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The concept of sustainability is one that defends the use of natural resources in a house, to get clean energy. It also respects the environment and provides a high quality of life, purpose of which is globalization.

VIDEO INTRODUCTION Before starting the description of the house, our groups of firemen and pumps have made a video introducing the site of the house and viewing the work done during the project. Let´s go!


ď ś To begin with the description of our friend's house architects Alvaro representative will explain the architectural features.

CHARACTERISTICS I'll start talking about the location of the house that is best suited for the use of renewable energy and sustainability. This is built on a plot of Santa Anna, private area just outside the village of Albal. The area is suitable for the weather conditions which offers wind, sun and rain which facilitates the use of renewable energy. The house is facing south; due to the effects of sunlight, and the front is the living room, because it is the most busy most days. Another factor is the slope of the roof to where the sunlight hit the solar energy and increase revenue. The color of the house is white because it works as an insulator from cold and heat and get warm and independence of the outside temperature. The house has one floor for two reasons: first, to make two plants is washable and comes out of the budget. The second reason is the presence of disabled people as enough to lift streamed expensive, and if a plant has total accessibility and space for him, making his life more comfortable.

Regarding the interior corridors are wide to get space for the disabled person and the bathrooms, to achieve greater comfort.

In addition, the distribution of the house provides privacy and intimacy, which does not provide the other houses, and space for each member. As for the exterior, the house is big and wide, and has gardens to the use and enjoyment of all the housemates. It is a multipurpose space, which can be as individual as collective activities. The criterion of sustainability has been the house, so all the architecture has been designed and constructed according to the criteria and introducing sustainable materials. For these reasons, our home is the best. Has the best system for energy self-sufficiency as we have two generators and two wind energy photovoltaic solar panels to produce 100% of the energy. We will also connect to the network if there were problems with natural resources. Conversely, watertight facing the front door works as an insulator solar reflexes, so that the rays do not directly effect on the glass and could cause problems for members. Furthermore, the heating system is best suited referred to respect for nature and energy saving. We have installed a biomass boiler that runs on waste pellets that are agricultural and urban pollutants nothing. It has a geothermal pump, the purpose of which is warming the house in winter and lower the temperature in summer. This is achieved through an underground system, which has a constant temperature. In addition, the use of solar collectors contributing to the rise in temperature of the house and thus save energy. Other factors that contribute to sustainability, for example, the use of a tank that collects water from rain Then reaches a treatment plant to reuse it. In addition, in the kitchen there is a water softener to avoid drinking bottled water and contributing to savings. Another element has sat extra windows providing thermal insulation of heat and cold. As you can see, our house uses all kinds of renewable energy sources and systems that adapt fully to sustainability. Based on the value for money, as we ought to adjust the initial budget, but we wanted quality materials, sustainable rate, to make an ideal home. To continue, explain the construction of the house was done by a company employing a complete building system, including light, water and adaptation to the disabled. This is appropriate as it is innovative, easier to build and faster. It is also less expensive and this purpose savings. The whole construction will cost â‚Ź 50000, and as we have done completely organic, the figure has risen to â‚Ź 68000.

All the materials that compose the house are sustainable, and its purpose is to reduce the budget, respecting the environment and achieve savings in economy in the future.

CONCLUSION After all the description and explanation of the various parts of the house, we believe the concept is clear enough sustainable and bioclimatic architecture. The characteristics of the house and are well accomplished: • Accessibility: Disabled and adapted to all kinds of people. • Comfort and convenience: large and pleasant, according to everyone. • Simplicity: all families and owners can use it as it is not entirely technical. Ideal home for any family. • Ecological and sustainable use of renewable energies, sustainable materials and environmentally friendly. • Security: protection of individuals for greater comfort. • Economic: low price that anyone can buy and facilitates its sale.

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House 3  

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