of architecture that would require a longer and harder process to manifest the ideas. Furthermore, one of the upsides of digital architecture is that it allows architects to modify their ideas and designs easily as compared to traditional architecture.


his project was part of my first year subject, Virtual Environments. My piece was derived from the concept of an iceberg and the reflection of broken ice. This project shows the natural connection between a models made by a natural process with human body. No matter the left, right or forward, backward, the model perfectly matches my body. This project has allowed me to learn many different required methods for designing where precedents, analyzing, inspiration and so on are required. This project allowed me to develop my idea from merely ice caps and the melting process of ice caps into a wondrous model. Furthermore, the processes learned throughout this subject give me the availability to use such skills and techniques in further projects or jobs.

This project has been derived from a type of dessert grass that demonstrates freedom, harmony and peace in the aboriginal lands of Australia. This discovery Center and Place for Cultural Exchange is from a painting of an aboriginal artist, Jean-nie Petyarre. This discovery center uses different materials and spatial orders to create a sense of discovery. I designed a bridge through the discovery center representing the long journey that the aboriginals have overcome over the past years.

Personally, I have an attachment with modernism in architecture. There are two buildings that show interest to me. One being the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Guangzhou Opera House.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall shows both the modernism in architecture and the influence an architect has on the building. The concert hall was designed and created mainly by the purpose of being a music hall rather than incorporating the ego of the architect. Therefore, this building always acts as an inspiration to me where I can use my ideas in different forms, and focus on different areas, like focusing on the purpose of a building then moving into design and my trademark. The connection between material and form of the concert hall shows me that architecture does not mainly focus on the design ideas, functions, relationship with the surroundings, and landscape but also the consideration of the reality of the structure.

The Guangzhou Opera House has been designed by the infamous Zaha Hadid and is her first architecture in China. I like the building because of the modern architecture and design it compensates. This building acts as a stepping-stone for China in general, as Zaha Hadid has brought in a form of architecture and design that can be seen as new and uncharted for Chinese architecture. This building acts a beginning for different forms of drastic and extraordinary acceptance of architecture in China. Personally, I would suggest that this building allows me to see the usefulness of digital architecture and how it has shaped the way in which architecture and design can be carried out in modern society. Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhoue Opera House shows how she transcends the laws of architecture and uses her inspirations and ideas to create buildings of free form, without limitations and consistency.


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