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Since I started as a photographer back in 2002, I sent the results of my shoots to Bruno Gmünder. I have always dreamed to have my photos published in a book some day, and the quality and loving care this publisher puts in his books is something any photographer aspires to. So when I was confirmed that finally I would have my own book published, after taking part in some collective projects such as Visions and Hair from the same publisher, I was mad with joy until suddenly I became nervous asking myself all these questions: Which photos should I use? Which are the best? Should I use some of my early pictures or were they too bad? Should I opt for the best bodies, or the most handsome? After all, do I want to leave the impression that I am a good photographer or rather that I know a lot of guys with amazing abdominals? This was a dilemma I didn’t know how to resolve. Through the years I’ve evolved and improved my technique, the lightning, and the touching-up (thank you dear Photoshop, the greatest invention of the new millennium so far), but deep down I am never really satisfied. I always think that I should improve a photo even more, that I could have given a different tone to the picture. Well, I suppose this is a problem every perfectionist always faces. I would like to remind the dear reader that what he can see in Dare is only a small part of my archive, which includes fashion, institutional portraits, and still life pictures (you can’t live on abdominals only! *laugh*), but by circumstance I’ve ended up specializing in portraits, and especially in the male body. I must have a greater affinity but remember that the best pictures are not always the ones of the guy with the best body, because if model and photographer have no feeling at all there’s no magic between them and the photo becomes flat, without emotion. So you are seeing the work of years, and in a country where it is difficult to live on this profession, this is a merit: not to have given up and still keep the illusion of the first day. I hope this to be the first date of the many we will encounter in the future.

Guillem Medina

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