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Product Review

By Jason Mahokey

Epic Ride Research Mountain FeedBag Every so often a product comes along that you can’t believe that you went so long without. The Mountain FeedBag by Epic Ride Research is just such a product. I never really even thought about it until I was laying out Cornbread’s article about the Dirty Kanza 200 in issue #3 of XXC. He mentioned the FeedBag and then I remembered seeing a racer at the Lumberjack 100 using one. I tracked down the web site and ordered one back in July., and I have to say it rocks! As I mentioned in my review of the byeKyle Simple Strap, I’m about done with hydration packs. I don’t like the weight on my aging back. The Mountain Feed Bag allows me to take all the food and supplies I need and not worry about a pack. Just the feedbag and a some bottles will do me fine. I used the FeedBag at the Wilderness 101 and at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 this summer as well as a ton of long rides in the mountains, and it has allowed me to easily access bars, gels, electrolytes and even my camera without fumbling around in my jersey pockets or bothering with a pack. Yeah sure, I had some EPIC bonks at the 101 and the SM100 but it was no fault of the bag, that was ALL me baby! The bag was still stuffed full of ignored snacks as I walked along thinking about taking a DNF. The bag has held up well with 300 to 400 miles of riding with it, except for one small hole in the stem side pocket netting, but that was my fault for letting a steel multi tool bounce around in it for 10+ hours at the Wilderness 101. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

It’s like the endurance racers equivalent of the “man purse” only cooler.

The bag can be easily sinched tight or opened with one hand and as the E.R.R. website says “ saves you time and effort. Bottom line, it keeps you rolling.” Very true! If you do long rides (and I know you do or why would you be reading XXC??) then I highly recommend the Mountain FeedBag. It’s like the endurance racers equivalent of the “man purse” only cooler. The bag retails for $30.00 and is available in Royal Blue or Titanium (shown), with left or right side mounting options. For more information or to order visit Epic Ride Research at Photos by Jason Mahokey




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