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Overlapping Architecture Lu Xun Portfolio Master of Advanced Architectural Studies Univeristy of Southern California

Lu Xun Portfolio MAAS from University of Southern California

Overlapping Architecture: Fancinated with the complexity within the transparency, I took architecture as my strategy to explore the inherent beauty of it. In this portfolio, I tried to overlap the architecture through different methods, from program to space, revealing a new possibility towards design through the action of "Overlapping".


Part 1 works Project 01: Resonant Learning Overlapping the disciplinary


Project 02: Ubiquitous Simulacra Overlapping the view


Project 03: Continuity Neighborhood Overlapping the Program


Project 04: Transparent Frame Overlapping the Space


Project 05 : Folding House Overlapping the Floor


Part 2 others Other works 55 Resume 57

Robert Delaunay <Simultaneous Windows>

Project 01: Resonant Learning Overlapping disciplinary Thesis Project/ 2016.05-01 /Tutor: Lawrence Scarpa Partner: Garret Collins Our Thesis proposal is to create a paradigm shift in education through a collaborative learning environment with the integration of related disciplines, private entities, and public interaction, through a series of fluid adjacencies. This is achieved through architecture which allows the public realm to flow through the project, and a series of collaborative spaces which interact with each other as well as within.

Critique & Proposal

Archtecture Real estate Materials science

Social science Construction Public health

collaborative learning space

Solid mass seperate from public space

New building

Existing building

Self engagement inside the building

Gallery Space


interactive relationship with public space mill



sky garden

Collaborative space types

A linear split level space offers connections between floors and a flexible layout guided by a space-making desk.

A vertical extension of the public circulation offering lofty spaces, sunken gathering nodes, and access to greenery throughout.

An intimate environment of perches and semi-closed nooks offering smaller gathering spaces connected by openings in and between floors.

Project 02:Ubiquitous Simulacra Overlapping the View Thesis Project/ 2015.12-01/Animation/ Tutor: Alvin Huang Partner: Yundi Lu In this project, we explore the new way of living in the future and the relationship between architecture and city as well as the interaction with human and architecture, which is based on some critique of present and innovation and development of new technology and materiality. In this case, we propose that human in the future live both in virtual world and reality, which means virtual wolrd has become parts of reality. And the architecture become not only a physical container for living, but also a container for their virtual lives.

Does ubiquitous computing lead to invasive media? The crux of the problem of city form today seems to lie in the automobile and in our need to understand more fully than we do what should be its place in modern life, and in the city, and what should be the relation between movement. especially automobile movement, and perception in the meaningful city. ----Scott Brown, The meaningful city

Can architecture utilize geometry to simultaneously provoke optical and physical engagement? What is an urban designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s image or set of images for the Strip and the big low spaces o fthe casinos? What techniques - movie? graphic? other? - should be used to depict them? Using mixed media - slide. film, collage, music. ----Scott Brown, learning from Los Vegas

In the modern society, people are immersed with different kind of medium. The digital world become parts of our lives.

people gain a lot of benefits from digital device, which let their lives more and more convinient and fast.

While people use digital device, the device will extract the personal information. people are more and more relay on the digital device. However, the mean while the medium becomre more and more persuasive and invasive.

the view from the train is moving with a stable speed, but it is not continuous , blocking by some tall building.

the view from the train is continuous with relatively high speed.

the view from the local street and pedestrains is from far to near with different perspective.


How can architecture become a new medium for media? New elements have been introduced: a hitherto unknown interpenetration of inner and outer space and an interpenetration of defferent leves (largely an effect of the automobile), which has forced the incorporation of movement as an insparable element of architecture. As the perspective from the trains is far away and blocked by the buildings so, the tower is designed to responsed to it, the screen is form by emitting bars that can be seen a whole image faraway.

the middle parts of the building is repsonsed to the drvier on the highway, so it is shown as long continuous video to let the driver experience the gradiant with geomtery and screen.

----Sigfried Giedion, Architecture in the 1960s: Hopes and Fears

1. Before the digital screen was invented, people write to record.

2. when the traditional screen is invented, people typed to record.

3. when people use the interactive screen, they taped on the screen. the bottom part of the building is reponsed to th low speed pedestrains, which is design to have small scales and sperate groups. 4. with the virtual technology, people just think and watch what they want.

1. In the past time, the media is refered to different kind of paper based material.

2. Nowadays, the information is shown digitally.

Gradient of moire pattern

3. In the future, the screen can be make of any material and where physical material can be the screen.

STORY BOARD Our project is going to be the matrix of computing technology and architecture language, which is response to the social issue and development. In the future, the media will be an initial part of architecture rather than a additive element. The virtual world and media will extend to everywhere from â&#x20AC;&#x153;screenâ&#x20AC;?. The definition of virtual world and reality will be dissolved. In other words, the world people live in will be a big ubiquitous computing.




































The geometry of the building is form to response to the main people coming directions. each entrance has a plaza to leave a space to the city and create a gethering place for pedestrains. The spiral facades are design to orientate to various viewers from different scales. The tower is responsed to the visitors on trains, highway and riverside. the lower part of the building is designed to confront to different people near it.

