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The Collections Of...

screenplay by Johnny LaRusso and James Bird

Contact: Copyright Š 2010

INT. BATHROOM -LATE NIGHT We start off in DARKNESS. Light switch flips on. JANE, early 20’s with long RED mop-matted hair, stands sluggishly before the mirror. Eyes BLOODSHOT...framed by dark circles.


She scans her FRAIL body. Her eyes WELL up. INT. HALLWAY -MOMENTS LATER We hear a BURST of SHATTERING glass from inside the bathroom. EXT. BEACH SIDE CLIFF - LATER THAT NIGHT We see Jane on the EDGE of the cliff. Wind WHIPS through her flowing locks of hair...jagged rocks and dark ocean beneath her. She gazes out to sea. Her eyes SEAL shut. She leans forward and PLUNGES off. CUT TO BLACK EXT. BEACH SIDE CLIFF -DAY We see the body of a YOUNG MAN face down. against a BLOODY ROCK.

His head...pressed

An OLD MAN, 60’s, crouches down. He studies the body. the back of the Young Man’s shirt.


CUT TO BLACK INT. HOTEL SUITE -NIGHT AMANDA, a thin attractive blonde...mid 20’s, sits at the edge of a bed wearing a halter top and denim skirt. A NECKLACE with a silver BIRD CHARM dangles from her neck. Her hands shake as she zips up her knee high boots. From the bathroom, we hear a MAN clear his throat and spit into the toilet. It flushes.


2. CONTINUED: In a PANIC, she grabs her purse, keys, and a fifty dollar bill on the night stand and DASHES out. CUT TO BLACK FADE IN: EXT. HIGHWAY -DAY BRANDON...mid 20’ ODDLY handsome young man with a subtle but distinguishable SCAR on the left side of his face, travels on a highway. He carries with him a DUFFEL BAG as he hitchhikes. Many cars pass before one stops to pick him up. DRIVER Where you headed son? BRANDON ...not really sure yet. Entering the car, Brandon carefully places his bag between his feet and leans his head back to rest. CUT TO: DREAM SEQUENCE EXT. BEACH SIDE CLIFF -NIGHT JANE stands at the edge of the cliff with her BACK to camera. Wind WHIPS through her hair. She SLOWLY turns around...Camera NOW reveals her as AMANDA. END DREAM SEQUENCE CUT TO: INT. DRIVER’S CAR -MOMENTS LATER SUDDENLY... Brandon’s eyes FLIP open as he CATAPULTS out of his nightmare...breathing fiercely. INT. STUDIO APARTMENT -NIGHT Amanda enters followed by her boyfriend, JOE, thin...drug addict. She is in a zombie-like trance. Emotionless.


The Collections Of...  
The Collections Of...  

Script - Johnny LaRusso - The Collections Of... test example