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(6768458, 2017)

Enshi is the only minority autonomous prefecture in Hubei Province, ethnic minorities mainly composed of Tujia occupy 56% of the total population. Tujia special building Diaojiaolou is the most distinctive feature of ethnic minority bar-type buildings ďźŒwith anti-snake beast invasion, dry and ventilated, high utilization rate, is an important part of Tujia culture. Enshi surrounded by mountains, so the structure of Diaojiaolou also appear because of the ground, thus forming a feature. Enshi's environment is very beautiful, basically no pollution, Hubei Province ranked sixth in the survey of happy cities.

(, 2017)

Building introduction



Hometown was originally a beautiful environment, but now with the development, more and more companies find this piece of land. Many of the characteristic houses have been torn down, not only destroying the house but also causing environmental pollution while wasting a lot of material. (, 2017) (, 2017)

SOCIAL VALUE In our hometown, in China and around the world, there is a rapid development recently. Wherever you go, there are that houses are pulling down or building. My hometown is a minority, with a lot of traditional architecures, because of the development, the government removed many of the special buildings, destroyed a lot of ecology. Why not protect local characteristics while developing?

The development of 3D printing technology is well known, and it is often used in print models for biomedical technology. In fact, many years ago, it was possible to print architecture, only because the technology, materials and other reasons were not popular, and it was clumsy. But I want to use the 3D printing technology to restore the traditional buildings in our hometown, reduce the waste of materials, and show the distinctive culture of a region. (Wainwright, 2014)

IDEA Prediction


The building will grow by themself like tree.


The building can change over time.


( 动点科技 , 2016)

4D printing in essence 3D printed structures that can change their

5D PRINTING RESEARCH 5D printing has already realize to use research animal cells which can growth, and using it in humans.There are many similaritis between animal and plant cells. In the future, printing can print materials that can grow and repair themselves.

In 2013, 5D printed bones showed osteoblasts that had been successfully used in animals.

5D print bone test model diagram


Plants grow from seeds to trees by absorbing the nutrients of the land and adding some external factors. The printer of the future will print l i ke a p l a n t , b y a b s o r b i n g t h e material below and then growing itself.

The inside of the structure grows like a (Pinterest, 2008)

CONCLUSION 3D PRINTING Printed architecture

4D PRINTING Change overtime

5D PRINTING Growth like plant

1.Architecture can be printed by printing. 2.The technology that objects have changed over time has also been realized. 3.Cell growth can also be printed by printing.

Houses can be transformed and self-grown in the future.




First growth frame, then growth wall surface and so on.



Paint Concrete Wood

Put the required materials into the printer.





Buildings will change overtime.

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