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Welcome to Tomboytoy’s 2012 advent calendar In this pdf you’ll find all the pictures made for the annual special event of my livejournal:

The naked male celebrities Advent calendar Just like any advent calendar, from the 1st to the 24th of December, you’re offer to look at a real treat each day: one or a few male celebrities in an environment fitting their personalities or their character. I hope you’ll enjoy this pdf.

If you have any questions or simply want to let me know what you think of my work, feel free to email me at:

Day 01: Colton Haynes Day 02: Heartthrob Diver: Tom Daley Day 03: Big Time Rush hotties Day 04: From Tron Legacy : Garrett Hedlund Day 05: Magic Mike hunks Day 06: Zac Efron Day 07: 007 - Daniel Craig Day 08: One Direction cuties Day 09: Pretty Little Liars boys Day 10: Twilight male cast Day 11: Stephen Amell Day 12: Glee boys Day 13: Justin Bieber Day 14: Merlin guys Day 15: Supernatural hunks Day 16: The Avengers super hunks Day 17: Gossip Girl cuties Day 18: Revenge male cast Day 19: Harry Potter guys Day 20: The Vampire Diaries hotties Day 21: Teen Wolf cuties Day 22: Once Upon a time men Day 23: Hunger games cuties Day 24: The mouse favorite boys

This file and all of its content is aimed only at adult (people over 18 years old) interested in the depiction of male celebrities naked or in same sex intercourse; therefore it shouldn’t be shown nor share with any minor. If you are offended by images depicting homo-erotic situations, please don’t have a look at it cause you won’t be pleased with what you’ll see. All the situations depicted in this pdf file are fakes/ not real and are a work of pure fantasy. They are in now way a representation of the reality nor any celebrities true sexual orientation. All the headshots and models used in the making of these photo manipulations are of people who were over 18 in the pictures used. Do not steal nor sell this document. To see more of my work, go to: or