Our project is going to be the matrix of computing technology and architecture language, which is response to the social issue and development. In the future, the media will be an initial part of architecture rather than a additive element. The virtual world and media will extend to everywhere from â&#x20AC;&#x153;screenâ&#x20AC;?. The definition of virtual world and reality will be dissolved. In other words, the world people live in will be a big ubiquitous computing.

Project 03: Continuity Neighborhood Overlapping the Program Academic Project / 2012.04-05 / Tutor: Wu Wei Focusing on the exhibition program toward the river history, four different spatial experiences are proposed in this project. An architecture with continue public platform, combining the four type of exhibition space into a integrate historical container.




Crowded Residents

public space



Limited Public Space

On one hand, the public space declined while the population density growed recent years. The goal of this pro posal is to provide a continue public platform for public activity.

Using the The Mobius strip to expand the public space

On the other hand, river played an important role in the Guangzhou urban history. Another goal of the project is to revive the river as urban plaza --- a container for residential activity.

River and dock River always plays an significant role in Guangzhou history. And part of the mission of the architecture is to re-act the the residence, so the riverside was designed to the entrance of the public center.










Elevation Generating

Step 1: create a frame to contain the inner space

Step 2: pull up the frame to open the water opera

Step 3: open the elevation to interact with the riverside



Dancing Plaza

Traffic Core

Fishing Shore


Water Opera &Water Platform

River Dock

Water Opera

Exhibition Hall

Residential Entrance

River Dock

Dancing Plaza

Interaction with River


River Side

B Section A

Section B



Open spaces

Community Garden

Water Opera

Project 04: Transparent Frame Overlapping the Space Graduation Design / 2014.06-07 / Tutor: Zheng Qiying Using the historical residential atrium as a prototype, to provide a soft moderate light environment for reading. And the concrete frame structure of the building turn the atrium into a space being overlapped --- a structural transparency.

From Traditional Pattern to Structural Matrix Using the Conghua Traditional viillage as prototype, which the houses array straight around the atriums .

From Residential Prototype to Inner Space The inner reading space turned out to be an extension of the residential prototype --- three different experiences providing various study atmosphere.

Frame Analysis Diagram

Attempt Step 11

Attempt Step 22

Attempt 3 1

Attempt 4 Final Choice

Vertical Section Perspective

Atrium Horizontal Section perspective

Overlap The plan shows that the spaces around the atrium are overlaping its pattern not only the structure (column) system but also the form, which can create an energetic and interative reading atmosphere.

Project 05: Folding House Overlapping the Floor Competition Project / 2013.04-05 / Tutor: Peng Changxin A continue floor is contained inside the house to generate a fluid daily scenario. The floor extend its function from load bearing to different life activities stage by overlapping itself. The structure and the shelves strengthen the existence of the floor.

folding space

book storing

Open Environment client need





Space Generating

Step 1

Step 4

Step 2

Step 3

Step 5

Step 6

unfolding plan

BookShelves platform






2nd floor


1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Entrance View

Living Room

Section A Slab Connection Detail



Living Room

Section B

Other Works

2015 Fabrication Model, USC Course Works Arch609 Intructor: Gail Borden

2015 Studio Project, USC course works Arch 705

2016 parametric models, USC course works Arch548

Intructor: Davide Jason Gerber

Intructor: Katherine Harvey

2015 Animation works, USC course Arch705 Partner: Yundi Lv

2016 6-Axis milling model, USC course works Arch581

Intructor: Alvin Huang

Intructor: R. Scott Mitchell

Education University of Southern California, USA Master of Advanced Architectural Studies May 2015 - May 2016

University of Guangzhou, China Bachelor of Architecture (5 years program) September 2009 - July 2014 EXPERIENCES

RESUME Lu Xun E-mail: Tel: (310) 993-0532 Mailing Address: 219 13th St. Apt4, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Zhubo Design Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Branch July 2013 - September 2013

•Project: Reconstruction of Xingyi National University •Architectural Model, Concepts Design •project: Jieyang Center Mall design •Function , Detail Design & Sketchup Study

Guangzhou SZOO Design Company July 2012- September 2012 •Project: Huangfu Lobby interior design •Sketchup Model, Rendering

Institute of Architectural Design and Research, GZ University January 2011 - February 2012

•Project: Surveying and Mapping of Heritage Building at Yuyin Garden •Architectural Survey, Physical Model Research

AWARDS 2012 2011 2010

Outstanding League Member Award in Guangzhou University Outstanding Student Leader in Guangzhou University The 1st Class University Scholarship

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Hold excellent skills in: Rhino, Grasshopper, Autocad, Sktechup, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign Hold intermediate skills in: 3DMax, Cinema4D, Affter Effect and Premerie, Ecotect Analysis and Odeon Experienced in timber/metal workshop, laser-cut, 3D printing Native Chinese speaker, Cantonese, proficient in English

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